vmware performance and capacity management second edition

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Vmware Performance And Capacity Management

Author : Iwan 'e1' Rahabok
ISBN : 9781785883934
Genre : Computers
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Master SDDC Operations with proven best practices About This Book Understand the drawbacks of the traditional paradigm and management that make operations difficult in SDDC Master performance and capacity management in Software-Defined Data Center Operationalize performance and capacity monitoring with proven dashboards Who This Book Is For This book is primarily for any system administrator or cloud infrastructure specialist who is interested in performance management and capacity management using VMware technologies. This book will also help IT professionals whose area of responsibility is not VMware, but who work with the VMware team. You can be Windows, Linux, Storage, or Network team; or application architects. Note that prior exposure to the VMware platform of data-center and cloud-based solutions is expected. What You Will Learn Simplify the task of performance and capacity management Master the counters in vCenter and vRealize Operations and understand their dependency on one another Educate your peers and management on SDDC Operations Complete your SDDC monitoring to include non-VMware components Perform SDDC performance troubleshooting Explore real-life examples of how super metric and advanced dashboards Introduce and implement a Performance SLA Accomplish your Capacity Management by taking into service tiering and performance SLA In Detail Performance management and capacity management are the two top-most issues faced by enterprise IT when doing virtualization. Until the first edition of the book, there was no in-depth coverage on the topic to tackle the issues systematically. The second edition expands the first edition, with added information and reorganizing the book into three logical parts. The first part provides the technical foundation of SDDC Management. It explains the difference between a software-defined data center and a classic physical data center, and how it impacts both architecture and operations. From this strategic view, it zooms into the most common challenges—performance management and capacity management. It introduces a new concept called Performance SLA and also a new way of doing capacity management. The next part provides the actual solution that you can implement in your environment. It puts the theories together and provides real-life examples created together with customers. It provides the reasons behind each dashboard, so that you get the understanding on why it is required and what problem it solves. The last part acts as a reference section. It provides a complete reference to vSphere and vRealize Operations counters, explaining their dependencies and providing practical guidance on the values you should expect in a healthy environment. Style and approach This book covers the complex topic of managing performance and capacity in an easy-to-follow style. It relates real-world scenarios to topics in order to help you implement the book's teachings on the go.

Mastering Vrealize Operations Manager

Author : Spas Kaloferov
ISBN : 9781788478281
Genre : Computers
File Size : 55. 65 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Manage vRealize operations manager 6.6 effectively using this comprehensive guide. Key Features Get complete control of capacity management in your virtual environment Display the most appropriate performance metrics and assemble your own dashboard Analyze and process data from different sources into a single repository Optimize vRealize Automation workload placement Book Description In the modern IT world, the criticality of managing the health, efficiency, and compliance of virtualized environments is more important than ever. With vRealize Operations Manager 6.6, you can make a difference to your business by being reactive rather than proactive. Mastering vRealize Operations Manager helps you streamline your processes and customize the environment to suit your needs. You will gain visibility across all devices in the network and retain full control. With easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions and support images, you will quickly master the ability to manipulate your data and display it in a way that best suits you and your business or technical requirements. This book not only covers designing, installing, and upgrading vRealize Operations 6.6, but also gives you a deep understanding of its building blocks: badges, alerts, super metrics, views, dashboards, management packs, and plugins. With the new vRealize Operations 6.6 troubleshooting capabilities, capacity planning, intelligent workload placement, and additional monitoring capabilities, this book is aimed at ensuring you get the knowledge to manage your virtualized environment as effectively as possible. What you will learn Discover advanced vRealize Operations concepts and design your processes effectively for the underlying architecture Plan and install a new version or upgrade from a previous one Apply proven capacity management theories and techniques in practical, real-world environments Manipulate data and metrics to display them in the most effective way possible Create custom views and dashboards fit for any use case Explore how policies have evolved in vRealize Operations 6.6 and how to apply them in the most effective manner Who this book is for If you are an administrator of a virtual environment and have used vRealize Operations before but want to gain a professional understanding by easily implementing complex tasks with it, then this book is for you.

