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The Right To Vegetarianism

Author : Carlo Prisco
ISBN : 9780761868675
Genre : Political Science
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This book argues that vegetarian and vegan people should be guaranteed the right to eat according to their beliefs. The author claims that the right to vegetarianism is backed by the human and civil rights recognized in the constitutions of several nations.


Author : Jill Hamilton
ISBN : 9780737748178
Genre : Young Adult Nonfiction
File Size : 83. 25 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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As children mature, they start to exercise independence in a number of choices, which includes what they are going to eat. Give your readers a balanced, rich survey of the vegetarian choice. Essays present a for-or-against array of information on the topic, starting off with how our anatomy offers clues to what the human diet should be. While one essay states that a vegetarian diet is not healthy, another essay outlines its health benefits. One essay states that it's possible to be a conscientious carnivore while another states there is no such thing as guilt-free meat. Solutions, such as laboratories that grow meat are also debated. The global impact of this dietary choice is examined, giving readers much to consider while exercising their right to choose what they eat.

The Spiritual And Ethical Dimension Of Vegetarianism

ISBN : 9781499045260
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 63. 90 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The author is a retired Filipino lawyer and diplomat. After having graduated from the College of Law of Ateneo de Manila University, he passed the Philippine Foreign Service Officer's Exam and joined the Department of Foreign Affairs where he served as the Director of Law Division for twenty years. He recently completed the requirements for a masteral degree in philosophy at the University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City. He is now residing in the United States where he intends to enroll at an Ivy League university for his doctoral degree in philosophy. The Spiritual and Ethical Dimension of Vegetarianism is a major spin-off from his masteral thesis of the same title. He has been a vegetarian for the past forty-three years. He is now a healthy "young" man of seventy-three years.

Vegetarian Times

Author :
Genre :
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To do what no other magazine does: Deliver simple, delicious food, plus expert health and lifestyle information, that's exclusively vegetarian but wrapped in a fresh, stylish mainstream package that's inviting to all. Because while vegetarians are a great, vital, passionate niche, their healthy way of eating and the earth-friendly values it inspires appeals to an increasingly large group of Americans. VT's goal: To embrace both.

The Perfectly Contented Meat Eater S Guide To Vegetarianism

Author : Mark Warren Reinhardt
ISBN : 0826410820
Genre : Cooking
File Size : 39. 11 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Describes the advantages of vegetarianism, the range of foods available to vegetarians, and how to shop for and prepare vegetarian meals

Ethical Vegetarianism

Author : Kerry S. Walters
ISBN : 0791440435
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 83. 93 MB
Format : PDF
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For vegetarians seeking the historical roots of vegetarianism, for animal rights activists and the environmentally concerned, and for those questioning their consumption of meat, here's a book that provides a deep understanding of vegetarianism as more than just a dietary decision. This is the first comprehensive collection of primary source material on vegetarianism as a moral choice and includes the writings of Carol Adams, Bernard de Mandeville, Mohandas Gandhi, Oliver Goldsmith, Anna Kingsford, Frances Moore Lappé, Porphyry, Pythagoras, Tom Regan, Albert Schweitzer, Seneca, Peter Singer, Leo Tolstoy, and Richard Wagner, among others.

Is God A Vegetarian

Author : Richard Alan Young
ISBN : 9780812698206
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 48. 94 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Is God a Vegetarian? is one of the most complete explorations of vegetarianism in the Judeo-Christian tradition. Young, a linguistics and New Testament scholar, attempts to answer the question being asked with greater and greater frequency: "Are Christians morally obligated to be vegetarians?" Many people are confused about the apparent mixed messages within the Bible. On the one hand, God prescribes a vegetarian diet in the Garden of Eden and the apocalyptic visions of Isaiah and John imply the restoration of a vegetarian diet. However, it is also clear that God permits, Jesus partakes in, and Paul sanctions the eating of flesh. Does the Bible give any clear guidance? Close readings of key biblical texts pertaining to dietary customs, vegetarianism, and animal rights make up the substance of the book. Rather than ignoring or offering a literal, twentieth-century interpretation of the passages, the author analyzes the voices of these conflicting dietary motifs within their own social contexts. Interwoven throughout these readings are discussions of contemporary issues, such as animal testing and experimentation, the fur industry, raising animals in factories, and the effects of meat-eating on human health. Thirteen chapters cover such topics as -- the vegetarian diet in the Garden of Eden -- the clothing of the first humans in animal skins -- God's permitting humans to eat meat -- animal sacrifice -- the dietary habits of Jesus and the early apostles -- Paul's condemnation of vegetarianism as heresy -- the dietary views of the early church fathers -- the peaceable kingdom. The author provides two vegetarian recipes at the end of each chapter. An epilogue includes guidelines for becoming a vegetarian and a recommended reading list. Insightful and challenging, Is God a Vegetarian? poses provocative questions for vegetarians, Christians, and anyone reflecting upon her personal choices and ethical role in our world today.

The Vegetarian Crusade

Author : Adam D. Shprintzen
ISBN : 9781469608921
Genre : Cooking
File Size : 20. 79 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Vegetarianism has been practiced in the United States since the country's founding, yet the early years of the movement have been woefully misunderstood and understudied. Through the Civil War, the vegetarian movement focused on social and political reform, but by the late nineteenth century, the movement became a path for personal strength and success in a newly individualistic, consumption-driven economy. This development led to greater expansion and acceptance of vegetarianism in mainstream society. So argues Adam D. Shprintzen in his lively history of early American vegetarianism and social reform. From Bible Christians to Grahamites, the American Vegetarian Society to the Battle Creek Sanitarium, Shprintzen explores the diverse proponents of reform-motivated vegetarianism and explains how each of these groups used diet as a response to changing social and political conditions. By examining the advocates of vegetarianism, including institutions, organizations, activists, and publications, Shprintzen explores how an idea grew into a nationwide community united not only by diet but also by broader goals of social reform.

Vegetarianism A Guide For The Perplexed

Author : Kerry Walters
ISBN : 9781441145321
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 48. 26 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The choice of whether or not to consume animals is more than merely a dietary one. It frequently reflects deep ethical commitments or religious convictions that serve as the bedrock of an entire lifestyle. Proponents of vegetarianism frequently infuriate nonvegetarians, who feel that they're being morally condemned because of what they choose to eat. Vegetarians are frequently infuriated by what they consider to be the nonvegetarians' disregard for the environment and animal-suffering. Vegetarianism: A Guide for the Perplexed offers a much needed survey of the different arguments offered by ethical vegetarians and their critics. In a rigorous but accessible manner, the author scrutinizes the strengths and weaknesses of arguments in defense of vegetarianism based on compassion, rights, interests, eco-feminism, environmentalism, anthrocentrism, and religion. Authors examined include Peter Singer, Tom Regan, Carol J. Adams, and Kathryn Paxton George. As the global climate crisis worsens, population increases, and fossil fuels disappear, ethical and public policy questions about the ethics of diet will become ever more urgent. This book is a useful resource for thinking through the questions.


Author : Dr. Bimal Chhajer
ISBN : 8189605216
Genre :
File Size : 25. 59 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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