connecting to our ancestral past

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Connecting To Our Ancestral Past

Author : Francesca Mason Boring
ISBN : 9781583944615
Genre : Social Science
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Connecting to Our Ancestral Past is a pragmatic, spiritual journey that introduces a variety of specific rituals and conversations in connection with Constellations work, an experiential process that explores one's history and powerful events of the past in order to understand and resolve problems of the present. Constellations facilitator and author Francesca Mason Boring presents this therapeutic method in the context of cultures like the Shoshone, of which she is a member, that have seen the world through a prism of interrelationships for millennia. In Constellations work there is an organic quality that requires a discipline of non-judgment, one that is embraced in traditional native circles, where the whole truth of a person's life, roots, and trans-generational trauma or challenge is understood and included. Mason Boring provides a transformational walk through the universal indigenous field— that place of healing and knowledge used by Native healers and teachers for centuries—by describing stories and rituals designed to help people with their particular struggles. These rituals, such as "Facing the Good Men"—designed to help women who have suffered abuse in relationships with men—reject Western notions of over-the-counter medication. Instead, they stress a comfortable environment whereby the "client," with the help of a facilitator, interacts with people chosen to represent concepts, things, and other people. In Western culture the word "medicine" is thought of as a concrete object, but Mason Boring explains that indigenous cultures favor a process of healing as opposed to an itemized substance. She re-opens doors that have been closed due to the exclusion of indigenous technology in the development of many Western healing traditions and introduces new concepts to the lexicon of Western psychology. A range of voices from around the world—leaders in the fields of systems constellations, theoretical physics, and tribal traditions—contribute to this exploration of aboriginal perspectives that will benefit facilitators of Constellations work, therapists, and human beings who are trying to walk with open eyes and hearts.

Returning To Membership In Earth Community

Author : Francesca Mason Boring
ISBN : 0982607768
Genre :
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An anthology from 14 contributors about using systemic constellations to help people experience the nature in them and around them. includes 48 color photos.

Stardust On The Spiritual Path

Author : Yildiz Sethi
ISBN : 0755216342
Genre :
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Many are ready for the next step in consciousness in finding a belief system or form of spirituality to help them discover a higher meaning in life. Through exploring elements of mystical India with knowledge of modern psychological and personal development, we may create a new enriching perspective of our soul journey as stardust. Yildiz explores aspects of Karma, Vedic astrology, reincarnation, free will and destiny and the process of Family Constellations as a means of making the most of ourselves on our soul journey through relationships and self-discovery towards enlightenment through a character named 'Surya'. The author uses ancient and modern philosophies and Eastern and Western knowledge in looking through Surya's eyes. Each decision has consequences and Yildiz discusses those with a strong emphasis on the intricacies of relationship. 'We are invited to consider consumerism, global warming and our search for love as the soul remembering its wisdom. To experience her generosity of spirit, one only has to read, "Perhaps there is truth in both beliefs. That this life is unique, a one-off experience and may not be repeated in exactly the same way. This is the only time we may have this experience in this body, time, culture and circumstance." The book holds our interest, but perhaps most beautiful is the strength of peace that is left once our eyes have left the page. Yildiz is an Australian woman who carries the blood of her Turkish/African and British roots, is a former teacher of Physics and Chemistry, a therapist, Vedic astrologer, facilitator/trainer of Family Constellation and a generous spirit.' Francesca Mason Boring Author of Connecting to our Ancestral Past: Healing through Family Constellations. Ceremony and Ritual.

The Promise Of The Fifth Sun

Author : Dr. Jorge Partida
ISBN : 9781504386494
Genre : Psychology
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The Promise of the Fifth Sun explores the myths and the healing secrets found within these ancient stories of creation and native cosmology. By understanding how our native ancestors viewed life, we are able to learn from their profound understanding of healing and its connection to the unseen forces of life and creation. We are the promise, and our time has arrived. The Promise of the Fifth Sun reconnects us to the sacred roots of life and creation. The ancient Toltec and Nahuatl people lived in order to express and celebrate the mystery of creation through time and space. Looking through their eyes, through their heart and soul, we come to recognize of a unified, nature-rooted existence containing all the medicine and power needed for our healing. There is more than culture and customs that remains in the collective consciousness of our native and Latino communities. A rich, ancestral promise stirs within each one of us. The promise restores our rightful place within the evolving history of creation.

Thinking Like A Watershed

Author : Jack Loeffler
ISBN : 9780826352330
Genre : Nature
File Size : 66. 98 MB
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Thinking Like a Watershed points our understanding of our relationship to the land in new directions. It is shaped by the bioregional visions of the great explorer John Wesley Powell, who articulated the notion that the arid American West should be seen as a mosaic of watersheds, and the pioneering ecologist Aldo Leopold, who put forward the concept of bringing conscience to bear within the realm of "the land ethic." Produced in conjunction with the documentary radio series entitled Watersheds as Commons, this book comprises essays and interviews from a diverse group of southwesterners including members of Tewa, Tohono O'odham, Hopi, Navajo, Hispano, and Anglo cultures. Their varied cultural perspectives are shaped by consciousness and resilience through having successfully endured the aridity and harshness of southwestern environments over time.

