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Leading In A Culture Of Change

Author : Michael Fullan
ISBN : 9780787987664
Genre : Education
File Size : 80. 4 MB
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"At the very time the need for effective leadership is reaching critical proportions, Michael Fullan's Leading in a Culture of Change provides powerful insights for moving forward. We look forward to sharing it with our grantees." --Tom Vander Ark, executive director, Education, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation "Fullan articulates clearly the core values and practices of leadership required at all levels of the organization. Using specific examples, he convinces us that the key change principles are equally critical for leadership in business and education organizations." --John Evans, chairman, Torstar Corporation "In Leading in a Culture of Change, Michael Fullan deftly combines his expertise in school reform with the latest insights in organizational change and leadership. The result is a compelling and insightful exposition on how leaders in any setting can bring about lasting, positive, systemic change in their organizations." --John Alexander, president, Center for Creative Leadership "Michael Fullan's work is remarkable. He masterfully captures how leaders can significantly improve their learning and performance, even in the uncontrollable, chaotic circumstances in which they practice. A tour de force." --Anthony Alvarado, chancellor of instruction, San Diego City Schools "Too often schools and businesses are seen as separate and foreign places. Michael Fullan blends the best of knowledge from each into an exemplary template for improving leadership in both." --Terrence E. Deal, coauthor of Leading with Soul Business, nonprofit, and public sector leaders are facing new and daunting challenges--rapid-paced developments in technology, sudden shifts in the marketplace, and crisis and contention in the public arena. If they are to survive in this chaotic environment, leaders must develop the skills they need to lead effectively no matter how fast the world around them is changing. Leading in a Culture of Change offers new and seasoned leaders' insights into the dynamics of change and presents a unique and imaginative approach for navigating the intricacies of the change process. Michael Fullan--an internationally acclaimed expert in organizational change--shows how leaders in all types of organizations can accomplish their goals and become exceptional leaders. He draws on the most current ideas and theories on the topic of effective leadership, incorporates case examples of large scale transformation, and reveals a remarkable convergence of powerful themes or, as he calls them, the five core competencies. By integrating the five core competencies--attending to a broader moral purpose, keeping on top of the change process, cultivating relationships, sharing knowledge, and setting a vision and context for creating coherence in organizations--leaders will be empowered to deal with complex change. They will be transformed into exceptional leaders who consistently mobilize their compatriots to do important and difficult work under conditions of constant change.

Leading Across Cultures

Author : James E. Plueddemann
ISBN : 0830866302
Genre : Religion
File Size : 23. 15 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Missiologist James E. Plueddemann presents a roadmap for crosscultural leadership development in the global church. With keen understanding of current research on cultural dynamics, he integrates theology with leadership theory to apply biblical insights to practical issues in world mission.

Lead Follow Or Get Out Of The Way

Author : Robert D. Ramsey
ISBN : 1412915856
Genre : Education
File Size : 85. 56 MB
Format : PDF
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Best-selling author Robert Ramsey gives you just what you need to avoid "simply managing" and to become a true leader instead!

Leading Libraries How To Create A Service Culture

Author : Wyoma vanDuinkerken
ISBN : 9780838913123
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 82. 40 MB
Format : PDF
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Quality leadership is integral to the very future of our profession. And it doesn't only come from the top down. Effective leadership is customer-focused and collaborative, fostering a service culture that invites the involvement of individuals in every part and at every level of the organization, as the authors persuasively demonstrate in this practical new book. Drawing from case studies as well as the literature of business and social sciences, the authors provide guidance on how to apply the values of service leadership to both public and academic libraries. Through the use of examples, exercises, and tools for development, this book walks readers through the steps needed to create a sustainable, service-oriented model by Explaining how a service culture reaches beyond the individual leader with positional authority and extends to all individualsShowing ways to build rapport and trust within an organization, and how to balance encouragement with accountabilityDetailing strategic thinking and planning methods that will lead to improvements in customer service, human resources, organizational development, and trainingHelping library leaders create a sustainable service culture through codifying their organization’s values, with advice on policies and procedures such as recruitment, performance evaluation, compensation, and succession planningDiscussing the environment of change in libraries, showing how a library’s organizational culture is at the center of being responsive and staying relevantThis valuable resource gathers the principles and best practices of leadership, and points the way towards creating a service culture that makes every staff member a library leader.


Author : Jason Bingham
ISBN : 9781938416217
Genre : Corporate culture
File Size : 63. 59 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Contrary to popular belief, leadership is not the solution to every business problem or sustained business success. The answer lies in the culture of the organization. Strong business leaders follow their organization's culture and guide with a system of beliefs called Cultureship. Business managers who practice Cultureship know that developing and leading high-performing cultures can be learned and taught. Backed with irrefutable evidence, Cultureship introduces this system of beliefs and illustrates how changing culture can quickly lead to better business results; how every employee wants to grow, serve, and perform; how associates ultimately own the culture; and how successful leaders don't tell, they lead. Once you understand each of the ten beliefs and how they fit together as a unified whole, you will be on your way to becoming a great leader. Applying Cultureship to your own business, whether you're a novice or a more experienced manager, will differentiate your organization, increase productivity, lead to higher profits, and elevate you to a more advanced level of personal leadership success.

