the martians have landed a history of media driven panics and hoaxes

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The Martians Have Landed

Author : Robert E. Bartholomew
ISBN : 9780786486717
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
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History is replete with examples of media-created scares and panics. This book presents more than three dozen studies of media scares from the 17th century to the 21st century, including hoaxes perpetrated via newspapers, radio, television and cyberspace. From the 1835 batmen on the Moon hoax to more recent bird flu scares and Hurricane Katrina myths, this book explores hoaxes that highlight the impact of the media on our lives and its tendency to sensationalize. Most of the hoaxes covered occurred in the United States, though incidents from Europe, Asia, Africa, South America and Australia are featured as well. Several are global in scope, revealing the power global media wields.

A History Of Ambition In 50 Hoaxes History In 50

Author : Gale Eaton
ISBN : 9780884484936
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
File Size : 29. 78 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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What do the Trojan Horse, Piltdown Man, Keely Motor Company, and Ponzi Scheme have in common? They were all famous hoaxes, carefully designed and bolstered with false evidence. The con artists in this book pursued a variety of ambitions—making money, winning wars, mocking authority, finding fame, trading an ordinary life for a glamorous one—but they all chose the lowest, fastest road to get there. Every hoax is a curtain, and behind it is a deceiver operating levers and smoke machines to make us see what is not there and miss what is. As P.T. Barnum knew, you can short-circuit critical thinking in any century by telling people what they want to hear. Most scams operate on a personal scale, but some have shaped the balance of world power, inspired explorers to sail uncharted seas, derailed scientific progress, or caused terrible massacres. A HISTORY OF AMBITION IN 50 HOAXES guides us through a rogue’s gallery of hustlers, liars, swindlers, imposters, scammers, pretenders, and cheats. In Gale Eaton’s wide-ranging synthesis, the history of deception is a colorful tour, with surprising insights behind every curtain. Fountas & Pinnell Level Z+

Broadcast Hysteria

Author : A. Brad Schwartz
ISBN : 9780809031634
Genre : History
File Size : 61. 20 MB
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On the evening of October 30, 1938, radio listeners across the United States heard a startling report of a meteor strike in the New Jersey countryside. With sirens blaring in the background, announcers in the field described mysterious creatures, terrifying war machines, and thick clouds of poison gas moving toward New York City. As the invading force approached Manhattan, some listeners sat transfixed, while others ran to alert neighbors or to call the police. Some even fled their homes. But the hair-raising broadcast was not a real news bulletin-it was Orson Welles's adaptation of the H. G. Wells classic The War of the Worlds. In Broadcast Hysteria, A. Brad Schwartz boldly retells the story of Welles's famed radio play and its impact. Did it really spawn a "wave of mass hysteria," as The New York Times reported? Schwartz is the first to examine the hundreds of letters sent to Orson Welles himself in the days after the broadcast, and his findings challenge the conventional wisdom. Few listeners believed an actual attack was under way. But even so, Schwartz shows that Welles's broadcast became a major scandal, prompting a different kind of mass panic as Americans debated the bewitching power of the radio and the country's vulnerability in a time of crisis. When the debate was over, American broadcasting had changed for good, but not for the better. As Schwartz tells this story, we observe how an atmosphere of natural disaster and impending war permitted broadcasters to create shared live national experiences for the first time. We follow Orson Welles's rise to fame and watch his manic energy and artistic genius at work in the play's hurried yet innovative production. And we trace the present-day popularity of "fake news" back to its source in Welles's show and its many imitators. Schwartz's original research, gifted storytelling, and thoughtful analysis make Broadcast Hysteria a groundbreaking new look at a crucial but little-understood episode in American history.

