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In The Greater World

Author : Andre Luiz
ISBN : 9788579450310
Genre : Mediums
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Greater Community Spirituality

Author : Marshall Vian Summers
ISBN : 9781884238321
Genre : Social Science
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In the Greater Community of Worlds the idea of God is presented differently than it is in this world. In the Greater Community, the idea of God must be translatable from one society to another where the customs and the rituals, the ideas and the areas of specific application will be unique to each world’s spiritual awareness and devotional practices. All that can be translated is the pure experience of Knowledge—the experience of Universal Mind, profound awareness and total relationship. This is the experience which will be presented in this book—an experience of translatable spirituality that is shared between intelligent life everywhere. Its application is universal. Its experience is universal. Its communication is universal. The direction that it establishes for sentient beings everywhere is universal. Greater Community Spirituality encompasses a larger panorama of life and includes all that has been created here and beyond, in all dimensions, in all frameworks. So complete is it that you cannot fathom its Mystery, exhaust its Wisdom or penetrate its Knowledge. But you can be the recipient of these things, and you can translate them into your own experience and apply them here at great benefit to yourself and to others. The world is now emerging into a Greater Community of Worlds. Therefore, it is necessary for Greater Community Spirituality to be presented here to enable humanity to prepare mentally, emotionally and spiritually for the great change that is coming and the great opportunities that this change represents. To learn about the Greater Community, you must learn of its reality. This, then, is a blessing: that you may receive a Greater reality, a Greater religion and a Greater God.

World Turned Upside Down

Author : Marvin B. Durning
ISBN : 9781597971348
Genre : Political Science
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In 1955, after assignments at the U.S. Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) and on board a destroyer, Marvin Durning arrived at ONI's office in Munich, Germany. During this year, he participated in the final stages of transforming Germany from a defeated enemy into a respected democracy, reestablishing its sovereignty, and shepherding its membership in NATO, which also involved rearming America's erstwhile foe. At that time, Munich, like Berlin, was a nerve center for the Cold War. It was crowded with U.S. troops and German and Slav refugees. Radio Free Europe called it home. The city was, Durning writes, “a jungle of competing secret intelligence organizations: British, French, American, Russian, West and East German, Czech, Polish, and others.” Beneath the calm surface of everyday life in Munich roamed agents and double agents who witnessed defections, kidnappings, interrogations that ended in death, and assassinations by bomb explosions and by poison dart. World Turned Upside Down is Durning's account of such activities. Durning served as the de facto executive officer of a small office of German intelligence specialists tasked with routine navy issues. But much more was underway. Known only to his commander, himself, and the yeoman who typed the reports, former admirals of the defunct German Kriegsmarine attended secret meetings at his commander's house in the suburbs of Munich, where they worked to plan and create a future West German Navy. In addition, Durning served as a liaison officer to the Gehlen Organization, the supersecret German intelligence and espionage organization, and he recounts their activities here.

Global Trends 2025

Author : C. Thomas Fingar
ISBN : 9781437910872
Genre :
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Prepared by the Nat. Intell. Council to stimulate strategic thinking about the future by identifying key trends, the factors that drive them, where they may be headed, and how they might interact. It uses scenarios to illustrate some of the many ways in which the drivers examined in the study (e.g., globalization, demography, the rise of new powers, the decay of internat. institutions, climate change, and the geopolitics of energy) may interact to generate challenges and opportunities for future decisionmakers. Contents: The Globalizing Economy; The Demographics of Discord; The New Players; Scarcity in the Midst of Plenty?; Growing Potential for Conflict; BRIC¿s Bust-Up: Will the Internat. System Be Up to the Challenges?; Power-sharing in a Multipolar World. Illus.

