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Aircraft Systems Integration Of Air Launched Weapons

Author : Keith A. Rigby
ISBN : 9781118519172
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 66. 8 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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From the earliest days of aviation where the pilot would dropsimple bombs by hand, to the highly agile, stealthy aircraft oftoday that can deliver smart ordnance with extreme accuracy,engineers have striven to develop the capability to deliver weaponsagainst targets reliably, safely and with precision. Aircraft Systems Integration of Air-Launched Weaponsintroduces the various aspects of weapons integration, primarilyfrom the aircraft systems integration viewpoint, but also considerskey parts of the weapon and the desired interactions with theaircraft required for successful target engagement. Key features: Addresses the broad range of subjects that relate directly tothe systems integration of air-launched weapons with aircraft, suchas the integration process, system andsubsystem architectures, the essential contribution that open,international standards have on improving interoperability andreducing integration costs and timescales Describes the recent history of how industry and bodies such asNATO have driven the need for greater interoperability betweenweapons and aircraft and worked to reduce the costand timescales associated with the systems integration ofcomplex air-launched weapons with aircraft Explores future initiatives and technologies relating to thereduction of systems integration costs and timescales The systems integration of air-launched weapons with aircraftrequires a multi-disciplinary set of engineeringcapabilities. As a typical weapons integration life-cyclespans several years, new engineers have to learn the skillsrequired by on-the-job training and working with experiencedweapons integrators. Aircraft Systems Integration ofAir-Launched Weapons augments hands-on experience, therebyenabling the development of subject matter expertise more quicklyand in a broader context than would be achieved by working throughthe life-cycle on one specific project. This book also servesas a useful revision source for experienced engineers in thefield.

Performance Of The Jet Transport Airplane

Author : Trevor M. Young
ISBN : 9781118534762
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 38. 92 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Aerospace Propulsion

Author : T. W. Lee
ISBN : 9781118307984
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 43. 94 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Advanced Aircraft Design

Author : Egbert Torenbeek
ISBN : 9781118568095
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 52. 61 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Although the overall appearance of modern airliners has notchanged a lot since the introduction of jetliners in the 1950s,their safety, efficiency and environmental friendliness haveimproved considerably. Main contributors to this have been gasturbine engine technology, advanced materials, computationalaerodynamics, advanced structural analysis and on-board systems.Since aircraft design became a highly multidisciplinary activity,the development of multidisciplinary optimization (MDO) has becomea popular new discipline. Despite this, the application of MDOduring the conceptual design phase is not yet widespread. Advanced Aircraft Design: Conceptual Design, Analysis andOptimization of Subsonic Civil Airplanes presents aquasi-analytical optimization approach based on a concise set ofsizing equations. Objectives are aerodynamic efficiency, missionfuel, empty weight and maximum takeoff weight. Independent designvariables studied include design cruise altitude, wing area andspan and thrust or power loading. Principal features ofintegrated concepts such as the blended wing and body and highlynon-planar wings are also covered. The quasi-analytical approach enables designers to compare theresults of high-fidelity MDO optimization with lower-fidelitymethods which need far less computational effort. Another advantageto this approach is that it can provide answers to “whatif” questions rapidly and with little computational cost. Key features: Presents a new fundamental vision on conceptual airplane designoptimization Provides an overview of advanced technologies for propulsionand reducing aerodynamic drag Offers insight into the derivation of design sensitivityinformation Emphasizes design based on first principles Considers pros and cons of innovative configurations Reconsiders optimum cruise performance at transonic Machnumbers Advanced Aircraft Design: Conceptual Design, Analysis andOptimization of Subsonic Civil Airplanes advances understandingof the initial optimization of civil airplanes and is a must-havereference for aerospace engineering students, applied researchers,aircraft design engineers and analysts.

