a straight talking introduction to the causes of mental health problems straight talking introduction to

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A Straight Talking Introduction To The Causes Of Mental Health Problems

Author : John Read
ISBN : 1906254192
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 62. 41 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Succinct, thought-provoking, introduction ideal for students in all mental health disciplines and everyone with an interest in mental health.

Die Glasglocke

Author : Sylvia Plath
ISBN : OCLC:163739228
Genre :
File Size : 47. 25 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Der Versuch einer seelisch verkapselten 19jährigen Amerikanerin, sich in das Leben zu stürzen, um Erfahrungen zu sammeln, endet mit ihrer Einlieferung in eine psychiatrische Klinik.

The Future Of Mental Health

Author : Eric Maisel
ISBN : 9781351482448
Genre : Medical
File Size : 88. 17 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The Future of Mental Health drills to the heart of the current mental health crisis, where hundreds of millions of individuals worldwide receive unwarranted "mental disorder diagnoses." It paints a picture of how mental health providers can improve their practices to better serve individuals in distress and outlines necessary steps for a mental health revolution. Eric Maisel's goal is to inject more human interaction into the therapeutic process.Maisel powerfully deconstructs the "mental disorder" paradigm that is the foundation of current mental health practices. The author presents a revolutionary alternative, a "human experience" paradigm. He sheds a bright light on the differences between so-called "psychiatric medication" and mere chemicals with powerful effects, explains why the DSM-5 is silent on causes, silent on treatment, and wedded to illegitimate "symptom pictures." Maisel describes powerful helping alternatives like communities of care, and explains why one day "human experience specialists" may replace current mental health professionals.An important book for both service providers and service users, The Future of Mental Health brilliantly unmasks current mental health practices and goes an important step further: it describes what we are obliged to do in order to secure better mental health servicesand better mental healthfor everyone.

Understanding Mental Health Care Critical Issues In Practice

Author : Marc Roberts
ISBN : 9781526451354
Genre : Medical
File Size : 39. 59 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Practitioner-focused, essential reading for students of mental health, this dynamic book provides a critical overview of current issues in mental health practice. It offers concrete guidance on navigating and evaluating different approaches to mental health care, giving crucial space to approaches which put the service user at the heart of care provision and recovery. Tackling the complex and challenging, Understanding Mental Health: Guides students through the landscape of mental health care through detailed case studies that situate practice and bring theory to life Provides a thorough introduction to critical issues through sign-posted chapter aims, concept summaries and activities

Psychology Mental Health And Distress

Author : John Cromby
ISBN : 9781137295897
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 66. 48 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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What does the word 'schizophrenia' mean to you? Perhaps your first thought is of someone with a medical condition that involves some kind of brain disease? But what if you knew that the person in question had been through a traumatic childhood? Would that change how you thought about their mental health? And what impact does this have on how we as a society interact with people with mental distress? Psychology, Mental Health and Distress is the first mainstream textbook that reconsiders the traditional emphasis on the biological and psychiatric models for what is commonly, but contentiously, known as 'abnormal psychology' or 'psychopathology'. It provides a fully rounded account of mental distress, including social and relationship causes, and challenges your preconceptions about what you think you know about mental health. Key features: * Reflects new approaches to mental health and the kinds of psychological interventions (or 'treatments') for those experiencing distress, moving away from a limited diagnostic model * Offers a wealth of case stories to portray the reality of living with distress, building your empathy to encourage sensitive practice * Fully informed by current experimental, qualitative and theoretical psychological research including research into hearing voices * Written by a team of leading clinical and social psychologists with additional contributions by renowned figures including Richard Bentall, a bestselling Penguin author whose Madness Explained won the 2004 BPS Book Award * Includes a chapter authored by those with first-hand experience of mental health services, ensuring you understand the nuances of this emotionally charged, and often controversial, topic The authors draw from a range of experience, examples and approaches to present this student-friendly and engaging text: core reading for anyone serious about understanding mental health issues.

