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Imaginations Don T Live There

Author : Jonas Clark
ISBN : 1886885036
Genre : Religion
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Format : PDF, Docs
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Imaginations Kora In Hell Spring And All The Descent Of Winter The Great American Novel A Novelette Other Prose

Author : William Carlos Williams
ISBN : 9780811223591
Genre : Poetry
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Imaginations makes accessible to the broad reading public live early books by William Carlos Williams, which, except for Kora in Hell, have long been hard to find in their original and complete forms. Written between 1920 and 1932, all five were first published in small editions, three of them in France. These are pivotal and seminal works, books in which a great writer was charting the course he later would follow, experimenting freely, boldly searching for a new kind of prose style to express "the power of the imagination to hold human beings to life and propel them onward.” The prose-poem improvisations (Kora in Hell) . . . the interweaving of prose and poetry in alternating passages (Spring and All and The Descent of Winter) . . . an antinovel whose subject is the impossibility of writing "The Great American Novel" in America . . . automatic writing (A Novelette) . . . these are the challenges which Williams accepted and brilliantly met in his early work.

The Book Of Job A Contest Of Moral Imaginations

Author : Candler School of Theology Carol A. Newsom Professor of Old Testament Emory University
ISBN : 9780195348712
Genre : Religion
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Carol Newsom illuminates the relation between the aesthetic forms of Job and the claims made by its various characters. Her innovative approach makes possible a new understanding of the unity of the book that rejects its dismantling in historical criticism and the flattening of the text that characterizes many final form readings. Additionally, she rehabilitates the moral perspectives represented by certain voices of the book that modern critics have treated with disdain.


Author : James P. Gills
ISBN : 9781599798837
Genre : Religion
File Size : 70. 34 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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When a relinquished life becomes faithful to the promises of God, the result is His joy, His peace, and His charity. Dr. James Gills recounts his own period of rest and complacency-brought on by a time of incapacitation. He learned that when we give ourselves over to the thought patterns of the world, we turn our backs on the Lord and His glory.Imaginations: More Than You Think was written so that the reader might understand how rich life can be when we focus our thoughts on God. You will come to treasure its wisdom as you learn to appreciate its four foundational principles: We are what we think-therefore, our thoughts determine our actions. Our present thoughts affect how we will spend eternity. God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in Him. Our greatest joy comes from surrendering our thoughts to God. Dr. Gills teaches the reader how to wake up with love, happiness, and enthusiasm for the new day. True surrender to the satisfaction of being with Jesus and accepting His provision for us sets the reader free from all daily worry and concern. About the author: James P. Gills, M.D. has earned a reputation as the most experienced cataract surgeon in the world. He is the founder and medical director of the renowned St. Luke's Cataract & Laser Institute in Tarpon Springs, Florida. Dr. Gills has dedictaed his life to restoring much more than physical version. His not-for-profit publishing outreach, Love Press, has ditributed well over three million copies of his books on a donation basis through LoveLines: The Honor Innovation.

Surface Imaginations

Author : Rachel Alpha Johnston Hurst
ISBN : 9780773597754
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 34. 53 MB
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Versatile, trendy, and resilient, the global cosmetic surgery industry shows no signs of decline, especially with its promises, not just of aesthetic improvement, but of absolute transformation. Introducing the concept of "surface imagination," Rachel Hurst discusses the fantasy that a change to the exterior will enhance the interior, or that the outside is more significant because it fashions the inside. Drawing on psychoanalysis, feminist theory, popular culture, the history of medicine, and interviews with women who have undergone cosmetic procedures, Hurst explores the tensions between the two primary surfaces of cosmetic surgery: the photograph and the skin. The photograph, an idealized surface for envisioning the effects of cosmetic surgery, allows for speculation and retouching, predictably and without pain. The skin, on the other hand, is a recalcitrant surface that records the passage of time and heals unpredictably. Ultimately, Hurst argues, the fantasy of surface imagination corroborates the belief that one's body is mutable and controllable, and that control over one's body permits control over one's social, emotional, and mental suffering. Acknowledging the varied experiences and opinions of the patients interviewed, but also critiquing the promises made by the industry, Surface Imaginations develops an innovative approach to thinking about cosmetic surgical transformations through the seduction of surfaces.

