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I Declare War

Author : Levi Lusko
ISBN : 9780785220879
Genre : Religion
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In both sports and war, athletes and soldiers must work to have a mental edge to successfully deal with all that they encounter. While success for both is typically defined as overcoming their respective opponents, the reality is that their victories can never happen unless they’ve first won their internal battles. I Declare War is a practical guide for fighting our inner war, the struggle against sin that breaks us down and fills our lives with pain and suffering, in turn making us feel weak and inadequate. With personal stories of his own struggles with night terrors, anxiety, narcissism, and self-doubt, Pastor Levi points readers to the hope and power that God offers in his Word. From stockbrokers and soccer moms to skateboarders and sorority sisters, I Declare War is for anyone who struggles with depression, fear, anxiety, suicide, negative thoughts, addiction, lust, pride, jealousy, resentment, abuse, anger, self-doubt, eating disorders, and/or codependent relationships. Pastor Levi doesn’t offer a quick fix or the perfect life if you follow prescribed steps but, instead, helps guide readers in how to think right so they can live right.

I Declare War

Author : Deborah W. Nelson
ISBN : 9781615797554
Genre : Reference
File Size : 39. 23 MB
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Dr. Deborah W. Nelson was born in Washington D.C., and resides in the Metropolitan Area. Married for 28 years, and widowed in 1997. The mother of two daughters and four beautiful grand-daughters, that bring much joy to her life, also two biological sisters, Angelica Stamps, Yvette Harlan-Ray and one living brother Robert Harlan. Her "Mother" Marion Harlan has always and continues to be her first and most profound mentor, teacher, and life coach. However her father Robert Harlan was her unsung hero. Retired in 2003 after 30 yrs at AT&T Communications as Communication-Technician. / Special Services. Dr. Nelson Received Jesus Christ into her life as Lord and Savior in 1993.The call to ministry came in 1997 after the death of her husband. Her assignment from the Lord was an audible clarion simply, "GET EQUIPPED." Dr. Nelson began attending National Bible College / Seminary, September of 1997. COMMUNITY AND RELIGIOUS ORGANIZATIONS / ACTIVITIES Founder and President of (IAM'S Inc) International Alliance Ministry of Servants Professor-National Bible College / Seminary Professor-Rhema Bible College Pastor-C.L.U.R.T. Assemblies, Bishop George Bloomer. Durham, N.C. Associate Pastor-Rhema Church of Greater Washington D.C. Apostle Richard L. Archer Affiliate Pastor-Unity Christian Center / Bishop Raymond Horton III Affiliate Pastor-Fruit of the Spirit Baptist Church / Pastor Clarence T ADDITIONAL ECCLESIASTICAL EXPERIENCES Missions Crusades Guyana / Jamaica / Germany/ Brussels, Belgium / Kenya Africa/ Mission / Bishop Dickson and Katherine Ochuto Kenya Africa / Bishop Elisha and Rev. Mary Juma Kenya Africa / Crusade-Missions Apostle Peter Awour Juma THEOLOGICAL TRAINING Doctorate of Ministry... NBC/S 2007- 09, Master of Divinity... June, 2005 Master of Theological Studies... June, 2003, Bachelor of Theology... May, 2001 Associate of Theological Studies ... May, 1999, Ministerial Internship Program... May, 1998

I Declare War Study Guide

Author : Levi Lusko
ISBN : 9780310094883
Genre : Religion
File Size : 55. 13 MB
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Soldiers and athletes. One engages in a good fight; the other runs to win a prize. But both soldiers and athletes know they must have a mental edge to successfully deal with everything they encounter. They know victory will never occur unless they’ve first won their internal battles. In I Declare War, author and pastor Levi Lusko shows how the same is true for Christians. God has called each of us to an important assignment—to win the battle and claim the prize—but to fulfill that calling we first have to win the war within. Levi draws from the Bible to show four ways to fight this internal battle: Key #1: Discover Your Calling Key #2: Prepare for the Trial Key #3: Learn Self-Control Key #4: Rely on God’s Power Levi draws on stories from his own life to show how God can help us wage war against issues that rob us of joy such as depression, fear, anxiety, addiction, negative thoughts, pride, jealousy, resentment, anger, self-doubt, and codependent relationships. While Levi does not offer a quick fix or promise the “perfect life” if participants follow all the steps, he does point toward the hope that God provides as we commit to fight the good fight through all the pain, sweat, and tears that each day brings. Sessions include: The War Raging Within Identity Crisis (Calling) Hell Week (Trials) Hostile Takeover (Self-Control) Dying to Self (God’s Power) Designed for use with I Declare War Video Study (9780310094913), sold separately.

Thus Saith The Lord Declare War Against The Enemies Of The Cross Attacking You And The Works Of Your Hands

Author : Apostle Sharon Loving Ruff
ISBN : 9780984918584
Genre : Religion
File Size : 67. 37 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Apostle Sharon Loving Ruff shares an amazing journey in her quest for a greater anointing from the Lord for spiritual warfare. After years of being used in the deliverance ministry, she encountered individuals who didn’t receive the fullness of relief they desired. Being one who had suffered torments from demonic attacks from childhood, her heart cried out for their plight. One day she decided to experiment with a warfare strategy recorded in Ezekiel 4 in the Bible. The results she sought did not manifest, so she lost interest in that approach. Years later, the Holy Spirit whispered, “Enemies are all around you.” Shortly afterwards, she received a visit from an Angel of the Lord. In a voluminous voice he said, "Declare war against the enemies of the Cross attacking you and the works of your hands." Little did she know that the manner in which she followed those instructions wasn't sufficient to protect the works of her hands or her from the spiritual enemies that the Holy Spirit had told her were surrounding her. This truth was revealed about four months later when the Angel of the Lord made his second visit. This time his visitation brought a message that was a strong rebuke. Her book chronicles her experiences, manifested changes in her life and members of her church, and ends with an amazing breakthrough. She invites others to seek the Lord for permission to use His declaration of warfare prayer delivered by the Angel of the Lord on his third visit.

