the dog who came to stay a memoir

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The Dog Who Came To Stay

Author : Hal Borland
ISBN : 9781453232354
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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The national bestselling memoir of a friendship between a New England outdoorsman and the scrawny foxhound who came to his door one snowy day. In the midst of a blizzard, late one Christmas night in the 1950s, author Hal Borland heard a howl at the back door of his home on a hundred-acre farm in the Housatonic Valley of northwest Connecticut. Resistant at first, he called around trying to find an owner whose dog had gone missing—with no luck. Finally, with the encouragement of his wife and haunted by memories of his childhood collie, Borland brought some scraps of leftover steak outside. This was his introduction to Pat, a miserable, half-starved, but deeply trusting black-and-white foxhound mutt. Pat would soon become a member of the family, accompanying Borland on hunts and terrorizing the local woodchuck population—and teaching him that sometimes our most immediate connection to the natural world is through the animals we live with. A longtime journalist and a winner of the John Burroughs Medal for distinguished nature writing, Borland tells the tale of the time he shared with Pat in this touching true story that “will appeal to many sportsmen and to all people who have ever been closely attached to a dog” (The New York Times Book Review).

Somewhere Towards The End A Memoir

Author : Diana Athill
ISBN : 0393076679
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 37. 31 MB
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Winner of the 2009 National Book Critics Circle Award in Autobiography and a New York Times bestseller: a prize-winning, critically acclaimed memoir on life and aging —“An honest joy to read” (Alice Munro). Hailed as “a virtuoso exercise” (Sunday Telegraph), this book reflects candidly, sometimes with great humor, on the condition of being old. Charming readers, writers, and critics alike, the memoir won the Costa Award for Biography and made Athill, now ninety-one, a surprising literary star. Diana Athill is one of the great editors in British publishing. For more than five decades she edited the likes of V. S. Naipaul and Jean Rhys, for whom she was a confidante and caretaker. As a writer, Athill has made her reputation for the frankness and precisely expressed wisdom of her memoirs. Now in her ninety-first year, "entirely untamed about both old and new conventions" (Literary Review) and freed from any of the inhibitions that even she may have once had, Athill reflects candidly, and sometimes with great humor, on the condition of being old—the losses and occasionally the gains that age brings, the wisdom and fortitude required to face death. Distinguished by "remarkable intelligence...[and the] easy elegance of her prose" (Daily Telegraph), this short, well-crafted book, hailed as "a virtuoso exercise" (Sunday Telegraph) presents an inspiring work for those hoping to flourish in their later years.


Author : Hal Borland
ISBN : 9781504037679
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 20. 84 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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“Some dogs, like some people, just can’t abide a quiet life,” writes the author of the national bestseller, The Dog Who Came to Stay, in this warm and touching memoir. Penny the basset shows up at the Borlands’ Connecticut farmhouse on a cold, snowy day—head held high, tail wagging, as if she were a long-awaited guest. Hal and Barbara Borland were no strangers to strays. Pat, the rabbit hound thousands of readers came to know in The Dog Who Came to Stay, had also appeared one winter, staying to become the family’s dear companion. Now, Pat is gone, and Hal and Barbara are bereft without canine company. They fall in love with Penny—and she seems to fit right in. Penny is a delightful dog—short-legged, flop-eared, full of fun and curiosity. And she loves people, so much so that she leaves the Borlands to go visiting elsewhere, often settling in with a different family for days on end. Indeed, Hal and Barbara admire her for her spirit of individuality and independence. Though she never truly belonged to them, the Borlands agreed that Penny was a dog well worth loving—and so will readers.

When The Legends Die

Author : Hal Borland
ISBN : 9781453232347
Genre : Young Adult Fiction
File Size : 25. 80 MB
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A young Native American raised in the forest is suddenly thrust into the modern world, in this novel by the author of The Dog Who Came to Stay. Thomas Black Bull’s parents forsook the life of a modern reservation and took to ancient paths in the woods, teaching their young son the stories and customs of his ancestors. But Tom’s life changes forever when he loses his father in a tragic accident and his mother dies shortly afterward. When Tom is discovered alone in the forest with only a bear cub as a companion, life becomes difficult. Soon, well-meaning teachers endeavor to reform him, a rodeo attempts to turn him into an act, and nearly everyone he meets tries to take control of his life. Powerful and timeless, When the Legends Die is a captivating story of one boy learning to live in harmony with both civilization and wilderness.

