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Your Scandalous Ways

Author : Loretta Chase
ISBN : 9781625176707
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 30. 5 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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James Cordier is a master of intrigue, a brilliant thief, a first-class lover, and an intimate friend of danger—all for King and Country—and thoroughly sick of it. He just has to complete one last mission, and then he can retire peacefully, and resume his aristocratic life in Regency London, where his most dangerous task will be courting sweet, respectable heiresses. But first, James must charm a set of incriminating letters from a woman who is anything but quiet or respectable: the notorious Francesca Bonnard... Francesca Bonnard has overcome heartbreak, scorn, and scandal to become independent, happy, and definitely fallen! She's learned the hard way that "gentlemen" are far more trouble than they're worth, so she can certainly see that her wildly attractive new neighbor is bad news. But as bad as James is, others—far worse—are also searching for Francesca's letters. And, as James and Francesca are thrust ever closer, suddenly nothing is simple—especially the nearly incendiary chemistry between the two most jaded, sinful souls in Europe. And just as suddenly, risking every danger seems to be worth every reward.

Somebody S Sinning In My Bed

Author : Pat G'Orge-Walker
ISBN : 9780758292131
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 49. 57 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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A wickedly funny, uplifting novel of love and betrayal. . .good karma and bad karma. . .sin and redemption. . . Chyna and her sister, Janelle, are always moments away from a catfight. They love each other, but Janelle has never forgiven her sister for swiping her first love, Cordell. That was ages ago, and now Chyna is showing off as the First Lady of New Hope Assembly, a church caught between the old ways of Holiness and new ways of serving its community. New Hope's leader, Reverend Grayson Young, is also caught--in the infamous Sweet Bush lounge, an establishment well-known for adult pleasures. . . With the church congregation running wild in the aftermath of her husband's scandalous behavior, Chyna turns to Janelle for guidance. But if Chyna thinks she's getting sympathy, she'd better think again, because Janelle's got her own crisis. And when Cordell suddenly reappears in their lives, what follows are squabbling, chaos, and surprises that show just how hard the road to salvation really is. "Filled with characters that jump off the page. . . . Pat G'Orge-Walker has a way of showing us our flaws in a humorous manner." --Shelia M. Goss, author of Delilah

The Message Catholic Ecumenical Edition

Author :
ISBN : 9781631466717
Genre : Bibles
File Size : 49. 81 MB
Format : PDF
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Read the Bible with surprise and delight in The Message Catholic/Ecumenical Edition! Eugene Peterson’s original, vibrant style in The Message now includes William Griffin’s translation of the deuterocanonical books Tobit, Judith, additions to Esther, 1 and 2 Maccabees, Wisdom, Sirach, Baruch, and additions to Daniel. The Message is the Bible translated into fresh, compelling, faith-filled language for readers who love reading everything from biographies to great fiction. The Scriptures in The Message will come alive for you in ways like never before, and you’ll hear more deeply what God is saying to you today. This Bible is meant to be read. Find your favorite spot to curl up and enjoy The Message: Catholic/Ecumenical Edition.

Gender And Women S Leadership

Author : Karen O'Connor
ISBN : 9781412960830
Genre : Leadership in women
File Size : 56. 98 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This work within The SAGE Reference Series on Leadership provides undergraduate students with an authoritative reference resource on leadership issues specific to women and gender. Although covering historical and contemporary barriers to women's leadership and issues of gender bias and discrimination, this two-volume set focuses as well on positive aspects and opportunities for leadership in various domains and is centered on the 101 most important topics, issues, questions, and debates specific to women and gender. Entries provide students with more detailed information and depth of discussion than typically found in an encyclopedia entry, but lack the jargon, detail, and density of a journal article. Key Features Includes contributions from a variety of renowned experts Focuses on women and public leadership in the American context, women's global leadership, women as leaders in the business sector, the nonprofit and social service sector, religion, academia, public policy advocacy, the media, sports, and the arts Addresses both the history of leadership within the realm of women and gender, with examples from the lives of pivotal figures, and the institutional settings and processes that lead to both opportunities and constraints unique to that realm Offers an approachable, clear writing style directed at student researchers Features more depth than encyclopedia entries, with most chapters ranging between 6,000 and 8,000 words, while avoiding the jargon and density often found in journal articles or research handbooks Provides a list of further readings and references after each entry, as well as a detailed index and an online version of the work to maximize accessibility for today's student audience

Give It Up

Author : Stephanie Perry Moore
ISBN : 9781467778862
Genre : Young Adult Fiction
File Size : 38. 80 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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When five girls at Jackson High School find themselves on a nasty list, they must join together and face the rest of their school. But will their struggles be too much to bear?