Creating A Lean Culture

Author : Arthur M. Langer
ISBN : 9781482243253
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 53. 90 MB
Format : PDF
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Winner of a Shingo Research and Professional Publication AwardThe new edition of this Shingo Prize-winning bestseller provides critical insights and approaches to make any Lean transformation an ongoing success. It shows you how to implement a sustainable, successful transformation by developing a culture that has your stakeholders throughout the o

Leading With Cultural Intelligence

Author : David A. Livermore
ISBN : 9780814414873
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 24. 39 MB
Format : PDF
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You've gotten used to managing a diverse workforce. You deal with vendors across the globe. You see people as people, whether they're Chinese, Indian, Mexican, or American. You know the basic protocols to follow and the taboos to avoid. Still, when you arrive in another country or sit down to negotiate with someone from a different culture, you feel anxious and awkward, and often wind up saying or doing something wrong. You're not alone. Seventy percent of international ventures fail because of cultural differences. Do you need to speak multiple languages and have a Ph.D. in international relations to succeed in these global times? The reassuring reality is that you don't need to master all the norms and nuances of the myriad of cultures you encounter. What you need is CQ. That's short for Cultural Intelligence, a new set of skills and sensitivities that picks up where EQ leaves off. Leading with Cultural Intelligence is a ground-breaking guide to developing the repertoire and perspective to lead across a wide range of cultures--effectively, respectfully, and confidently. A global leadership consultant, David Livermore presents a proven model for success in any unfamiliar cultural context. It's easy to grasp and follow, yet radically different from simplistic approaches that focus on mimicking other cultures' gestures and phrases. Rooted in rigorous research spanning 25 countries, the CQ way of relating to and inspiring people from different national, ethnic, and organizational cultures is an ongoing cycle. You'll learn how to lead cross-culturally--and continually grow in proficiency and comfort--by applying a process with four key components: Drive. What's your motivation for this cross-cultural assignment? How can you increase your confidence level? Knowledge. What specific cultural systems, issues, and values do you need to understand? Strategy. What information do you need to map out a successful cross-cultural plan? What assumptions do you need to check? Action. What communication style and behaviors should you adapt for this intercultural interaction? At every step, you'll find helpful summaries and best practices. You'll also gain valuable insights into common situations, from eating unfamiliar local delicacies to apologizing, through the stories of frequent cross-cultural travelers. With Leading with Cultural Intelligence as your trusted compass, you'll be able to thrive in the global business climate and handle multi-cultural hurdles in your own backyard. By raising your CQ, you'll also contribute to the greater good of equal humanity for all. David Livermore, Ph.D., is Executive Director of the Global Learning Center in Grand Rapids, Michigan. In addition, he is a Senior Research Consultant with the Cultural Intelligence Center in East Lansing, Michigan, and a Visiting Research Fellow at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. He has done consulting and training with leaders in 75 countries across the Americas, Africa, Asia, Australia, and Europe. Visit

The 100x Leader

Author : Jeremie Kubicek
ISBN : 9781119519447
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 71. 68 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Become the leader others want to follow Forget everything you know about motivating others and building a harmonious workplace. If you want to get the best out of people, you must be willing to fight. But, that doesn't mean you become a dominator, nor does coddling others work. The best leader you've ever had in your life was a liberator—someone willing to fight for your highest good, even at a personal cost. Inside, global leadership experts Jeremie Kubicek and Steve Cockram explain what made that leader so unique, how to become that person yourself, and how to share the same gift with others. Be one of the few that people actually want to follow Learn the lost art of leadership—the intentional calibration of support and challenge for everyone you lead, your team and your family Become a multiplication master as you learn to bring the best out of people for their highest good and that of the whole team Overhaul entire cultures by focusing on the transformation and empowerment of sub-culture leaders The 100x Leader will help you become—and build—leaders worth following.

Follow To Lead

Author : Don Mercer
ISBN : 9781617774683
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 25. 27 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Great leaders are precious; great followers, priceless! Follow to Lead is a humorous and unforgettable approach to creating the right organizational culture for success. How-To instructions will guide the novice and professional to use the book in creating the optimal working environment in small to multi-national organizations. Follow to Lead is for busy people who don't want to read hundreds of pages of research and anecdotes to get to the nuggets that they can apply. It cuts to the chase on surviving and thriving in all types of organizations! It is more than just a book of ideas, it is a tool you can use today whether you are a leader or follower or both. No training required. Follow to Lead focuses on creating great followers so that greater leaders will emerge.

Cross Cultural Leadership

Author : David R. Penley
ISBN : 9781600345906
Genre : Religion
File Size : 33. 55 MB
Format : PDF
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