Memoirs Of The Queensland Museum

Author :
ISBN : WISC:89103416954
Genre : Cultural property
File Size : 45. 67 MB
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Author : Georg Solti
ISBN : UOM:39015039916138
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 20. 2 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The renowned conductor recounts his life from growing up in prewar Hungary, to his musical education, to directing orchestras in Zurich, Munich, Frankfurt, London, and Chicago

Bone Idle

Author : Suzette Hill
ISBN : 9781849017947
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 62. 22 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Revd Francis Oughterard is in the grip of a blackmailer and under orders to steal a valuable figurine. Relief at success is short-lived when the theft backfires, and further skulduggery ensues. The Reverend's efforts to distance himself from yet another murder lead to embarrassing complications for him and his pompous bishop, Horace Clinker. When things come to a head in the form of crazily menacing Victor Crumpemeyer, it is once again up to the Reverend's world-weary cat, Maurice, and intrepid mongrel, Bouncer, to save his bacon. Praise for Suzette A. Hill: 'Perfect one-sitting summer read.' Laura Wilson, Guardian 'I think this is tremendous - amusing and professional' Dame Beryl Bainbridge 'E F Benson crossed with Jerome K Jerome' The Times audiobooks review 'Quite why this series should be charming, astringent and witty, instead of emetically twee, I am not sure, but it is entirely delightful' Guardian 'This dry, funny British gem, with its eccentric cast of characters, will have readers laughing and eagerly awaiting the next episode' Publishers Weekly 'An intriguingly quirky read! And Maurice the cat is a very clever puss indeed!' Leslie Phillips OBE

Memoirs Of A Scheduler Aka Junk Yard Dog

Author : Andrew J. Page
ISBN : 9781479795338
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 87. 65 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This book is to my knowledge accurate although as we all know some things get embellished with repeated telling. The company names are not real, as well as many of the names of individuals. Those who are in it can probably easily fi gure out who they are in this book. The story starts with Telecommunications back in the analog and live operators plugging in cords for local calls; then moves briefl y through Purchasing and Data Processing with the fi rst corporate main frame; and then to scheduling. It is more about me and my travels than it is about scheduling. The discipline took me to some very exotic places such as Tehran, Iran; Bergen Norway; Madrid Spain; Leyte Island; Jakarta, Dieng, Bali all in Indonesia; and Hawaii. It is also is a chronicle of some of my very good friends and lovers over the years. I hope all of you that read this enjoy it as much as I have in telling it.

Memoirs Of An Icelandic Bookworm

Author : Jóna E. Hammer
ISBN : 1462842496
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 86. 59 MB
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Memoirs of an Icelandic Bookworm is only partly a memoir. More than half the volume consists of Icelandic folktales, many of which have never been translated into English before. These tales are uniquely presented here as part of a fabric of life extending from a long-ago past through times affected by the Second World War and to the present. The book is a first-hand and humorous account of Icelandic culture and an Icelandic childhood. In the memoir-sections, the bookworm of the title is growing up in a small town in Northern Iceland; her emerging world-view is expanded by family-influences or challenged by sojourns into Icelandic and international literature. Her family is memorably represented, for example by her grandmother, the robust Stefana, who speaks in verse and learns to dance rockn roll, and the white-haired patriarch Jn, who steps in to save the family home from burning and introduces his great-granddaughter to an ancient feminist folktale. The memoirs mostly describe the 1940s and 50s, but the author is constantly looking back, beyond her own memories and even the memories of her great-parents, toward an older culture, preserved in the folktales and exerting its influence through the centuries to touch her own childhood. On occasion, the authors cultural associations reach even further back, to the times of the Icelandic sagas; at other times, with periodic returns to her current vantage point in the 21st century, she touches down in the more recent past for a humorous look at Laxness or up-to-date cultural developments. As a writer of memoirs, the author makes two general observations. The first one is that children should be introduced to imaginative literature as early as possible. Although this is not a new idea, it is illustrated here with an example of highly auspicious conditions: the bookworm and her peers grow up in a cultural climate where literature and poetry are integrated into daily life. The authors second observation is that a small and seemingly insular society may actually contain a great deal of cultural and literary sophistication, as she shows in her descriptions of daily small-town life in Northern Iceland. The sixty-some folktales which occupy the larger part of the book are introduced as flashbacks to earlier times. Reflecting the national past and narrated by long departed country-people, the folktales run through the bookworms own present and link her living family to long-ago forebears. The human characters in these colorful tales are just like the narrators themselves: farmers and their wives, serving maids, clergymen, bishops, or hired hands: a familiar mixture in any farming society. The non-humans are a sinister lot, ranging from The Evil One himself through ghosts and ogres with whom ordinary folk must struggle as best they can. In addition, the ever-present elves are a law unto themselves: loyal as friends but lethal as foes. Being an Icelander and thus receptive to mysticism, the bookworm has ample contact with the supernatural, partly through the folktales but also as elements of daily life. Real people gifted with second sight are still commonplace in the girls own times; in fact, her family owes its very existence to the advice of such a seer. In addition, the bookworms world teems with an international cast of fictional and fantastic characters. Dickenss Mr. Bumble, Anna of Green Gables, Alice in Wonderland, a nameless drunken fisherman (courtesy of Halldr Kiljan Laxness), and the Hunchback of Notre Dame, among others, make cameo appearances next to child-stealing elf-women, man-devouring giantesses, and a dreaded ghost-monster called Thorgeirs Bull. The first folktale, a horrific account of a legendary sorcerer, is presented by itself both as a preview of the dark supernatural mysteries in store for the reader and as a preview of the fascination and excitement such readin

The Dog Of Knowledge Or Memoirs Of Bob The Spotted Terrier Supposed To Be Written By Himself By The Author Of Dick The Little Poney

Author :
ISBN : BL:A0017476970
Genre :
File Size : 86. 10 MB
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