Let S Declare War On Road Rage

Author : Paul Smith
ISBN : 9781684090341
Genre : Reference
File Size : 89. 87 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Every person who rides in a motor vehicle of any kind may well become involved in a road rage incident. Yes, that means every person—doctor, lawyer, teacher, construction worker, minister, every man woman, and child. The road rage epidemic has no limitations. Fasten your seat belts for this book will take you on an enlightening, at times frightening ride through the direct causes and results of road rage. The writing explicitly points out five levels of roadway violence. The book's ultimate goals are: (1) to meet thoughtfully the problems emanating from the epidemic, (2) to understand the best strategies for combating the violence, (3) to join in the declaration of war against America's #1 enemy. There are thirty-five thousand traffic deaths on American roadways every year. There are more than four million injuries from American accidents. Collision costs are exceeding three hundred billion dollars. Lawsuits expenses are astonishing but unattainable because many cases are still pending. Traffic experts know that a large percentage of these devastating statistics can be attributed to road rage. The exact number cannot be ascertained because many people causing the problems flee from the incident scenes. Through head-on revelations, Let's Declare War on Road Rage will bring the reader face-to-face with road rage incidents that happened in locations around the country. They will be very personalized incidents involving common ordinary people who became involved in situations that led to events they might never recover from. The on-the-sight recollections of these incidents ironically open the door to the realization that everyone needs to join the war against road rage, comparable to the devastating effects of road rage, if you join the fight your new knowledge will also be devastating, only this time the victim will be road rage.

Clarity Cut And Culture

Author : Susan Falls
ISBN : 9781479834396
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 78. 90 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Images of diamonds appear everywhere in American culture. And everyone who has a diamond has a story to tell about it. Our stories about diamonds not only reveal what we do with these tiny stones, but also suggest how we create value, meaning, and identity through our interactions with material culture in general. Things become meaningful through our interactions with them, but how do people go about making meaning? What can we learn from an ethnography about the production of identity, creation of kinship, and use of diamonds in understanding selves and social relationships? By what means do people positioned within a globalized political-economy and a compelling universe of advertising interact locally with these tiny polished rocks? This book draws on 12 months of fieldwork with diamond consumers in New York City as well as an analysis of the iconic De Beers campaign that promised romance, status, and glamour to anyone who bought a diamond to show that this thematic pool is just one resource among many that diamond owners draw upon to engage with their own stones. The volume highlights the important roles that memory, context, and circumstance also play in shaping how people interpret and then use objects in making personal worlds. It shows that besides operating as subjects in an ad-burdened universe, consumers are highly creative, idiosyncratic, and theatrical agents.

To Chain The Dog Of War

Author : Francis Dunham Wormuth
ISBN : 0252060687
Genre : Law
File Size : 51. 42 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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"An important book . . . that I wish every member of Congress and would-be president would carefully study." -- George McGovern "A timely and valuable study that makes a useful contribution to preserving the Constitution and our hopes for survival." -- Journal of American History "To Chain the Dog of War does an excellent job of putting together some very complex material, and it comes out at a most propitious time." -- Arthur S. Miller, Professor of Law, George Washington University "A most thorough study. . . . it would be useful is this book could be prescribed to our decision-makers as required reading." -- Louis B. Sohn, University of Georgia, School of Law

The Era Of World War Ii Through Contemporary Times

Author : Kathy Sammis
ISBN : 0825138795
Genre : History
File Size : 49. 99 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Just Duffy

Author : Robin Jenkins
ISBN : 9781847674586
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 57. 8 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Introduced by Margery Palmer McCulloch. In writing Just Duffy, a novel set amidst the urban decay of Lanarkshire, Robin Jenkins has created a modern-day Confession of a Justified Sinner. Convinced of his own rectitude, appalled at the moral squalor around him, Duffy declares war on society. Ridiculous, yet horrifying at the same time, his campaign builds to a terrifying conclusion. Beset with ambiguity, Duffy is a ferocious indictment of Calvinistic moral certainty, of a struggle for good which results in only evil and destruction. The deeply ironic title bears witness to the mismatch of Duffys aspiration against his own insignificance. The themes of this novel are central to all Jenkins work. In its stark simplicity Just Duffy lays claim to being one of his most significant and powerful novels. Its inexorable drive and power bear witness to a modern Greek tragedy played out on a Scottish stage. Challenging and absorbing . . . a powerful and mordant irony. Scotsman Stark and hypnotically well written. Irish Independent Robin Jenkins is the most outstanding novelist that Scotland has produced since the war. Compton Mackenzie

The Lost Art Of Declaring War

Author : Brien Hallett
ISBN : 0252067266
Genre : History
File Size : 90. 88 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Historically, it has been assumed that war is violence and declarations of war are simply public announcements that serve to initiate combat. Brien Hallett denies both assumptions and claims that war is policy, not violence.The Lost Art of Declaring War analyzes the crucial differences between combat and war and convincingly argues that the power to declare war is in actuality the power to compose a text, draft a document, write a denunciation. Once written, the declaration then serves three functions: to articulate the political purposes of the war, to guide and direct military operations, and to establish the boundary between justified combat and unjustified devastation.Hallett sounds a clarion call urging the people and their representatives to take up the challenge and write fully reasoned declarations of war. Then, and only then, can a civilized nation like the United States lay claim to being fully democratic, not only in peacetime, but in wartime as well.

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