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Not Fit For A Dog

Author : Dr. Michael W. Fox
ISBN : 9781610351515
Genre : Pets
File Size : 85. 34 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Highlighting the dangers of modern pet food--how it is unbalanced, creates addiction, and often contains ingredients that can literally poison your pet, this book destroys the myths propounded by pet food companies that human food is bad for pets, and that natural food diets are unsafe. Three veterinarians share their expertise and scientific evidence, providing an in-depth appraisal of the pet food industry and what people are feeding to their cats and dogs. This revolutionary book teaches how to read pet food labels and what ingredients to avoid, how to save on pet bills by preventing diet-related disease in pets, why veterinarians are often ignorant of the health effects of manufactured pet food, how a change in diet can cure many diet-related illnesses, and why organic farming practices and suppliers can be the best choice for pets. Armed with this information, people will be able to provide a better and healthier life for their animals.

First Friend

Author : Katharine Rogers
ISBN : 9781450208734
Genre : Pets
File Size : 80. 54 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Dogs have shared our homes for as long as we can remember, and, in return, have guarded us, helped us hunt, and herded our livestock. They have generally been our friends as well; that is what most of them are today. Canine friends give us uncritical affection, free of the ambivalence that plagues human relationships. Dogs figure prominently in literature, starting with Homer's Argus, the hound who remembered Odyssues after twenty years. Victorian novels are full of vivid canine characters. "Ms. Rogers is impressively of all, the author knows and respects dogs." Steve Goode, Washington Times

A Better Life With Your Dog

Author : Fernando Camacho
ISBN : 9781608442775
Genre : Pets
File Size : 85. 35 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Sharing your life with a dog is supposed to be rewarding and fun. Why then, do so many people find themselves forced to make the decision to give up their furry best friends? Often it's our own misunderstanding of what it takes to help a dog live in this very human world. It doesn't have to be that way, though. If you learn how to think like a dog, the lines of communication will open wide and you and your dog will finally understand each other. Whatever kind of dog you have, whatever your current relationship is, your life with your dog can be better. Now is the time to get things on track so that you and your pooch can live every moment smiling together. Learn what your dog's basic canine needs are, and how to successfully fulfill them. If you neglect these fundamental requirements, your dog will let you know with a plethora of behavior problems. Most people underestimate, or misunderstand what the average dog needs to be happy and well-behaved, on a daily basis. The right amount of exercise, proper nutrition, adequate walks, as well as a solid foundation of leadership, are just a few of things that your dog must have every day of his life. This no-nonsense, easy to read book will enable you to take better care of your dog, inside and out. You'll discover the correct way to communicate with your four-legged friends, and how to enjoy every moment beside them.

Give Your Dog A Bone

Author : Ian Billinghurst
ISBN : 9781617811005
Genre :
File Size : 53. 86 MB
Format : PDF
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The Handbook Of Veterinary Care And Management Of The Military Working Dog Including Anesthesia Pain Management Standards

Author :
Genre :
File Size : 23. 94 MB
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PREFACE Since 9/11 the veterinary care of Military Working Dogs (MWDs) has assumed a greater importance. The role of the working dog has never been more visible and more appreciated. At this writing there are a large number of MWDs deployed throughout the world in support of the Global War on Terrorism. Many people both in and out of uniform are coming to realize that MWDs are among the most valuable and cost-effective counterterrorism tools we have. Before 9/11 detector dogs and their skills were largely taken for granted, even downplayed. Comments like: “MWDs are low-tech”; and “Dogs will be replaced by sensors, imaging techniques and computers” were not uncommon. Detector dogs have become a very visible front-line protective measure against bomb threats – check out the headlines on suicide bombers to see what our terrorist enemies are up to. Then check out the film clips that show security forces in action – the dogs are everywhere! These are reminders that no other tool in the arsenal can match the efficiency, mobility, adaptability and field readiness of a working dog. So, what’s new – why publish a new edition now? Yes 9/11 did change things – this edition now has guidelines for MWDs exposed to Anthrax. This third edition of the Handbook also contains new information about the prophylactic laparoscopic-assisted gastropexy program that aims to protect our most “at-risk” dogs from GDV. We also provide guidelines on transitioning from once daily feeding to feeding two “meals” a day; the Dog Center now feeds over 500 MWDs twice a day. Additionally we have updated information about MWD Adoption – a program that has come of age in the 2 years since the publication of the second edition. Also in an effort to provide a “one-stop” resource for working dog policy, this edition now incorporates topics that were formerly available only as VETCOM policy letters. These and other revisions make this new MWD Handbook one of the most up to date resources for military veterinarians caring for MWD’s and other Federal Agency working dogs. All veterinary personnel involved in anesthesia should familiarize themselves with these standards, as some previously used agents (such as butorphanol / acepromazine / glycopyrrolate combination, tiletamine / zolazepam, and xylazine) have been removed from the guidance The world will continue to change and our veterinary care will also change as our knowledge, new technology, and improved therapeutics become available. Our commitment to the health care of MWDs is a constant. Keep up the good work!

