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Rogue Lawyer

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Rogue Lawyer: A Full Summary! Rogue Lawyer is a book written by American author John Grisham. This book offers to its audience a slice of life of a man named Sebastian Rudd, as he manages to handle and to solve several cases in his career, which is represented those whom the legislative system will not otherwise touch. It is a novel that is very enjoyable and interesting to read as, besides taking about Rudd and his case-solving skills, this book also talks about the state of legal system in the United States, a system that is in great need of reform. Besides solving his cases, Rudd also attempts to navigate through his personal life, which suffers hence of his work. And if we consider the fact that it is not easy at all to be a successful lawyer and to have a successful and rich personal life, it will be interesting to read Rogue Lawyer, as its story flows pretty smoothly and is also fairly easy to follow Rudd and other characters through the novel. Sebastian Rudd as a 'street' lawyer, as uncommon as it can be, it is still welcomed change in literature's genres. Overall, John Grisham's Rogue Lawyer is a novel worth of our attention and something special to read in upcoming cold days of winter. Here Is A Preview Of What You Will Get: In Rogue Lawyer, you will get a detailed summary of the novel In Rogue Lawyer, you will find some analysis to strengthen your knowledge about the book In Rogue Lawyer, you will get some fun multiple choice quizes, along with answers to help you learn about the novel. Click the Buy Now With One Click Button, and learn everything about Rogue Lawyer .


Author : John Grisham
ISBN : 9780385541923
Genre : Fiction
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JOHN GRISHAM'S FIRST ORIGINAL E-SHORT In this standalone prequel to his #1 bestseller ROGUE LAWYER, John Grisham tells the story of how Sebastian Rudd finally found someone he could trust to be his driver, bodyguard, law clerk, and partner. Sebastian Rudd, rogue lawyer, defends people other lawyers won't go near. It's controversial and dangerous work, which is why Sebastian needs his bodyguard/assistant/sidekick: Partner. So if Sebastian is just about the most unpopular lawyer in town, why is Partner so loyal to him? How did they meet? And what's the real story of this man of few words who's as good with a gun as he is with the law? The surprising answers are all in PARTNERS, John Grisham's first exclusively digital short story.

Rogue Lawyer

Author : John Grisham
ISBN : 9780385539449
Genre : Fiction
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#1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • NAMED ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR BY THE WASHINGTON POST AND NPR • Featuring one of John Grisham’s most colorful, outrageous, and vividly drawn characters yet, Rogue Lawyer showcases the master of the legal thriller at his very best. On the right side of the law—sort of—Sebastian Rudd is not your typical street lawyer. His office is a customized bulletproof van, complete with Wi-Fi, a bar, a small fridge, and fine leather chairs. He has no firm, no partners, and only one employee: his heavily armed driver, who also so happens to be his bodyguard, law clerk, confidant, and golf caddie. Sebastian drinks small-batch bourbon and carries a gun. He defends people other lawyers won’t go near: a drug-addled, tattooed kid rumored to be in a satanic cult; a vicious crime lord on death row; a homeowner arrested for shooting at a SWAT team that mistakenly invaded his house. Why these clients? Because Sebastian believes everyone is entitled to a fair trial—even if he has to bend the law to secure one. Praise for Rogue Lawyer “Terrific . . . inventive . . . Grisham still makes it look easy.”—Maureen Corrigan, The Washington Post “Sebastian Rudd is . . . a kind of twenty-first-century Philip Marlowe . . . with a blunt, rude, gravelly poetic wiseguy voice.”—Benjamin Percy, The New York Times Book Review “Deeply engaging and entertaining . . . [Grisham finds] intense drama in the little skirmishes that play out across our legal system every day.”—Charles Finch, USA Today “Grisham has taken a step in an intriguing new direction.”—Janet Maslin, The New York Times From the Paperback edition.

