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Echoes Of Honor

Author : David Weber
ISBN : 9780671578336
Genre : Fiction
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Her enemies think she has been executed, but Commodore Honor Harrington is actually interned on the prison planet Hell, from which she is determined to escape. Reissue.

8 Echoes Of Honor

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Download Now Review David Weber provides intergalactic thrills and political intrigue in this far-flung military space adventure, continuing where __ left off. The People's Republic has publicly executed Honor Harrington--or have they? While the Star Kingdom swears revenge, Honor (alive and kicking) plans escape from the prison planet of Hell. Weber's extensive knowledge of military protocol combined with deep technical exploration make for a highly detailed book, yet he avoids bogging down in it. His great storytelling skills keep this book racing along like an action-adventure movie. Fans of Star Wars and old-fashioned seafaring tales will find lots to their liking here, as will those looking for a future setting in which women play an equal role. If you're new to the Honor series, start with __, the first of Commander Honor Harrington's adventures. From Publishers Weekly Extrapolating Horatio Hornblower into a rousing far-future galactic conflict, sex-changing him into Admiral Lady Dame Honor Harrington and setting in motion a myriad of teeth-baring space-naval commanders make Weber's military SF (In Enemy Hands, etc.) irresistible. This hefty eighth installment of the Harrington saga opens with Honor's supposed execution?but wait! She and her empathic treecat, Nimitz, though wounded, are really on Hades, a prison planet of the nefarious People's Republic (Peeps), where they are hatching a plot to spring its POWs, smash the Peep fleet invading the space of Honor's Manticoran Alliance and bring everybody safely home. Meanwhile, unscrupulous Peep politicians hamstring their own commanders with bumptious informers, while the Manties' Admiralty officials cope with lukewarm allies and the bloodthirsty polygamous Calvinist Graysons of Honor's other homeworld, a Puritanical society hell-bent on dispensing with Lady Harrington "and no mercy!" Weber's enormous canvas allows for masterful combat sequences, technological expertise and appealing character painting. Most of the military types (among whom women abound) on both sides are tough, decent and efficient, while most politicians (including those in uniform) are self-serving numskulls?portraits that most readers will applaud, along with the rest of Weber's rousing novel. Copyright 1998 Reed Business Information, Inc.


Author : Honor Raconteur
ISBN : PKEY:6610000222292
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 78. 93 MB
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With the root of all evil—at least in Bannen’s opinion—behind lock and key, the team is finally free to do something else with their lives. Bannen quite looks forward to living in Gargan, the new house being built, with the occasional mission to spice things up. Sure, the MISD thinks he needs therapy after everything he’s lived through in the past three years. But Bannen is reasonably sure he can get around that. They just need the downtime necessary to get Chi through therapy, as he’s the one who actually needs it. Peace and relaxation, that’s the theme of the day. So someone needs to explain to him how they ended up chasing after a rumored Void Mage, tunneling through mountains, and embroiling themselves into a danger that not even the giants of Gargan want to face. Because that is not Bannen’s idea of a good adventure.

Echoes Of Yesteryears

Author : Ike Morah
ISBN : 1606104527
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 85. 56 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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As a sequel to We, Us and Others, the events in this book took place many years later. The Gods had, in a previous occasion, come down to earth and observed how human beings were misbehaving. An emissary was sent down to observe man especially with regard to how he ruled himself. This, therefore, had a lot to do with politics as seen in its rudimentary, but very effective, form in WADICO, quarrels between towns, corruption in big cities as well as philosophical arguments in the court. The truth was essentially of no consequence. He also got firsthand information about an unjust war, observed sexual promiscuity and deviance, as well as even the religious members of the society tampering with charitable donations. In all it was a narrative in the form of a story that highlights man and his inadequacies in the fields of corruption, politics and morality.

Echoes Of Eternity

Author : Hal M Helms
ISBN : 9781557259356
Genre : Religion
File Size : 69. 40 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Our oldest Christian traditions invite us to listen as well as speak when we pray, yet often the Voice seems barely audible. With over 40,000 copies sold since its original release in 1996, Echoes of Eternity: Volume I is helping many who desire to quiet their hearts and listen. Echoes of Eternity presents 365 brief meditations gathered from one pastor's faithful daily practice of listening to God. Each reading includes a Scripture verse and encouraging words that speak of Christ as our anchor, the treasure of God's love, and His lasting peace. Sized to fit easily into a purse or pocket, Echoes of Eternity can facilitate a quiet moment alone with God at any time or place. "Pray with your heart open. Pray with your ears open---open to Me and My word. Enter My presence with thanksgiving, and come boldly to the Throne of grace. I welcome you, My beloved child."

