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The Identity Project

Author : Veronica Dowhy
ISBN : OCLC:951069559
Genre : Charity organization
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The Routledge Companion To Identity And Consumption

Author : Ayalla A. Ruvio
ISBN : 9781136253522
Genre : Business & Economics
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"Tell me what you eat, I'll tell you who you are," said Anthelme Brillat-Savarin. Today, "You are what you consume" is more apt. Barbara Krueger’s ironic twist of Descartes - "I shop therefore I am" - has lost its irony. Such phrases have become commonplace descriptions of our identity in the contemporary world. In our materialistic world it seems as if there is no debate that our consumption behaviour is fused with our self-identity - shaping it, changing it and often challenging it. The Routledge Companion to Identity and Consumption introduces the reader to state-of-the-art research, written by the world’s leading scholars regarding the interplay between identity and consumption. The book addresses the diverse issues regarding the ways identity affects our consumption behaviour and vice-versa and in doing so, presents a broad perspective on the dynamics of self-identity and consumption. With chapters discussing the theory, research and practical implications of these dynamics, including the way they change across our life span and their expression within different social, cultural and religious contexts, this book will be a valuable reference source for students and academics from a variety of disciplines.

Transpersonal Psychology In Psychoanalytic Perspective

Author : Michael Washburn
ISBN : 0791419533
Genre : Psychology
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In this book, Michael Washburn provides a psychoanalytic foundation for transpersonal psychology. Using psychoanalytic theory, Washburn explains how ego development both prepares for and creates obstacles to ego transcendence. Spiritual development, he proposes, can be properly understood only in terms of the ego development that precedes it. For example, many difficulties encountered in spiritual development can be traced to repressive underpinnings of ego development, and significant gender differences in spiritual development can be traced to corresponding gender differences that emerge during ego development. Washburn draws on a wide range of psychoanalytic perspectives in discussing ego development and uses both Eastern and Western sources in discussing spiritual development. In rethinking transpersonal psychology in psychoanalytic terms, he explains how essential elements of Jungian thought can be grounded in psychoanalytic theory.

The Oxford Handbook Of Identity Development

Author : Kate C. McLean
ISBN : 9780199936670
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 57. 75 MB
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Identity is defined in many different ways in various disciplines in the social sciences and sub-disciplines within psychology. The developmental psychological approach to identity is characterized by a focus on developing a sense of the self that is temporally continuous and unified across the different life spaces that individuals inhabit. Erikson proposed that the task of adolescence and young adulthood was to define the self by answering the question: Who Am I? There have been many advances in theory and research on identity development since Erikson's writing over fifty years ago, and the time has come to consolidate our knowledge and set an agenda for future research. The Oxford Handbook of Identity Development represents a turning point in the field of identity development research. Various, and disparate, groups of researchers are brought together to debate, extend, and apply Erikson's theory to contemporary problems and empirical issues. The result is a comprehensive and state-of-the-art examination of identity development that pushes the field in provocative new directions. Scholars of identity development, adolescent and adult development, and related fields, as well as graduate students, advanced undergraduates, and practitioners will find this to be an innovative, unique, and exciting look at identity development.

Identity And Heritage

Author : Peter F. Biehl
ISBN : 9783319096896
Genre : Social Science
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This book will suggest new agendas for identity and heritage studies by means of presenting contentious issues facing archaeology and heritage management in a globalized world. The book is not only present the variability of heritage objectives and experiences in the New and Old World, and opens a discussion, in a shrinking world, to look beyond national and regional contexts. If the heritage sector and archaeology are to remain relevant in our contemporary world and the near future, there are a number of questions concerning the politics, practices and narratives related to heritage and identity that must be addressed. Questions of relevance in an affluent, cosmopolitan setting are at odds with those relevant for a region emerging from civil war or ethnic strife, or a national minority battling oppression or ethnic cleansing. A premise is that heritage represents a broad scope of empirically and theoretically sound interpretations – that heritage is a response to contemporary forces, as much as data. It is therefore necessary constantly to evaluate what is scientifically accurate as well as what is valid and relevant and what can have a contemporary impact.

Narratives Of Identity And Place

Author : Stephanie Taylor
ISBN : 9781135193782
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 35. 63 MB
Format : PDF
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This book explores the changing meanings of place for our identities and life stories in the 21st century, using an empirical approach developed in narrative and discursive psychology.

Project Program Change

Author : Roland Gareis
ISBN : 9780429797088
Genre : Business & Economics
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This book gives managers an integrative approach to project, program, and change management. It describes the differences between change in projects versus programs with case studies in both areas and the different life cycles. While the project and change comprise much of the book, it is up to date with its emphasis on agile, scrum, and benefits. The book also describes methods to both initiate and manage a change and what must be done for success and business value.

Seeking The Identity Of Jesus

Author : Beverly Roberts Gaventa
ISBN : 9780802824714
Genre : Religion
File Size : 60. 29 MB
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In view of the proliferation of conflicting images of Jesus in the church, in the academy, and in popular culture, it is no wonder that his identity sometimes appears more elusive than ever. Seeking the Identity of Jesus gathers an interdisciplinary group of leading scholars - from the fields of biblical studies, theology, and church history - to focus on the complex problems surrounding the quest for the historical Jesus. In contrast to recent sensationalistic claims about Jesus, their perspectives are richly informed by Scripture, testimony from the church's past, and experience of the risen Jesus in the present.

Identity In Dialogue

Author : Didier Pollefeyt
ISBN : 9783643905505
Genre : Religion
File Size : 52. 88 MB
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Situated in increasingly pluralizing cultural contexts, Catholic schools face the challenge of recontextualizing their identity in a culturally plausible and theologically legitimate way. To this end, across Victoria, Australia, the Enhancing Catholic School Identity Project (ECSIP) has developed a suite of empirical instruments that provide an in-depth analysis of a school's current - as well as desired - identity in a statistically reliable way. The results are discussed in this book. After describing and interpreting the results, the empirical insights lead to well-informed recommendations aimed at the identity development of Catholic schools, with a normative preference for the Recontextualizing Dialogue School model as the way to enhance Catholic identity in a context of diversity. In this manner, ECSIP supports on-going processes of (self-) assessment that form the basis for continuing dynamics of (self-) improvement of the identity of Catholic educational institutions. (Series: Christian Religious Education and School Identity - Vol. 1) [Subject: Religious Studies, Christianity, Catholicism, Education, Australian Studies]

The Identity In Question

Author : John Rajchman
ISBN : 9781134713097
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 29. 60 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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