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Sedimentary Environments

Author : Harold G. Reading
ISBN : 9781444313697
Genre : Science
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Sedimentary Environments is one of the most distinguished and influential textbooks in the earth sciences published in the last 20 years. The first and second editions both won universal praise and became classic works in sedimentology. Since the publication of the last edition, the study of sedimentary environments and facies has made great strides, with major advances in facies modelling, sequence stratigraphy and basin modelling. The 3rd edition of this classic text will likely set the benchmark even higher, and needless to say, will continue being the textbook of choice for sedimentology students. The latest edition of a classic text. Incorporates all the latest advances in dynamic stratigraphy. Will remain the textbook of choice for upper level undergraduate and graduate students in sedimentology.

Desert Sedimentary Environments

Author :
ISBN : 0080869254
Genre : Science
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Desert sedimentary environments

Sedimentary Environments

Author : H. G. Reading
ISBN : 0632036273
Genre : Science
File Size : 27. 66 MB
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Sedimentary Environments has been one of the most distinguished and influential textbooks in teh earth sciences published in the last twenty years. The two earlier editions won universal praise and became classic works. Since the publication of the second edition, knowledge and understanding of the importance of external controls on sedimentary environments has blossomed. This edition therefore places greater emphasis on sequence stratigraphy, architectural elements and allocyclic controls while retaining an extensive coverage of environments and the processes that operate within them. This should ensure that this edition sets a further benchmark in sedimentary geology. Reviews of the second edition '...required reading for the professional geologist along with any serious graduate or senior undergraduate student.' --Journal of Sedimentary Petrology 'Every sedimentologist who practices the study of facies and environments should have this edition on his or her shelf.' --Sedimentary Geology 'It is a must for university libraries as it forms an excellent basis for the subject.' --Earth Science Review

Depositional Sedimentary Environments

Author : H.-E. Reineck
ISBN : 9783642814983
Genre : Science
File Size : 51. 47 MB
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From the reviews: "...This is an extremely useful reference text for the sedimentary geologist to own. It is well produced with clear illustrations and text, and gives excellent factual information on a large number of topics." (Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology) "...represents a significant contribution to the literature of geoscience. It should be in the library of anyone seriously intereted in sedimentology."(Marine Geology) "This book is still unsurpassed in providing a good, basic synthesis of modern sedimentary environments, especially the physical attributes of the deposits being formed and the processes responsible..." (Sedimentary Geology)

Ancient Sedimentary Environments

Author : Selley, Richard C.
ISBN : 9781135075729
Genre : Science
File Size : 56. 53 MB
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This edition retains the case history approach to emphasize the subsurface diagnosis of environments using seismic and geophysical well logs and their application to petroleum exploration and production. This book should be of interest to undergraduates in sedimentology and petroleum geology.

Tide Influenced Sedimentary Environments And Facies

Author : P.L. de Boer
ISBN : UCSD:31822002415354
Genre : Science
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A three-day Symposium on Clastic Tidal Deposits was organlzed In Utrecht in August 1985, and attended by about 200 participants. Durlng the meeting some 60 papers and 25 posters were presented, while simultaneously workshops on varlous topics were held. The meeting was generously sponsored by the International Asso ciation of Sedimentologists, the Royal Dutch I Shell Exploration and Productlon Laboratories, Brltish Petroleum Company, Chevron Oil Company, and K.L.M. This volume contalns extended versions of papers that were presented durlng the meeting, papers reporting about items studied durlng the excursions, and, more over, several contributions which were soliclted after the conference In order to make the volume more representative. As in most fields of sedimentological research, the comparlson of recent processes and products with ancient counterparts and vlce versa is important for under standing the full sequence of processes and events that lead to the final end product of tide-influenced sedimentary environments. In this respect we are happy that recent as weil as fossil sediments get ample attention. Research on tidal sedimentary processes and products has tradltionally put much emphasis on siliciclastic sediments. Still, carbonate and mixed carbonate/silici clastic sediments, though being subject to tidal influences in many places, receive little· attention in this respect, which, we regret; is also reflected In this volume.

Precambrian Sedimentary Environments

Author : Wladyslaw Altermann
ISBN : 9781444304329
Genre : Science
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The motivation for this volume came from the idea that thePrecambrian is the key, both to the present, and to theunderstanding of the Earth as a whole. The Precambrian constitutesabout 85% of Earth's history, and of that, about 3.75 billion yearsof Precambrian time, represented by rocks, are accessible togeoscientists. Ancient atmospheric and environmental conditions canbe traced back to the time when the Earth was only about 250million years old. Precambrian rocks supply almost 75% of importantmineral resources such as Fe, Mn, Au, Pt and Cr. Many of theseelements are associated with sedimentary rocks and some importanthydrocarbon, coal and graphite deposits are also hosted byPrecambrian rocks. This volume is aimed at geoscientists interested in Precambriansedimentary rocks and at students of Earth history. It containsreview articles discussing Precambrian conditions and case studiesfrom Precambrian shields and successions of North and SouthAmerica, Australia, Africa, Europe, Asia and India. Theintroductory papers, written by experts on Precambrianenvironments, treat comprehensively the application of actualism tothe Precambrian, the evolution and influence of life on thesedimentary rock record, the genesis of Banded Iron Formations, thePrecambrian sulphur cycle and the significance of Precambrianchemical carbonate precipitates. The case studies includedepositional settings and processes in Archean terranes, inPaleoproterozoic sequences, with some emphasis on the lack ofvegetation and weathering, and in late Proterozoic sequences, withsome emphasis on glacial deposits. The contributions demonstratethat Precambrian sedimentary deposits are commonly similar to theirPhanerozoic counterparts in terms of composition, sedimentaryprocesses, and depositional setting, but may differ significantlyas a result of lack of vegetation, climatic and biologicalconstraints, composition and circulation of seawater, and thesecular involvement of continental crust. Contains review articles discussing Precambrian conditions andcase studies from Precambrian shields and successions of North andSouth America, Australia, Africa, Europe, Asia and India. The introductory papers, written by experts on Precambrianenvironments, treat comprehensively the application of actualism tothe Precambrian, the evolution and influence of life on thesedimentary rock record, the genesis of Banded Iron Formations, thePrecambrian sulphur cycle and the significance of Precambrianchemical carbonate precipitates. Detailed case studies include depositional settings andprocesses in Archean terranes, in Paleoproterozoic sequences, withsome emphasis on the lack of vegetation and weathering, and in lateProterozoic sequences, with some emphasis on glacialdeposits. Written for geoscientists interested in Precambrian sedimentaryrocks and students of Earth history. If you are a member of the International Association ofSedimentologists (IAS), for purchasing details, please see:

