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Walking Each Other Home

Author : Ram Dass
ISBN : 9781683642053
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 78. 61 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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We all sit on the edge of a mystery. We have only known this life, so dying scares us—and we are all dying. But what if dying were perfectly safe? What would it look like if you could approach dying with curiosity and love, in service of other beings? What if dying were the ultimate spiritual practice? Ram Dass and Mirabai Bush began their friendship more than four decades ago at the foot of their guru, Neem Karoli Baba, also known as Maharaj-ji. He transmitted to them a simple philosophy: love everyone, tell the truth, and give up attachment to material things. After impacting millions of people through the years with these teachings, they have reunited once more with Walking Each Other Home to enlighten and engage readers on the spiritual opportunities within the dying process. They generously share intimate personal experiences and timeless practices, told with courage, humor, and heart, gently exploring every aspect of this journey. And, at 86 years old, Ram Dass reminds us, “This time we have a real deadline.” In Walking Each Other Home, readers will learn about: guidelines for being a “loving rock” for the dying, how to grieve fully and authentically, how to transform a fear of death, leaving a spiritual legacy, creating a sacred space for dying, and much more. “Everybody you have ever loved is a part of the fabric of your being now,” says Ram Dass. The body may die, but the soul remains. Death is an invitation to a new kind of relationship, in the place where we are all One. Join these two lifelong friends and spiritual luminaries as they explore what it means to live and die consciously, remember who we really are, and illuminate the path we walk together.

Moving Forward

Author : Claude Pierre
ISBN : 9781681391090
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 22. 88 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Haiti has gained it’s independence in the year 1804, more than two hundred years ago. It is a nation established through a successful slave revolt. Time and time again, Haiti’s resilience is tested by earthquakes, hurricanes, incompetent leaders, mass migration, among other things, but Haiti endures. Haiti stays strong. The country has a poignant history, rich culture, and Haiti deserves a bright future. But something has happened to this very promising country in the Carribean. Tagged as the “poorest” country in the western hemisphere, Haiti struggles to break free from living in the shadow of their great past. Moving Forward: A Nation in Search of Itself gives you a firsthand account of Haiti’s state of affairs. The book offers educated and comprehensive propositions on how to improve the welfare of Haiti and the well-being of its people. Claude Pierre makes it clear that Haiti has the resources to make Haiti one of the most powerful countries in the world. What the country lacks is the right mind-set. And Claude Pierre, through this book, will make that happen.

Faith Hope Courage And New Beginnings

Author : Stephanie Murphy
ISBN : 9781512798425
Genre : Religion
File Size : 71. 23 MB
Format : PDF
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In Faith, Hope, Courage, and New Beginnings, the author shares her reflections on love, marriage, spiritual growth, and worship. She touches more specifically on the loss of a spouse through death, remarriage later in life, and how we are led to a closer walk with God in the midst of our brokenness. You will receive many nuggets of wisdom as she shares from her own experience and from the experiences of those she has counseled. Your heart will be encouraged as Stephanie shares how good and faithful God is in the midst of all that makes up our life on this earth. Your faith, hope, and courage will be renewed as you look forward to all the new beginnings God has for you!

The Mother Load

Author : Mary M. Byers
ISBN : 9780736934589
Genre : Family & Relationships
File Size : 24. 55 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Motherhood is an intense, ’round–the–clock job. To stay healthy and happy, moms need friends, laughter, solitude, balance, and an intimate relationship with the Lord. But exactly how do moms meet these needs while juggling family responsibilities? Mary Byers, the mother of two lively young kids, shares how moms can find small pockets of time to— rest and refuel create personal space make time for friendship, exercise, and intimacy identify and prevent “balance busters” that create chaos creatively stay sane in the midst of mothering The Mother Load offers down–to–earth suggestions, spiritual truths, and real–life advice from moms to help women survive and thrive in today’s active families. Includes questions for group discussion and personal reflection.

