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Author : Karen Armstrong
ISBN : 9780061155772
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 75. 37 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The Man Who Inspired the World's Fastest-Growing Religion Muhammad presents a fascinating portrait of the founder of a religion that continues to change the course of world history. Muhammad's story is more relevant than ever because it offers crucial insight into the true origins of an increasingly radicalized Islam. Countering those who dismiss Islam as fanatical and violent, Armstrong offers a clear, accessible, and balanced portrait of the central figure of one of the world's great religions.

Prophet For Our Times

Author : David Lorimer
ISBN : 9781781806029
Genre : Religion
File Size : 56. 42 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Peter Deunov (Beinsa Dounov), who lived in Bulgaria from 1864 to 1944, was a great and inspired teacher of the Perennial Wisdom - the essential thread of truth running through all the major world religions. He was an extraordinary man who at once embodied great simplicity and tremendous profundity. All those who knew him testified to the fact that he inspired inner excellence in very ordinary people. His teachings are both direct and clear, and will speak to everybody whatever their creed. Essentially they give a prescription for living in harmony with others, with the Earth and with the Divine.Prophet for Our Times is being brought back into print following Dr. Wayne D. Dyer's desire to share the work of the philosopher who greatly influenced him. This selection of teachings makes ideal reading for anyone on the spiritual path. It explains simply and directly how to find love, wisdom, truth, justice, harmony, and balance in life. It also gives advice on techniques of prayer, meditation, and visualization, and valuable information on right diet and exercise to assist inner focus and clarity. Peter Deunov's wise words will speak to everyone, and will have special appeal to those searching for an authentic spiritual tradition of Western origin.

Haggai A Prophet For Our Times

Author : Marc Girard
ISBN : 2894203500
Genre : Bible
File Size : 41. 92 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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A Prophet For Our Time

Author : Marc H. Tanenbaum
ISBN : 0823222306
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 39. 78 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Rabbi, writer, teacher, activist, and organizer, Marc H. Tanenbaum was for more than three generations at the center of the struggle for religious understanding and human rights. As a pioneer in ecumenical dialogue, Tanenbaum left an indelible mark on many communities of faith. This rich collection of Tanenbaum's most influential writings underscores his contributions to civil and human rights, international affairs and - above all - the development of Jewish-Christian understanding andmutual respect. Special features of this book include a biographical essay and introductions to the major issues and the essays.

Shakespeare Prophet For Our Time

Author : Henry Douglas Wild
ISBN : 0835604217
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 20. 62 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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A Prophet In Modern Times

Author : Peter Terry
ISBN : 9781435714953
Genre : Religion
File Size : 39. 46 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Annotated English translation of the first biography of Haji Siyyid 'Ali Muhammad Shirazi, called the Bab.

J Howard

Author : Iloene Flower Brennan
ISBN : 0759656770
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 23. 29 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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J. Howard: A Prophet of Our Times tells in two parts the lifestyle and experiences of J. Howard Flower, a lifelong resident of Hartland Four Corners, Vermont. Part I details the biography of the man; Part II portrays the prophetic aspects of his lifestyle and experiences. Born in the latter part of the Nineteenth Century, Howard lived far in advance of the times. Time Herself bears this out. He loved freedom in all its aspects and abhorred conventionality in the same manner. A social reformer, he became a vegetarian at an early age, took care of his health in natural ways, wore his hair long, dressed in radical fashions. As a young man he scoffed at formal titles and marriage. In his view there was no such thing as inequality between the sexes. Long before it was accepted practice, and in defiance of the law, he was home schooling his children. Early on he cast formal religion out the window. Disagreeing vehemently with the need for war, disagreeing in the same way with the two major political parties, he was not afraid to make his positions known. We have here an individual destined to present a foreshadowing of social change.