Sedimentary Environments Offshore Norway Palaeozoic To Recent

Author : O.J. Martinsen
ISBN : 0080540856
Genre : Science
File Size : 33. 22 MB
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Required reading for geologists working in the offshore areas, Volume 10 continues the series from the Norwegian Petroleum Society. This work provides an up-to-date review of the late Palaeozoic to present sedimentary history of the Norwegian offshore areas in the North Sea and Mid-Norway basins. Case studies, overview articles and analogue examples from adjacent areas such as Greenland and Denmark, present new ideas on the development of the Norwegian margin from the Carboniferous through the Mesozoic and Cenozoic. In particular, new evidence and interpretations are presented on well-known major reservoir-bearing successions such as the Statfjord Formation and Dunlin Group in the Northern North Sea, and the Åre and the Tilje Formations in the Mid-Norway area. Furthermore, the Upper Jurassic succession in the Haltenbanken area is described, giving new evidence on the interplay between extensional tectonics and sedimentation during the second major rift phase in the area. The Cretaceous and Cenozoic periods are treated extensively, showing their importance as overall deep water sedimentary systems with proven and potential reservoir rocks, such as in the Ormen Lange Field, and for causing burial of Jurassic rocks to advantageous depths for hydrocarbon generation. The Recent sedimentary history of the Norwegian margin is treated with examples of the glacial history and giant submarine slides which understanding is vital for the placement of offshore installations. The book is organised based on geologic time, from Palaeozoic through Mesozoic to Cenozoic examples. It includes a set of palaeogeographic maps from the Carboniferous through to the Cenozoic. In addition, there are numerous examples of core photographs, well log data, correlation panels and seismic as well as outcrop photographs and logs from the analogue examples. Comprehensive reference and keyword lists are also included.

Coastal Sedimentary Environments

Author : R.A. Jr. Davis
ISBN : 9781461250784
Genre : Science
File Size : 50. 40 MB
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The zone where land and sea meet is composed of a variety of complex environments. The coastal areas of the world contain a large percentage of its population and are therefore of extreme economic importance. Industrial, residential, and recreational developments, as well as large urban complexes, occupy much of the coastal margin of most highly developed countries. Undoubtedly future expansion in many undeveloped maritime countries will also be concentrated on coastal areas. Accompanying our occupation of coasts in this age of technology is a dependence on coastal environments for transportation, food, water, defense, and recreation. In order to utilize the coastal zone to its capacity, and yet not plunder its resources, we must have extensive knowledge of the complex environments contained along the coasts. The many environments within the coastal zone include bays, estuaries, deltas, marshes, dunes, and beaches. A tremendously broad range of conditions is represented by these environments. Salinity may range from essentially fresh water in estuaries, such as along the east coast of the United States, to extreme hypersaline lagoons, such as Laguna Madre in Texas. Coastal environments may be in excess of a hundred meters deep (fjords) or may extend several meters above sea level in the form of dunes. Some coastal environments are well protected and are not subjected to high physical energy except for occasional storms, whereas beaches and tidal inlets are continuously modified by waves and currents.

Micropalaeontology Sedimentary Environments And Stratigraphy

Author : J. E. Whittaker
ISBN : 1862393052
Genre : Science
File Size : 51. 49 MB
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Dennis Curry was a remarkable polymath and philanthropist, leading a double-life as one of the UK's most gifted amateur geologists, whilst at the same time being an extremely successful businessman (as Managing Director of Currys Ltd). This Festschrift, authored by friends and specialists from Britain and France, pays tribute to his often seminal research as well as exhibiting the wide range of his geological interest. It contains 12 chapters and covers several differing aspects of micropalaeontology (pteropods, diatoms and especially foraminifera), Strontium Isotope Stratigraphy, Hampshire Basin stratigraphy and palaeogeography, as well as major contributions on English Channel sedimentology and the great faunal turnover affecting mammals at the Eocene-Oligocene boundary. A scientific appreciation of Dennis Curry, "the professional amateur", with recollections of former colleagues at University College, London (where he was Visiting Professor), together with an assessment of the valuable collections he established and donated to The Natural History Museum, are also included. Copiously illustrated, this book is a must for all geologists.

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