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In Search Of Respect

Author : Philippe Bourgois
ISBN : 0521017114
Genre : Social Science
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This new edition brings this study of inner-city life up to date.

In Search Of Respect

Author : Philippe Bourgois
ISBN : 0521435188
Genre : Social Science
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In this compelling study of the crack business in East Harlem, Philippe Bourgois argues that a cultural struggle for respect has led some residents of 'El Barrio' away from the legal job market, and into a downward spiral of crime and poverty. During his many years living in the neighborhood, Bourgois eventually gained the confianza of enough Barrio residents to present their hopes, plans, and disappointments in their own words. The result is an engaging and often disturbing look at the problems of the inner-city, America's greatest domestic failing.

In Search Of Revenge And Respect

Author : Timothy Farabaugh
ISBN : 9781456760960
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 81. 75 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Gus is a teen ager whose parents are killed in an Indian raid on their farm in Bedford County Pennsylvania. He vows that he will one day avenge their deaths. After moving in with relatives in Bedford, Gus meets Elizabeth, a new girl in town, who turns out to be the minister’s daughter. His feelings for her grow stronger each time they are together and he finds himself making excuses to walk by her house or to bump into her in places he knows she will be. He even starts attending church just to see her. In time, it becomes obvious to Elizabeth’s father that his daughter and Gus are in love. But he wants his daughter to marry a professional man, not someone who had wants to be a farmer. He asks Gus to stop visiting and to let Elizabeth find someone else more to his liking. Gus is upset. He has lost his parents and now he has lost the only girl he had ever loved. He vows that somehow he will prove himself worthy to marry Elizabeth. The opportunity to be able to seek his revenge and to earn some respect comes when a notice is posted at the fort saying that the army is seeking local scouts to lead a brigade of men under the direction of Colonel Henry Bouquet to Fort Pitt that was under siege. Gus is an excellent marksman and woodsman and he is selected as one of the scouts. The journey from Fort Bedford over the mountains to Fort Ligonier is a hard one. What makes it a little easier is listening to one of the veterans of the French and Indian War tells stories of what had happened during the campaigns he was in just a few years earlier. These stories give Gus hope that he would be able to meet his enemy and take his revenge. But each night after the stories, while he lie on the ground trying to sleep, he thinks less of killing Indians and more of the girl he left and wonders how he would ever win her hand. As the brigade makes its way from Fort Ligonier toward Fort Pitt, it is attacked by the Indians who had Fort Pitt under siege.

Introduction To Criminology

Author : Frank E. Hagan
ISBN : 9781412953658
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 34. 51 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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"After reviewing dozens of books, this text provided the best basic foundation and the study website is excellent." -Michelle Ronda, Marymount Manhattan College The Sixth Edition of Introduction to Criminology: Theories, Methods, and Criminal Behavior is a comprehensive introduction to the study of criminology, with a chapter devoted to the criminal justice system. Valued and admired for the author's easy-to-read writing style and the text's overall accessibility, this book concentrates on the vital core of criminological theory-theory, method, and criminal behavior-and successfully avoids an overly legal or crime control orientation. Updated throughout and with a visually engaging new two-color design, the Sixth Edition investigates all major forms of criminal activity, including organized crime, white collar crime, political crime, and environmental crime. Author Frank E. Hagan explains the methods of operation, the effects on society, and how various theories account for criminal behavior. New to the Sixth Edition Offers expanded treatment of theory: An additional theory chapter (Chapter 5) explores psychological and biological theories, and the author has provided additional coverage of Developmental/Life Course theory in Chapter 6. Presents expanded detail on many types of crime: The book features comprehensive treatment of all crime typologies. Provides broader coverage of crime in its various forms: With major coverage of white collar, political, and organized crime, the text fully addresses topics such as Warez software piracy, spies, assassins, new organized crime groups, and major corporate scandals. Incorporates updated and new "Crime Files" and "In the News" boxes: New captivating examples include the Virginia Tech shootings; the BTK killer; Washington, DC snipers; Red Lake Massacre; and the Hanssen Spy case. Includes a new final chapter on the criminal justice system (Chapter 14): This chapter provides a brief overview to acquaint students who have not had a separate course on the justice system. Features an updated photo program: Contemporary visual representations bring to life the theories and crime typologies covered in the text. Accompanied by High Quality Ancillaries Student Study Site at The study site includes self-quizzes, links to interesting and useful audio and video files (NPR and PBS radio archives, Frontline videos), carefully selected journal articles, Web research exercises, E-flashcards, and more. Instructors' Resources on CD-ROM: include a computerized test bank, PowerPoint slides for each chapter, classroom activities, and more. Qualified instructors can request a copy by contacting SAGE Customer Care at 1.800.818.7243 (6am-5pm PT). Intended Audience This is an excellent text for undergraduate courses such as Criminology, Deviant Behavior, and Crime and Society in departments of criminal justice, criminology, and sociology.