Mastering Vmware Vsphere 6 7

Author : Martin Gavanda
ISBN : 9781789612660
Genre : Computers
File Size : 30. 29 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Unleash the benefits of VMware vSphere 6.7 to provide a powerful, flexible and secure digital infrastructure Key Features Deep dive into areas like management, security, scalability, availability and more with vSphere 6.7 Design, deploy and manage VMware vSphere virtual datacenters Implement monitoring and security of VMware workloads with ease Book Description VMware vSphere provides a powerful, flexible and secure foundation for next-generation applications and datacenters that help you with your digital transformation efficiently. Mastering VMware vSphere, 6.7, Second Edition begins by covering an overview of all the products, solutions and features of the vSphere 6.7 suite, comparing the evolutions with the previous releases. You’ll learn to design and plan a virtualization infrastructure to drive performance analysis and then proceed with the workflow and installation of components. Along with new network trends that will help you in optimally designing the vSphere environment, you will also learn the best practices involved in configuring and managing virtual machines in a vSphere infrastructure. With vSphere 6.7, you’ll make use of more powerful capabilities for patching, upgrading and managing the configuration of the virtual environment. The concluding chapters focus on core vSphere components as storage and network and you will learn all you need about resource management followed by topics as high availability and disaster recovery, troubleshooting, monitoring and security. By the end the book you will discover different approaches on how to build your own VMware vSphere lab to help you run even the most demanding workloads What you will learn Get a deep understanding of vSphere 6.7 functionalities Design a virtualization environment based on VMware vSphere 6.7 Manage and administer a vSphere 6.7 environment and resources Get tips for the VCP6-DCV and VCIX6-DCV exams Implement different migration techniques across different environments Deploy and understand different concepts of VMware vSphere 6.7 lab Who this book is for If you are an administrator, infrastructure engineer, IT architect, or an IT consultant who has basic knowledge of VMware vSphere and now wants to master it, then this book is for you.

Vmware Vsphere 6 7 Data Center Design Cookbook

Author : Mike Brown
ISBN : 9781789807196
Genre : Computers
File Size : 32. 75 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Design a virtualized data center with VMware vSphere 6.7 Key Features Get the first book on the market that helps you design a virtualized data center with VMware vSphere 6.7 Learn how to create professional vSphere design documentation to ensure a successful implementation A practical guide that will help you apply infrastructure design principles to vSphere design Book Description VMware is the industry leader in data center virtualization. The vSphere 6.x suite of products provides a robust and resilient platform to virtualize server and application workloads. This book uses proven infrastructure design principles and applies them to VMware vSphere 6.7 virtual data center design through short and focused recipes on each design aspect. The second edition of this book focused on vSphere 6.0. vSphere features released since then necessitate an updated design guide, which includes recipes for upgrading to 6.7, vCenter HA; operational improvements; cutting-edge, high-performance storage access such as RDMA and Pmem; security features such as encrypted vMotion and VM-level encryption; Proactive HA; HA Orchestrated Restart; Predictive DRS; and more. By the end of the book, you will be able to achieve enhanced compute, storage, network, and management capabilities for your virtual data center. What you will learn Identify key factors related to a vSphere design Mitigate security risks and meet compliance requirements in a vSphere design Create a vSphere conceptual design by identifying technical and business requirements Design for performance, availability, recoverability, manageability, and security Map the logical resource design into the physical vSphere design Create professional vSphere design documentation Who this book is for If you are an administrator or consultant interested in designing virtualized data center environments using VMware vSphere 6.x (or previous versions of vSphere and the supporting components), this book is for you.

Oracle Vm 3 Cloud Implementation And Administration Guide Second Edition

Author : Edward Whalen
ISBN : 9781259643873
Genre : Computers
File Size : 79. 85 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Master Cloud building with Oracle VM 3 installation, configuration, and maintenance Set up, configure, and manage a dynamic virtualization platform across your enterprise using the detailed information contained in this Oracle Press guide. The book shows, step-by-step, how to size servers for Oracle VM, choose and deploy virtualization hardware and manage the environment as the foundation for a private cloud infrastructure. Real-world examples and valuable best practices are featured throughout. Oracle VM 3 Cloud Implementation and Administration Guide lays out key virtualization concepts and clearly explains every aspect of Oracle VM architecture. From there, you will learn how design server farms, build and maintain virtual machines, handle provisioning and cloning, work with Oracle VM Manager, and incorporate solid security procedures. Advanced topics such as Disaster Recovery design and implementation, Cloud management with Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control and advanced storage and network integration aspects are fully covered. • Features tips, techniques, and tools for optimizing Oracle products on Oracle VM • Contains expert, hands-on advice on tackling the most common challenges • Written by a team of Oracle professionals with extensive VM experience

Information Security The Complete Reference Second Edition

Author : Mark Rhodes-Ousley
ISBN : 9780071784368
Genre : Computers
File Size : 81. 40 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Develop and implement an effective end-to-end security program Today’s complex world of mobile platforms, cloud computing, and ubiquitous data access puts new security demands on every IT professional. Information Security: The Complete Reference, Second Edition (previously titled Network Security: The Complete Reference) is the only comprehensive book that offers vendor-neutral details on all aspects of information protection, with an eye toward the evolving threat landscape. Thoroughly revised and expanded to cover all aspects of modern information security—from concepts to details—this edition provides a one-stop reference equally applicable to the beginner and the seasoned professional. Find out how to build a holistic security program based on proven methodology, risk analysis, compliance, and business needs. You’ll learn how to successfully protect data, networks, computers, and applications. In-depth chapters cover data protection, encryption, information rights management, network security, intrusion detection and prevention, Unix and Windows security, virtual and cloud security, secure application development, disaster recovery, forensics, and real-world attacks and countermeasures. Included is an extensive security glossary, as well as standards-based references. This is a great resource for professionals and students alike. Understand security concepts and building blocks Identify vulnerabilities and mitigate risk Optimize authentication and authorization Use IRM and encryption to protect unstructured data Defend storage devices, databases, and software Protect network routers, switches, and firewalls Secure VPN, wireless, VoIP, and PBX infrastructure Design intrusion detection and prevention systems Develop secure Windows, Java, and mobile applications Perform incident response and forensic analysis


