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Your Brain Is God

Author : Timothy Leary
ISBN : 9781579511142
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 71. 85 MB
Format : PDF
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This collection of essays, written by the poster boy of 1960s counterculture, describes the psychological journey Timothy Leary made in the years following his dismissal from Harvard, as his psychedelic research moved from the scientific to the religious arena. He discusses the nature of religious experience and eight crafts of God, including God as hedonic artist. Leary also examines the Tibetan, Buddhist, and Taoist experiences. In the final chapters, he explores man as god and LSD as sacrament.

How God Changes Your Brain

Author : Andrew Newberg, M.D.
ISBN : 0345512790
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 87. 88 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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God is great—for your mental, physical, and spiritual health. Based on new evidence culled from brain-scan studies, a wide-reaching survey of people’s religious and spiritual experiences, and the authors’ analyses of adult drawings of God, neuroscientist Andrew Newberg and therapist Mark Robert Waldman offer the following breakthrough discoveries: • Not only do prayer and spiritual practice reduce stress, but just twelve minutes of meditation per day may slow down the aging process. • Contemplating a loving God rather than a punitive God reduces anxiety and depression and increases feelings of security, compassion, and love. • Fundamentalism, in and of itself, can be personally beneficial, but the prejudice generated by extreme beliefs can permanently damage your brain. • Intense prayer and meditation permanently change numerous structures and functions in the brain, altering your values and the way you perceive reality. Both a revelatory work of modern science and a practical guide for readers to enhance their physical and emotional health, How God Changes Your Brain is a first-of-a-kind book about faith that is as credible as it is inspiring.

If Only God Used His Brain

Author : Snofla Sacul
ISBN : 9781465335678
Genre : Religion
File Size : 22. 34 MB
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In order to understand this provocative article as my personal analogy, that is, concerning my outlook on life and religion, especially my critical view referring to the creation of our universe and life, including all diseases here on earth. I will try my best to present my analogy in a most rational way, explaining all the short comings, in reference to our life including my belief in the Judeo - Catholic religion. I will especially scrutinize the Judeo-Christian religion, to which I was introduced in my childhood. Unfortunately, history and my passed life are now in a distant passed. Yes, I soon realized, that I had to change my stalemated view on life to which I was introduced in my childhood. I had to bring it to a platform of a new concept to view Nature and religion from a different angle, to a platform of reality. As for myself, I sense a negative opinion as to my most open and forward references concerning religion and God. Some may call me “The Diablo’s Incarnates” Surely; each one of us has the privilege to his own opinion. This book has no intention to change anyone’s mind. Its porpoise is to expose the hidden truth, which may never be exposed to you otherwise. I also would like to point out, that in many instances I have repeated myself only to accentuate and highlight the subject in a given paragraph. In anticipated criticism and religious hate I am asking to stay anonymous for various reasons. If truth is the reason to hate and cause mental unhappiness, then one must have objection to the existence of God, as God is the only truth!

Your Faithful Brain Designed For So Much More

Author : Dr. Leonard Matheson
ISBN : 9781490858593
Genre : Religion
File Size : 20. 21 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Do you want more out of life? In Your Faithful Brain, Dr. Matheson introduces several powerful brain capacities that can be harnessed through an active relationship with God. You can take advantage of these capacities by developing a “faithful brain”. Using more than four hundred recent neuroscientific references, Dr. Matheson makes the case for the life and teaching of Jesus as your optimal path to brain health and fitness. Dr. Matheson explains how to handle anxiety, depression, and trauma and move toward Jesus’ promise of “life to the full”. You will experience hope and joy and peace as you grow beyond your circumstances. Thought-provoking and exciting, Your Faithful Brain aligns neuroscience with the Biblical narrative of redemption. Faith and neuroscience belong together, because your spiritual and physical lives must be integrated to optimize health and longevity.

Biography Of The Biblical God

Author : E. Asamoah-Yaw
ISBN : 9781465309488
Genre : Religion
File Size : 57. 62 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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A Biography of the Biblical God is an insightful and thought-provoking analysis of religion and faith. In this compelling and stimulating read, one will discover a myriad of well-supported facts and references which question the validity of Biblical claims and explanations. Written by E. Asamoah-Yaw, the provocative pages of this book reveal the Bibles lack of verisimilitude with scientific, as well as the common laws of nature. A groundbreaking expose on the humanity of Jesus Christ, his intimate marital and sexual relations with Mary Magdalene, historical inconsistencies of the Catholic Church, the inaccuracies of the Book of Genesis explaining the beginning of creation, the holes in the four Gospels of the New Testament and many more are all discussed in this analytical book. This creative and compelling page-turner will no doubt strike intellectuals and insinuate a sense of curiosity within an individual. A book that will surely appeal to those who possess an independent mind and a logical sense of reasoning, A Biography of the Biblical God will stimulate a wide avenue for discussion, serving as a catalyst for ones personal reflection on the things previously assumed and accepted to be true. Furthermore, this read sends an eye-opening message to its readers. Mr. Asamoah-Yaw explains that faith in anything outside the self is demonstrably not dependable, not predictable and in fact very counter-productive. Religious faith may temporally increase peoples comfort levels, but it freezes the knowledge of the self and therefore prevents humans to face head-on challenges of the practical world. For the author, faith outside the self encourages total self-submission and hinders one from discovering ones innate powers.