Living The Qur An In Our Times

Author : Jamal Khwaja
ISBN : 9788132111191
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 58. 13 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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In a world where powerful lobbies are vilifying the Qur'an as the underlying cause of conflicts-conflicts that are actually rooted in greed and the self-serving secular politics of oil, occupation and social injustice-how can non-Muslims discover the authentic teachings of the Qur'an? How can they work with Muslims to overcome mutual suspicions, stereotyping, and self-serving propaganda? A starting point is would be to recognize that Muslims worldwide are engaged in diverse and robust internal debates. While it is an integral part of the Islamic faith that the Qur'an is the infallible "Word of God," the plain fact is that there is significant disagreement among the faithful over what the revealed texts mean or imply on a host of issues. In Living the Qur'an in Our Times, the author combines theological insight and philosophical erudition to delve into the semantics of the Qur'an and its vision. This work explains why traditional religion has failed to respond adequately to challenges posed by modernity. It strives to recognize the intimate connection between a Muslim's struggle to live the Qur'an authentically and the many ethical and moral dilemmas one faces daily in one's life. Enlightening for all those who are unfamiliar with Islamic history and the Qur'an, this book explores foundational Islamic principles that emphasize mutual respect and cooperation among all people, thus helping cultivate a vibrant Islamic identity in today's interdependent, multicultural global environment.

Passionate For Justice

Author : Catherine Meeks
ISBN : 9781640651609
Genre : Religion
File Size : 58. 76 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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• Reflections on current affairs through the lens of history •A resource for social justice and resilience Ida B. Wells was a powerful churchwoman and witness for justice and equity from 1878–1931. Born enslaved, her witness flowed through the struggles for justice in her lifetime, especially in the intersections of African Americans, women, and those who were poor. Her life is a profound witness for faith-based work of visionary power, resistance, and resilience for today’s world, when the forces of injustice stand in opposition to progress. These are exciting and dangerous times. Boundaries that previously seemed impenetrable are now being crossed. This book is a guide for the current state of affairs in American culture, enlivened by the historical perspective of Wells’ search for justice. The authors are an African-American woman and a child of white supremacy. Both have dedicated themselves to working, writing, and developing ministries oriented toward justice, equity, and mercy. This book can be used in all settings, but most especially in churches (pastors and other church leaders, study groups), seminaries, and universities.

Islam For Our Time

Author : John Herlihy
ISBN : 9781479709977
Genre : Religion
File Size : 87. 97 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Written by an American Muslim convert who has lived nearly 40 years among the Muslims, the author presents an insiders account of Islams true place within the family of religions, what it means to be a Muslim living in the shadow of the modern world, and how to cultivate a life of spirituality through the way of Islam in todays anti-spiritual environment. Within its pages, history unfolds, mysteries are unveiled, and secrets are revealed that shed light on the great human story of spiritual awakening and fulfillment. This rigorous and highly readable introduction to Islam goes a long way to remedy the lack of historical perspective and the narrowing of intellectual and spiritual scope contributing to the outer and inner crisis of the Muslim world, as well as the poor understanding of this religion in the West. Another significant merit of Herlihys book is the way it sets out the universal principles of Islam, shared with other traditional faiths, and its emphasis on the moral and spiritual fruits of the religion. This work is an invaluable resource for Muslims and non-Muslims alike, providing as it does a solid grounding in the traditional spirit of Islam. Patrick Laude, professor at Georgetown University, Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service, Qatar Readers will find that this timely work by John Herlihy offers a sublime contribution to the field of Islamic Studies. Relevant for Muslims and non-Muslims alike, one of the books major themes is that the Islamic tradition converges with the unanimous tradition residing at the heart of each of the worlds religions. The book reminds us that the foundations of the modern and postmodern world were formulated in revolt from the sacred, which is an essential point to be recognized by anyone seeking to understand the crisis that consumes the contemporary epoch. This work provides ultimate answers to ultimate questions. Samuel Bendeck Sotillos, editor of Psychology and the Perennial Philosophy: Studies in Comparative Religion Amidst widespread miscomprehensions of Islam generated by Western media, readers who wish to understand the true nature of this noble tradition and its related spirituality will find this volume a trustworthy and illuminating guide. As a Western convert, philosopher, and above all practitioner, John Herlihy is well placed to dispel the fog of misunderstanding which often surrounds the subject of Islam. This book will be warmly welcomed by all those wishing to understand the timeless message of Islam, by seekers looking for practical guidance, and by those concerned with fostering a more harmonious global community of religions. Harry Oldmeadow, author of Frithjof Schuon and the Perennial Philosophy.

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