In Search Of Community

Author : Werner Stark
ISBN : 0823213528
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 89. 71 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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In Search of Community is a collection of thirteen essays by former students of Dr. Werner Stark, influential historian of social thought. The work opens with an introduction succinctly relating an outline of Stark's life's work encompassing the historical framework that influences him, and the personal events that shape his outlook and scholarship. The essayists address the entire range of central subjects of the sociological discipline by focusing on four areas of scientific debate: the epistemic (Sociology of Knowledge), the theoretical (Social Thought), the societal (Social Bond), and the religious (Sociology of Religion). Those four areas were also of substantive concern to Werner Stark and his extraordinary range and depth of knowledge is reflected in this collection of essays.

In Search Of The Kite Runner Popular Insight

Author :
ISBN : 0827216548
Genre :
File Size : 35. 15 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Iso In Search Of

Author : Kelli Jae Baeli
ISBN : 9781434824554
Genre : Family & Relationships
File Size : 24. 21 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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"If there were a 'user's manual' for lesbians, this would be it. Baeli attempts to clarify the questions and provide the answers to some of the most pressing issues that young or new lesbians might have--and accomplishes her goal effectively. She does this with integrity, great insight, sincerity as well as a generous dose of sometimes scathing humor." Lightswitcher Books A great gift for emerging lesbians, curious lesbians and any other lesbian who wishes to find and maintain quality relationships, while avoiding the usual pitfalls of online dating, real-time dating, commitment, and intimacy.

In Search Of Powder

Author : Jeremy Evans
ISBN : 9780803234116
Genre : Sports & Recreation
File Size : 57. 17 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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As a recent college graduate and fledging newspaper reporter in the Lake Tahoe area, Jeremy Evans became immersed in ski bum culture--a carefree lifestyle whose mantra was simply: "Ski as much as possible." His snowboarding suffered when he left for a job in the Portland area; and when, at twenty-six, he suffered a stroke, he reexamined his priorities, quit his job, moved back to Tahoe, and threw himself into snowboarding. But while he had been away, the culture had changed. This book is Evans's paean to the disappearing culture of the ski bum. A fascinating look at a world far removed from the larger culture, it is also a curious account of a passion for powder and what its disappearance means. Evans looks at several prominent ski towns in the West (including Crested Butte, Jackson Hole, Telluride, Lake Tahoe, Park City, and Mammoth) and the ski bums who either flourished or fled. He chronicles the American West transformed by rising real estate costs, an immigrant workforce, misguided values, and corporate-owned resorts. The story he tells is that of quintessentially American characters--rejecting materialism, taking risks, following their own path--and of the glories and pitfalls their lifestyle presents.

In Search Of Being

Author : G. I. Gurdjieff
ISBN : 9780834828506
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 37. 91 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Are we able to say that life is governed by a group of conscious people? Where are they? Who are they? We see exactly the opposite: that life is governed by those who are the least conscious, by those who are most asleep. Provocative ideas such as these have attracted generations of thoughtful people to the methods of self-study and inner work devised by Gurdjieff, one of the most radical spiritual teachers of modern times. According to Gurdjieff, the wars raging at this very moment are nothing more than millions of sleeping people trying to annihilate millions of other sleeping people. Contrary to popular belief, there is no such as thing as progress and evolution as long as humanity remains asleep. Two hundred conscious people could change the whole of life on the earth, Gurdjieff says. If we want to become those conscious people, we must learn how to change ourselves. With the help of self-knowledge and an understanding of our relation to the universe, we can awaken to a higher level of being—if we wish to change ourselves. All of Gurdjieff's fundamental principles and methods of transforming the intellect, emotions, and body, in the system known as the Fourth Way, are presented in this book in his own clear, precise words preserved by his closest pupils. Arranged in an orderly sequence of passages drawn from two primary source books—P. D. Ouspensky's In Search of the Miraculous, and Views from the Real World, edited by Mme. Jeanne de Salzmann—this material is an indispensable introduction for those determined to undertake the efforts and practices necessary for awakening consciousness. All the basic concepts and methods are covered, including: • man is "asleep" • we have no unified "I" • the need for self-knowledge • functions of the human "machine" • states of consciousness • levels of being • three centers: moving, emotional, and thinking • personality and essence • the possibility of self-development • self-observation • remembering oneself • conscious evolution • the law of three forces • the ray of creation • the law of octaves • the Enneagram, a universal symbol • the variety of spiritual ways • esoteric Christianity • working in groups • the necessity of schools

In Search Of George Washington

Author : Rick Sirmon
ISBN : 9781465397683
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 33. 25 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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In Search of George Washington (The Story of the 28th Amendment) chronicles the amazing flashback that was the "Prairie Fire" that swept the country over 18 months in 2012 and 2013. See how America cried out for Her heroes and Her history and Her heritage and how a strange re-visitation in the mysterious mists of time by the Founders triggered the massive chain of events leading up to "Post 28 America". Business" that had raced away from America, came racing back and business competitiveness that had dimmed - "blazed again - from sea to shining sea". See how pure "free enterprise" unleashed the creativity and abilities of the poor, the unemployed, and the undocumented, to grow and learn and excel. Believe that for maybe the first time that you as one person can make a difference. Plug in and hold on. This is your gateway to the incredible reaches of "The 28th Amendment.

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