hebrews to negroes wake up black america

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Hebrews To Negroes 2 Volume 2 Wake Up Black America

Author : Ronald Dalton Jr
ISBN : 0997157917
Genre : Religion
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"From beyond the Rivers of Ethiopia My worshippers, My dispersed ones, Will bring My offerings." - Zephaniah 3:10 Modern Jewry has been looking for the "10 Lost Tribes of Israel" in countries like Afghanistan, Pakistan, China, Arabia, and India but they never seem to look in Africa. The Ethiopian Jews and the Lemba Jews have been recognized by modern Jewry as having a connection to Ancient Israel but other African countries are often overlooked. Why is this? Jews today now boast to have "Israelite" heritage based on the "Cohen Model Haplogroup" genetic marker that they say links them to the High Priest Cohenite clan of Aaron, the brother of Moses. But what exactly is this "Cohen Model Haplogroup"? Who else in the world has it and is it really an "Israelite Genetic Marker" as they claim? In the Book, "Hebrews to Negroes 2: Volume 2, I dive in deep into the "world of genetics" to debunk the lies that has been spread about who we call "Jews" or the "Chosen People" today. Using Linguistics, Ancient written records from Arab historians, Craniometry, Tooth records, Ancient maps, Ancient archaeological relics, Ancient pictures, the Bible, Genetics and "Critical Thinking" one can find out the TRUTH about who the REAL ISRAELITES of the Bible are. It will tell us where we should be looking in regards to finding the "authentic" scattered "Children of Israel," not "outsiders" who have invaded Judea for the last 2,000 years and decided to convert to Judaism. In this Book many clues to our "many" questions about the Bible will be answered and explored. Such as: Who are the descendants of the Ancient Egyptians, Canaanites, Cushites and Phuttites today? Who are the "Original Arabs" and where are they at today? What is the connection between the Lemba Jews, African-Americans, Caribbean Blacks, Afro-Latinos and "Bantus" West/East Africans? Who are the indigenous Native Amerindians? Are they descendants of Ham, Shem or Japheth? Are the Native Amerindians Israelites? Do Latinos have any "Israelite" heritage? Where did the 10 Lost Tribes of Northern Israel (Samaria) go after they were exiled in 700 B.C. and is there any DNA proof of this? Who were the Jews that were exiled from Spain and Portugal in 1492 A.D.' Were they "Black Jews" or "White Jews"? Who are the Sephardic Jews and are they "imposters" as well? Who were the Moors? Were they mixed with "Israelite Blood"? Can we trace the migration pattern of the Edomites? If so, where are the Edomites today and what nations of people can we find the "bloodline" of Edom in? How do we know that the Ashkenazi Jew, the Sephardic Jew and the Mizrahi Jew today are "Gentiles" and not "Jews"? Are there any Israelites in Asia or the Middle East? A LIE CANNOT LIVE FOREVER! It is time for "Black America" and the World to know the Truth!"

Hebrews To Negroes 2 Wake Up Black America

Author : Ronald Dalton Jr
ISBN : 0986237981
Genre : Religion
File Size : 74. 20 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Hebrews To Negroes 2 Volume 3

Author : Ronald Dalton Jr
ISBN : 0997157925
Genre : Religion
File Size : 40. 79 MB
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BOOK 4 of the "Hebrews to Negroes Collection" will blow your mind. It is time for the TRUTH to be heard. It is also time for the Christian Church to start teaching historically sound Biblical TRUTH, not "propaganda" or "lies."

Your Pastor Has Failed You The Truth About Israel

Author : Dr. Linda Searight
ISBN : 9781365992889
Genre : Religion
File Size : 36. 22 MB
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The Taxing Of Ke Sha Dennis One Woman S Journey Embracing Serenity Self And Spirit

Author : Ke'sha Dennis
ISBN : 9781943616206
Genre :
File Size : 71. 17 MB
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Fear is the critical enemy, but most people are so trained with fear that they create strength without muscles, accounts without finances, dreams without discipline, and constructs without connection. In other words, people don't believe that they can do it-whatever it is. They work hard attempting to control and earn what they could simply accept as theirs. Meanwhile, the real work goes undone. This book strips away the blinders placed in your life due to survival. You can thrive if you reprogram your mind.

Biblical Heritage Awakening

Author : Navee Yaacov Yisrael
ISBN : 1426948824
Genre : Religion
File Size : 54. 90 MB
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Biblical Heritage Awakening, is an exhortation to all Non-Awakened Black African people, nations, tongues, exiles, etc. throughout the world (which do not know Yahavah their Yaheem), who, have not as yet, considered, who they are (Black African Hebrews of the Nation Yisrael, of the BRHAL)? Where they are (still in exile bondage, of the Biblical Black African Hebrew Slave Trade)? And, Where there inheritance lies (promised Motherland of Africa/Yisrael)? Now, without the acceptance of this knowledge, the Non-Awakened Black African Nation (presently, known, and called, throughout the world by false byword lie terms, for their identity, as, So-Negroes, Blacks, Afros, Colored People, exiles, etc.), will always be, still dead to own heritage identity, lost without inspirational directions, without consideration for own inheritance, beliefs, and customs. Now, in order for the Non-Awakened Black African Nation of Yisrael, to become mentally sane, and physically free, they must go back to the basic, of accepting being descendants of their Black African Hebrew Ancestors, of the Biblical Black African Hebrew Slave Trade, and rejecting all falsehood lies and cursed byword terms for their identity, and proudly accept who they really are, Black African Hebrews of the Nation Yisrael, those that are awakened and not dead.

Winds Can Wake Up The Dead

Author : Eric Walrond
ISBN : 0814327095
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 41. 7 MB
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A new anthology of works by a major writer from the New Negro Movement.

Wake Up America

Author : Tony Campolo
ISBN : 0062520229
Genre : Religion
File Size : 32. 14 MB
Format : PDF
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Challenges practicing Christians to incorporate working on social problems into their religious and professional lives

Wake Up America International

Author : Campolo
ISBN : 006252027X
Genre : History
File Size : 81. 69 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Author : Eliezer Ben Rafael
ISBN : 9789004174702
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 74. 9 MB
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This book deals with transnationalism and captures its singularity as a generalized phenomenon. The profusion of transnational communities is a factor of fluidity in social orders and represents confrontations between contingencies and basic socio-cultural drives. It has created a new era different from the past at essential respects. This is an age of enriching cultural diversity fraught with threatening risks inextricably linked to contemporary globalization. National sovereignty is eroded from above by global processes, from below by aspirations of sub-national groups, and from the sides - by transnational allegiances. This is the backdrop against which this book delves into the fundamental issues relating to the nature, scope and overall significance of transnationalism.

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