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Chaos And The Son Of Man

Author : Andrew Angel
ISBN : 0567030989
Genre : Religion
File Size : 65. 50 MB
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Andrew Angel briefly reviews the work of Old Testament scholars on the mythological motif of God's battle with the dragon and the chaos waters. He also reviews works that touch on the existence of the motif in the period 515 BCE to 200 CE, noting the need for thorough survey of the motif in Hebrew literature of this period. There follows a study of forty-two Jewish and Christian texts (in Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek and Latin), which establishes the fact that this mythological motif was well known in this period. Angel makes suggestions as to how this might offer fresh insights into the meaning of apocalyptic visions and texts that appear to refer to a 'son of man' figure in this period.

From Chaos To Enemy

Author : Jacqueline Borsje
ISBN : IND:30000051179244
Genre : Christian literature, Early
File Size : 30. 49 MB
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Chaos Uncreated

Author : Rebecca S. Watson
ISBN : 9783110900866
Genre : Religion
File Size : 87. 40 MB
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Die Studie hinterfragt die These, dass die Hebräische Bibel Anspielungen auf Jahwes Kampf mit dem Chaos enthält. An vielen Stellen werde das Motiv ungerechtfertigt herangezogen, wo eigentlich andere Bildmotive zu erkennen sind. Durch ein sorgfältiges diachronisches Modell, vor allem am Psalter entwickelt, stellt die Autorin Grundzüge der Entwicklung israelitischer Religion in ein neues Licht. Das Chaoskampfmotiv fehlte in der frühesten Periode, während Jahwe die Tötung des Drachens erst in einer monotheistischen Fassung des Motivs zugeschrieben wurde, die um 587 v.Chr. aufkam.

La Demeure Du Chaos

Author : Thierry Ehrmann
ISBN : 2914674104
Genre :
File Size : 38. 13 MB
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Présentation commentée par l'artiste d'une partie des oeuvres et performances réalisées in situ entre 1999 et 2013 à la Demeure du chaos, grande demeure bourgeoise des collines lyonnaises transformée en "lieu de résonance de l'actualité où les images médiatisées et fulgurantes viennent trouver, en une curieuse alchimie, un sens peu commun" (H. Béthemont)

Mind Warrior

Author : Dr. Haha Lung
ISBN : 0806535849
Genre : Sports & Recreation
File Size : 38. 1 MB
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From Dr. Haha Lung, the master of mental manipulation, come these ancient mind-control techniques to overcome any foe! The true secret to vanquishing your enemies—whether on the battlefield, in the conference room, or even in a barroom brawl—is truly knowing and understanding both yourself and your foe. Once again the elusive Dr. Haha Lung is your master, delving deeply into the historical, psychological, spiritual, and mystical elements of ancient Far Eastern teachings to present the essential tools and skills you need to control any dangerous situation, including: • Sun-Tzu's Art of Kaimen: Breaking down the "gates of the mind" • The Nine Ways of the Ronin: Ancient techniques from Musashi, Japan's greatest swordsman • Arts of Espionage: Applying the secrets of the ancient spy-masters • The Seven Ways of Learning: Devious methods for manipulating your enemy's perception • The Seven Spirits: Understanding—and exploiting—personality flaws BE ADVISED: Mind Slayers! is for academic study ONLY. Dr. Haha Lung is the author of more than a dozen books on martial arts, including Mind Penetration, Mind Fist, The Nine Halls of Death, Assassin!, Mind Manipulation, Knights of Darkness, Mind Control: The Ancient Art of Psychological Warfare, The Lost Fighting Arts of Vietnam, and with co-author Christopher B. Prowant, Mind Assassins, Ninja Shadowland, and Mental Dominance.

Sacred Bond

Author : Richard W Hanhardt
ISBN : 9781449739027
Genre : Religion
File Size : 85. 19 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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In this extensive and vividly presented study, Mr. Hanhardt provides a model of how the spiritual life emerges at times of change and suffering in our lives. He presents a new view of ancient structures in the human psychethe relationships that are our greatest gifts and that emerge into the realm of the spiritual. This study is based upon decades of research into multiple traditions but fully relies on the description of the most powerful healing structures we have, which are found in each member of the Christian Trinity. To achieve the goal of the growth of love, the ultimate purpose of human suffering, we must invite God into the process. This book is designed for all who are involved in the healing process and is written in a language that is both accessible to the general public and also challenging of the traditional training and practice of psychotherapists and counselors. Mr. Hanhardt also presents throughout the book many techniques and structured self-studies and meditations for healing for clients and seekers who are directing their own healing process.

