the hidden ways

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The Hidden Ways

Author : Alistair Moffat
ISBN : 9781786891020
Genre : History
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Shortlisted for the Edward Stanford Travel Writing Awards In The Hidden Ways, Alistair Moffat traverses the lost paths of Scotland. Down Roman roads tramped by armies, warpaths and pilgrim routes, drove roads and rail roads, turnpikes and sea roads, he traces the arteries through which our nation's lifeblood has flowed in a bid to understand how our history has left its mark upon our landscape. Moffat's travels along the hidden ways reveal not only the searing beauty and magic of the Scottish landscape, but open up a different sort of history, a new way of understanding our past by walking in the footsteps of our ancestors. In retracing the forgotten paths, he charts a powerful, surprising and moving history of Scotland through the unremembered lives who have moved through it.

Face Value

Author : Autumn Whitefield-Madrano
ISBN : 9781476754055
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 39. 8 MB
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“A fascinating look” (The Boston Globe) at how we think and talk about beauty in the twenty-first century—and the unexpected and often positive way that beauty shapes our lives. For decades, we’ve thought of beauty as a negative influence in our lives. We feel insecure in the face of retouched, impossibly-perfect images. We worry primping and preening are a distraction and a trap. But in Face Value, journalist Autumn Whitefield-Modrano dispels this one-sided beauty myth and examines the relationship between appearance and science, social media, sex, friendship, language, and advertising to show how beauty actually affects us day to day. Through meticulous research and interviews with dozens of women across all walks of life, she reveals surprising findings, like wearing makeup can actually relax you, you can convince people you’re better looking just by tweaking your personality, and the ways beauty can be a powerful tool of connection among women. Provocative and empowering, it celebrates a relaxed brand of feminism, one in which it’s equally okay to feel fierce in your fake eyelashes and confident when going makeup-free. Face Value is “an immensely valuable work, one that seamlessly—and impressively—combines the tropes of the academic lit review and the memoir and the work of cultural criticism into an engaging, and timely, follow-up to The Beauty Myth” (The Atlantic).


Author : Carlin Flora
ISBN : 9781780721378
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 89. 17 MB
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We have long known that good friends can be our main source of moral support, the generous suppliers of love, humour and understanding. But did you know that having good friendships makes you cleverer, richer and healthier? Increasingly, research shows that the single most important factor in a well-lived life is not our jobs, our families, our health, education or wealth - it's the breadth and depth of our friendships. Flora draws on the latest behavioural science to trace the hidden ways in which friendships mould our characters and life chances, and offers fascinating anecdotes and accounts of famous friendships to show us how to make friends, stay friends and, crucially, how to be good friends.

The Fire Duke

Author : Joel Rosenberg
ISBN : 0380722070
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 34. 62 MB
Format : PDF
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Bringing home a couple of college buddies for a carefree vacation, Torrie Thorsen becomes enmeshed in a family legend that carries him through a secret portal to the House of Sky, where he must pay for an ancient crime. Reprint. PW.

Why Do I Do That

Author : Joseph Burgo
ISBN : 0988443120
Genre : Defense mechanisms (Psychology)
File Size : 28. 45 MB
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Why Do I Do That? adapts the basic strategies of psychodynamic psychotherapy to a guided course in self-exploration, highlighting the universal role of defense mechanisms in warding off emotional pain. With easy-to-understand explanations, the first part teaches you about the unconscious mind and the role of psychological defenses in excluding difficult feelings from awareness. Individual chapters in the longer middle section explore the primary defense mechanisms one by one, with exercises to help you identify your own defenses at work. The final part offers guidance for how to "disarm" your defenses and cope more effectively with the unconscious feelings behind them. Psychological defense mechanisms are an inevitable and necessary part of the human experience; but when they become too pervasive or deeply entrenched, they may damage our personal relationships, restrict or distort our emotional lives and prevent us from behaving in ways that promote lasting self-esteem.

The Hidden Way Across The Threshold

Author : J. C. Street
ISBN : STANFORD:36105024327715
Genre : Metaphysics
File Size : 59. 84 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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User Friendly

Author : Cliff Kuang
ISBN : 9780374713157
Genre : Computers
File Size : 24. 21 MB
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In User Friendly, Cliff Kuang and Robert Fabricant reveal the untold story of a paradigm that quietly rules our modern lives: the assumption that machines should anticipate what we need. Spanning over a century of sweeping changes, from women’s rights to the Great Depression to World War II to the rise of the digital era, this book unpacks the ways in which the world has been—and continues to be—remade according to the principles of the once-obscure discipline of user-experience design. In this essential text, Kuang and Fabricant map the hidden rules of the designed world and shed light on how those rules have caused our world to change—an underappreciated but essential history that’s pieced together for the first time. Combining the expertise and insight of a leading journalist and a pioneering designer, User Friendly provides a definitive, thoughtful, and practical perspective on a topic that has rapidly gone from arcane to urgent to inescapable. In User Friendly, Kuang and Fabricant tell the whole story for the first time—and you’ll never interact with technology the same way again.

The Hidden Life Of Jesus A Lesson And Model To Christians Translated By Edward Healy Thompson

Author : Henri Marie BOUDON
ISBN : BL:A0019947334
Genre :
File Size : 60. 9 MB
Format : PDF
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Light On The Hidden Way

Author : James Freeman Clarke
Genre : Spiritualism
File Size : 63. 91 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The Hidden Pleasures Of Life

Author : Theodore Zeldin
ISBN : 9780857053671
Genre : Family & Relationships
File Size : 90. 55 MB
Format : PDF
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The story of a search for a new art of living. How can one escape from work colleagues who are bores and from organisations that thrive on stress? What new priorities can people give to their private lives? When the romantic ideal is disappointing, how else can affections be cultivated? If only a few can become rich, what substitute is there for dropping out? If religions and nations disagree, what other outcomes are possible beyond strife or doubt? Where there is too little freedom, what is the alternative to rebellion? When so much is unpredictable, what can replace ambition? Questions include: What is the great adventure of our time? What is a wasted life? How can people lose their illusions about themselves? What alternatives are there to being a rebel? What can the poor tell the rich? What could the rich tell the poor? How many ways of committing suicide are there? How can an unbeliever understand a believer? How can a religion change? How can prejudices be overcome? How can one think about the future, without trying to predict it or worrying about it? Is ridicule the most effective form of non-violent protest? How does one acquire a sense of humour? What stops people feeling completely at home in their own country? How many nations can one love at the same time? Why do so many people feel unappreciated, unloved and not fully alive? How else might women and men treat one another? What can replace the shortage of soul-mates? Is another kind of sexual revolution achievable? What can artists aim for beyond self-expression? What is more interesting than becoming a leader? What is the point of working so hard? Are there more amusing ways of earning a living? What else can one do in a hotel? What more can the young ask of their elders? Is remaining young at heart enough to avoid becoming old? What is worth knowing? What does it mean to be alive? Where can one find nourishment for the mind?

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