Ladies How To Keep Your Man From A Woman Like Me

Author : Renee-Michelle
ISBN : 9781477232538
Genre : Family & Relationships
File Size : 72. 86 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Do You Want to Keep Your Man From the Arms of Another Woman? Renee-Michelles Ladies, How to Keep Your Man From a Woman Like Me delivers a unique perspective as to why and how men are drawn into the arms of another woman. With in-your-face details, this down-to-earth hard hitting guide delves into the world of seduction and exposes the mind state of the women who play the game. Within its pages, the author provides straightforward advice to girlfriends and wives who ask: ? How do I keep my man at home? ? If he is a good man, will he still cheat? ? Are they really just friends? Full of real-life stories of the men who have fallen to the other woman, and the authors unique Reverse-Seduction Principles, Ladies, How to Keep Your Man from a Woman Like Me provides practical bottom line answers. It will help you identify the type of women that go after other womens men, reposition yourself and relate to your man on an entirely new level. Once youve discovered the tricks of the trade, the rest is up to you!

The Masque Of A Murderer

Author : Susanna Calkins
ISBN : 9781466861121
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 58. 38 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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In Susanna Calkins's next richly drawn mystery set in 17th century England, Lucy Campion, formerly a ladies' maid in the local magistrate's household, has now found gainful employment as a printer's apprentice. On a freezing winter afternoon in 1667, she accompanies the magistrate's daughter, Sarah, to the home of a severely injured Quaker man to record his dying words, a common practice of the time. The man, having been trampled by a horse and cart the night before, only has a few hours left to live. Lucy scribbles down the Quaker man's last utterances, but she's unprepared for what he reveals to her—that someone deliberately pushed him into the path of the horse, because of a secret he had recently uncovered. Fearful that Sarah might be traveling in the company of a murderer, Lucy feels compelled to seek the truth, with the help of the magistrate's son, Adam, and the local constable. But delving into the dead man's background might prove more dangerous than any of them had imagined. In The Masque of a Murderer, Susanna Calkins has once again combined finely wrought characters, a richly detailed historical atmosphere, and a tightly-plotted mystery into a compelling read.

A Commentary On The Holy Scriptures Critical Doctrinal And Homiletical The Two Epistles Of Paul To The Thessalonians

Author :
ISBN : CHI:19975287
Genre : Bible
File Size : 90. 90 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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A Companion To George Eliot

Author : Amanda Anderson
ISBN : 9781118541104
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 81. 91 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This collection offers students and scholars of Eliot’swork a timely critical reappraisal of her corpus, including herpoetry and non-fiction, reflecting the latest developments inliterary criticism. It features innovative analysis ­exploringthe relation between Eliot’s Victorian intellectualsensibilities and those of our own era. A comprehensive collection of essays written by leading Eliotscholars Offers a contemporary reappraisals of Eliot’s workreflecting a broad range of current academic interests, includingreligion, science, ethics, politics, andaesthetics Reflects the very latest developments in literaryscholarship Traces the revealing links between Eliot’s Victorianintellectual ­concerns and those of today

