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Roadside Crosses In Contemporary Memorial Culture

Author : Holly J. Everett
ISBN : 9781574411508
Genre : Architecture
File Size : 88. 9 MB
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This work is a study of roadside crosses in which the author presents the history of these unique commemoratives and their relationship to contemporary memorial culture.

Roadside Crosses

Author : Jeffery Deaver
ISBN : 9781848944046
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 46. 52 MB
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The chilling second Kathryn Dance novel from the bestselling author of The Bone Collector. A highway patrol trooper notices something strange on the side of the road: a homemade cross, fashioned as a memorial. Except the date being 'remembered' is the following day - the day the police find a kidnapped teenage girl in the trunk of a car, left for dead. Special Agent Kathryn Dance, kinesics expert with the California Bureau of Investigation, is on the case. The teenage victim points her to an online community where criticism is vicious. It looks as though one teen has finally snapped. Then further crosses appear. Now Dance must race against the clock to find the attacker before he can carry out his deadly plans for revenge the cyber world and the real.

Roadside Crosses

Author : Huzur Burda
Genre :
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The Monterey Peninsula is rocked when a killer begins to leave roadside crosses beside local highways -- not in memoriam, but as announcements of his intention to kill. And to kill in particularly horrific and efficient ways: using the personal details about the victims that they've carelessly posted in blogs and on social networking websites.The case lands on the desk of Kathryn Dance, the California Bureau of Investigation's foremost kinesics -- body language-expert. She and Deputy Michael O'Neil follow the leads to Travis Brigham, a troubled teenager whose role in a fatal car accident has inspired vicious attacks against him on a popular blog, The Chilton Report.As the investigation progresses, Travis vanishes. Using techniques he learned as a brilliant participant in MMORPGs, Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games, he easily eludes his pursuers and continues to track his victims, some of whom Kathryn is able to save, some not. Among the obstacles Kathryn must hurdle are politicians from Sacramento, paranoid parents and the blogger himself, James Chilton, whose belief in the importance of blogging and the new media threatens to derail the case and potentially Dance's career. It is this threat that causes Dance to take desperate and risky measures...In signature Jeffery Deaver style, Roadside Crosses is filled with dozens of plot twists, cliff-hangers and heartrending personal subplots. It is also a searing look at the accountability of blogging and life in the online world. Roadside Crosses is the third in Deaver's bestselling High-Tech Thriller Trilogy, along with The Blue Nowhere and The Broken Window.

Roadside Crosses

Author : Rae Michelle Broadnax
ISBN : 1722891734
Genre :
File Size : 44. 75 MB
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Roadside Crosses is about the people behind six of the roadside memorial crosses in GA and AL. Who were they? What what did they like and dislike? How were they remembered and de-scribed by their loved ones? This book is unique because there is not another one on the market which focuses strict-ly on the victims of these sudden and tragic accidents. Subjects' ages range from 15 years to 19 years. Seven parents graciously agreed to be interviewed; their families wish to see the book as a tribute to their loved ones and a valida-tion of their very short lives. Publishing

The Kathryn Dance Collection 1 3

Author : Jeffery Deaver
ISBN : 9781473624276
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 74. 93 MB
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Three gripping suspense novels featuring Special Agent Kathryn Dance: a kinesics expert whose understanding of human behaviour makes her a brilliant investigator and interrogator.

Memorials To Shattered Myths

Author : Harriet F. Senie
ISBN : 9780190248390
Genre : Memorialization
File Size : 52. 65 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Memorials to Shattered Myths: Vietnam to 9/11 traces the evolution and consequences of a new hybrid paradigm, which grants a heroic status to victims of national tragedies, and by extension to their families, thereby creating a class of privileged participants in the permanent memorial process. Harriet F. Senie suggests that instead the victims' families be able to determine the nature of an interim memorial, one that addresses their needs in the critical time between the murder of their loved ones and the completion of the permanent memorial. She also observes that the memorials discussed herein are inadvertently based on strategies of diversion and denial that direct our attention away from actual events, and reframe tragedy as secular or religious triumph. In doing so, they camouflage history, and seen as an aggregate, they define a nation of victims, exactly the concept they and their accompanying celebratory narratives were apparently created to obscure.

