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Future Brain

Author : Jenny Brockis
ISBN : 9780730322504
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 34. 43 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Super-charge your brain to gain a huge competitive edge in business and in life Future Brain is the busy professional's secret weapon for boosting mastery, efficiency, and productivity to gain that coveted competitive edge — in business and in life. Designed to be implemented at the individual, team, or organisational level, this in-depth, step-by-step framework leverages neuro-scientific principles to help you develop a solid, habit-changing plan for building and maintaining brain fitness and healthy behaviours. Author Dr. Jenny Brockis will help you develop your thought processes and your regular routine to get more done with less effort and time. Based on the idea of neuroplasticity, these daily practices improve focus, creativity, and effectiveness to help you stay relevant, competitive, and way ahead of the pack. You already have a magnificent brain, but you probably take it for granted; we often develop "survival techniques" that force our brain to work with an incompatible "operating system" in an effort to keep up with the ever-increasing velocity of change and information overload. This book helps you beef up your brain awareness so you can take advantage of the built-in features and native capabilities that make the human brain a truly awesome machine. Reduce stress and avoid stress-related illnesses Foster healthy thinking habits to boost efficiency Build your expertise with renewed focus and stamina Drive innovation through productive collaboration A brain that can change, adapt, lead, and collaborate to operate with a high level of flexibility, agility, and creativity is a brain that will serve you well now and into the future. Future Brain turns neuroscience into actionable steps, helping you to train your brain to achieve high-performance in all areas of life.

Humor Fiction Your Future Brain Dna Stored Forever

Author : Raymond Samora
ISBN : 9781493185924
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 39. 42 MB
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Transformative learning theory says that the process of perspective transformation has three dimensions psychological, changes in understanding of the self respect. For a better future life. How is the world going to cope with my first invention of the human mind transformation.. I would like for people to experience what it is, to witness and feel it, what another's persons have go through in life. Perhaps they could have better understand.. What others have to go through. And except and respect others nationality.. And for love of human kind.

The Future Of The Brain

Author : Steven Rose
ISBN : 9780195308938
Genre : Medical
File Size : 77. 1 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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An exploration of how far neuroscience may go to help provide understanding of the structure, workings, and possibilities of the human brain.

The Future Of The Brain Sciences

Author : Samuel Bogoch
ISBN : 9781489963239
Genre : Medical
File Size : 23. 95 MB
Format : PDF
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The Future Of The Brain

Author : Gary Marcus
ISBN : 9780691173313
Genre : Science
File Size : 28. 54 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Including a chapter by 2014 Nobel laureates May-Britt Moser and Edvard Moser An unprecedented look at the quest to unravel the mysteries of the human brain, The Future of the Brain takes readers to the absolute frontiers of science. Original essays by leading researchers such as Christof Koch, George Church, Olaf Sporns, and May-Britt and Edvard Moser describe the spectacular technological advances that will enable us to map the more than eighty-five billion neurons in the brain, as well as the challenges that lie ahead in understanding the anticipated deluge of data and the prospects for building working simulations of the human brain. A must-read for anyone trying to understand ambitious new research programs such as the Obama administration's BRAIN Initiative and the European Union's Human Brain Project, The Future of the Brain sheds light on the breathtaking implications of brain science for medicine, psychiatry, and even human consciousness itself. Contributors include: Misha Ahrens, Ned Block, Matteo Carandini, George Church, John Donoghue, Chris Eliasmith, Simon Fisher, Mike Hawrylycz, Sean Hill, Christof Koch, Leah Krubitzer, Michel Maharbiz, Kevin Mitchell, Edvard Moser, May-Britt Moser, David Poeppel, Krishna Shenoy, Olaf Sporns, Anthony Zador.

