i was told to come alone

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I Was Told To Come Alone

Author : Souad Mekhennet
ISBN : 9781627798969
Genre : Political Science
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“I was told to come alone. I was not to carry any identification, and would have to leave my cell phone, audio recorder, watch, and purse at my hotel. . . .” For her whole life, Souad Mekhennet, a reporter for The Washington Post who was born and educated in Germany, has had to balance the two sides of her upbringing – Muslim and Western. She has also sought to provide a mediating voice between these cultures, which too often misunderstand each other. In this compelling and evocative memoir, we accompany Mekhennet as she journeys behind the lines of jihad, starting in the German neighborhoods where the 9/11 plotters were radicalized and the Iraqi neighborhoods where Sunnis and Shia turned against one another, and culminating on the Turkish/Syrian border region where ISIS is a daily presence. In her travels across the Middle East and North Africa, she documents her chilling run-ins with various intelligence services and shows why the Arab Spring never lived up to its promise. She then returns to Europe, first in London, where she uncovers the identity of the notorious ISIS executioner “Jihadi John,” and then in France, Belgium, and her native Germany, where terror has come to the heart of Western civilization. Mekhennet’s background has given her unique access to some of the world’s most wanted men, who generally refuse to speak to Western journalists. She is not afraid to face personal danger to reach out to individuals in the inner circles of Al Qaeda, the Taliban, ISIS, and their affiliates; when she is told to come alone to an interview, she never knows what awaits at her destination. Souad Mekhennet is an ideal guide to introduce us to the human beings behind the ominous headlines, as she shares her transformative journey with us. Hers is a story you will not soon forget.

Dead On The Island

Author : Bill Crider
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 82. 13 MB
Format : PDF
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PI Truman Smith has become a loner after failing to find his sister Jan during a recent search of Galveston Island. He jogs on the Seawall, plays with his cat, and reads lots of Faulkner books. He is pulled from his self-imposed retirement when his old high school football buddy Dino asks him to find a young girl named Sharon. As Tru begins his investigation, dead bodies begin to appear and Tru himself is attacked. His search for Sharon takes him to all sorts of interesting places on and near the Island. Bill Crider spins a good mystery tale in a wonderful setting with interesting characters and enough plot twists to keep readers guessing until the last few chapters.


Author : Trevor Scott
ISBN : 9781627934213
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 61. 43 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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In a time when the U.S. military is shrinking, our leaders are turning to high technology as a force equalizer. America has not had a new hand-held rifle since the M16 was introduced in the 1960s. Now there's a new gun ready to take its position as the NATO standard. A gun so sophisticated, so fast, so unbelievably accurate, it will turn the average shooter into an expert marksman almost instantly. The problem is, it was developed by a German company with no U.S. production contract. That's where Warfield Arms, a Denver gun company, enters the action. Warfield hires Chad Hunter, a private weapons designer who had worked for the German company, to go to Germany to convince the company that Warfield is the perfect partner. To sweeten the deal, Hunter must first convince Frank Baldwin, a struggling optics engineer from Wyoming, who has developed the most advanced rifle scope ever conceived, that his scope would be the perfect match for this new German rifle. With the scope as bait, the Germans would surely deal. What Hunter and Baldwin find in Germany during the middle of the Oktoberfest celebration, could just get them both killed. Other countries and private factions would like this new weapon, and some in Germany want it only for that country.

Whisper Of Angels

Author :
ISBN : 9781922036186
Genre :
File Size : 51. 53 MB
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Author : Rani Dharker
ISBN : 9788174368560
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 22. 6 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This girl is going to make it to the top with her second novel,' I said to myself (as I finished Rani Dharker's first novel) . In her, we have a clever, erudite woman who can communicate Indian thought and tradition to the Western world as few living writers of India today.' - Khushwant SinghÊ Here's Anurima, the second novel Khushwant Singh spoke about. It takes us to Sonapur, once a princely state, now a bustling city, where the lives of three people, very unlike each other, collide in unusual circumstances. There's Royina, young but stubbornly quiet; Krishan, a charismatic young artist. And then there's Elise, a Jew from Austria, who spends her last days reliving memories of Sonapur's lost glory. Memories whose dominant figure is the hauntingly beautiful Princess Anurima. Mesmerising and dream-like, Anurima is also Royina's journey into that past, a journey in which she rediscovers herself.