Mapping Our World

Author : Peter Barber
ISBN : 9780642278098
Genre : Reference
File Size : 36. 40 MB
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The cover image, World Map by Fra Mauro c. 1450, is one of the most important and famous maps of all time. This monumental map of the world was created by the monk Fra Mauro in his monastery on the island of San Michele in the Venetian lagoon. Now the centrepiece of the Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana in St Marc’s Square in Venice, the map in its nearly 600-year history has never left Venice – until now. Renowned for its sheer size - over 2.3 metres square - and stunning colours, the map was made at a time of transition between the medieval world view and new knowledge uncovered by the great voyages of discovery. Brilliantly painted and illuminated on sheets of oxhide, the sphere of the Earth is surrounded by the sphere of the Ocean in the ancient way. Yet Fra Mauro included the latest information on exploration by Portuguese and Arab navigators. Commissioned by King Afonso V of Portugal, it is the last of the great medieval world maps to inspire navigators in the Age of Discovery to explore beyond the Indian Ocean.

The Vanity Of The World

Author : Ezekiel Hopkins
ISBN : UCD:31175035160822
Genre : Bible
File Size : 55. 46 MB
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Documentary World History And National Power In The Prc

Author : Gotelind Mueller
ISBN : 9781135089139
Genre : History
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Documentaries have recently become a favourite format for Chinese state-directed media to present an officially sanctioned view of history. Indeed, this is not confined to Chinese national history. In stark contrast to the earlier self-centred preoccupation with Chinese history, there has been an upsurge in interest in foreign history, with a view to illuminating China’s role not only in world history, but also on the global stage today, and in the future. This book examines three recent Chinese documentary television series which present the officially sanctioned view of the rise of the modern West, the reasons for the end of the Soviet Union, and the legitimisation of the present-day Chinese government via a specific reading of modern Chinese history to argue for a ‘Chinese rise’ in the future. With a focus on these documentaries, Gotelind Müller discusses how history is presented on screen, and explores the function of visual history for memory culture and wider society. Further, this book reveals how the presentation of Chinese and foreign history in a global framework impacts on the officially transmitted views on Self and Other, and thus provides a keen insight into how the Chinese themselves regard their ‘global rise’. Documentary, World History, and National Power in the PRC will be welcomed by students and scholars working across a number of fields, including Chinese studies, East Asian studies, media studies, television studies, history and memory studies.

Cross Cultural Trade In World History

Author : Philip D. Curtin
ISBN : 0521269318
Genre : Business & Economics
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The trade between peoples of differinf cultures, from the ancient world to the commercial revolution.

Nicodemos Of The Holy Mountain

Author : Nicodemus (van de Heilige Berg)
ISBN : 0809130386
Genre : Religion
File Size : 22. 41 MB
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Nicodemos (1749-1809), a monk of Saint Athos dedicated to asceticism and learning, was one of the most influential Orthodox writers of the last two centuries. His Handbook, written during the Age of Enlightenment in Europe, shares an exalted vision of human nature, but a vision that proceeds from the truths of revelation as interpreted by the Greek Fathers, not Descartes.

The Making Of A World City

Author : Greg Clark
ISBN : 9781118609729
Genre : Architecture
File Size : 20. 81 MB
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After two decades of evolution and transformation, London hadbecome one of the most open and cosmopolitan cities in the world.The success of the 2012 Olympics set a high water-mark in thevisible success of the city, while its influence and soft powerincreased in the global systems of trade, capital, culture,knowledge, and communications. The Making of a World City: London 1991 - 2021 sets out in cleardetail both the catalysts that have enabled London to succeed andalso the qualities and underlying values that are at play:London’s openness and self-confidence, its inventiveness,influence, and its entrepreneurial zeal. London’s organic,unplanned, incremental character, without a ruling design code orguiding master plan, proves to be more flexible than any plannedcity can be. Cities are high on national and regional agendas as we all tryto understand the impact of global urbanisation and there-urbanisation of the developed world. If we can explainLondon’s successes and her remaining challenges, we canunlock a better understanding of how cities succeed.

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