Kathryn Dance Ebook Boxed Set

Author : Jeffery Deaver
ISBN : 9781451674217
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 88. 91 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Get on the case with Kathryn Dance. Three novels featuring California Bureau of Investigations body language expert Agent Kathryn Dance from internationally bestselling suspense master and seven-time Edgar Award nominee Jeffery Deaver, plus an excerpt from the next Kathryn Dance novel, XO (publishing June 2012). The Cold Moon On a freezing December night, with a full moon hovering over New York City, two people are brutally murdered. The death scenes are marked by eerie, matching calling cards: moon-faced clocks that investigators fear ticked away the victims' last moments on earth. Renowned criminologist Lincoln Rhyme immediately identifies the clock distributor and has the chilling realization that the killer—who has dubbed himself the Watchmaker—has more murders planned in the hours to come. With Rhyme’s longtime love Amelia Sachs now busy as the lead detective on a homicide case of her own, it will take the expertise of Agent Kathryn Dance to stop the Watchmaker killings and unravel the trail of a diabolical criminal masterwork in the making. The Sleeping Doll Daniel Pell, the “Son of Manson,” is serving a life sentence for the brutal murders of the wealthy Croyton family, a crime mirroring those perpetrated by Charles Manson in the 1960s, and that left behind only one survivor: the youngest Croyton daughter, who, because she was in bed hidden by her toys, was dubbed “the Sleeping Doll.” When Agent Kathryn Dance is called in to interrogate Pell in connection with a recent murder, the psychological jousting match that ensues goes terribly wrong, and Pell escapes. But far from simply fleeing, Pell turns on his pursuers—and other innocents—for reasons Dance and her colleagues can’t discern. The only person who can help her find the pattern in Pell’s rampage is the now-teenage girl who lay as though asleep through that terrible night. Roadside Crosses The Monterey Peninsula is rocked by fear when a killer begins to leave roadside crosses beside local highways—not in memoriam, but as announcements of his intentions to kill. And he kills in particularly horrific and efficient ways: using personal details about his victims that they've carelessly posted in blogs and on social networking websites. Agent Kathryn Dance traces the leads to Travis Brigham, a troubled teenager whose role in a fatal car accident has inspired vicious attacks against him on a popular blog, The Chilton Report. To get to Brigham, Dance must overcome speechifying politicians, paranoid parents, and the blogger himself, James Chilton, whose willingness to derail the case—and possibly Dance’s career—soon forces Dance to take desperate measures. XO (excerpt) Country-pop ingénue Kayleigh Towne’s career is reaching new heights with her huge hit single “Your Shadow”—but increased fame is also bringing unwanted attention to the young singer. An innocent exchange with one of her fans, signed with an “XO,” leads Kayleigh into a dangerous and terrifying realm of obsession. Despite her clear rejection and threats from lawyers and law enforcers, Edwin Sharp remains convinced that Kayleigh loves him, and he announces he's coming for her. A series of accidents and disturbing phone calls lead Kayleigh to believe her life is in danger, and soon people close to Kayleigh die. Agent Kathryn Dance must stop the stalker—but before long she learns that, like many celebrities, Kayleigh has more than one fan with a mission…

Montana Roadside Crosses

Author : Brewster Moseley
ISBN : 1591521041
Genre : Photography
File Size : 27. 66 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Join author and photographer Brewster Moseley in his newest book, Montana Roadside Crosses, produced by Sweetgrass Books. Montana's roads have numerous crosses marking where fatalities have occurred. The American Legion began placing crosses in Montana in 1953. Today, numerous crosses dot Montana roadways, serving as a memorial for those who perished and as a reminder of the dangers of Montana's roads. For Moseley, driving through the Big Sky state continues to draw emotions, from sadness to inspiration, when he sees a cross by the roadside. In Montana Roadside Crosses, Moseley shares the beauty of these cross memorials with photographs of the various sites across the state.

Dying Assisted Death And Mourning

Author : Asa Kasher
ISBN : 9789042025899
Genre : Family & Relationships
File Size : 84. 48 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Dying and death are topics of deep humane concern for many people in a variety of circumstances and contexts. However, they are not discussed to any great extent or with sufficient focus in order to gain knowledge and understanding of their major features and aspects. The present volume is an attempt to bridge the undesirable gap between what should be known and understood about dying and death and what is easily accessible. Included in the present volume are chapters arranged in three sections. First, there are chapters on aspects of dying, written by people who have professional experience and personal insights into the nature of the processes at work and the ways it should be treated. Secondly, there are chapters on assisted death (Euthanasia) that illuminate the practices involved in the professional assistance given to persons who suffer from an incurable illness and who do not want their painful life to be medically extended. Thirdly, there are chapters on mourning, examined in a variety of cultural contexts. These provide insights for different ways of maintaining the presence of the dead in the life of the living: "life in the hearts".

Descansos The Sacred Landscape Of New Mexico

Author :
ISBN : UVA:X030112548
Genre : Photography
File Size : 37. 35 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Santa Fe photographer Joan Alessi provides a polychromatic exposition of New Mexico's traditional roadside memorials,descansos, as an art form. Her stunning photography captures the artistic attributes of these decorative crosses while preserving their religious and cultural integrity. Sylvia Grider's accompanying essay explains the origin and folkloric tradition of roadside memorials. These religious markers are not in themselves unique to the southwestern United States. Rather, they are a universal phenomenon with a long and curious history. The term descanso (literally translated as "resting place"), however, may have indeed originated among the Spanish-speaking vecinos of New Mexico. "The descansos contained in this book are a reflection of both the emotion and dedication of the devotees as they mourn the passing and celebrate the life of the beloved."--Art Gómez, National Park Service, supervisory historian; (coauthor)New Mexico: Images of a Land and Its People(UNM Press)

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