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Evidence Found

Author : David Miranda
ISBN : 9780128020944
Genre : Law
File Size : 68. 67 MB
Format : PDF
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Evidence Found: An Approach to Crime Scene Investigation is not another analysis of forensic errors using an "After the Fact" or "Lessons Learned" approach but a "Before the Fact" guide that examines the thought processes that can lead to those mistakes. Plus a few extras tips and tricks from the author’s experience of over 25 years. Many high-profile crime scene investigations (and routine ones, for that matter) have suffered errors that have had negative impact on the investigation result and in the courtroom. Typically, we examine what happened and develop a useful list of what to do and what not to do, fixing the symptoms but potentially leaving ourselves open to the same error type on the next scene. The reason? Many crime scene mistakes are the result of systemic issues that are repeated due to a failure to include an evaluation of the decision-making process, including our own foundations of knowledge. Through case study and logical argument, this book attempts to provide a framework to recognize, evaluate, and alter negative decision-making patterns, including evaluating our own experience, before they negatively impact an investigation or the overall operation of a forensic unit. Enhances the base concepts of evidence search and sequential processing for error avoidance Examines the systemic areas/practices of a crime scene investigation where errors can occur Includes a Evidence Matrix - a crime scene evaluation tool that aids in sequential processing decisions Contains tips on overcoming common crime scene issues, inlcuding night time searches Provides courtroom Testimony - communicating comparison findings to a jury

Dna And Property Crime Scene Investigation

Author : David A. Makin
ISBN : 9781317522768
Genre : Law
File Size : 48. 6 MB
Format : PDF
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Traditionally, forensic investigation has not been fully utilized in the investigation of property crime. This ground-breaking book examines the experiences of patrol officers, command staff, detectives, and chiefs as they navigate the expectations of forensic evidence in criminal cases, specifically property crimes cases. DNA and Property Crime Scene Investigation looks at the current state of forensic technology and, using interviews with police officers, command staff, forensic technicians, and prosecutors, elucidates who is doing the work of forensic investigation. It explores how better training can decrease backlogs in forensic evidence processing and prevent mishandling of crucial evidence. Concluding with a police chief’s perspective on the approach, DNA and Property Crime Scene Investigation provides insight into an emerging and important approach to property crime scene investigation. Key Features Provides practical information on implementing forensic investigation for property crimes Examines the current state of forensic technology and points to future trends Includes a police chief’s perspective on the forensic approach to investigating property crimes Utilizes interviews with professionals in the field to demonstrate the benefits of the approach

The Practice Of Crime Scene Investigation

Author : John Horswell
ISBN : 1420023241
Genre : Law
File Size : 79. 91 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Crime scene investigation involves the use and integration of scientific methods, physical evidence, and deductive reasoning in order to determine and establish the series of events surrounding a crime. The quality of the immediate crime scene response and the manner in which the crime scene is examined are critical to the success of the investigation. Evidence that is missed or corrupted by incomplete or improper handling can have a devastating effect on a case and keep justice from being served. The Practice of Crime Scene Investigation covers numerous aspects of crime scene investigation, including the latest in education and training, quality systems accreditation, quality assurance, and the application of specialist scientific disciplines to crime. The book discusses a range of basic and advanced techniques such as fingerprinting, dealing with trauma victims, photofit technology, the role of the pathologist and ballistic expert, and signal processing. It also reviews specialist crime scene examinations including clandestine laboratories, drug operations, arson, and explosives.