Church History

Author : Andrew Miller
Genre : Religion
File Size : 64. 97 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Miller's Church History Introduction The Seven Churches of Asia 1: The Rock Foundation Foundation of the Church Opening of the Kingdom of Heaven Church Government 2: The Day of Pentecost Resurrection and Ascension of Christ Descent of the Holy Ghost Calling in of the Gentiles First Christian Martyr 3: The Disciples Persecuted and Scattered Jerusalem and Samaria United by the Gospel Conversion of Saul of Tarsus 4: The First Missionaries of the Cross The Twelve Apostles Herodian Line of Kings 5: The Apostle Paul First Visit to Jerusalem First Missionary Journey Third Visit to Jerusalem Visit to Athens 6: Paul's Third Missionary Journey Departure for Macedonia Fifth Visit to Jerusalem Before the Sanhedrin Martyrdom of Paul 7: The Burning of Rome First Persecution Under the Emperors Downfall of Jerusalem The Real Cause of Persecution Persecutions in France 8: The Internal History of the Church Apostolic Fathers Origin of Clergy and Laity Origin of Dioceses 9: From Commodus till the Accession of Constantine. Persecution in Africa Altered Position of Christianity The General State of Christianity The Condition of the Church 10: Constantine the Great Church as Constantine Found It Effects of Royal Favour Baptism and Death of Constantine 11: The Council of Nice The Council of Tyre The Barbaric Invaders 12: The Internal History of the Church Infant Baptism First Society of Ascetics Calamities of Rome 13: The Epistle to the Church in Thyatira Leo the First, Surnamed the Great Missionary Zeal of Gregory Romish Hierarchy in England 14: The Spread of Christianity Over Europe First Preachers in Ireland First Preachers in Scotland Foreshadowing of the Man of Sin 15: Mohammed, the False Prophet of Asia. Religion of Islam Successors of Mohammed. Second Council of Nicaea 16: The Silver Line of Sovereign Grace Origin of the Paulicians Religious Wars of Charlemagne Feudal Hierarchical System. 17: The Propagation of Christianity Louis the Pious The Slavonians Receive the Gospel England, Scotland, and Ireland 18: The Church-Building Spirit Revived. Learning of the Arabs Imported into Christendom Traces of the Silver Line of God's Grace 19: The Pontificate of Gregory VII Gregory and Clerical Independence Celibacy and Simony The Emperor Deposed by the Pope Effects of the Papal Policy Burning of Ancient Rome 20: The Crusades The First Crusade The Second Crusade The Third Crusade The Remainder of the Crusades 21: Henry V and Gregory's Successors St. Bernard, Abbot of Clairvaux. The Great Council of the Lateran Arnold of Brescia 22: The Encroachments of Rome in England The Introduction of Canon Law into England Thomas a Becket and Henry II The "Constitutions of Clarendon" 23: The Theology of the Church of Rome Transubstantiation Mary — Worship Saint — Worship Relic — Worship Purgatory Extreme Unction Auricular Confession Indulgences. 24: Innocent III and His Times Innocent's Views of Popedom Philip and Otho Innocent and England England Surrendered to Rome 25: Innocent and the South of France Peter Waldo Raymond a Spiritual Outlaw The Real Object of the Catholics 26: The Inquisition Established in Languedoc The Application of Torture The Auto de Fe St. Benedict New Orders — St. Dominic and St. Francis 27: The Approaching Dawn of the Reformation Christianity in Ireland Christianity in Scotland Popery as a System. 28: The Decline of Papal Power Gregory IX and Frederick II The Overruling Hand of God The Humiliation of the Pontiff 29: The Forerunners of the Reformation Literary Men The Theologians The Waldenses The Dark Year of 1560 30: John Wycliffe England and the Papacy Wycliffe and the Bible The Lollards. 31: The Reformation Movement in Bohemia The Imprisonment of John Huss The Arrest and Imprisonment of Jerome The United Brethren or Moravians 32: The Capture of Constantinople The First Printed Bible The Immediate Precursors of Luther Reflections on the Life of Savonarola 33: The Reformation in Germany Popery and Mankind The First Period of Luther's Life Luther's Conversion 34: The First Papal Jubilee Luther's Public Appeal Distinguished Men of the Sixteenth Century The Diet of Worms 35: Luther at Wartburg. Luther and the German Bible The Hundred Grievances The First Diet of Spires 36: Protestantism The Lutheran Churches Meetings of the Protestants 37: The Sacramentarian Controversy The Conference at Marburg A Proposal for Toleration and Unity 38: The Council at Bologna The Diet of Augsburg The Articles of Faith The Letters of Melanchthon and Luther 39: The Popish Refutation The Final Decree The League of Smalcald The Peace of Ratisbon 40: The Reformation in Switzerland Zwingle, Pastor of Glaris The Rising Storm 41: The Leaders of the Reformation in Switzerland The Progress of the Reformation-Zurich Zwingle and His Brothers The Disputations at Zurich 42: The Results of the Disputations The Answer of Zurich to Lucerne The Swiss and German Reformation The Weapons of Rome's Warfare 43: The General Progress of Reform The Reformation in Berne The Conference at Baden The Great Conference at Berne The Reformation of Basle 44: The Extension of Reform in Switzerland. The Five Cantons Form a League with Austria The Treaty of Cappel War Declared Against Zurich 45: The Reformation in Germany The Great Actors Passing Off the Scene The Death of Luther Reflections on the Life of Luther 46: The Opening of the Council of Trent The Smalcald War The Treachery of Maurice The German's Treated as a Conquered People 47: "The Interim" The Revolution in Germany The Calamities of the Protestants The Rise of the Jesuits 48: The Effect of the Reformation in Germany on the Nations of Europe Nations of Europe Sweden and Denmark Italy Spain The Netherlands 49: The Reformation in French Switzerland Early History of William Farel The Arrival of Calvin in Geneva Calvin and Calvinism 50: The Reformation in France The Bible in French at Meaux Commencement of Persecution in France The Year of the Placards 51: The Great Progress of the Reformation The First Planting of the Reformed Church in France The Saint Bartholomew Massacre The Council of Trent 52: The Waldenses The Wars of Extermination The Sympathy of England The Persecution and Expulsion of the Waldenses 53: The Reformation in the British Isles Ireland Scotland The Fiery Zeal of Cardinal Beaton George Wishart John Knox 54: The Reformation in England The Reformation Begun The Persecution Begins Ridley, Latimer, and Cranmer 55: The Reign of Elizabeth The Puritans John Wesley Sunday Schools Foreign Missions 56: Philadelphia Laodicea Church Truth The Spread of the Truth Conclusion

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