Thriving As An Empath

Author : Judith Orloff
ISBN : 9781683642923
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 55. 52 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Dr. Judith Orloff offers 365 days of self-care meditations, reflections, and journaling suggestions as daily inoculations against stress and overwhelm Empaths have so much to offer as healers, creatives, friends, lovers, and innovators at work. Yet highly sensitive and empathic people often give too much at the expense of their own well-being—and end up absorbing the stress of others. “To stay healthy and happy,” writes Judith Orloff, MD, “you must be ready with daily self-care practices that work.” With Thriving as an Empath, Dr. Orloff provides an invaluable resource to help you protect yourself from the stresses of an overwhelming world and embrace the “gift of being different." If you want daily tools to put into action, this book is for you. Building on the principles Dr. Orloff introduced in The Empath's Survival Guide, this book brings you daily self-care practices and support for becoming a compassionate, empowered empath, including: • Setting strong boundaries • Protecting your energy • Inoculating yourself against stress and overwhelm • Self-soothing techniques • Knowing that it is not your job to take on the world’s stress • Breaking the momentum of sensory overload • Tapping the vitality of all four seasons and the elements • Deepening your connection with the cycles of nature • Moving out of clock-based time into “sacred time” Thriving as an Empath was created to help you grow and flourish without internalizing the emotions and pain of others. “These self-care techniques have been life-saving for me and my patients,” writes Dr. Orloff. “I feel so strongly about regular self-care because I want you to enjoy the extraordinary gifts of sensitivity—including an open heart, intuition, and an intimate connection with the natural world.”

Your Daily Rock

Author : Patti Digh
ISBN : 9781630761172
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 53. 32 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Following in the tradition of her bestselling Life Is a Verb—a guide to living life more consciously—Patti Digh returns with this deceptively simple gathering of touchstones, Your Daily Rock. With her signature gift of presenting truths in concise heartspeak, she provides short meditations to ground each day in more mindful and intentional living. The three hundred and sixty-six reflections (one for each date, including February 29th), lead readers to open space in their lives in order to love well, live fully, let go deeply, and make a difference.

Tragic Spirits

Author : Manduhai Buyandelger
ISBN : 9780226086552
Genre : Religion
File Size : 70. 34 MB
Format : PDF
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The collapse of socialism at the end of the twentieth century brought devastating changes to Mongolia. Economic shock therapy—an immediate liberalization of trade and privatization of publicly owned assets—quickly led to impoverishment, especially in rural parts of the country, where Tragic Spirits takes place. Following the travels of the nomadic Buryats, Manduhai Buyandelger tells a story not only of economic devastation but also a remarkable Buryat response to it—the revival of shamanic practices after decades of socialist suppression. Attributing their current misfortunes to returning ancestral spirits who are vengeful over being abandoned under socialism, the Buryats are now at once trying to appease their ancestors and recover the history of their people through shamanic practice. Thoroughly documenting this process, Buyandelger situates it as part of a global phenomenon, comparing the rise of shamanism in liberalized Mongolia to its similar rise in Africa and Indonesia. In doing so, she offers a sophisticated analysis of the way economics, politics, gender, and other factors influence the spirit world and the crucial workings of cultural memory.

Herself When She S Missing

Author : Sarah Terez Rosenblum
ISBN : 9781593764876
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 65. 91 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Cry Wolf saved Andrea's life, or that's how she likes to tell it. Forever in search of spiritual fulfillment, Andrea has rejected everything from religion to eating disorders, in favor of "I'm-with-the-band" style fanaticism, all centered on Cry Wolf, a brother-sister folk/rock duo with an eccentric hodgepodge of followers. When Andrea meets fellow groupie Jordan outside a concert, their connection is undeniable: Jordan is powerfully seductive, and Andrea is intrigued by Jordan’s lawless ways. Their romance escalates as they follow Cry Wolf around the country, but as Jordan becomes increasingly manipulative and unreliable, Andrea begins to realize that her passion for Jordan has turned into yet another addiction. The first time Jordan leaves her, Andrea flees Los Angeles for Chicago, almost relieved, and almost ready to start fresh. But when Jordan arrives unannounced on Andrea’s doorstep, Andrea can’t help it; she’s thrilled. Meet Andrea: tightly wound, mid-20s, teacher, hotter than she gives herself credit for, less clever than she believes. Meet Jordan: LA-skinny, ocean eyes, early-40s, perpetual undergraduate student, a liar who believes her own lies. Post-modern in form (lists, 3x5 cards, even the occasional screenplay), but classical in theme: a tale of a girl desperate for something like, but not quite love.

