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Peace Ecology

Author : Randall Amster
ISBN : 9781317254553
Genre : Education
File Size : 84. 21 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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"Peace Ecology" presents a cutting-edge exploration of an emerging paradigm that links the essence of peace and nonviolence with the tenets of ecology and the principles of environmentalism. Looking at issues including food justice, water sharing, climate change, peace zones, and the free economy, this book considers examples and illustrations from around the world where people, communities, and nations are employing the teachings of ecology as a tool for mitigating conflict and promoting peace. "Peace Ecology" presents an integrative perspective that bears directly upon the most pressing issues of our time, constituting both the ecological realm of peace and the peacemaking potential of ecology. The volume examines the rich history, contemporary relevance, and transformative future potential inherent in this dynamic nexus of theory and action. Its overarching aim is no less than moving the current scarcity-conflict paradigm to one of cooperative resource management and, ultimately, toward peaceful coexistence both among ourselves and within the balance of nature.To read the Common Dreams excerpt of "Peace Ecology" Click Here.Talk Nation Radio Interview with Randall Amster and David Swanson here."

Addressing Global Environmental Challenges From A Peace Ecology Perspective

Author : Hans Günter Brauch
ISBN : 9783319309903
Genre : Law
File Size : 61. 80 MB
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Addressing global environmental challenges from a peace ecology perspective, the present book offers peer-reviewed texts that build on the expanding field of peace ecology and applies this concept to global environmental challenges in the Anthropocene. Hans Günter Brauch (Germany) offers a typology of time and turning points in the 20th century; Juliet Bennett (Australia) discusses the global ecological crisis resulting from a “tyranny of small decisions”; Katharina Bitzker (Canada) debates “the emotional dimensions of ecological peacebuilding” through love of nature; Henri Myrttinen (UK) analyses “preliminary findings on gender, peacebuilding and climate change in Honduras” while Úrsula Oswald Spring (Mexíco) offers a critical review of the policy and scientific nexus debate on “the water, energy, food and biodiversity nexus”, reflecting on security in Mexico. In closing, Brauch discusses whether strategies of sustainability transition may enhance the prospects for achieving sustainable peace in the Anthropocene.

Expanding Peace Ecology Peace Security Sustainability Equity And Gender

Author : Úrsula Oswald Spring
ISBN : 9783319007298
Genre : Law
File Size : 89. 32 MB
Format : PDF
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This book has peer-reviewed chapters by scholars from Australia, Canada, Germany, Japan, Mexico and the USA that were presented to the Ecology and Peace Commission (EPC) of the International Peace Research Association (IPRA) in November 2012 in Japan. The chapters address these themes: Expanding Peace Ecology – Peace, Security, Sustainability, Equity and Gender; Two Discourses on Global Climate Change Impacts: From Climate Change and Security to Sustainability Transition; Peace Research and Greening in the Red Zone: Community-based Ecological Restoration to Enhance Resilience and Transitions Toward Peace; Social and Environmental Vulnerability in a River Basin of Mexico; Mobile Learning, Rebuilding Community Through Building Communities, Supporting Community Capacities: Post Natural Disaster Experience; Transforming Consciousness through Peace Environmental Education; Building Peace by Rebuilding Community; Ability Expectations and Peace and on Satoyama Sustainability and Peace.

The World We Have

Author : Thich Nhat Hanh
ISBN : 9781427098214
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 74. 16 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Ecology Of War Peace

Author : H. Hudson
ISBN : 0761817883
Genre : Nature
File Size : 88. 6 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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How do mobilization for war and the actual war effort affect the environment? How do ecological conditions encourage war? What are possible, non-violent solutions to the ecological- conflict dynamic? Ecology of War & Peace attempts to answer these questions in readable prose with an unapologetic bias toward non-violence.

On Solid Ground

Author : John A. Di Tillo
ISBN : OCLC:908638882
Genre : Environmental education
File Size : 69. 61 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Warfare Ecology

Author : Gary E. Machlis
ISBN : 9789400712140
Genre : Science
File Size : 46. 90 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The purpose of this book is specific and ambitious: to outline the distinctive elements, scope, and usefulness of a new and emerging field of applied ecology named warfare ecology. Based on a NATO Advanced Research Workshop held on the island of Vieques, Puerto Rico, the book provides both a theoretical overview of this new field and case studies that range from mercury contamination during World War I in Slovenia to the ecosystem impacts of the Palestinian occupation, and from the bombing of coral reefs of Vieques to biodiversity loss due to violent conflicts in Africa. Warfare Ecology also includes reprints of several classical papers that set the stage for the new synthesis described by the authors. Written for environmental scientists, military and humanitarian relief professionals, conservation managers, and graduate students in a wide range of fields, Warfare Ecology is a major step forward in understanding the relationship between war and ecological systems.

