the active shooter response training manual

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The Active Shooter Response Training Manual

Author : Scott M. Hyderkhan
ISBN : 9781466582989
Genre : Computers
File Size : 38. 28 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The modern Active Shooter Response (ASR) has continually evolved since its inception approximately a decade ago. This change is necessary to continue improvement on the ASR mission. The Active Shooter Response Training Manual provides police personnel with the skills necessary to respond successfully to any active shooter situation. Using established doctrine developed by the U.S. Army, this program is designed to help create, plan, and execute ASR training at the departmental level. The methods and protocols presented are applicable across all federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies. The book begins by describing the ASR operation in the format of an operations order. It categorizes threat levels, provides guidelines for action, describes the mission statement and execution of it, and addresses assets and equipment as well as issues related to command and signal. Next, the book explores: Training principles and their utilization for developing a sound ASR training cycle Movement formations for teams and squads, and the four phases of maneuver: find, fix, finish, and follow-through Close Quarter Battle (CQB), and the principles of surprise, speed, and violence of action Skills that are necessary to become proficient in creating a list of mission tasks critical to the success of the unit Command and control issues and techniques for alleviating them Performance evaluations for each phase of the ASR mission Guidelines on selecting special equipment for the ASR mission A supplemental training video and PowerPoint® presentation enhance the text, providing a multitiered learning experience for police agencies of any size and enabling them to adopt the principles and techniques to their own needs. An article on modern policing by Scott Hyderkhan appeared in Law Officer on April 8, 2013.

Active Shooter Response Training

Author : Laura Kendall
ISBN : 0692623183
Genre :
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Every day you turn on the news and see another active shooting has occurred with loss of life. There has never been a greater need for a book such as this in the world where violence is the new norm. The goal of this manual is to educate layperson citizens on steps to take to survive an active shooting or terrorist attack and then how to rapidly aid the wounded once the shooting stops. In this book you will learn guidelines for: 1. Action steps you can take to survive an active shooting or terrorist attack. 2. Know the deadliest type of bleeding and how to stop it using both basic and advanced bleeding control techniques and basic equipment. 3. Learn how to do a basic rapid trauma assessment (RTA) to find life threatening bleeding and injuries. 4. Know what an active shooter kit is and how, when and why to use it to save your own life or the life of a friend, co-worker or family member when shot or stabbed. 5. Know how and when to use a tourniquet to stop life threatening bleeding. 6. Learn why the police are not there initially to help you, but to take out the shooter and why once you read this book you may well be the only one with the knowledge to save lives. This book is written by Laura J. Kendall who has 35 years of emergency medical service experience with nearly 30 spent as a full time paramedic. She is also a retired NJ state certified police instructor who taught hundreds of officers during 11 years of service. Laura created the courses OSRT: Officer Shot Response Training and ASRT: Active Shooter Response Training because of the great need to know what to do in the event of a shooting, stabbing. She expertly guides you through this valuable information that may one day save your life or the life of someone you care about. Get this book today and arm yourself with knowledge to help yourself, co-workers, family members and friends survive an active shooting, stabbing or terrorist attack.

Active Shooter Events And Response

Author : John P. Blair
ISBN : 9781466512313
Genre : Business & Economics
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The Columbine tragedy on April 20, 1999 began a new era in law enforcement as it became apparent that the police response to such mass shootings must be drastically altered. By the time the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting occurred on December 14, 2012, outdated police response strategies had been replaced with new, aggressive tactics used by the first officers on the scene. The frequency with which these events occur remind us time and again about the importance of training and preparing for these critical situations before they occur in our own backyards. Active Shooter Events and Response is one of the first attempts to not only discuss historic active shooter events, but also to actually dissect some of them—empowering law enforcement professionals by leveraging the essential knowledge and experience of those who have gone before us. The book also offers insight into the training methodologies and strategies used to prepare our nation’s first responders to address the active shooter threat. In addition, the authors discuss the clear and present threat of terrorist organizations using these mass shooter tactics on American soil—similar to the attacks in Beslan, Russia and Mumbai, India. Written by members of the Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training (ALERRT) Center at Texas State University, this book is the culmination of more than a decade’s worth of training and research into active shooter events and represents state-of-the-art, evidence-based best practices.