Author :
ISBN : UOM:49015003176204
Genre : Statistics
File Size : 89. 57 MB
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Zabbix Enterprise Network Monitoring Made Easy

Author : Rihards Olups
ISBN : 9781787283312
Genre : Computers
File Size : 44. 95 MB
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Learn how to gather detailed statistics and data with this one-stop, comprehensive course along with hands-on recipes to get your infrastructure up and running with Zabbix. About This Book Monitor your network and deploy impressive business solutions with Zabbix Get practical recipes to automate your Zabbix infrastructure and create impressive graphs Integrate, customize, and extend your monitoring solutions with external components and software. Who This Book Is For This course is for System Administrators who have been managing and monitoring infrastructure. You do not need any knowledge about Zabbix. What You Will Learn Efficiently collect data from a large variety of monitoring objects Organize your data in graphs, charts, maps, and slide shows Write your own custom probes and monitoring scripts to extend Zabbix Configure Zabbix and its database to be high available and fault-tolerant Automate repetitive procedures using Zabbix's API FInd out how to monitor SNMP devices Manage hosts, users, and permissions while acting upon monitored conditions Set up your Zabbix infrastructure efficiently Customize the Zabbix interface to suit your system needs Monitor your VMware infrastructure in a quick and easy way with Zabbix In Detail Nowadays, monitoring systems play a crucial role in any IT environment. They are extensively used to not only measure your system's performance, but also to forecast capacity issues. This is where Zabbix, one of the most popular monitoring solutions for networks and applications, comes into the picture. With an efficient monitoring system in place, you'll be able to foresee when your infrastructure runs under capacity and react accordingly. Due to the critical role a monitoring system plays, it is fundamental to implement it in the best way from its initial setup. This avoids misleading, confusing, or, even worse, false alarms that can disrupt an efficient and healthy IT department. This course is for administrators who are looking for an end-to-end monitoring solution. It will get you accustomed with the powerful monitoring solution, starting with installation and explaining the fundamentals of Zabbix. Moving on, we explore the complex functionalities of Zabbix in the form of enticing recipes. These recipes will help you to gain control of your infrastructure. You will be able to organize your data in the form of graphs and charts along with building intelligent triggers for monitoring your network proactively. Toward the end, you will gain expertise in monitoring your networks and applications using Zabbix. This Learning Path combines some of the best that Packt has to offer in one complete, curated package. It includes content from the following Packt products: Zabbix Network Monitoring-Second Edition Zabbix Cookbook Mastering Zabbix-Second Edition Style and approach This course is a compact practical guide that starts from the fundamentals of Zabbix and takes you all the way to building a monitoring solution that gathers data from a large variety of systems. Along the way, we will discuss the low-level operational details that should benefit you even if you have used Zabbix for a while. It also follows a step-by-step approach that is easy to follow, full of engaging examples, and will help you apply the theory to practice.

Designing Green Networks And Network Operations

Author : Daniel Minoli
ISBN : 9781439816394
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 72. 30 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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In recent years, socio-political trends toward environmental responsibility and the pressing need to reduce Run-the-Engine (RTE) costs have resulted in the concept of Green IT. Although a significant amount of energy is used to operate routing, switching, and transmission equipment, comparatively less attention has been paid to Green Networking. A clear and concise introduction to green networks and green network operations, Designing Green Networks and Network Operations: Saving Run-the-Engine Costs guides you through the techniques available to achieve efficiency goals for corporate and carrier networks, including deploying more efficient hardware, blade form-factor routers and switches, and pursuing consolidation, virtualization, and network and cloud computing. The book: Delineates techniques to minimize network power, cooling, floor space, and online storage while optimizing service performance, capacity, and availability Discusses virtualization, network computing, and Web services as approaches for green data centers and networks Emphasizes best practices and compliance with international standards for green operations Extends the green data center techniques to the networking environment Incorporates green principles in the intranet, extranet, and the entire IT infrastructures Reviews networking, power management, HVAC and CRAC basics Presents methodical steps toward a seamless migration to Green IT and Green Networking

Consultants And Consulting Organizations Directory Descriptive Listings

Author : Julie A. Gough
ISBN : 0787679496
Genre : Business consultants
File Size : 76. 3 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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