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Pro Oracle Application Express 4

Author : Tim Fox
ISBN : 9781430234944
Genre : Computers
File Size : 45. 61 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Pro Oracle Application Express 4 is your key to mastering one of the most innovative products to come out of Oracle in years. Application Express, termed "APEX" for short, is fast becoming one of the easiest and most widely-used of tools for creating enterprise-level applications that run against an Oracle database. APEX is easy enough for power users to create ad-hoc applications atop something more reliable than a spreadsheet. Yet APEX is powerful and extensible enough to enable fully-scalable, enterprise-level applications that are accessed by thousands of users. Authors Tim Fox, John Scott, and Scott Spendolini take you to the professional level in developing for Application Express. They show how to handle user authentication in enterprise environments and how to extend APEX by writing components based upon Oracle’s new plug-in architecture. You’ll learn to deal with localization issues such as time zones and translations, and to customize the look and feel of an APEX website to blend in with your corporate branding strategy. The authors also cover web service development, performance and scalability, and the production issues that you encounter in enterprise-level deployments. Many years of experience in solving the “hard problems” are coalesced in this book to help you, the reader, take advantage of all that APEX has to offer. Focuses on high-end, enterprise-level development Covers new features such as plug-ins and Websheets Introduces the new interface released with APEX 4.0 What you’ll learn Design APEX solutions that conform to your corporate look and feel Create compelling reports, charts, navigation, and layout Create your own components based upon APEX’s new plug-in architecture Authenticate users and manage their access to your applications Develop and deploy web services using APEX Scale APEX applications to thousands of users Secure your applications and data from intrusion Who this book is for Pro Oracle Application Express 4 is aimed at application developers looking for a rapid application development environment harnessing the full power of the Oracle Database, including SQL and PL/SQL. The book meets the needs of developers working at both the departmental and the enterprise level, with an emphasis on high-end, enterprise deployment. Table of Contents Development Best Practices Authentication and User Management Conditions and Authorization Schemes Data Security Navigation and Layout Reports and Charts Dynamic Actions: Ajax and JavaScript WebSheets Reporting and Printing Themes and Templates Localization Issues Plugins Web Service Development Performance and Scalability Production Issues APEX Dictionary

Pro Oracle Application Express

Author : John Scott
ISBN : 9781430202806
Genre : Computers
File Size : 35. 50 MB
Format : PDF
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Pro Oracle Application Express opens the "hood" of APEX and reveals the full power behind its easy-to-use GUI interface. This book shows you what you need to know to produce powerful, professionally polished applications: such as user-authentication models, approaches to layout and navigation, how to integrate Ajax, how to deal with localization issues like time zones and translations, how to customize the look and feel of an APEX web site, and more. The authors are well-qualified to write on APEX. John Scott is a hard-core APEX developer and his coauthor, Scott Spendolini, is one of the original creators of APEX.

Pro Jquery In Oracle Application Express

Author : Scott Wesley
ISBN : 9781484209615
Genre : Computers
File Size : 64. 81 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Building on your existing SQL skills, this book teaches you how to apply useful jQuery techniques to applications developed using the Oracle Application Express (APEX) development tool. Pro jQuery in Oracle Application Express covers the fundamentals you need to start enhancing your applications, with some practical examples that you'll want in your own applications tomorrow. jQuery is a framework already utilized by APEX, and by learning the basics of jQuery you can leverage the flexible dynamic actions provide and see your applications raise the bar. Discover why you should embrace HTML5, CSS, and jQuery library capabilities, and how they can enhance the user experience. Oracle Application Express is a mature, browser-based, rapid-development environment with a strong community base around the #orclapex tag. jQuery is a language for the browser, with it you can treat your web page as if it were a database, interacting with a range of features and functions that can make you into a more constructive, more efficient developer. Exemplifies how productive APEX, CSS, and jQuery can be Transforms your PL/SQL skills to CSS and jQuery Provides jQuery snippets to enhance your application UX