Dog Behaviour Evolution And Cognition

Author : Adam Miklosi
ISBN : 0199295859
Genre : Medical
File Size : 76. 76 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The first book to summarize the burgeoning research literature on the behavioural ecology of the dog. It presents a new ecological approach to the understanding of dog behaviour and highlights directions for future research. Providing links to human and primate behaviour research, it will appeal to anyone interested in behavioural ecology.

Canine Nutrigenomics

Author : W. Jean Dodds, DVM
ISBN : 9781617811616
Genre : Pets
File Size : 23. 78 MB
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Nutrigenomics is the new science of how diet affects gene expression at the cellular level, creating vibrant health or chronic disease. Optimum health begins in the cells—and this book shows you how to achieve it for your dog!

Dominance In Dogs

Author : Barry Eaton
ISBN : 9781617810237
Genre : Electronic books
File Size : 83. 3 MB
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You may have read books or seen TV shows that tell you that your dog will seek to dominate you, your family members and other pets unless you become the "alpha" and put him in his place. The theory is that since dogs evolved from wolves and wolves (supposedly) form packs with strict pecking orders and battle each other to become the pack leader, your dog will do the same within your household. In this new US edition, author Barry Eaton separates out the facts from the fiction regarding dominance in pet dogs, presenting the reader with the results of recent research into the behavior of wolves and the impacts of selective breeding on the behavior of dogs. The results may surprise you and will surely inform you.

Raw Dog Food Diet Guide A Healthier Happier Life For Your Best Friend

Author : Green Initiative
Genre : Pets
File Size : 53. 22 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Want a happier and healthier pet? Read this guide on the best raw food diet for dogs, just the way nature meant it. You will notice the difference immediately. Silkier fur, no bad breath, more active, healthy and happy. Find all kinds of healthy raw dog food recipes and suggestions. In this book you will learn: How to give your best friend the gift of a stronger, happier, healthier and more active life How you dog can extend his / her life span and enjoy more time with you How your dog can build better dental health, which also helps get rid of his or her bad breath for good! How your dog can benefit from a much stronger immune system to avoid illness! How your dog can get and maintain a healthier, glossier and shinier coat that you will immediately begin notice right away! How to help your dog improve their digestion dramatically which will help tremendously with weight control, more energy and stamina to live their life to the fullest. How to improve your dog's overall mental well-being How to help your best friend avoid sickness and get rid of all kinds of allergies And most importantly do all of the above without any Meds or visits to the Vet! This guide will walk you through exactly what kind of diet your dog needs which is the best for him / her. You will learn some amazing facts about your dog that you were not aware of. Here is a quick fact: Dogs can get sick easily just because of their diets. Most dogs die much earlier than their potential to live because of poor diets and unnecessary medication. Living a lifestyle supplemented by preservatives, fillers, animal byproducts, additives and chemicals is NOT the life you want for your dog. What you want is a 100% natural diet, but one that is done the right way. This book will go over how to safely consume a natural raw meat diet and improve your dog's overall digestive and immune systems. Here are just a handful of topics the guide covers: The benefits of a good dog diet The effects of a poor dog diet Essential nutrients and vitamins required by your dog Do dogs need carbohydrates? The effects of raw food on dogs Switching from commercially prepared food to raw food diet Raw vs. cooked Dog Food Overcoming your fears and anxieties Biggest myths on Raw Dog Food Customizing your dog's raw food diet Best raw dog food ingredients Storing raw food for dogs Best resources of raw dog food Diet guide for dogs Where to feed them, when to feed them, how often to feed them and how much? Mixing raw dog food with Kibble Feeding fruit and vegetables to your dog Feeding your dog raw fish Should you give table scraps to your dog? Special diets for special dogs Commercial Dog Food Mystery ingredients, additives and preservatives Problems with commercial dog food Supplementing your dog's raw food diet Myths about supplements Can supplements harm or help your dog? Poisonous plants for your dog Raw Dog Food recipe types Holiday dog food safety A survey of different veterinary views of raw dog food diet (MUST) You will also get a bonus section on Raw Dog Food Recipes! A dog's overall being is predicated first and foremost on their diet. This is no different from your own personal needs. Think about it, your health and well-being is mainly determined by what you eat or consume. Like you, dog's can get sick easily if their diet leads to a weak immune system, and this affects their lifespan. What you probably don't know is that sickness and early death can be totally prevented from the very beginning by correcting your dog's diet to what it is meant to be. When you feed your dog the right food, you can sit back and relax because your Best Friend will stay happy, healthy and live much longer.

Sports Medicine For Hunting Dogs

Author : Martin Coffman, DVM
ISBN : 9781932098785
Genre : Medical
File Size : 82. 67 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The author covers a step-by-step schedule for the lifetime care of an eight-week-old puppy to a senior dog of 18 years. He also covers the importance of breeding, how to select a dog for breeding and how to develop a solid breeding program.

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