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Balancing Your Body

Author : Mary Bond
ISBN : 0892816422
Genre : Health & Fitness
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Regaining body balance and easing tension. Shows healthy patterns of posture and movement.

The Body Balance Diet Plan

Author : Eminé Ali Rushton
ISBN : 9781780288673
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 69. 36 MB
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YOUR BODY KNOWS BEST - BUT ARE YOU LISTENING? Ayurveda is the 5000-year-old science of life. It is how to live in tune with the seasons and understand how food affects every aspect of your health. It tells us that we each have a unique body type our dosha and that eating to support this dosha will transform our bodies and minds. The Body Balance Diet Plan simply and practically translates your body's individual needs to help you beat cravings, lose weight and feel energised. The antidote to crash and yo-yo diets, this book presents a painless and positive way to eat healthily, for life. With clear chapters, Emine Ali Rushton pinpoints why it is that modern life takes such a toll on our health, and talks honestly and realistically about how to transform our wellbeing, without pain, guilt or deprivation. The Body Balance Diet Plan provides a truly livable system of daily support to those who feel their lives are in desperate need of balance.

Metaphysical Divine Wisdom On Balancing The Mind Body And Soul

Author : Kevin Hunter
ISBN : 9781733196239
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 86. 64 MB
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The mind, body, and soul are the core parts of you to focus on refining if you’re seeking to bring your soul back to that profound state of high vibrational happiness it was born with. Cultivating all aspects of the mind, body, and soul are all connected to achieving greater heights in life both physically and spiritually. The mind, body, spirit terminology has grown prevalent within the worldly diverse spiritual communities because it’s understood that giving those key areas of your life attention and improvement can positively benefit all aspects of the totality of you. The ultimate basis of Balancing the Mind, Body, and Soulis to get back to the roots of remembering your Divine soul heritage. As you grow more mindful of the varying aspects that make up your soul spirit, physical body, and consciousness, then the easier it gets to incorporate newly adopted values that have a positive advantage on all facets of your physical life and overall well-being state. Some of the topics discussed in Balancing the Mind, Body, and Soulinclude: Raising Your Soul’s Energy Vibration, Firing Up Your Inner Child, Nature’s Therapy, Elevating the Mind, Body, and Spirit, Expanding Your Consciousness, Detoxifying Your Soul, Clearing the Chaos Within and Around you, Fitness and Exercise, Watching What You Eat and Drink, Soul Cleansing to Motivation, Gossip Machine to Centered Light, Balancing Your Inner Spirit, Rising Above the Mundane and Into the Divine, Cord Cutting, Shielding, Grounding, Vibrational Uplift, Balancing of Masculine and Feminine Energies, Finding that Blissful Happy Place. Let more Light into your soul’s life with the Metaphysical Divine Wisdomcollection of books. Each cover a variety of distinctive themes connected to the spiritual to the practical interwoven and back around again in a manner that is understood and palatable. The series includes Psychic Spirit Team Heaven Communication, theSoul’s Consciousness and Purpose, Manifesting Fearless Assertive Confidence, Balancing the Body, Mind, and Soul, Increasing Prayer with Faith for an Abundant Life, and Universal, Physical, Spiritual and Soul Love.

Balance Your Body Balance Your Life

Author : Edward A. Taub
ISBN : 0743412591
Genre : Health & Fitness
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In this powerful and life-giving book, Edward A.Taub, M.D., makes total health rejuvenation -- a revolutionary approach to nutrition, exercise, and well-being -- a very reachable and rewarding goal for anyone, at any stage of life. Shattering the food myths that perpetuate poor health and obesity, Dr. Taub introduces the world of wholesome, natural foods -- foods that literally revitalize our lives -- and reaches us how to Understand the human "Cycle of Life" -- the key to lifelong wellness end food cravings and break bad eating habits by discovering their origins resolve stress now create your own Personal Wellness Retreat prepare a wealth of delicious, savory foods from the cookbook within the book follow and accessible fitness regime of "Wellness Yoga Stretching," strength training, and walking improve body tone and image use properly balanced vitamin and mineral supplements most effectively practice "Preventive Theology" -- the powerful link to total mind/body health. Discover Dr. Taub's revolutionary Food Energy Ladder, take control of your health destiny with his strategies, and begin today to Balance Your Body, Balance Your Life.