The Silver Horn Echoes

Author : Michael Eging
ISBN : 9781532020223
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 78. 7 MB
Format : PDF
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The Dark Agesa time of great turmoil and the collision of empires! As the Frank kingdom prepares for war, Roland, young heir to the Breton March, has been relegated to guard duty until a foreign emissary entrusts him with vital word of a new threat to the kingdom. Now Roland must embark on a risky journey to save all he loves from swift destruction. And yet while facing down merciless enemies, he must also reveal the hand of a murderer who even now stalks the halls of power and threatens to pull apart a kingdom reborn under the greatest of medieval kings, the remarkable Charlemagne. For Roland to become the champion his kingdom needs, he must survive war, intrigue and betrayal. The Silver Horn Echoes pays homage to "La Chanson de Roland" by revisiting an age of intrigue and honor, and a fateful decision in the shadows of a lonely mountain passRoncevaux!

Echoes Of Titanic

Author : Mindy Starns Clark
ISBN : 9780736942430
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 46. 44 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Kelsey Tate comes from sturdy stock. Her great-grandmother Adele endured the sinking of Titanic and made it safely to America, where she not only survived but thrived. Generations later, Kelsey works for the firm Adele founded nearly 100 years ago. Now facing a hostile takeover, the firm's origins are challenged when new facts emerge about Adele's actions on the night Titanic sank. Kelsey tries to defend the company and the great-grandmother she has long admired, but the stakes are raised when Kelsey's boss is murdered and her own life threatened. Forced to seek help from Cole Thornton, a man Kelsey once loved—and lost, thanks to her success-at-all-costs mentality—she pursues mysteries both past and present. Aided by Cole and strengthened by the faith she'd all but forgotten in her climb up the corporate ladder, Kelsey races the clock to defend her family legacy, her livelihood, and ultimately her life.

Echoes Of The Epic

Author : Gerard J. Brault
ISBN : 1883479223
Genre : Chanson de Roland
File Size : 41. 62 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This volume is a collection of fourteen original essays and one poem in honor of the prominent medievalist Gerard J. Brault, upon the occasion of his retirement from teaching at the Pennsylvania State University. World-renowned for his contributions to the French medieval epic (in particular "La Chanson de Roland") and French-Canadian cultural studies, Professor Brault is affectionately remembered as "Mr. Song of Roland" by his colleagues for his unique interpretation of Roland as a triumphant christian hero, rather than a tragic feudal warrior. Among the friend, former students, colleagues, and admirers who contributed to this festschrift are; William Calin (preface), Jeanette Beer, Keight Busby, Kimberlee Campbell, Robert Francis Cook, Bernard Guidot, Edward Heinemann, Catherine Jones, Hans-Erich Keller, Donald Maddox, Andre de Mandach, Emanuel Mickel, Rupert Pickens, Jean Subrenat, Joan Williamson, Jacques Ribard, and the editors, David and Mary Jane Schenck. All essays center on aspects of "La Chanson de Roland" and the French medieval epic in general.

Echoes Of The Wordless Word

Author : Stanley Romaine Hopper
ISBN : UCSC:32106001642583
Genre : Psychology in literature
File Size : 78. 72 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Author : Maeve Binchy
ISBN : 1440653666
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 73. 27 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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An emotional story of love, betrayal, friendship, and family from #1 New York Times bestselling author Maeve Binchy. David Power and Clare O'Brien both grew up dreaming of escape from the battered seaside town of Castlebay, Ireland, but they might as well have had the ocean between them. David is the cherished son of a prosperous doctor, while Clare lives with her large family behind their faltering store, longing for a moment of quiet to study. When they both go to university in Dublin—he as a matter of course, she on a hard-won scholarship—their worlds collide. They find freedom in each other—until the families, lovers, and secrets they left in Castlebay come back to haunt them... “Laughter and tears, it’s what Binchy does best.”—San Francisco Chronicle Book Review “The Castlebay Maeve Binchy creates is a marvelous place.”—The New York Times Book Review

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