Your God Spot

ISBN : 146705268X
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 35. 30 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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"Your God Spot" is based on scientific findings about God, spirit, and religion. Spiritual hardwiring in the brain is the source of all deity and belief, from whichthe mind projects all forms of faith everywhere. This new view sheds light on the most basic and perplexing questions about belief. Subtitled "How the Brain Makes and the Mind Shapes All Forms of Faith," this book consists of three tight fitting parts. Part I, "In the Mirror of Spirit" directs your attention to the God Spot within. Part I, "Through a Prism of Religion,"describes the forms of faith projected by the mind, including their pros and cons. And Part III, "Out the Window of Belief," focuses on some faiths that measures up, and how you can fulfill your spirituality, no matter your state of belief. Seven chaptersbrimwith reader-friendly information and application. There are opening questions and closingstatements.emphasized text, table highlights, quotes from experts, and a "Mirror into Me" vignette from theauthor's clinical experience. "Your God Spot" addsa new choice--free-ist--to the old categories of atheist, atheist, and agnostic. This means that we are now free to tailor make our own belief, and to alter it to fit as wegrow. An extensive bibliography anchorsthis new view, and guides the reader who wants to dive deeper yet.

The God Shaped Brain

Author : Timothy R. Jennings
ISBN : 9780830834167
Genre : Religion
File Size : 51. 54 MB
Format : PDF
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Tim Jennings, one of America's top psychiatrists, here reveals how our brains and bodies thrive when we have a healthy understanding of who God is. Exposing how different God concepts affect the brain differently, Dr. Jennings forges surprising new connections between neuroscience, health and right belief.

Your Brain On Food

Author : Gary Wenk
ISBN : 0199826587
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 22. 59 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Why is eating chocolate so pleasurable? Can the function of just one small group of chemicals really determine whether you are happy or sad? Does marijuana help to improve your memory in old age? Is it really best to drink coffee if you want to wake up and be alert? Why is a drug like PCP potentially lethal? Why does drinking alcohol make you drowsy? Do cigarettes help to relieve anxiety? What should you consume if you are having trouble staying in your chair and focusing enough to get your work done? Why do treatments for the common cold make us drowsy? Can eating less food preserve your brain? What are the possible side effects of pills that claim to make your smarter? Why is it so hard to stop smoking? Why did witches once believe that they could fly? In this book, Gary Wenk demonstrates how, as a result of their effects on certain neurotransmitters concerned with behavior, everything we put into our bodies has very direct consequences for how we think, feel, and act. The chapters introduce each of the main neurotransmitters involved with behavior, discuss its role in the brain, present some background on how it is generally turned on and off, and explain ways to influence it through what we consume.

Learn Or Burn For In God S Eye Brain Rape Is No Excuse

Author : William Shlonsky
ISBN : 9781594678851
Genre : Religion
File Size : 39. 35 MB
Format : PDF
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Shlonsky describes his journey from non-believer to born-again believer. He now contends that if people do not accept God's gifts, his grace will turn to wrath.

Retrain Your Brain For Joy

Author : Mary Henderson
ISBN : 9781490856186
Genre : Religion
File Size : 43. 47 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Make joy a habit and transform your life! You can train your brain to experience each day with increasingly greater joy! Dive into this one-month plan of simple activities that keeps you creatively engaged and stimulated as you develop a consistently joyful outlook. Research tells us that it takes a month of daily practice to acquire a new habit. These thirty-one mini-adventures are designed to produce a consistent mindset of joy that overflows into everything you do. More than a modern-day self-help solution, this approach has been around for centuries—even millennia. It’s what the apostle Paul wrote about in 61 AD amidst a lifestyle of impoverishment, criticism, and hardship. “Whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good repute, if there is any excellence and if anything worthy of praise, dwell on these things” (Philippians 4:8 NASB). Wherever you are in life, whether facing minimal or major obstacles, you can train your brain to experience greater joy and fulfillment. As you start on this adventure, it will be like playing a game throughout your day, creating a secret inner-life that keeps you smiling inwardly, even through mundane tasks. Along the way, you’re transforming your mindset and creating new lifelong habits. So onward and upward—into the light! Features: * Questions for individual, couple, family, or group use. * Leader’s guide for eight weeks of group study. * Thirty-one adventure cards for inspiration and note-taking throughout the day.

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