Trauma Made Simple

Author : Jamie Marich
ISBN : 9781936128921
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 40. 19 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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In Trauma Made Simple, trauma expert Dr. Jamie Marich brings her practical style of training to print, using clinical common sense to wade through theory, research, and hype surrounding trauma. Learn about trauma in a way that is relevant to clinical work, including extensive coverage on PTSD and other diagnoses through a bio-psycho-social-spiritual lens. Make clinically informed decisions based on setting, client preparedness, and other contextual variables. Develop strategies for treatment planning based on the best possible treatments in the field today. Trauma Made Simple addresses a variety of issues that are imperative to trauma competency in clinical work, including how to handle grief and mourning, assessing for and addressing addiction (even if you are not an addiction counselor) and how to manage professional development issues, including self-care.

As Long As I Remember

Author : Thecla Marie Duggan
ISBN : 9781483676388
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 77. 3 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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As Long as I Remember part one and two is the autobiography of an Australian life of a first fleet descendent growing up at Shooters Hill in the Blue Mountains near Oberon during the depression and war years. After the war she marries Jack Duggan from Oberon . Her sister, Nora, married Jacks brother Dan and they lived on a farm in Oberon. Thecla and John set out to make their fortunes and establish one of the great Hotel dynasties of the Australian private sector. Part One Here We Are and Part Two My very Green Years are for publication in this volume. They cover her family background, her childhood and her years leading into young adulthood. There are many more volumes that she has written but they have not yet been edited for publication. We are currently working on her second volume. Some will not be released to me until after her death for personal reasons. Thecla Marie is a 5th Generation Australian descendent of a Catholic Irish Convict, the first Phillip Hogan, and a Protestant Irish immigrant. Hogan was transported in 1799 on HMS Friendship. His crime was his involvement in the events leading up to the uprising. He was the mounted messenger who carried orders and news between the cells. He is still remembered in Irish Folk law today in the saying going like galloping Hogan. The ongoing saga covers such detailed historical notations, but focuses mainly on Theclas own life and upbringing in the Australian bush in a hard but loving environment of small tight communities. At the age of 15 she leaves Shooters Hill and travels to teach in Sydney convents in the prewar years but her nonconformity resulted in her failing as a teacher. During this time she taught herself shorthand and typing which led to her working as a stenographer at the small arms factory in Lithgow during the war years. These years were filled with friends and lovers, and the acquisition of a stylish wardrobe, the latter often being her primary concern. Following the war she struggles to survive in Sydney working at various city offices with her girl friends and residing in lower level bed sitters in the outer suburbs of Petersham, Marickville and Redfern, commonly known as the slums. Every time she found a nice place to reside in the city she was called back to Shooters Hill for the pea harvest by an obligation she undertook with her brother, Bert, before leaving the Hill. She maintains her connection with home. In between pea harvests she was able to travel and finds work in many different and interesting environment. Her improved wardrobe and experience was leading her into a better and better lifestyle. and finally she marries at the age of 25 and begins her married life with John Patrick Duggan. Together they establish a large and famous family of publicans, graziers and transport carriers. Her stories are told in an amusing self deprecating voice as if she was writing to a friend. Her descriptions are voiced in such a way as to make the reader believe they were actually there themselves and that makes for easy reading.

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