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The Santiago Pilgrimage

Author : Jean-Christophe Rufin
ISBN : 9781848667792
Genre : Travel
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"Whenever I was asked: 'Why did you go to Santiago?', I had a hard time answering. How could I explain to those who had not done it that the way has the effect - if not the virtue - to make you forget all reasons that led you to become involved in it in the first place." Each year, tens of thousands of backpackers (Christian pilgrims and many others) set out from either their front doorstep or from popular starting points across Europe, to Santiago de Compostela. Most travel by foot, others ride a bicycle, and a few of them travel as did some of their medieval counterparts, on horseback or with a donkey. In addition to those who undertake a religious pilgrimage, the majority are hikers who walk the way for non-religious reasons: travel, sport, or simply the challenge of spending weeks walking in a foreign land. Also, many consider the experience as a spiritual adventure, with a view to removing themselves from the bustle of modern life. Jean-Christophe Rufin followed this "Northern Way" to Santiago de Compostela by foot, on over eight hundred kilometers. Much less crowded than the usual pilgrimage route, this one runs along the Basque and Cantabrian coasts in Spain and through the wild mountains of Asturias and Galicia. Translated from the French by Malcolm Imrie and Martina Dervis

The Pilgrimage To Santiago

Author : Edwin Mullins
ISBN : 1902669312
Genre : Travel
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The Long Road to Heaven", the annual pilgrimage to the Galician city of Santiago de Compostela has taken place for over a thousand years. In the great cathedral of Santiago are said to lie the bones of St. James of the Great, cousin to Christ, an original disciple and later "resurrected" as the legendary slayer of the Moors. From the Middle Ages onwards, this most evocative of Christian shrines has attracted pilgrims to the Spanish city from all over Europe and further afield. A network of routes, lined with statues and other symbols, leads to Santiago, but the most celebrated is that from Paris, across the Pyrenees and through the arid uplands of northern Spain.

The Four Roads To Heaven

Author : Edwin Mullins
ISBN : 1623719917
Genre : Travel
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?THERE ARE FOUR ROADS LEADING TO SANTIAGO, WHICH COMBINE TO FORM A SINGLE ROAD? -- So begins The Pilgrim?s Guide, the world?s first guidebook. Written early in the twelfth century by Benedictine monks, it served travelers taking part in the great pilgrimage of the Middle Ages, to the tomb of the apostle St. James, the cousin of Christ, at Santiago de Compostela in northwest Spain. The four roads are all in France: from Paris in the north; from V�zelay in Burgundy; from Le Puy-en-Velay in the Massif Central; and from Arles in Provence?all threading their way across the country before joining as a single road in northern Spain. A step-by-step account of these four journeys through medieval France, the Guide?s aim was to explain to pilgrims the religious sites they would see on their way to Santiago, but it also offered advice on where to stay, what to eat and drink, and how to avoid dishonest innkeepers and murderous boatmen. Edwin Mullins follows the same four roads as they exist today in the footsteps of those medieval travelers. He explores the magnificent churches, abbeys, and works of art which are the proud legacy of the pilgrimage, as well as reconstructing a turbulent period of history that encompassed wars, crusades, and the re-conquest of Spain. Many of the buildings and landmarks that sprang up along the pilgrim routes still stand there today, and The Four Roads to Heaven brings to life their historical, architectural, and spiritual significance. From imposing Romanesque and Gothic cathedrals to humble pilgrims? hospices, this book looks at the living legacy of one of the great social phenomena of the Middle Ages?the pilgrimage to Santiago. Richly illustrated with Adam Woolfitt?s color photographs, The Four Roads to Heaven offers an invaluable guide?nine hundred years after its predecessor?to the paths still trodden by increasing numbers of pilgrims.

The Pilgrimage Road To Santiago

Author : David M. Gitlitz
ISBN : 9781466825987
Genre : Travel
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The road across northern Spain to Santiago de Compostela in the northwest was one of the three major Christian pilgrimage routes during the Middle Ages, leading pilgrims to the resting place of the Apostle St. James. Today, the system of trails and roads that made up the old pilgrimage route is the most popular long-distance trail in Europe, winding from the heights of the Pyrenees to the gently rolling fields and woods of Galicia. Hundreds of thousands of modern-day pilgrims, art lovers, historians, and adventurers retrace the road today, traveling through a stunningly varied landscape which contains some of the most extraordinary art and architecture in the western world. For any visitor, the Road to Santiago is a treasure trove of historical sites, rustic Spanish villages, churches and cathedrals, and religious art. To fully appreciate the riches of this unique route, look no further than The Pilgrimage Road to Santiago, a fascinating step-by-step guide to the cultural history of the Road for pilgrims, hikers, and armchair travelers alike. Organized geographically, the book covers aspects of the terrain, places of interest, history, artistic monuments, and each town and village's historical relationship to the pilgrimage. The authors have led five student treks along the Road, studying the art, architecture, and cultural sites of the pilgrimage road from southern France to Compostela. Their lectures, based on twenty-five years of pilgrimage scholarship and fieldwork, were the starting point for this handbook.