Emergency Department Compliance Manual 2019 Edition

Author : McNew
ISBN : 9781543806892
Genre : Law
File Size : 90. 75 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Emergency Department Compliance Manual provides everything you need to stay in compliance with complex emergency department regulations, including such topics as legal compliance questions and answers--find the legal answers you need in seconds; Joint Commission survey questions and answers--get inside guidance from colleagues who have been there; hospital accreditation standard analysis--learn about the latest Joint Commission standards as they apply to the emergency department; and reference materials for emergency department compliance. The Manual offers practical tools that will help you and your department comply with emergency department-related laws, regulations, and accreditation standards. Because of the Joint Commission's hospital-wide, function-based approach to evaluating compliance, it's difficult to know specifically what's expected of you in the ED. Emergency Department Compliance Manual includes a concise grid outlining the most recent Joint Commission standards, which will help you understand your compliance responsibilities. Plus, Emergency Department Compliance Manual includes sample documentation and forms that hospitals across the country have used to show compliance with legal requirements and Joint Commission standards. Previous Edition: Emergency Department Compliance Manual, 2018 Edition, ISBN: 9781454889427¿

Survive An Active Shooter

Author : David Fowler
ISBN : 1537185284
Genre :
File Size : 79. 73 MB
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IF SOMEONE OPENED FIRE AND BEGAN SHOOTING IN YOUR WORK AREA OR PUBLIC PLACE THAT YOU ARE IN, WOULD YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO? The FBI study of Active Shooter Incidents in the US between 2000 and 2013 revealed an average of almost one a month. Most recently, during 2014 and 2015, the FBI has identified 20 incidents in each of those years. Active Shooter Incidents are increasing! An Active Shooter is an individual(s) actively engaged in killing or attempting to kill people in a populated area. In this book you will learn: - How to identify and plan for an Active Shooter - What Motivates an Active Shooter to Kill - Not to give them any Honor! - How to be Vigilant for Violence - Who an Active Shooter is - How to develop a Plan for Active Shooter Incidents - How to Escape, Hide, Call, Barricade and Attack - What to do after an Incident - Who we really Need to begin Honoring In this book, author David Fowler expands on his life's work toward keeping people safe. This book is another important part of an effective workplace violence prevention plan.

Force On Force Police Training Using Airsoft 2008

Author : Luis E. Martinez Med
ISBN : 9781432726843
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 82. 38 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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"Airsoft technology fills the gap between static, square range based training and the reality of a dynamic armed confrontation. [This book] introduces police trainers to the how-to of using these weapons, the various types available, technical data, and offers sound advice on the safety aspects of reality-based training." -- Cover.

Security Guard Training Manual

Author : Bernard M. Martinage
ISBN : 1500554715
Genre : Police, Private
File Size : 54. 55 MB
Format : PDF
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"This ... manual was developed to meet the most stringent standard. It represents over 24-60 hours of study materials. It also includes a legal section that discusses uniform requirements, levels of crime from simple assault to trespassing to felonies, to the use of deadly force ... [T]his manual is used every day in over 20 state-licensed training centers to train pupils around the US"--Page 4 of cover.

Examining The Federal Protective Service

Author : United States. Congress. House. Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure. Subcommittee on Economic Development, Public Buildings, and Emergency Management
ISBN : STANFORD:36105050680755
Genre : Contracting out
File Size : 35. 55 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Library As Safe Haven

Author : Deborah D. Halsted
ISBN : 9781555709136
Genre : Education
File Size : 85. 36 MB
Format : PDF
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Libraries have always played a special role in times of disaster by continuing to provide crucial information and services. The Stafford Act of 2011, a federal government directive, designates libraries as among the temporary facilities delivering essential services, making a Continuity of Operations Plan imperative for libraries. Peppered with informative first-person narratives from librarians recounting emergency situations, Halsted, Clifton, and Wilson cover such topics as: An eight-step approach to developing a risk assessment planHow to draft a one-page service continuity planInformation on how to use mobile devices and social media effectively in times of disasterSample disaster plans, along with model exercises, manuals and customizable communicationsPublished in cooperation with the Medical Library Association (MLA), this nuts-and-bolts resource will enable libraries of all kinds to do their best while planning for the worst.

Hospitality Security

Author : Darrell Clifton
ISBN : 9781439874363
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 64. 65 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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A security director must have knowledge of criminal and civil law, risk and personnel management, budgeting and finance, and a host of other areas in order to be effective. Hospitality Security: Managing Security in Today’s Hotel, Lodging, Entertainment, and Tourism Environment provides experience-based, proven methods for preventing and resolving the challenges faced by today’s hospitality practitioner. Designed for both novice security professionals and industry veterans in need of a reference, the book covers: Risk assessment, where threats and vulnerabilities are calculated with probabilities to determine risk The security plan, where you decide how to apply various layers of control to mitigate the risks Budgeting: the amount of money available to implement the plan determines the next step Policies: how to document policies into a security manual, training manual, emergency procedures manual, and incident action plan Staffing: scheduling, wages, deployment, and contract security Training, including specialized topics such as use of force and bike patrol Physical security and patrol procedures Alarm and camera systems and various software programs Emergency procedures and response Investigations, interviews, and crime analysis Executive skills: learning from proven leadership styles Ideal for novices and veterans alike, this accessible, reader-friendly primer enables security directors to evaluate what risks are inherent to hospitality environments, analyze those risks through threat and vulnerability assessments, and develop methods to mitigate or eliminate them—all the while keeping customers and personnel safe and improving the bottom line.

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