Body Sense

Author : Brenda Crawford-Clark
ISBN : 9781442971066
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 86. 86 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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A Quick Guide To Balancing Your Hormones

Author : Patrick Holford
ISBN : 9780349404837
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 87. 89 MB
Format : PDF
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Unbalanced hormones can cause havoc with your health - and are becoming more common. In this invaluable guide, nutrition expert Patrick Holford demonstrates how you can maintain - or regain - your hormonal balance through diet, supplements and lifestyle changes. Hormones are influenced by numerous factors so you'll find a range of topics covered, including: * Understanding the female hormones oestrogen and progesterone * Why hormonal problems are on the increase * How to avoid hormone disruptors * Why stress and the gut-hormone connection are so important * The essentials of a hormone-friendly diet Concise and easy to understand, A Quick Guide to Balancing Your Hormones can help women avoid hormonal health issues and enjoy good health at all stages of life. NOTE: the information in this book is taken from Balance Your Hormones, by Patrick Holford.

Balance Your Hormones

Author : Patrick Holford
ISBN : 9781405522069
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 68. 70 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Unbalanced hormones play havoc with women's lives and cause problems ranging from PMS and endometriosis to fibroids, breast cancer and menopausal problems. In BALANCE YOUR HORMONES Patrick Holford explains how, by making simple changes to your diet and lifestyle, you can restore the natural hormone balance in your body and return to a state of good, natural health. BALANCE YOUR HORMONES is packed with practical advice, backed up by the latest scientific research which continues to reveal new understanding of the role of food, nutrition and environment in hormonal health. The new chapters cover how hormones work; why hormonal problems are on the increase; what you can do to promote your own hormonal health; safe, natural strategies for restoring, maintaining and promoting your health; nutritional advice for preventing and overcoming problems associated with hormonal imbalance; and the problems associated with the synthetic hormones used in the Pill and HRT and how to overcome them naturally.

A Body Out Of Balance

Author : Nancy Carteron
ISBN : 9781101567425
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 36. 67 MB
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One of the most common yet underrecognized autoimmune and rheumatological disorders. Sjögren's (pronounced SHOW-grens) syndrome, or SjS, affects more people than rheumatoid arthritis and lupus combined. Difficult to diagnose, SjS is characterized by symptoms that shift almost daily, usually beginning with vague discomforts such as dry eyes and dry mouth, then advancing to more severe concerns such as joint pain and swollen glands. A Body Out of Balance provides a comprehensive guide to the wide array of symptoms, traditional and complementary treatments, and invaluable coping methods, so patients may devise a personal treatment plan. Co written by a woman living with the disease and by a physician who has treated countless SjS patients, this indispensable resource will enhance awareness and demystify this often-misunderstood disorder.

Balancing Your L I F E

Author :
ISBN : 9781468921014
Genre :
File Size : 46. 80 MB
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Balanced Body Balanced Life

Author : Linda Vogt
ISBN : 9781630227777
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 87. 79 MB
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Obesity, chronic disease, and numerous other health problems are becoming more common among men and women around the world. These issues are often associated with the unhealthy foods that are eaten regularly, such as sugar, dairy, meat, and processed foods. Bad dietary habits cause the body to become toxic and weak, causing the person to gain weight and making it difficult to overcome illness and disease. All of these health problems can be reversed by changing food habits, because following an alkaline diet will allow the body to heal since it is no longer weighed down by toxic waste. When you are eating an abundance of healthy foods, the pH levels in the body will balance. Additionally, your body will be receiving all of the nutrients that are needed for optimal health, because alkaline foods contain high levels of vitamins and minerals which promote health and wellness. When alkaline foods are eaten, the body is able to detoxify the liver, kidneys, and intestines. Additionally, this cleansing affects every cell in your body, because the body is filled with oxygen-rich blood which can work to improve cellular function. Many positive health benefits can occur when you follow an alkaline diet, including: weight loss, improved skin tone, higher energy levels, improved digestion, less illness and disease, decreased chronic pain, and improved organ functions. An alkaline diet is one of the best ways to lose weight and detoxify your body. It is common for someone to start an alkaline diet with the intention of following it for a short period of time for weight loss... but, they feel so great that they continue eating alkaline foods and it becomes a way of life. In this book, you will see how an alkaline diet can positively impact your life. You will learn which types of foods should be eaten, the foods that should be avoided, how your health can improve by following an alkaline diet, and tips that can help you to create healthier habits in your life.

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