Pilgrim Stories

Author : Nancy Louise Frey
ISBN : 0520217519
Genre : Religion
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Unlike the religiously-oriented pilgrims who visit Marian shrines such as Lourdes, the modern Road of St. James attracts an ecumenical mix of largely wel.

Heritage Pilgrimage And The Camino To Finisterre

Author : Cristina Sánchez-Carretero
ISBN : 9783319202129
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 70. 4 MB
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This book presents research concerning the effects of the Camino to Finisterre on the daily lives of the populations who live along the route, and the heritagization processes that exploitation of the Camino for tourism purposes involves. Rather than focusing on the route to Santiago de Compostela and the pilgrimage itself, it instead examines a peculiar part of the route, the Camino to Finisterre, employing multiple perspectives that consider the processes of heritagization, the effects of the pilgrimage on local communities, and the motivations of the pilgrims. The book is based on a three-year research project and is the result of a multidisciplinary collaboration between anthropologists, sociologists, historians and archaeologists. Instead of ending in Santiago, as the rest of the Caminos do, this route continues to the cape of Finisterre on the Galician Atlantic coast. This part of the Camino de Santiago is not officially recognized by the Catholic Church and does not count as part of reaching Compostela, the recognition granted by the Catholic Church to those pilgrims who have walked at least 100 km. For this reason, as well as its relationship with the sun cult, many pilgrims call this route “the Camino of the atheists.” In fact, the Catholic Church is a strong force for the heritagization of the rest of the Caminos, and maintains a clear ignoratio strategy concerning the Finisterre route: Officially, the church neither opposes nor recognizes this route.

Yellow Arrow Fever The Grumpy Pilgrim S Guide To Santiago

Author : Rudy Noriega
ISBN : 9781326918781
Genre : Travel
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What do you do when you realise that, as an Anglo-Hispanic, you are just not Hispanic enough? Well, if you are Rudy Noriega you give up your job, put on your walking boots and walk across Spain, following the old pilgrimage route to Santiago di Compostela. The hope is that covering five hundred miles can make him Spanish, or at least extend his vocabulary beyond the swear words. Helped and hindered by his fellow walkers on his spirituality-dodging way across the country, he spends the night in a church belfry, walks headlong into a bull-run, and discovers that perhaps he's sadly lacking the qualities of a true pilgrim. As well as heading west, the journey also heads back in time to a forgotten childhood.Even the grumpiest of walkers can find redemption when they eventually realise that you can’t get anywhere without a little help from your friends, even if you don’t really deserve it.

Religious Pilgrimage Routes And Trails

Author : Daniel H Olsen
ISBN : 9781786390271
Genre : Business & Economics
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For millennia people have travelled to religious sites for worship, initiatory and leisure purposes. Today there are hundreds, if not thousands, of religious pilgrimage routes and trails around the world that are used by pilgrims as well as tourists. Indeed, many religious pilgrimage routes and trails are today used as themes by tourism marketers in an effort to promote regional economic development. An important resource for those interested in religious tourism and pilgrimage, this book is also an invaluable collection for academics and policy-makers within heritage tourism and regional development.

Every Pilgrim S Guide To Walking To Santiago De Compostela

Author : Peter Muller
ISBN : 9781848250260
Genre : Travel
File Size : 32. 17 MB
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Every year, some 200,000 people set out on the world's most famous pilgrimage route - 'the Camino', designated a World Heritage Site in 1993. Actually a network of paths with numerous starting places in France and throughout Europe, all routes converge to lead along Spain's northern coast to Santiago de Compostela. Here the shrine of St James, the patron saint of pilgrimage, was discovered in the 9th century. 2010 is designated as a Holy Year for Santiago and this guide is co-published with the Confraternity of St James, the UK's leading organisation for promoting pilgrimage to Santiago. Already the preferred guide for German and Spanish pilgrims, this new English edition will be widely welcomed and officially recommended. A mix of practical information and spiritual inspiration for walkers, it offers a stage-by-stage guide pointing out places of interest along the way; practical tips for walkers; prayers, blessings and spiritual exercises to nourish the pilgrim spirit and deepen the pilgrimage experience. It is Illustrated throughout with maps and photographs and is conveniently pocket sized.

Following The Milky Way

Author : Elyn Aviva
ISBN : 0971060908
Genre : Travel
File Size : 31. 7 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Following the Milky Way is the story of Elyn Aviva's 500-mile-long journey on foot on the Camino de Santiago. This 1000-year-old pilgrimage road stretches from the French Pyrenees across northern Spain to Santiago de Compostela, supposed tomb of St. James the Apostle. It is a journey that crosses the landscape of the soul as well as the mountains and mesetas of Spain.

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