Crime Scene Forensics

Author : Robert C Shaler
ISBN : 9781439859957
Genre : Law
File Size : 52. 12 MB
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Bridging the gap between practical crime scene investigation and scientific theory, Crime Scene Forensics: A Scientific Method Approach maintains that crime scene investigations are intensely intellectual exercises that marry scientific and investigative processes. Success in this field requires experience, creative thinking, logic, and the correct application of the science and the scientific method. Emphasizing the necessary thought processes for applying science to the investigation, this text covers: The general scene investigation process, including definitions and philosophy as well as hands-on considerations Archiving the crime scene through photography, sketching, and video Managing the crime scene investigation—the glue that holds the investigation together Searching the crime scene—the logical byproduct of archiving and management Impression/pattern evidence, including fingerprints, bloodstains, footwear impressions, and tire track impressions The biological crime scene and recognizing, collecting, and preserving biological evidence, including forensic entomology and evidence found at bioweapon scenes The fundamental principles of evidence as expressed by the Principle of Divisible Matter and the Locard Exchange Principle: every touch leaves a trace Trace evidence, including glass, paint, and soil Shooting incident scenes, with discussion of bullet paths and gunshot residue The final section examines fire scenes, quality assurance issues, and methods for collecting and preserving various evidence types not covered in other chapters. The delicate balance among logic, science, and investigative activity must be understood in order to successfully work a crime scene. Enhanced by more than 200 color images, this volume provides investigators and students with the tools to grasp these critical concepts, paving an expeditious path to the truth.

Crime Scene Investigation

Author : Jacqueline T. Fish
ISBN : 9781455755837
Genre : Law
File Size : 31. 57 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Crime Scene Investigation offers an innovative approach to learning about crime scene investigation, taking the reader from the first response on the crime scene to documenting crime scene evidence and preparing evidence for courtroom presentation. It includes topics not normally covered in other texts, such as forensic anthropology and pathology, arson and explosives, and the electronic crime scene. Numerous photographs and illustrations complement text material, and a chapter-by-chapter fictional narrative also provides the reader with a qualitative dimension of the crime scene experience. 1. Introduction 2. First Response 3. Documenting the Crime Scene 4. Fingerprints and Palmprints 5. Trace and Impression Evidence 6. Body Fluid Evidence 7. Blood Spatter Evidence 8. Firearms and Toolmark Evidence 9. Arson and Explosives 10. The Electronic Crime Scene 11. Documentary Evidence 12. Motor Vehicles as Crime Scenes 13. Death Investigation 14. Forensic Anthropology, Odontology, and Entomology 15. Documenting the Actions of the CSI

An Introduction To Crime Scene Investigation

Author : Aric W. Dutelle
ISBN : 9781449645427
Genre : Law
File Size : 24. 81 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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A Comprehensive Foundational Text for a Rapidly-Growing Field In a world heavily influenced by popular forensic television dramas, the real-life duties and complexities involved in crime scene investigation are often misrepresented and misunderstood. An Introduction to Crime Scene Investigation, Second Edition is a comprehensive and accurate overview of the practical application of forensic science in crime scene investigation. Focusing on the day-to-day aspects, the text describes the methodologies and technologies employed by crime scene personnel, and pushes the reader to identify the interrelated components of the investigative process. Recognizing the importance of those who have contributed to and advanced the field of forensic science, the reader is introduced to crime scene investigation through a historical perspective. The thoroughly revised and updated second edition covers components not typically found in many crime scene texts, including ethical considerations and public misconceptions of the investigative process—the so-called “CSI Effect.” Extensive discussion of physical evidence examination and analysis is provided, including the forensic potential of physical evidence, crime scene procedures, and what evidence should be documented, collected, and preserved. Real-life examples and detailed figures enhance comprehension and demonstrate specific strategies for technique application. An Introduction to Crime Scene Investigation, Second Edition is an invaluable reference and essential educational resource. Key features of the revised and updated second edition include: • All-new figures and material expansions of each chapter, with updated content on changes in the law, current events, and shifts in the industry • New “View From An Expert” sections that provide insight and analysis from experts from around the country • Full-color illustrations • Learning objectives, key terms, references, and review questions for each chapter • “Ripped from the Headlines” current event examples in each chapter • Real-life case scenarios and summations to increase comprehension of content

An Introduction To Crime Scene Investigation

Author : Aric W. Dutelle
ISBN : 9781284108149
Genre : Law
File Size : 75. 77 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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"An Introduction to Crime Scene Investigation" serves to eliminate warped impressions influenced by the media, and clearly identifies and explains the crime scene investigative process, components, methods, and procedures.