Models Of Madness

Author : John Read
ISBN : 9781134054954
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 88. 20 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Are hallucinations and delusions really symptoms of an illness called ‘schizophrenia’? Are mental health problems really caused by chemical imbalances and genetic predispositions? Are psychiatric drugs as effective and safe as the drug companies claim? Is madness preventable? This second edition of Models of Madness challenges those who hold to simplistic, pessimistic and often damaging theories and treatments of madness. In particular it challenges beliefs that madness can be explained without reference to social causes and challenges the excessive preoccupation with chemical imbalances and genetic predispositions as causes of human misery, including the conditions that are given the name 'schizophrenia'. This edition updates the now extensive body of research showing that hallucinations, delusions etc. are best understood as reactions to adverse life events and that psychological and social approaches to helping are more effective and far safer than psychiatric drugs and electroshock treatment. A new final chapter discusses why such a damaging ideology has come to dominate mental health and, most importantly, how to change that. Models of Madness is divided into three sections: Section One provides a history of madness, including examples of violence against the ‘mentally ill’, before critiquing the theories and treatments of contemporary biological psychiatry and documenting the corrupting influence of drug companies. Section Two summarises the research showing that hallucinations, delusions etc. are primarily caused by adverse life events (eg. parental loss, bullying, abuse and neglect in childhood, poverty, etc) and can be understood using psychological models ranging from cognitive to psychodynamic. Section Three presents the evidence for a range of effective psychological and social approaches to treatment, from cognitive and family therapy to primary prevention. This book brings together thirty-seven contributors from ten countries and a wide range of scientific disciplines. It provides an evidence-based, optimistic antidote to the pessimism of biological psychiatry. Models of Madness will be essential reading for all involved in mental health, including service users, family members, service managers, policy makers, nurses, clinical psychologists, psychiatrists, psychotherapists, counsellors, psychoanalysts, social workers, occupational therapists, art therapists.

A Straight Talking Introduction To Psychiatric Diagnosis

Author : Peter Beresford
ISBN : 1906254214
Genre :
File Size : 23. 65 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Begins by asking 'Why bother with psychiatric diagnosis?' This work explains how psychiatric diagnoses were invented and questions their usefulness. It explores some of the problems of understanding the borderlines between 'sanity' and 'madness', and proposes alternatives to psychiatric diagnosis.

Straight Talk About Your Child S Mental Health

Author : Stephen V. Faraone
ISBN : 9781462506729
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 47. 62 MB
Format : PDF
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Parents reach for dog-eared copies of Dr. Spock when their child has a rash or the flu, but when "moodiness" lingers or worrisome behavior problems grow, they have nowhere to turn for answers or reassurance. Now, in this compassionate resource, prominent Harvard researcher Dr. Stephen V. Faraone gives parents the tools they need to look clearly at how a child is feeling, thinking, and behaving and make wise decisions about when to call for professional help. Cues and questions teach readers to become scientific observers of their child, and vital facts about common disorders help them distinguish between normal variations in speech development and Asperger syndrome, between moodiness that's just a phase and depression, between childhood fears and the symptoms of anxiety. Knowing what to ask--and tell--the professionals, from the pediatrician to a mental health specialist, will help parents ensure a complete and accurate diagnosis. Filled with handy sidebars, charts, and checklists, the book also teaches parents to weigh treatment options to determine what's best for their child. Winner--American Journal of Nursing Book of the Year Award

Straight Talk About Psychiatric Medications For Kids

Author : Timothy E. Wilens
ISBN : 1593858426
Genre : Family & Relationships
File Size : 50. 93 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Deciding whether to give a child medication for an emotional or behavioral problem is a difficult choice. Parents wonder: Will it really help? How long will it be needed? Are there alternatives? What about side effects? Do news stories about FDA black box warnings trump the doctor's assurances that medications are safe and effective? From noted Harvard psychiatrist Timothy E. Wilens, this bestselling guide has already empowered many tens of thousands of parents to become active, informed managers of their children's care. The newly updated third edition details the latest advances in treating specific disorders and offers up-to-date answers to parents' frequently asked questions. Dr. Wilens covers how medications work; their impact on kids' emotions, personality, school performance, and health; the risks and benefits of widely used antidepressants; and much more. The book features new recommendations on treatments for bipolar disorder and ADHD—two illnesses where significant progress has recently been made.

Straight Talk About Mental Tests

Author : Arthur Robert Jensen
ISBN : 0029164400
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 25. 83 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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A comprehensive, nontechnical introduction to the issues behind the IQ controversy sparked by the author's last book incorporates Jensen's own views and findings and continues his argument that the Black-white IQ gap is due to overall racial differences i

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