Rogue Divorce Lawyer

Author : Dale E. Manolakas
ISBN : 9781628050141
Genre : Fiction
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✩ Depravity escalates to murder. “Great psychological thriller.” “Author truly gifted.” “Real life characters you can’t forget.” ✩ [Note: Sexual Subject Matter ~ Some Necessarily Explicit ~ Mature Readers] Based on a real "Me Too" case—for decades divorce lawyer Gary Stockton sexually harasses, abuses, and subjugates his "special" female clients. After his legal bills drain their money, the quid pro quo for his continued work becomes their bodies. To him, they are the perks of his practice. When Stockton's criminal depravity escalates to murder, this new craving leads to a shocking trial. A pillar of the community, this rogue divorce lawyer is unstoppable until a new client Eliana Thurston walks into his office—his lair. ✩ AMAZON REVIEWS 4.4: "The characters are as compelling as the story which is true. Have read this author before. Truly gifted." "Couldn't Stop Reading."Put you into the courtroom." "Great psychological thriller with an amazing trial. A real page turner. Could not put it down. This author has a particular talent for developing real life characters that you can't forget." ✩ GOODREADS: 4.33 Rating SECOND IN SERIES, RELEASED OCTOBER 23, 2018 ~ HOLLYWOOD ON TRIAL ~~ SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY PRICE OF $.99

Lawyers On Trial

Author : Richard L. Abel
ISBN : 9780199760374
Genre : Law
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People need lawyers for many things, including tax and immigration advice, drafting contracts, preparing wills, buying and selling houses, forming and dissolving companies, and representation and advice during divorce, probate, personal injury and criminal charges. But many people do not trust lawyers. With good reason, they fear that lawyers will neglect or overcharge them, betray them out of self-interest or on behalf of others, or obstruct the pursuit of justice out of overzealousness. Although the legal profession drafts ethical rules, law schools teach those rules, the bar exam tests lawyers' knowledge, and disciplinary bodies enforce them, we know that violations by lawyers are all too common. Lawyers on Trial: Understanding Ethical Misconduct by California Attorneys, by Richard L. Abel, presents six dramatic accounts of California lawyers who betrayed their clients and the legal system. Through the detailed records of the disciplinary proceedings, it examines some of the most common complaints about lawyers: chasing ambulances, charging excessive fees, violating conflict of interest rules, and displaying excessive zeal. These complex and compelling dramas serve to make the ethical rules, and the temptations they seek to curb, come vividly alive for law students, lawyers, those thinking of becoming lawyers, anyone who has been or might some day be a client, and the general public. The lessons to be drawn from these situations can help the legal profession and the public devise better strategies for ensuring that lawyers abide by the rules.

Unlikely Muse

Author : Daniel J. Kornstein
ISBN : 9781449032982
Genre : Law
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This trail-blazing book explores previously uncharted aspects of law and literature, as well as the psychology, paradoxes and wonderful mystery of creativity. A study of artistic inspiration, Unlikely Muse examines and analyzes the lives and works of three very different writers who combine law, literature and imagination: nineteenth-century French novelist Honore de Balzac, modernist American poet Wallace Stevens, and controversial playwright-memoirist Lillian Hellman. From the literary careers of those three writers emerge two intertwined and exciting new themes. The first theme demonstrates unexpected synergy between law and literature. Opening original lines of inquiry, Unlikely Muse probes the possible relationship between legal training and artistic creativity. A surprisingly large number of great creative artists - writers (such as Balzac), poets (such as Stevens), painters (such as Matisse) and composers (such as Tchaikovsky) - studied or practiced law. This book asks whether such people became great creative artists because of or despite their legal background. Others, such as Hellman, had no legal training but wrote much about the law. This book sketches the intellectual atmosphere and biographical background that shaped these three writers' creative process, highlighting the impact of the law on their work. The second theme uses these same three writers to focus on the changing role of imagination in literature. From Balzac through Stevens to Hellman and beyond, the author traces imagination's arc from a positive artistic quality to something that is sometimes more controversial, perhaps deceitful, and negative. In the last few decades - ever since Hellman's memoirs were attacked as untrue - journalists, memoirists and other writers have palmed off works of fiction as non-fiction, often causing literary scandals. This book offers a new theory why this phenomenon is happening and how it should be regarded.