Design And Analysis Of Composite Structures

Author : Christos Kassapoglou
ISBN : 9781118536940
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 80. 4 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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New edition updated with additional exercises and two newchapters. Design and Analysis of Composite Structures: WithApplications to Aerospace Structures, 2nd Edition builds onthe first edition and includes two new chapters on compositefittings and the design of a composite panel, as well additionalexercises. The book enables graduate students andengineers to generate meaningful and robust designs of complexcomposite structures. A compilation of analysis and design methodsfor structural components made of advanced composites, it beginswith simple parts such as skins and stiffeners and progressesthrough to applications such as entire components of fuselages andwings. It provides a link between theory and day-to-day designpractice, using theory to derive solutions that are applicable tospecific structures and structural details used in industry. Starting with the basic mathematical derivation followed bysimplifications used in real-world design,Design and Analysisof Composite Structures: With Applications to Aerospace Structures,2nd Edition presents the level of accuracy and range ofapplicability of each method along with design guidelines derivedfrom experience combined with analysis. The author solves indetail examples taken from actual applications to show how theconcepts can be applied, solving the same design problem withdifferent methods based on different drivers (e.g. cost or weight)to show how the final configuration changes as the requirements andapproach change. Each chapter is followed by exercises thatrepresent specific design problems often encountered in theaerospace industry but which are also applicable in the in theautomotive, marine, and construction industries. Updated to include additional exercises, that represent realdesign problems encountered in the aerospace industry, but whichare also applicable in the in the automotive, marine, andconstruction industries. Includes two new chapters. One on composite fittings andanother on application and the design of a composite panel. Provides a toolkit of analysis and design methods that enableengineers and graduate students to generate meaningful and robustdesigns of complex composite structures. Provides solutions that can be used in optimization schemeswithout having to run finite element models at each iteration; thusspeeding up the design process and allowing the examination of manymore alternatives than traditional approaches. Supported by a complete set of lecture slides and solutions tothe exercises hosted on a companion website for instructors. An invaluable resource for Engineers and graduate students inaerospace engineering as well as Graduate students and engineers inmechanical, civil and marine engineering.

Introduction To Aircraft Aeroelasticity And Loads

Author : Jan R. Wright
ISBN : 9781118700433
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 66. 94 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Introduction to Aircraft Aeroelasticity and Loads, SecondEdition is an updated new edition offering comprehensivecoverage of the main principles of aircraft aeroelasticity andloads. For ease of reference, the book is divided into three partsand begins by reviewing the underlying disciplines of vibrations,aerodynamics, loads and control, and then goes on to describesimplified models to illustrate aeroelastic behaviour and aircraftresponse and loads for the flexible aircraft before introducingsome more advanced methodologies. Finally, it explains howindustrial certification requirements for aeroelasticity and loadsmay be met and relates these to the earlier theoretical approachesused. Key features of this new edition include: Uses a unified simple aeroelastic model throughout thebook Major revisions to chapters on aeroelasticity Updates and reorganisation of chapters involving FiniteElements Some reorganisation of loads material Updates on certification requirements Accompanied by a website containing a solutions manual, andMATLAB® and SIMULINK® programs that relate to the modelsused For instructors who recommend this textbook, a series oflecture slides are also available Introduction to Aircraft Aeroelasticity and Loads, SecondEdition is a must-have reference for researchers andpractitioners working in the aeroelasticity and loads fields, andis also an excellent textbook for senior undergraduate and graduatestudents in aerospace engineering.

Theoretical And Computational Aerodynamics

Author : Tapan K. Sengupta
ISBN : 9781118787571
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 20. 9 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Aerodynamics has seen many developments due to the growth of scientific computing, which has caused the design cycle time of aerospace vehicles to be heavily reduced. Today computational aerodynamics appears in the preliminary step of a new design, relegating costly, time-consuming wind tunnel testing to the final stages of design. Theoretical and Computational Aerodynamics is aimed to be a comprehensive textbook, covering classical aerodynamic theories and recent applications made possible by computational aerodynamics. It starts with a discussion on lift and drag from an overall dynamical approach, and after stating the governing Navier-Stokes equation, covers potential flows and panel method. Low aspect ratio and delta wings (including vortex breakdown) are also discussed in detail, and after introducing boundary layer theory, computational aerodynamics is covered for DNS and LES. Other topics covered are on flow transition to analyse NLF airfoils, bypass transition, streamwise and cross-flow instability over swept wings, viscous transonic flow over airfoils, low Reynolds number aerodynamics, high lift devices and flow control. Key features: Blends classical theories of incompressible aerodynamics to panel methods Covers lifting surface theories and low aspect ratio wing and wing-body aerodynamics Presents computational aerodynamics from first principles for incompressible and compressible flows Covers unsteady and low Reynolds number aerodynamics Includes an up-to-date account of DNS of airfoil aerodynamics including flow transition for NLF airfoils Contains chapter problems and illustrative examples Accompanied by a website hosting problems and a solution manual Theoretical and Computational Aerodynamics is an ideal textbook for undergraduate and graduate students, and is also aimed to be a useful resource book on aerodynamics for researchers and practitioners in the research labs and the industry.

Air Force Magazine

Author :
ISBN : OSU:32435057142333
Genre : Aeronautics
File Size : 53. 27 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Aeronautical And Astronautical Resources Of The Library Of Congress

Author : Ronald S. Wilkinson
ISBN : UOM:39015075632631
Genre : Aeronautics
File Size : 24. 5 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Author : Ella Atkins
ISBN : 9781118866450
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 26. 42 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Covering the design, development, operation and mission profiles of unmanned aircraft systems, this single, comprehensive volume forms a complete, stand-alone reference on the topic. The volume integrates with the online Wiley Encyclopedia of Aerospace Engineering, providing many new and updated articles for existing subscribers to that work.

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