Healing Ancestral Karma

Author : Steven Farmer
ISBN : 9781938289323
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 46. 69 MB
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Uncover Your Family’s Past and Create a Better Future Has your family gone through the same trials and tribulations generation after generation? Do you feel fated to continue that trend? If so, it’s possible you’ve inherited the karma of your family members. The good news is that you can break the cycle. Renowned author, soul healer, and shamanic practitioner Dr. Steven Farmer shows you how to not only free yourself from negative cycles of the past but also access the ancient wisdom of your ancestors. In Healing Ancestral Karma, you’ll learn how to: Make contact with your ancestors. Heal hereditary traits and characteristics that have compromised your physical, emotional and mental health. Incorporate your ancestors’ wisdom into your spiritual path. Clear karmic baggage so your descendants inherit only positive karma. Imagine how different life could be if you had access to the wisdom of all those who’ve come before you. Healing Ancestral Karma shows you how. No matter what your current spiritual philosophy or practice, you can have a relationship with your ancestors and gain guidance, knowledge and healing.

The Ancestral Continuum

Author : Natalia O'Sullivan
ISBN : 9781849837576
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 36. 3 MB
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Our ancestry influences more than just our physical characteristics - it can also have a profound effect on who we are as people. The success of TV shows likeWho Do You Think You Are?has prompted a massive interest in people tracing their family roots. But researching into our forebears' lives can often unearth turbulent histories. The past 250 years has seen more change and upheaval on a global scale than at any other point in history. The legacy of the holocaust, of slavery, indentured servitude and of two world wars, has seen a massive migration of peoples across the world, and almost all families know of a recent ancestor whose life was turned upside down by these events. Discovering more about our forebears, and identifying inherited traits, can help us realise our potential and assist us in overcoming obstacles that may be holding us back. As we learn about and honour our ancestors, we can reclaim who we are, discover our creativity, and find our true soul path. In this extraordinary book, readers will find out how to: discover and honour their ancestors, heal their family histories, reveal inherited creative and inspirational gifts, discover their guardian ancestors and learn from inspiring case studies of personal growth. The Ancestral Continuumwill take each reader on a journey through the labyrinth of their own ancestral legacy. As we explore our family tree, we can begin to see ourselves as just one strand in a never-ending tapestry of history and emotion, personality and achievement, birth and death, that will continue into infinity. The book is a powerful and revolutionary blueprint for transforming how we feel about ourselves.

In The Footsteps Of Our Ancestors The Dakota Commemorative Marches Of The 21st Century

Author : Waziyatawin Angela Wilson
ISBN : 9781937141035
Genre : History
File Size : 36. 17 MB
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Ancestral Connections

Author : Howard Morphy
ISBN : 0226538664
Genre : Architecture
File Size : 56. 88 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Yolngu art as a communication system encoding meaning as form; relation of art to the systems of clan organisation and restricted (secret) knowledge; contact history and social contexts of art production; iconography of clan paintings; response to the art market; social organisation rights to land and law; marriage and kinship; rights to paintings; knowledge system - structure, inclusiveness, power, secrecy; role of paintings in ceremonies - burial rituals; range of meanings associated with paintings - examples used in ceremonies associated with the Wawilak Sisters and ancestral shark images; graphic components of painting - figurative and geometric, clan designs; chronological change - the Donald Thomson Collection, past and contemporary categories of painting, commercial art; iconographic analysis of Manggalili clan paintings; relation of events in painting to Yolngu cosmology - creative powers , life and death, male and female dualities.

Sayings Of The Ancestors

Author : John Holmes McDowell
ISBN : 9780813163956
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 84. 41 MB
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The Sibundoy valley of southwestern Colombia is the home of a unique Indian culture -- one that blends Incan elements with those of the aboriginal natives. Moreover, Sibundoy bridges two domains, the Andean highlands and the Amazonian basin, and inter-mixed with all of these elements are European influences, particularly folk and orthodox Catholicism. From this cultural enclave, John McDowell presents here a body of oral material collected from the Santiago Ingano community. This corpus of material is made up of some 200 "sayings of the ancestors," proverb-like statements, many concerned with dreams and the forecasting of future events. From an analysis of these sayings emerges a cosmological view of the Sibundoy Indians, a glimpse of their spiritual world. It is a world where spirits constantly impinge on the activities of everyday life. It is a world where the sayings can both warn of spiritual sickness and offer the way to spiritual health. For the Sibundoy the sayings go back to the first people, the "ancestors," who established for all time the models for a proper life. The study of the sayings is rounded out with references to the parallel fields of mythology and folk medicine as these contribute to a clearer understanding of their roles and functions in Sibundoy life. Sayings of the Ancestors provides a fascinating body of original folkloric and ethnographic material from a unique cultural locus. It is also an engrossing demonstration that what seems a miscellaneous group of small beliefs can be seen as the components of a larger world-order. The book and its interpretive findings will be a valuable resource for folklorists, anthropologists, and many Latin Americanists.

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