The Innocent Man

Author : John Grisham
ISBN : 0307576019
Genre : True Crime
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#1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • John Grisham’s first work of nonfiction: a true crime story that will terrify anyone who believes in the presumption of innocence. NOW A NETFLIX ORIGINAL DOCUMENTARY SERIES “Both an American tragedy and [Grisham’s] strongest legal thriller yet, all the more gripping because it happens to be true.”—Entertainment Weekly In the town of Ada, Oklahoma, Ron Williamson was going to be the next Mickey Mantle. But on his way to the Big Leagues, Ron stumbled, his dreams broken by drinking, drugs, and women. Then, on a winter night in 1982, not far from Ron’s home, a young cocktail waitress named Debra Sue Carter was savagely murdered. The investigation led nowhere. Until, on the flimsiest evidence, it led to Ron Williamson. The washed-up small-town hero was charged, tried, and sentenced to death—in a trial littered with lying witnesses and tainted evidence that would shatter a man’s already broken life, and let a true killer go free. Impeccably researched, grippingly told, filled with eleventh-hour drama, The Innocent Man reads like a page-turning legal thriller. It is a book no American can afford to miss. Praise for The Innocent Man “Grisham has crafted a legal thriller every bit as suspenseful and fast-paced as his bestselling fiction.”—The Boston Globe “A gritty, harrowing true-crime story.”—Time “A triumph.”—The Seattle Times BONUS: This edition includes an excerpt from John Grisham’s The Litigators.

The Litigators

Author : John Grisham
ISBN : 9780385535250
Genre : Fiction
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The partners at Finley & Figg often refer to themselves as a “boutique law firm.” Boutique, as in chic, selective, and prosperous. Oscar Finley and Wally Figg are none of these things. They are a two-bit operation of ambulance chasers who bicker like an old married couple. Until change comes their way—or, more accurately, stumbles in. After leaving a fast-track career and going on a serious bender, David Zinc is sober, unemployed, and desperate enough to take a job at Finley & Figg. Now the firm is ready to tackle a case that could make the partners rich—without requiring them to actually practice much law. A class action suit has been brought against Varrick Labs, a pharmaceutical giant with annual sales of $25 billion, alleging that Krayoxx, its most popular drug, causes heart attacks. Wally smells money. All Finley & Figg has to do is find a handful of Krayoxx users to join the suit. It almost seems too good to be true . . . and it is. Includes an excerpt of John Grisham’s Calico Joe and a special preview of his upcoming novel The Racketeer .

Killer Come Hither

Author : Louis Begley
ISBN : 9780385539159
Genre : Fiction
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From the master observer of upper-crust New York life comes a taut thriller that takes readers from the office suites of Manhattan to the tidy elegance of Sag Harbor and the rough-and-tumble western plains of Brazil. Find your next book club pick, read special features, and more. Join the Random House Reader’s Circle. Jack Dana, a star student at Yale, joins the military after 9/11—only to have sniper fire cut short his career as a Marine Corps infantry officer. While recovering at Walter Reed Hospital, he begins to write a novel about his wartime experience. Jack’s uncle Harry, a surrogate father to him, as well as a partner at a leading New York law firm, helps Jack secure a publisher. Jack is thrilled when his book becomes a huge success, but after a celebratory trip to South America, Jack returns home to shocking news: Uncle Harry is dead, found hanged in his summer home. Horrified and incredulous, Jack digs into the facts surrounding the tragedy and comes to believe that his uncle’s death was no suicide. Delays of law are not for Jack, so he takes matters into his own hands—embarking on a dangerous journey of justice and revenge. Praise for Killer, Come Hither “A stealthy, page-turning thriller.”—Booklist “Louis Begley’s award-winning fiction usually takes on bad behavior among the well-bred and prosperous. Killer, Come Hither ratchets up the intrigue—and the evil.”—The Wall Street Journal “Begley writes clean, crisp, graceful prose, the kind that’s always rare and ever a blessing.”—The Washington Post “Killer, Come Hither beckons.”—Vanity Fair “Combines unexpected plot twists and narrative tension with Begley’s trademark elegant prose.”—Shelf Awareness From the Trade Paperback edition.

West S South Eastern Reporter

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Genre : Law reports, digests, etc
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