Pro Oracle Application Express Themes

Author : Paul Chester
ISBN : 1430259744
Genre : Computers
File Size : 52. 69 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
Download : 234
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Pro Oracle Application Express Themes shows you how to develop rich user interfaces that enhance your application for any environment. Whether you’re new to Oracle Apex or an experienced professional, Pro Oracle Application Express Themes explains the processes you’ll need to understand to become proficient in developing any user interface without having to be a guru in HTML, CSS or JavaScript. Any web page that you see in a browser is a combination of structure, style and interactivity undertaken using HTML, CSS and JavaScript which your browser knows how to interpret. In Apex the process is the same. Once you understand how this is achieved within Apex, you can output just about anything you like. There is then no reason why you cannot create an Apex user interface that is every bit as rich or sophisticated as anything else on the web. The book steps you through the basic mechanics of a browser and how this works with Apex, details the many elements of the Apex UI development environment and tools available, guides you through the basics of HTML, CSS and JavaScript as it relates to Apex Themes and then continues by providing you with working examples for typical user interface requirements and challenges. A section is also included on managing and deploying your UI and for good measure, some suggested guidelines on development, security and accessibility standards. Detailed description of the disparate elements of the Apex UI development environment Basics of HTML, CSS and JavaScript as they relate to Apex Working examples of solutions to common UI requirements and challenges within Apex Managing and deploying your UI in live systems What you’ll learn Gain an insight into the mechanics of how browsers work Understand the disparate elements of the Apex UI development environment Master the basics of HTML, CSS and JavaScript as they relate to Apex Develop rich and sophisticated user interfaces for any environment or device Create development standards and guidelines for your application user interfaces Managing and deploying your UI in live systems Who this book is for Pro Oracle Application Express Themes is aimed at developers who are both new to the Apex development environment and at intermediate Apex developers. If you have ever wished to be able to create a better user interface but don’t know what selectors, elements or pseudo-classes are and have no idea where to start, then this book is for you. It does not assume any prior knowledge of CSS, HTML or JavaScript.

Expert Oracle Application Express Security

Author : Scott Spendolini
ISBN : 9781430247326
Genre : Computers
File Size : 33. 1 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
Download : 448
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Expert Oracle Application Express Security covers all facets of security related to Oracle Application Express (APEX) development. From basic settings that can enhance security, to preventing SQL Injection and Cross Site Scripting attacks, Expert Oracle Application Express Security shows how to secure your APEX applictions and defend them from intrusion. Security is a process, not an event. Expert Oracle Application Express Security is written with that theme in mind. Scott Spendolini, one of the original creators of the product, offers not only examples of security best practices, but also provides step-by-step instructions on how to implement the recommendations presented. A must-read for even the most experienced APEX developer, Expert Oracle Application Express Security can help your organization ensure their APEX applications are as secure as they can be.

Expert Oracle Application Express

Author : John Scott
ISBN : 9781430235132
Genre : Computers
File Size : 65. 98 MB
Format : PDF
Download : 966
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Expert Oracle Application Express brings you groundbreaking insights into developing with Oracle’s enterprise-level, rapid-development tool from some of the best practitioners in the field today. Oracle Application Express (APEX) is an entirely web-based development framework that is built into every edition of Oracle Database. The framework rests upon Oracle’s powerful PL/SQL language, enabling power users and developers to rapidly develop applications that easily scale to hundreds, even thousands of concurrent users. The 13 authors of Expert Oracle Application Express build their careers around APEX. They know what it takes to make the product sing—developing secure applications that can be deployed globally to users inside and outside a large enterprise. The authors come together in this book to share some of their deepest and most powerful insights into solving the difficult problems surrounding scalability, globalization, configuration and lifecycle management, and more. You’ll learn about debugging and performance, deep secrets to customizing your application user interface, how to secure applications from intrusion, and about deploying globally in multiple languages. Expert Oracle Application Express is truly a book that will move you and your skillset a big step towards the apex of Application Express development. Presents best-practices and development insights from leading experts in the field Addresses globalization, scalability, security, and other concerns of enterprise-level development Shows how to customize APEX for your own application needs

