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Earth S Deep History

Author : Martin J. S. Rudwick
ISBN : 9780226204093
Genre : Science
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Earth has been witness to mammoths and dinosaurs, global ice ages, continents colliding or splitting apart, and comets and asteroids crashing catastrophically to the surface, as well as the birth of humans who are curious to understand it. But how was all this discovered? How was the evidence for it collected and interpreted? And what kinds of people have sought to reconstruct this past that no human witnessed or recorded? In this sweeping and accessible book, Martin J. S. Rudwick, the premier historian of the Earth sciences, tells the gripping human story of the gradual realization that the Earth’s history has not only been unimaginably long but also astonishingly eventful. Rudwick begins in the seventeenth century with Archbishop James Ussher, who famously dated the creation of the cosmos to 4004 BC. His narrative later turns to the crucial period of the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, when inquisitive intellectuals, who came to call themselves “geologists,” began to interpret rocks and fossils, mountains and volcanoes, as natural archives of Earth’s history. He then shows how this geological evidence was used—and is still being used—to reconstruct a history of the Earth that is as varied and unpredictable as human history itself. Along the way, Rudwick rejects the popular view of this story as a conflict between science and religion and shows how the modern scientific account of the Earth’s deep history retains strong roots in Judaeo-Christian ideas. Extensively illustrated, Earth’s Deep History is an engaging and impressive capstone to Rudwick’s distinguished career. Though the story of the Earth is inconceivable in length, Rudwick moves with grace from the earliest imaginings of our planet’s deep past to today’s scientific discoveries, proving that this is a tale at once timeless and timely.

Big History And The Future Of Humanity

Author : Fred Spier
ISBN : 9781444339437
Genre : History
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Big History and the Future of Humanity presents an original theoretical approach that makes “big history” – the placing of the human past within the history of life, the Earth, and the Universe -- accessible to general readers while revealing insights into what the future may hold for humanity. Provides an accessible and original overview of the entire sweep of history that places human history within the history of life, the Earth, and the Universe Features an original theory of “big history” which explains all of history and opens up an entirely new interdisciplinary research agenda Offers new insights into the future of humanity by better understanding the past Presents a new approach to complexity studies, which takes into account the greatest galaxy clusters as well as the tiniest sub-atomic particles


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The Natural History Of Waters Earths Stones Fossils And Minerals With Their Virtues Properties And Medicinal Uses Etc

Author :
ISBN : ONB:+Z177998804
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Earth Matters

Author : Richard Bardgett
ISBN : 9780191645631
Genre : Science
File Size : 49. 37 MB
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For much of history, soil has played a major, and often central, role in the lives of humans. Entire societies have risen, and collapsed, through the management or mismanagement of soil; farmers and gardeners worldwide nurture their soil to provide their plants with water, nutrients, and protection from pests and diseases; major battles have been aborted or stalled by the condition of soil; murder trials have been solved with evidence from the soil; and, for most of us, our ultimate fate is the soil. In this book Richard Bardgett discusses soil and the many, and sometimes surprising, ways that humanity has depended on it throughout history, and still does today. Analysing the role soil plays in our own lives, despite increasing urbanization, and in the biogeochemical cycles that allow the planet to function effectively, Bardgett considers how superior soil management could combat global issues such as climate change, food shortages, and the extinction of species. Looking to the future, Bardgett argues that it is vital for the future of humanity for governments worldwide to halt soil degradation, and to put in place policies for the future sustainable management of soils.

A History Of The Earth And Animated Nature

Author : Oliver Goldsmith
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Deep Interior Of The Earth

Author : J.A. Jacobs
ISBN : 0412365707
Genre : Science
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Plate tectonic theory has revolutionized the study of the history of our planet. It is now becoming increasingly apparent that processes deep within the Earth's mantle and core strongly influence plate movements, and it is to these processes that the author addresses himself. Having discussed the origin, composition, structure and physical properties of the Earth, the book turns to discuss the key role that interactions between the mantle and core play in magmatic and tectonic processes. Other important issues discussed are the nature and existence of mantle plumes and convection cells, and the similarities and differences of tectonic processes on other planets in the solar system. These and other questions are discussed in the context of the Earth's origins, its chemistry and its physics. All geophysicists and geologists concerned with earth evolution and plate tectonics should find much of interest in this book.

A Natural History Of Fossils

Author : Emanuel Mendes da Costa
ISBN : STANFORD:36105032190469
Genre : Fossils
File Size : 34. 22 MB
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Elements Of Geography And Of Natural And Civil History

Author : John Walker
ISBN : PRNC:32101068146685
Genre : Geography
File Size : 62. 57 MB
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The Earth Beneath The Sea History

Author : M. N. Hill
ISBN : 0674017307
Genre : Science
File Size : 56. 87 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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