The Ecology Of The Soul

Author : Aidan Walker
ISBN : 9781782798491
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 73. 56 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Power Seeds and Magic Minutes: the route to inner space. The Ecology of the Soul: A Manual of Peace, Power and Personal Growth for Real People in the Real World explains the seven powers of our own inner ecosystem – the Ecology of the Soul – and how to revive them to regain our natural, true state of peace, power and well-being. When the Ecology of the Soul is in balance, we live and thrive in this world, and create the new one, with grace, harmony and beauty. Each one of the seven powers – Nature, Creativity, Endurance, Love, Communication, Focus and Connection – generates seven separate meditations, which in turn create ‘Power Seeds’ of thought and mental habit. Plant one a day, and in a ‘Magic Minute’ – 60 powerful seconds of daily, active meditation – you achieve the balance, power and peace of Soul Consciousness. Warm, accessible, even humorous, the book acknowledges that we’re all human and not everyone is able or willing to aim for the highest path of enlightenment. It gives practical methods by which anyone, at whatever level of commitment, can benefit.

The Peace Of Nature And The Nature Of Peace

Author : Andrew Fiala
ISBN : 9789004299597
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 81. 12 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The Peace of Nature and the Nature of Peace is a collection of philosophical essays that provides critical reflection on nonviolence, ecology, environmental ethics, and the philosophy of peace.

Peace Parks

Author : Saleem Hassan Ali
ISBN : 9780262012355
Genre : Nature
File Size : 81. 77 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Although the 2004 Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to a Kenyan environmentalist, fewhave considered whether environmental conservation can contribute to peace-building in conflictzones. Peace Parks explores this question, examining the ways in which environmental cooperation inmultijurisdictional conservation areas may help resolve political and territorial conflicts. Itsanalyses and case studies of transboundary peace parks focus on how the sharing of physical spaceand management responsibilities can build and sustain peace among countries. The book examines theroles played by governments, the military, civil society, scientists, and conservationists, andtheir effects on both the ecological management and the potential for peace-building in these areas.Following a historical and theoretical overview that explores economic, political, and socialtheories that support the concept of peace parks and discussion of bioregional management forscience and economic development, the book presents case studies of existing parks and proposals forfuture parks. After describing such real-life examples as the Selous-Niassa Wildlife Corridor inAfrica and the Emerald Triangle conservation zone in Indochina, the book looks to the future,exploring the peace-building potential of envisioned parks in security-intensive spots including theU.S.-Mexican border, the demilitarized zone between North and South Korea, and the Mesopotamianmarshlands between Iraq and Iran. With contributors from a variety of disciplines and diversegeographic regions, Peace Parks is not only a groundbreaking book in International Relations but avaluable resource for policy makers and environmentalists.Saleem H. Ali is Associate Professor ofEnvironmental Planning at the Rubenstein School of Natural Resources at the University of Vermontand holds adjunct faculty appointments at Brown University and the United Nations mandatedUniversity for Peace. He is the author of Mining: The Environment and Indigenous DevelopmentConflicts.ContributorsDramé-Yayé Aissetou, Saleem H. Ali, Rolf D. Baldus, Charles Besançon, KentBiringer, Arthur G. Blundell, Niger Diallo Daouda Boubacar, K. C. (Nanda) Cariappa, Charles Chester,Tyler Christie, Sarah Dickinson DeLeon, Bill Dolan, Rosaleen Duffy, Christina Ellis, Wayne Freimund,Stephan Fuller, Rudolf Hahn, Anne Hammill, Bruce Hayden, Ke Chung Kim, Juliette Biao Koudenoukpo,Jason Lambacher, Raul Lejano, Maano Ramutsindela, Michael Schoon, Belinda Sifford, Anna Spenceley,Michelle L. Stevens, Randy Tanner, Yongyut Trisurat, Michele Zebich-Knos

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