The Banditti Of The Plains

Author : A. S. Mercer
ISBN : 9780806187143
Genre : History
File Size : 52. 18 MB
Format : PDF
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In 1894, when A. S. Mercer published this angry eyewitness account of the cattlemen’s invasion of Wyoming, the book was so thoroughly and ruthlessly suppressed that few copies of that edition remain today. Although historians have since questioned some of Mercer’s conclusions about the Johnson County range war, they have never controverted the facts of the cattlemen-homesteader struggle as he grimly reported them. With the intention of "executing" alleged rustlers and terrorizing the homesteaders, a band of fifty-two cattlemen and hired gunmen invaded Johnson Country, Wyoming, in April 1892. After besieging and killing "the bravest man in Johnson County," the raiders in turn found themselves besieged by the homesteaders and finally in the protective custody of the Untied States cavalry. Further legal and illegal maneuvering permitted the invaders to go unpunished, but the cattlemen never again attempted to retain their hold over the range with organized mob violence. In this new edition of The Banditti of the Plains the original text has been followed with the utmost fidelity, even including the illustrations. An informed and interesting foreword by William H. Kittrell has been added to the book.

I Am A Survivor

Author : Jeannette Moreno
ISBN : 9781465326638
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 49. 52 MB
Format : PDF
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In 1989 I met Ron; it was love at first sight, which later became a nightmare. My life was one of devastating choices in order to survive. My children and I were ensnared in a trap of brutality that was hauntingly real. The decision I made in order to live one more day under tortuous circumstances prevented him from killing me allowing my children and me to survive. With one bag of food at my door I fed my kids for a week, we were literally without a dime. My strength and willful confidence kept us going and my children believed in me, that was what kept us alive. Today I can honestly say- Ive come a long way.

A Devils Story As Told To Norm

Author : Norman Merritt
Genre : Religion
File Size : 85. 82 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Life is not easy in these last days. When you need help, nothing or nobody is willing to come along side of you. The 948 have build a brick fortress around you life, so you dis-spare and hate the very day you were born. I call it sin justice. They will create so many hurts in your life it seems to you that it is just not worth living. They will bring you to point that you will not know what Normality is. Do you know what a loving marriage is like? Whats a good holiday feel like? How many good days have you had lately, or peaceful nights sleep? Are fear and anxiety in control of your mind? Is doubt ruler of your heart. The 948 are doing this all the time. They are masters at stealing your joy, peace, happiness. But they always give you something back in return. Its call trauma. Welcome to A Devils story as told to Norm

I Was Just Passing Through

Author : Cassandra
ISBN : 9781477107096
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 21. 6 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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When I decided to write this autobiography, a strange feeling overcame me, wondering why I should reveal my innermost and carefully protected memories that had lain dormant for so many years and expose them now to the world. However, others kept encouraging me to share my saga of growing up during very difficult times in the world, as well as personal circumstances of instability in which I often felt like I was walking about in a haze. Jokes about blondes being dumb might have applied at times but do blondes really have more fun? I leave that to you, dear reader, to decide. This haze finally forced me to use an undeveloped creativity I never knew I had that led to amazing, unexpected and unusual events, and changed the direction of my life completely. My hope is that upon reading this, no matter how difficult and unfair life is or may seem to be, such moments can serve as stepping stones that force us to become creative in making make a life that becomes more exciting and worthwhile. We have the gift of life and there truly is no time like the present to hope and achieve for something better, whether young or elderly. Some of my finest accomplishments took place later in life. However, this book would never have been written without the help of others. Memories of loved ones who have passed on who taught and guided me out of a labyrinth of despair at times will forever remain in my heart as my greatest treasures. They are as live to me today in my memory as when they were here.

Not Alone

Author : Jenny Tomlin
ISBN : 9781444718102
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 31. 38 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Jenny Tomlin suffered horrendous neglect and physical and sexual abuse throughout her childhood at the hands of her father. This harrowing story is told in the number one bestseller Behind Closed Doors and the heartrending follow-up, Silent Sisters. Jenny has campaigned on behalf of fellow victims of abuse for charities Barnardo's and Refuge and she is a passionate believer in the absolute necessity of encouraging victims to speak out and others to listen to them and believe their stories. It is in this spirit that she has brought her own story together with other powerful, inspiring, horrifying and humbling tales of resilience, courage and sheer determination to escape victimhood and embrace a better future. These are the testimonies of Jenny's heroes.

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