Crime Scene Investigation Criminalistics And The Law

Author : Thomas Buckles
ISBN : 9781401859299
Genre : Law
File Size : 89. 51 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Crime Scene Investigation: Criminalistics, and the Law is a new title that is the first to include not only crime scene investigation and criminalistics, but also the laws that govern them. It focuses on how the crime scene should be investigated, searched, and processed for evidence, but also includes an emphasis on the legal admissibility of these procedures. This book discusses the forensic value of physical evidence and the role of forensic science and criminalistics in evaluating this evidence and presenting it in court. It's heavy on informative content that is reinforced by the many valuable and illustrative photographs, exhibits, and actual cases. Timely and familiar cases are used to help students better understand the importance of proper crime scene investigation. Included are the United States Supreme Court cases that deal with fire scene and death scene investigations, and a wealth of other recent state and federal cases that deal with crime scene search and seizure, forensic experts and testing, whether there is implied consent to search a crime scene, what constitutes an exigency at a crime scene, chain of custody, scientific testing, admissibility of crime scene evidence, the admissibility of blood splatter analysis, fingerprints, and DNAWith learning tools such as key terms, definitions, relevant Internet references, and end of chapter summaries, this book will leave the reader with a complete education regarding crime scene investigation. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Pre Planning In Crime Scene Management

Author : Mahendran Sharma Jairam
ISBN : OCLC:957282518
Genre :
File Size : 71. 67 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This research elaborates major concerns of pre-planning in Crime Scene Management in search of criminology evidences gathered from specific crime scene investigation processes until the end of reconstruction of crime scene. The ultimate purpose of this analysis to identify imperfections in each preliminary level of administrating and managing the crime scene investigation while refers to Dr. Edmond Locard's Principle as a primary benchmark. Crime scene investigation is a subset of crime scene management. The basic steps of crime scene investigation are to emphasize and implement the procedures without fail. Hence, the measurement criteria on the pre-planning of crime scene management to be determined based on the process flow by specializations. One of the important elements is an approach or methodology to collect sources of information during the crime scene investigation but major is a capability of crime scene investigator to ensure those mentioned evidences and exhibits carefully handled. Successful of prosecution in any criminal hearings are rely heavily upon physical evidence discovered at crime scene and degree of effectiveness of crime scene management tremendously. Therefore, it is an essential for crime scene investigator to obtain certain criteria on proper crime scene management methods, techniques and applications. Suspect or an offender may escape from further accusations if crime scene management processes not applied in sequences and poor handling of crime scene investigation steps at time, perhaps will cause unnecessary confusion and conflict during the prosecution may resulted in suspect or an offender acquitted without further queries. As crime scene investigator must be sensitive towards overall scene processes and react professionally in coordinating of evidence management. The proper managing of crime scene investigation processes could link and support the investigator to determine the character of suspect through by testimonial evidences such as verbal statement taken from victim(s) or witnesses(s). Nevertheless, physical evidence as main targeted input in crime scene investigation usually found at the primary crime and secondary scene consists of many types such as human fingerprints, biological materials, paint chips, fibers, glass fragments, used weapons, accelerant and anything carefully or negligently utilized by the suspect at the crime scene. This dissertation paper literary aspire to provide the Crime Scene Investigator the important principles, notable steps and predominant in crime scene management and it effectiveness towards the end of the complying integrity investigation report.

Henry Lee S Crime Scene Handbook

Author : Henry C. Lee
ISBN : 0124408303
Genre : Law
File Size : 22. 91 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Three forensic specialists outline a systematic approach to managing crime scenes, the starting point for every criminal investigation. This handbook outlines the latest chemical and instrumental techniques, covers new topics, and shows how to overcome the most commonly encountered problems.

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