Drugs And The Future

Author : David J. Nutt
ISBN : 0080467741
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 37. 14 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Drugs and the Future presents 13 reviews collected to present the new advances in all areas of addiction research, including knowledge gained from mapping the human genome, the improved understanding of brain pathways and functions that are stimulated by addictive drugs, experimental and clinical psychology approaches to addiction and treatment, as well as both ethical considerations and social policy. The book also includes chapters on the history of addictive substances and some personal narratives of addiction. Introduced by Sir David King, Science Advisory to the UK Government and head of the Office of Science and Technology, and Nora Volkow, director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse in the USA, the book uniquely covers the full range of disciplines which can provide insight into the future of addiction, from genetics to the humanities. Written for a scientific audience, it is also applicable to non-specialists as well. Provides an unique overview of what we know about addiction, and how scientific knowledge can and should be applied in the societal, ethical, and political context Applies the state-of-the-art research in fields such as Genomics, Neuroscience, Pharmacology, Social Policy and Ethics to addiction research Includes a preface by Sir David King, Science Advisory to the UK Government and head of the Office of Science and Technology, and in introduction by Nora Volkow, director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse in the USA

Current And Future Management Of Brain Metastasis

Author : Dong Gyu Kim
ISBN : 9783805596176
Genre : Medical
File Size : 69. 43 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Latest guidelines for disease control of brain metastasis Recent strategies combining multiple modalities have opened up a whole new field of brain metastasis management focusing on disease control. The management of brain metastasis in modern times is no longer confined to palliation but seeks preservation of life quality and not only prolonged survival. Up-to-date guidelines and the main aspects of brain metastasis management as well as practical points on how to deal with difficult situations in daily clinical practice are presented. Epidemiology and biology and various effective treatment methods such as surgery, radiosurgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy are well explained. Each chapter encompasses extensive reviews and presents broad perspectives on specific topics by the most renowned personages who have continuously shown their excellence in this rapidly progressing field. This book contains the most current information on the understanding of brain metastasis management. It is valuable reading for neurosurgeons, neuro-oncologists and radiation oncologists who are searching for the best all-round treatment for their patients.

Nanotechnology The Brain And The Future

Author : Sean A. Hays
ISBN : 9789400717879
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 27. 20 MB
Format : PDF
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Our brain is the source of everything that makes us human: language, creativity, rationality, emotion, communication, culture, politics. The neurosciences have given us, in recent decades, fundamental new insights into how the brain works and what that means for how we see ourselves as individuals and as communities. Now – with the help of new advances in nanotechnology – brain science proposes to go further: to study its molecular foundations, to repair brain functions, to create mind-machine interfaces, and to enhance human mental capacities in radical ways. This book explores the convergence of these two revolutionary scientific fields and the implications of this convergence for the future of human societies. In the process, the book offers a significant new approach to technology assessment, one which operates in real-time, alongside the innovation process, to inform the ways in which new fields of science and technology emerge in, get shaped by, and help shape human societies.

Wired For Thought

Author : Jeffrey M. Stibel
ISBN : 9781422152768
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 79. 3 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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In this age of hypercompetition, the Internet constitutes a powerful tool for inventing radical new business models that will leave your rivals scrambling. But as brain scientist and entrepreneur Jeffrey Stibel explains in Wired for Thought, you have to understand its true nature. The Internet is more than just a series of interconnected computer networks: it's the first real replication of the human brain outside the human body. To leverage its power, you first need to understand how the Internet has evolved to take on similarities to the brain. This engaging and provocative book provides the answer. Stibel lays out: - How networks have changed and what that implies for how people connect and form communities - What the Internet-and online business opportunities-will look like in the future - What the next stage of artificial intelligence will be and what opportunities it will present for businesses Stibel shows how exceptional companies are using their understanding of the Internet's brainlike powers to create competitive advantage-such as building more effective Web sites, predicting consumer behavior, leveraging social media, and creating a collective consciousness.

Predictions In The Brain

Author : Moshe Bar
ISBN : 9780195395518
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 78. 10 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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