Proceedings Of The 5th Experimental Chaos Conference

Author : Mingzhou Ding
ISBN : 9789810245610
Genre : Science
File Size : 52. 48 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The 5th Experimental Chaos Conference was a gathering of scientists and engineers who work on real-world systems that behave in a nonlinear and, often, chaotic fashion. The proceedings present discoveries of chaotic behavior, explanation of nonlinear phenomena in the laboratory, and applications of nonlinear and chaotic effects to devices and techniques for improving performance and surmounting technical obstacles. Experimental work is presented on chaos in semiconductor superlattices, spatiotemporal chaos in magnetic materials, instabilities in magnetic fluids, bifurcations of hexagonal patterns in lasers, and discrete rotating waves. New phenomena are exhibited on amplitude death in coupled oscillators, vortex crystals, wakes in soap films, chaotic dynamics of ocean waves, and microscopic chaos. Applications of chaotic dynamics are offered in the areas of chaotic pulse trains in digital communications, detection of changes in EEGs, detection of unstable periodic orbits in noisy data, cellular automata and warfare, detection of n: m phase synchronization, methods in acoustic chaos, chaos in the machine tool-cutting process, and a nonlinear airfoil. The broad range of topics and fields touches on a wide variety of systems whose behavior is now better understood and applied through the use of chaotic dynamics

Women At War 1914 91 Voices Of The Twentieth Century

Author : Nigel Fountain
ISBN : 9781782432814
Genre : History
File Size : 37. 10 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Women at War captures the reality of women at war in their own words, examining the enormously important part that women played in the major wars of the twentieth century. From their involvement in the First World War - as munitions workers, land girls, postal workers, drivers, as well as nurses and in the women's corps of the armed services that were established towards the war's end - their role increased with every major conflict of the 20th century. With black and white illustrations throughout.

War And Ethics In The Ancient Near East

Author : C. L. Crouch
ISBN : 9783110223521
Genre : Religion
File Size : 79. 85 MB
Format : PDF
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The monograph considers the relationships of ethical systems in the ancient Near East through a study of warfare in Judah, Israel and Assyria in the eighth and seventh centuries BCE. It argues that a common cosmological and ideological outlook generated similarities in ethical thinking. In all three societies, the mythological traditions surrounding creation reflect a strong connection between war, kingship and the establishment of order. Human kings’ military activities are legitimated through their identification with this cosmic struggle against chaos, begun by the divine king at creation. Military violence is thereby cast not only as morally tolerable but as morally imperative. Deviations from this point of view reflect two phenomena: the preservation of variable social perspectives and the impact of historical changes on ethical thinking. The research begins the discussion of ancient Near Eastern ethics outside of Israel and Judah and fills a scholarly void by placing Israelite and Judahite ethics within this context, as well as contributing methodologically to future research in historical and comparative ethics.

Secularism And Religion Making

Author : Markus Dressler
ISBN : 9780199911295
Genre : Religion
File Size : 59. 79 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This book conceives of "religion-making" broadly as the multiple ways in which social and cultural phenomena are configured and reconfigured within the matrix of a world-religion discourse that is historically and semantically rooted in particular Western and predominantly Christian experiences, knowledges, and institutions. It investigates how religion is universalized and certain ideas, social formations, and practices rendered "religious" are thus integrated in and subordinated to very particular - mostly liberal-secular - assumptions about the relationship between history, politics, and religion. The individual contributions, written by a new generation of scholars with decisively interdisciplinary approaches, examine the processes of translation and globalization of historically specific concepts and practices of religion - and its dialectical counterpart, the secular - into new contexts. This volume contributes to the relatively new field of thought that aspires to unravel the thoroughly intertwined relationships between religion and secularism as modern concepts.

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