ways of knowing competing methodologies in social and political research

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Ways Of Knowing

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ISBN : 9781137159977
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Ways Of Knowing

Author : Jonathon W. Moses
ISBN : 1352005565
Genre : Political Science
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The third edition of this popular, innovative and engaging textbook introduces students to the various methods of modern social science, explaining how these have emerged, their strengths and limitations for understanding the world in which we live, and how it is possible to combine methodological pluralism with intellectual rigour. Focussing on the debate between positivist and constructivist approaches, this new edition features contemporary research examples, expanded discussion of experimental methods, and a new emphasis on methods that have recently grown in popularity, such as process tracing and controlled randomized trials. This is the perfect textbook for students studying the philosophy of science in the context of political science or the social sciences more broadly, and it is essential reading for all those seeking to understand how different ways of knowing affect the methods we choose to study social phenomena.

Computational Aspects And Applications In Large Scale Networks

Author : Valery A. Kalyagin
ISBN : 9783319962474
Genre : Business & Economics
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Contributions in this volume focus on computationally efficient algorithms and rigorous mathematical theories for analyzing large-scale networks. Researchers and students in mathematics, economics, statistics, computer science and engineering will find this collection a valuable resource filled with the latest research in network analysis. Computational aspects and applications of large-scale networks in market models, neural networks, social networks, power transmission grids, maximum clique problem, telecommunication networks, and complexity graphs are included with new tools for efficient network analysis of large-scale networks. This proceeding is a result of the 7th International Conference in Network Analysis, held at the Higher School of Economics, Nizhny Novgorod in June 2017. The conference brought together scientists, engineers, and researchers from academia, industry, and government.

Experimental Political Science

Author : B. Kittel
ISBN : 9781137016645
Genre : Political Science
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An exploration of core problems in experimental research on voting behaviour and political institutions, ranging from design and data analysis to inferences with respect to constructs, constituencies and causal claims. The focus of is on the implementation of principles in experimental political science and the reflection of actual practices.

Working Together

Author : Amy R. Poteete
ISBN : PSU:000067895304
Genre : Law
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Advances in the social sciences have emerged through a variety of research methods: field-based research, laboratory and field experiments, and agent-based models. However, which research method or approach is best suited to a particular inquiry is frequently debated and discussed. Working Together examines how different methods have promoted various theoretical developments related to collective action and the commons, and demonstrates the importance of cross-fertilization involving multimethod research across traditional boundaries. The authors look at why cross-fertilization is difficult to achieve, and they show ways to overcome these challenges through collaboration. The authors provide numerous examples of collaborative, multimethod research related to collective action and the commons. They examine the pros and cons of case studies, meta-analyses, large-N field research, experiments and modeling, and empirically grounded agent-based models, and they consider how these methods contribute to research on collective action for the management of natural resources. Using their findings, the authors outline a revised theory of collective action that includes three elements: individual decision making, microsituational conditions, and features of the broader social-ecological context. Acknowledging the academic incentives that influence and constrain how research is conducted, Working Together reworks the theory of collective action and offers practical solutions for researchers and students across a spectrum of disciplines.

Social Work Research In Practice

Author : Heather D'Cruz
ISBN : 9781446287224
Genre : Social Science
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This new edition of Social Work Research in Practice: Ethical and Political Contexts explores the intrinsic connection between knowledge, research and practice in social work. The authors argue that through a better appreciation of research, the highest standards of social work can be achieved. The second edition investigates contemporary approaches which impact on the discourses of social work research, including: - Evidence-based practice - User-led research - Anti-oppressive practice - Practice-based research Each chapter has been fully updated with a rich range of case examples and references. Further reading is also included, so that readers can expand their knowledge. This book is a valuable resource for both undergraduate and postgraduate students, as well as practitioners working in the field of social work. Heather D'Cruz works as a Consultant: Research and Professional Education. Martyn Jones is Associate Dean at RMIT University.

Politics And Practice In Economic Geography

Author : Adam Tickell
ISBN : 9781446234341
Genre : Science
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"The biggest strength of the book is its pedagogic design, which will appeal to new entrants in the field but also leaves space for methodological debates... It is well suited for use on general courses but it also involves far more than an introduction and is full of theoretical insights for a more theoretically advanced audience." - Economic Geography Research Group In the last fifteen years economic geography has experienced a number of fundamental theoretical and methodological shifts. Politics and Practice in Economic Geography explains and interrogates these fundamental issues of research practice in the discipline. Concerned with examining the methodological challenges associated with that 'cultural turn', the text explains and discusses: qualitative and ethnographic methodologies the role and significance of quantitative and numerical methods the methodological implications of both post-structural and feminist theories the use of case-study approaches the methodological relation between the economic geography and neoclassical economics, economic sociology, and economic anthropology. Leading contributors examine substantive methodological issues in economic geography and make a distinctive contribution to economic-geographical debate and practice.

Feminist Methodology

Author : Caroline Ramazanoglu
ISBN : 9780761951223
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 55. 64 MB
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"Who would be a feminist now? Contemporary 'political realism' suggests that the essentials of the battle have already been won, and the current generation of women entering University is used to seeing feminism presented as 'old fashioned', 'extreme' and 'unrealistic'. Challenging such assumptions, this important new book argues for the value of empirical investigations of gendered life, and brings together the theoretical, political and practical aspects of feminist methodology. Feminist Methodology: a- demonstrates how feminist approaches to methodology engage with debates in western philosophy to raise critical questions about knowledge production; b- shows that feminist methodology has a distinctive place in social research; c- guides the reader through the terrain of feminist methodology and clarifies how feminists can claim knowledge of gendered social existence; and d- connects abstract issues of theory with issues in fieldwork practice." -- Back cover.

Time And Ways Of Knowing Under Louis Xiv

Author : Roland Racevskis
ISBN : 0838755194
Genre : History
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This book is a study of the measurement and understanding of time in seventeenth-century Europe, particularly in France. Close readings of literary representations of time in Moliere, Mme de Sevigne, and Mmd de Lafayette are contextualized with historical studies of court life under Louis XIV, the restructuring of the early modern French postal system, and the emergencce of new practices of periodical publication, respectively. An epistemological backdrop for these historical and literary studies is provided by an introductory analysis of developments in the science of time measurement under Louis XIV. A concluding section places questions of human temporality in the contemporary context of global environmental concerns.

Social Research Methods

Author : William Lawrence Neuman
ISBN : 0205193560
Genre : Social Science
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Includes bibliographical references and index.

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