if pigs could talk the case for a plant based diet

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Author : Diane Kochilas
ISBN : 9781623362966
Genre : Cooking
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The remote and lush island of Ikaria in the northeastern Aegean is home to one of the longest-living populations on the planet, making it a "blue zone." Much of this has been attributed to Ikaria's stress-free lifestyle and Mediterranean diet--daily naps, frequent sex, a little fish and meat, free-flowing wine, mindless exercise like walking and gardening, hyper-local food, strong friendships, and a deep-rooted disregard for the clock. No one knows the Ikarian lifestyle better than Chef Diane Kochilas, who has spent much of her life on the island. Part cookbook, part travelogue, Kochilas's Ikaria is an introduction to the food-as-life philosophy and a culinary journey through luscious recipes, gorgeous photography, and captivating stories from locals. Capturing the true spirit of the island, Kochilas explains the importance of shared food, the health benefits of raw and cooked salads, the bean dishes that are passed down through generations, the greens and herbal teas that are used in the kitchen and in the teapot as "medicine," and the nutritional wisdom inherent in the ingredients and recipes that have kept Ikarians healthy for so long. Ikaria is more than a cookbook. It's a portrait of the people who have achieved what so many of us yearn for: a fuller, more meaningful and joyful life, lived simply and nourished on real, delicious, seasonal foods that you can access anywhere.

Plant Powered Cooking

Author : Becca Anderson
ISBN : 9781633535305
Genre : Cooking
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Your healthy habits plant-based diet Healthy habits: Cooking for a plant-based diet is the single biggest trend in the culinary world and for very good reasons, too: • Improved health • Better weight management • Proven reversal of heart disease and other chronic issues • Easier on your wallet • Oh-so-much better for the planet Plant-based diet: Organic gardener, environmentalist and pop-up chef Alice Mary Alvrez wants to make it as easy as possible to reduce your footprint, grow and eat fabulous organic vegetables, and maintain a planet-positive, animal-friendly lifestyle. As she says, "I like to make it so simple that it's 'brain-free so you don't even have to think about it any more, you fall in love with a healthier and greener way of life." Developing a new lifestyle: Her book, Plant-Powered Cooking is simply brimming with brilliant ideas you can use from tips for growing your own food (even if you have a hard time keeping houseplants alive), shopping and cooking techniques for every mealtime and even low-labor secrets for harvesting and canning the bounty from your own garden. Learn surprising facts about the impact of meat and animal products on the environment and how even small do-it-yourself ideas lead to real impact. Begin with small changes such as "Meat-free Mondays," then eliminate all meat out of your diet and replace it with beautiful food grown by your own hand. With Alice Alvrez's Plant-Powered Cooking, you and your family will be living the good life. • Much more than a cookbook, Alvrez’s Plant-Powered Cooking offers readers insight into why we eat the way we do • Filled with tips, tricks and secrets for a sustainable new lifestyle so readers can go green • Starter garden tips for readers at any level, so ditch the high-maintenance lawn and grow veggies, fresh herbs and eat food with the highest nutrient levels

Healthy Eating Healthy World

Author : Morris Hicks
ISBN : 9781936661268
Genre : Health & Fitness
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Imagine that the New York Times tomorrow released some amazing news. A health treatment has been discovered that literally cures most forms of heart disease. But not just that. This treatment has a dramatic impact on most of the diseases Westerners face, including cancer, obesity, autoimmune diseases, diabetes, osteoporosis, Alzheimer's, and many many others. And this treatment is so inexpensive to administer that two-thirds of the medical establishment can be shut down as no longer serving any useful function. It's really too much to believe, isn't it? But there's more. This treatment has miraculous implications for the environment. By applying this treatment, we can eliminate the largest source of global warming, and dramatically reduce the waste that is polluting our water supply. We'll also dramatically improve the health and animal population of our oceans and seas. And there's more. By applying this treatment, we'll dramatically increase the supply of arable land, lowering the cost food and allowing us to feed everyone on this planet. Starvation can become a thing of the past. And one last thing. This treatment also has enormous moral implications, allowing us to eliminate almost all of the pain and suffering we are inflicting on the animals, most of which is hidden away from view, but is morally repulsive to anyone exposed to this suffering. Now what if I told you that we don't have to wait for tomorrow's New York Times, that this treatment has been found, and that the amount of scientific data supporting the claims I just made is overwhelming. The "miracle" treatment is simple. It's eating a whole grain, plant-based diet. Skeptical? I'm not surprised. But by the end of this book you'll be exposed to the overwhelming amount of evidence that supports every claim made above. You'll also get to hear the counterarguments made by skeptics and you'll get to decide for yourself whether these claims are true. It's my hope that by the end of this book you'll be convinced and join our movement. You may just save your life and the planet in the bargain. This revolutionary book is Healthy Eating -- Healthy World: Unleashing the Power of Plant-based Nutrition by J. Morris Hicks, and it is the book that finally tackles all compelling reasons for adopting a plant-based diet -- from the environment to solving the world's hunger crisis. Additionally, T. Colin Campbell, acclaimed author of the bestselling book The China Study, provides a riveting foreword to Healthy Eating -- Healthy World. After reading this book, it'll be nearly impossible to ignore the truth: people were not meant to eat animals or animal products, and the time has come to stop.

Eating Earth

Author : Lisa Kemmerer
ISBN : 9780199391868
Genre : Science
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Exploring the environmental effects of animal agriculture, fishing, and hunting, Eating Earth exposes critical common ground between earth and animal advocacy. The first chapter (animal agriculture) examines greenhouse gas emissions and climate change, manure and dead zones, freshwater depletion, deforestation, predator control, land and use--including the ranching industries public lands subsidies. Chapter two first examines whether or not the consumption of fish is healthy and outlines morally relevant aspects of fish physiology, then scrutinizes the fishing industry, documenting the "silent collapse" of ocean ecosystems and calling attention to the indiscriminate nature of hooks and nets, including the problem of bycatch and what this means for endangered species and fragile seascapes. Chapter three outlines the historic link between the U. S. Government, wildlife management, and hunters, then systematically unravels common beliefs about sport hunting, such as the belief that hunters are essential to wildlife conservation, that contemporary hunting qualifies as a tradition, and that hunting is merciful, economical, or rooted in "fair chase." At the end of each chapter, Kemmerer examines possible solutions to problems presented, such as sustainable meats, organic and local, grass fed, aquaculture, new fishing technologies, and enhanced regulations. Eating Earth offers a concise examination of the environmental effects of dietary choice, clearly presenting the many reasons why dietary choice ought to be front and center for environmentalists. Kemmerer's writing, supported by nearly 80 graphs and summary slides, is clear, straightforward, and punctuated with wry humor.

The Listener

Author :
ISBN : STANFORD:36105007794436
Genre : Radio addresses, debates, etc
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Author : Sir Norman Lockyer
ISBN : UOM:39015012036391
Genre : Electronic journals
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Maximum Rocknroll

Author :
ISBN : UOM:39015073789078
Genre : Popular music
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The Country Gentleman

Author :
ISBN : PSU:000019027586
Genre : Agriculture
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Acres U S A

Author :
ISBN : CORNELL:31924063877173
Genre : Agricultural ecology
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The Poland China World

Author :
ISBN : CORNELL:31924070850189
Genre : Swine
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