Agile Oracle Application Express

Author : Patrick Cimolini
ISBN : 9781430237594
Genre : Computers
File Size : 51. 96 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
Download : 521
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Agile Oracle Application Express shows how skilled, motivated, and self-organizing developers can realize extraordinary commercial benefits from Oracle Application Express. The secret is to couple Application Express with an agile software development approach. This book leads the way. Oracle Application Express is well-suited to agile processes, with its support for rapid prototyping and team development. Application Express supports a gamut of enabling technologies such as SQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and more that enable you to deliver any type of web application to meet your development needs. Agile Oracle Application Express helps you take the feature set of Application Express and marry it with the processes of agile development to iteratively design, create, and deliver quality applications on time and within budget. What you’ll learn Discover how Application Express features compliment agile development Apply principles of agile software development to Application Express projects Deliver working code to your clients quickly Meet cost, schedule, and quality targets Increase productivity through team-based techniques Create the right amount and size of governance for any Application Express project Who this book is for Agile Oracle Application Express is a must-read for highly skilled and highly motivated Application Express (APEX) developers who are comfortable taking responsibility within a self-organizing team environment. These APEX developers want to raise themselves to a higher level of organizational maturity that will position them to improve on APEX's already highly productive software development platform. Table of Contents Agile Software Development Agile and APEX Core APEX vs. Enhanced APEX Supporting Technologies Project Management Team Development Rules and Guidelines Documentation Quality Assurance Summary

Oracle Application Express 4 Recipes

Author : Edmund Zehoo
ISBN : 9781430235064
Genre : Computers
File Size : 49. 67 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
Download : 297
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Oracle Application Express 4 Recipes provides an example-based approach to learning Application Express—the ground-breaking, rapid application development platform included with every Oracle Database license. The recipes format is ideal for the quick-study who just wants a good example or two to kick start their thinking and get pointed in the right direction. The recipes cover the gamut of Application Express development. Author and Application Express expert Edmund Zehoo shows how to create data entry screens, visualize data in the form of reports and charts, implement validation and back-end logic, and much more. Solutions are presented in an easy problem/solution format, which you can copy and adapt for your own use. Detailed discussion for each solution deepens your understanding and aids in customizing the solutions to fit your particular development challenges. Teaches Application Express via an example-based format Takes you from beginner to intermediate level Shows how to build a fully-functional web store in just one hour What you’ll learn Create web application forms and tables Customize application look and feel Visualize data via reports, calendars, maps, and charts Globalize applications in support of language and regional differences Implement complex business logic Optimize the performance of Application Express Protect applications from security threats Who this book is for Oracle Application Express 4 Recipes is aimed at web application developers, PL/SQL developers, and database administrators wishing to learn and use Oracle’s groundbreaking tool for rapid development—Application Express. The book is a quick-study and is perfect for the reader who wants only a good example to work from, customize, and adapt. Table of Contents Introducing Oracle APEX Application Data Entry Wiring up Application Logic Customizing Look and Feel Visualizing Your Data Globalizing the Application Improving Application Performance Securing the Application Deploying the Application A Mini Book Catalog Site

Oracle Application Express Forms Converter

Author : Douwe Pieter van den Bos
ISBN : 1847197760
Genre : Computers
File Size : 56. 39 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 872
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Packed with plentiful screenshots and clear explanations, this book is a step-by-step tutorial that demonstrates a successful Oracle Forms to Oracle APEX Conversion project. This book is for Oracle Forms developers who want to migrate to Oracle APEX. The book will also be useful for Oracle APEX developers who want to convert their older Forms applications to Oracle APEX applications.

Pro Oracle Sql

Author : Karen Morton
ISBN : 9781430232292
Genre : Computers
File Size : 38. 18 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 213
Read : 897

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Pro Oracle SQL unlocks the power of SQL in the Oracle Database—one of the most potent SQL implementations on the market today. To master it requires a three-pronged approach: learn the language features, learn the supporting features that Oracle provides to help use the language effectively, and learn to think and work in sets. Karen Morton and her team help you master powerful aspects of Oracle SQL not found in competing databases. You’ll learn analytic functions, the MODEL clause, and advanced grouping syntax—features that will help in creating good queries for reporting and business intelligence applications. Pro Oracle SQL also helps you minimize parsing overhead, read execution plans, test for correct results, and exert control over SQL execution in your database. You’ll learn when to create indexes, how to verify that they make a difference, how to use SQL Profiles to optimize SQL in packaged applications, and much more. You’ll also understand how SQL is optimized for working in sets, and that the key to getting accurate results lies in making sure that queries ask clear and precise questions. What’s the bottom-line? Pro Oracle SQL helps you work at a truly professional level in Oracle dialect of SQL. You’ll master the language, the tools to work effectively with the language, and the right way to think about a problem in SQL. Pro Oracle SQL helps you rise above the crowd to provide stellar service in your chosen profession. Endorsed by the OakTable Network, a group of Oracle technologists well-known for their rigorous and scientific approach to Oracle Database performance Comprehensive—goes beyond the language with a focus on what you need to know to write successful queries and data manipulation statements.

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