American Myths Legends And Tall Tales An Encyclopedia Of American Folklore 3 Volumes

Author : Christopher R. Fee
ISBN : 9781610695688
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 88. 90 MB
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A fascinating survey of the entire history of tall tales, folklore, and mythology in the United States from earliest times to the present, including stories and myths from the modern era that have become an essential part of contemporary popular culture. • Presents a compelling mix of some 500 entries drawn from traditional Native American and European American culture as well as Mexican American, African American, Chinese American, and other national traditions • Includes numerous primary documents that help readers to pinpoint and understand the origins of different myths and legends as well as how they evolve over time • Features a wide variety of entries drawn from newer traditions of science fiction, urban legends, and conspiracy theories • Supplies bibliographic references with each entry that include websites for further reading and research

Journalism And The American Experience

Author : Bruce J. Evensen
ISBN : 9781351336246
Genre : History
File Size : 24. 92 MB
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Journalism and the American Experience offers a comprehensive examination of the critical role journalism has played in the struggle over America’s democratic institutions and culture. Journalism is central to the story of the nation’s founding and has continued to influence and shape debates over public policy, American exceptionalism, and the meaning and significance of the United States in world history. Placed at the intersection of American Studies and Communications scholarship, this book provides an essential introduction to journalism’s curious and conflicted co-existence with the American democratic experiment.

Popular Fads And Crazes Through American History 2 Volumes

Author : Nancy Hendricks
ISBN : 9781440851834
Genre : History
File Size : 39. 82 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This informative two-volume set provides readers with an understanding of the fads and crazes that have taken America by storm from colonial times to the present. Entries cover a range of topics, including food, entertainment, fashion, music, and language. • Presents well-researched, factual material accessibly and engagingly • Presents what was popular in each decade through short sidebars • Illustrates what today's readers have in common with Americans of the past • Includes a historical overview of each decade • Contains a Glossary of Slang, a bibliography, and suggestions for further reading on each decade

Untold Story Of Champ The

Author : Robert E. Bartholomew
ISBN : 9781438444857
Genre : History
File Size : 76. 26 MB
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The definitive account of a Lake Champlain legend. “The lake surface was glass. My girlfriend and I were fishing from our anchored rowboat in about fifteen feet of water, facing the New York shore. ‘Ron, what’s that?’ I turned. About thirty feet away I saw three dark humps … protruding about two feet above the surface. The humps were perhaps two or three feet apart. They didn’t move. We didn’t either. We watched in disbelief for about ten seconds. The humps slowly sank into the water. There was no wake, no telltale sign of movement. Unexplained. Eerie. Unsettling.” — from the Foreword by Ronald S. Kermani Scotland may have Nessie, the Loch Ness Monster, but we have Champ, the legendary serpent-like monster of Lake Champlain. The first recorded sighting of Champ, in 1609, has been attributed to the lake’s namesake, French explorer and cartographer Samuel de Champlain. This is pure myth, but there have been hundreds of sightings since then. Robert E. Bartholomew embarks on his own search, both of the lake firsthand and through period sources and archives—many never before published. Although he finds the trail obscured by sloppy journalism, local leaders motivated by tourism income, and bickering monster hunters, he weighs the evidence to craft a rich, colorful history of Champ. From the nineteenth century, when Champ was a household name, to 1977, when he appeared in Sandra Mansi’s controversial photograph, Bartholomew covers it all. Real or imaginary, Champ and his story will fascinate believers and skeptics alike.

Social Psychology

Author : Mark H. Davis
ISBN : 0070400873
Genre : Social psychology
File Size : 75. 20 MB
Format : PDF
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[TofC Cont.] Social influence: Making sense of the nonsensical, an analysis of Jonestown / Neal Osherow; Committed heart / A.R. Pratkanis and E. Aronson; What is the influence of one flower given / A.R. Pratkanis and E. Aronson -- Social relationships: A nation of hermits, the loss of community / T. DeAngelis; Laughs, rhythmic bursts of social glue / N. Angier; Up from gorilla land, the hidden logic of love and lust / R. Wright -- Prejudice, discrimination, and stereotyping: Prejudice is a habit that can be broken / B. Azar; Breaking the prejudice habit / P.G. Devine; Psychologists examine attacks on homosexuals / P. Freiberg; Crimes against humanity / W. Churchill; Gendered media, the influence of media on views of gender / J.T. Wood -- Aggression: Biology of violence / R. Wright; A violence in the blood / S. Richardson; In an angry world, lessons for emotional self-control / D. Goleman -- Helping: Roots of good and evil / Geoffrey Cowley -- Group processes: Group decision fiascoes continue, space shuttle challenger and a revised groupthink framework / G. Moorhead, R. Ference, and C.P. Neck; Blowup / M. Gladwell.

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