Religious Imaginations

Author : James Walters
ISBN : 9781909942233
Genre : Religion
File Size : 53. 58 MB
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Market globalization, technology, climate change, and postcolonial political forces are together forging a new, more modern world. However, caught up in the mix are some powerful religious narratives that are galvanizing peoples and reimagining – and sometimes stifling – the political and social order. Some are repressive, fundamentalist imaginations, such as the so-called Islamic Caliphate. Others could be described as post-religious, such as the evolution of universal human rights out of the European Christian tradition. But the question of the compatibility of these religious worldviews, particularly those that have emerged out of the Abrahamic faith traditions, is perhaps the most pressing issue in global stability today. What scope for dialogue is there between the Jewish, Muslim, and Christian ways of imagining the future? How can we engage with these multiple imaginations to create a shared and peaceful global society? Religious Imaginations and Global Transitions is an interdisciplinary volume of both new and well-known scholars exploring how religious narratives interact with the contemporary geopolitical climate.

Methodological Imaginations

Author : Joan Busfield
ISBN : 9781349245475
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 43. 77 MB
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This book brings together a collection of essays which look creatively and imaginatively at issues of research methods and methodology in sociology. Some papers critically revisit and redefine techniques such as the classic community study, the use of diaries, photography and art, others examine the need for reflexivity in the research process and the epistemological issues arising from being a researcher in administrative and political contexts. The diversity of research approaches discussed in this reader should make it an important contribution to research methods teaching for undergraduate and graduate students of sociology.

Transgressive Imaginations

Author : M. O'Neill
ISBN : 9780230369061
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 72. 83 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This book focuses upon the breaking of rules and taboos involved in 'doing crime', including violent crime as represented in fictive texts and ethnographic research. It includes chapters on topics of urgent contemporary interest such as asylum seekers, sex work, serial killers, school shooters, crimes of poverty and understandings of 'madness'.

Musical Imaginations

Author : David Hargreaves
ISBN : 9780199568086
Genre : Medical
File Size : 26. 67 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Creativity (like Consciousness ) was once considered too diffuse and abstract a topic for empirical study. However, in recent years a number of respected scientists have started to research creativity, considering its value and importance within education and the arts. In addition new journals have emerged recently, testifying to a growing interest and acceptance of the topic within the sciences. Musical Imaginations considers creativity within composition, performance, improvisation, and listening- fundamental concepts of key importance to all aspects of music making. It looks at the effects of music technology on creativity-both positive and negative. The book brings together leading researchers drawn from the fields of music, social, andpositive psychology, and cognitive neuroscience.

Excitable Imaginations

Author : Kathleen Lubey
ISBN : 9781611484403
Genre : History
File Size : 26. 19 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Excitable Imaginations offers a new approach to the history of pornography. Looking beyond a counter-canon of bawdy literature, Kathleen Lubey identifies a vigilant attentiveness to sex across a wide spectrum of literary and philosophical texts in eighteenth-century Britain. Esteemed public modes of writing such as nationalist poetry, moral fiction, and empirical philosophy, as well as scandalous and obscene writing, persistently narrate erotic experiences desire, voyeurism, seduction, orgasm. The recurring turn to sexuality in literature and philosophy, she argues, allowed authors to recommend with great urgency how the risque delights of reading might excite the imagination to ever greater degrees of educability on moral and aesthetic matters. Moralists such as Samuel Richardson and Adam Smith, like their licentious counterparts Rochester, Haywood, and Cleland, purposefully evoke salacious fantasy so that their audiences will recognize reading as an intellectual act that is premised on visceral pleasure. Eroticism in texts like Pamela and Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure, in Lubey s reading, did not compete with instructive literary aims, but rather was essential to the construction of the self-governing Enlightenment subject."

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