a history of the church in latin america

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A History Of The Church In Latin America

Author : Enrique Dussel
ISBN : 0802821316
Genre : Religion
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This comprehensive history of the church in Latin America, with its emphasis on theology, will help historians and theologians to better understand the formation and continuity of the Latin American tradition.

The History Of The Catholic Church In Latin America

Author : John Frederick Schwaller
ISBN : 0814783600
Genre : Religion
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One cannot understand Latin America without understanding the history of the Catholic Church in the region. Catholicism has been predominant in Latin America and it has played a definitive role in its development. It helped to spur the conquest of the New World with its emphasis on missions to the indigenous peoples, controlled many aspects of the colonial economy, and played key roles in the struggles for Independence. The History of the Catholic Church in Latin America offers a concise yet far-reaching synthesis of this institution’s role from the earliest contact between the Spanish and native tribes until the modern day, the first such historical overview available in English. John Frederick Schwaller looks broadly at the forces which formed the Church in Latin America and which caused it to develop in the unique manner in which it did. While the Church is often characterized as monolithic, the author carefully showcases its constituent parts—often in tension with one another—as well as its economic function and its role in the political conflicts within the Latin America republics. Organized in a chronological manner, the volume traces the changing dynamics within the Church as it moved from the period of the Reformation up through twentieth century arguments over Liberation Theology, offering a solid framework to approaching the massive literature on the Catholic Church in Latin America. Through his accessible prose, Schwaller offers a set of guideposts to lead the reader through this complex and fascinating history.

The Church In Colonial Latin America

Author : John Frederick Schwaller
ISBN : 0842027041
Genre : Religion
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The Church in Colonial Latin America is a collection of essays that include classic articles and pieces based on more modern research. Containing essays that explore the Catholic Church's active social and political influence, this volume provides the background necessary for students to grasp the importance of the Catholic Church in Latin America. This text also presents a comprehensive, analytic, and descriptive history of the Church and its development during the colonial period. From the evangelization of the New World by Spanish missionaries to the active influence of the Catholic Church on Latin American culture, this book offers a complete picture of the Church in colonial Latin America. The Church in Colonial Latin America is ideal for courses in the colonial period in Latin American history, as well as courses in religion, church history, and missionary history.

A History Of Christianity In Asia Africa And Latin America 1450 1990

Author : Klaus Koschorke
ISBN : 9780802828897
Genre : Religion
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The map of world Christianity has changed dramatically, with a large number of Christians living in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. This text is a comparative documentary history of Christianity for these regions covering the period 1450-1990.

Christianity In Latin America

Author : Justo L. González
ISBN : 9781139467872
Genre : Religion
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From the arrival of the conquistadores in the fifteenth century to the spread of the Pentecostal movement today, Christianity has moulded, coerced, refashioned, and enriched Latin America. Likewise, Christianity has been changed, criticized, and renewed as it crossed the Atlantic. These changes now affect its practice and understanding, not only in South and Central America and the Caribbean, but also - through immigration and global communication - around the world. Focusing on this mutually constitutive relationship, Christianity in Latin America presents the important encounters between people, ideas, and events of this large, heterogeneous subject. In doing so, it takes readers on a fascinating journey of explorers, missionaries, farmers, mystics, charlatans, evangelists, dictators, and martyrs. This book offers an accessible and engaging review of the history of Christianity in Latin America with a widely ecumenical focus to foster understanding of the various forces shaping both Christianity and the region.

Religious Pluralism Democracy And The Catholic Church In Latin America

Author : Frances Hagopian
ISBN : 0268030871
Genre : Political Science
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The Roman Catholic Church in Latin America faces significant and unprecedented challenges. Most prominent among them are secularization, globalizing cultural trends, intensifying religious competition, and pluralism of many kinds within what were once hegemonic Catholic societies. The substantial and original essays in this volume assess the ways in which the Catholic Church in Latin America is dealing with these political, religious, and social changes. Most importantly, they explore how democracy has changed the Catholic Church and, in turn, how religious changes have influenced democratic politics in Latin America. Drawing on the experiences of several countries to illustrate broad themes and explain divergent religious responses to common challenges, the contributors advance the notion that the Catholic Church's effectiveness in the public sphere and even its long-term viability as a religious institution depend on the nature and extent of the relationship between the hierarchy and the faithful. The essays address the context of pluralist challenges, the ideational, institutional, and policy responses of the Catholic hierarchy, and the nature of both religious beliefs and democratic values at the individual level in Latin America today. "Religious Pluralism, Democracy, and the Catholic Church in Latin America is a much needed volume. The book is highly original, relevant, and will stimulate new research on religion in Latin America." --Kenneth Serbin, University of San Diego "Religion and politics, two of the great topics of all time, stir intense passions and often deep conflicts--they have done so in Latin America's history. Hagopian's book thoughtfully examines religious pluralism in Latin America and its impact on politics and society, with special attention to cultural change, gender, the family, education, and beliefs about justice and morality as they bear on democracy. Hagopian's own three chapters frame the book and make it a cohesive and thought-provoking intellectual project." --Jorge I. Domínguez, Harvard University "This book makes an original contribution to our understanding of the challenges facing the Catholic Church in Latin America in the wake of democratic transitions and increasing religious pluralism. It also provides important insights into how church leaders are responding to these challenges in a number of key countries." --Philip Williams, University of Florida

New Worlds

Author : John Lynch
ISBN : 9780300183740
File Size : 66. 4 MB
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This extraordinary book encompasses the time period from the first Christian evangelists' arrival in Latin America to the dictators of the late twentieth century. With unsurpassed knowledge of Latin American history, John Lynch sets out to explore the reception of Christianity by native peoples and how it influenced their social and religious lives as the centuries passed. As attentive to modern times as to the colonial period, Lynch also explores the extent to which Indian religion and ancestral ways survived within the new Christian culture. The book follows the development of religious culture over time by focusing on peak periods of change: the response of religion to the Enlightenment, the emergence of the Church from the wars of independence, the Romanization of Latin American religion as the papacy overtook the Spanish crown in effective control of the Church, the growing challenge of liberalism and the secular state, and in the twentieth century, military dictators' assaults on human rights. Throughout the narrative, Lynch develops a number of special themes and topics. Among these are the Spanish struggle for justice for Indians, the Church's position on slavery, the concept of popular religion as distinct from official religion, and the development of liberation theology.

The Cambridge History Of Latin America

Author : Leslie Bethell
ISBN : 0521232252
Genre : History
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Essays discuss Latin American societies in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, changing economic conditions, and historical developments in each country

A History Of Latin America To 1825

Author :
ISBN : 9781444357530
Genre : History
File Size : 78. 48 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The updated and enhanced third edition of A History of Latin America to 1825 presents a comprehensive narrative survey of Latin American history from the region's first human presence until the majority of Iberian colonies in America emerged as sovereign states c. 1825. This edition features new content on the history of women, gender, Africans in the Iberian colonies, and pre-Columbian peoples Includes more illustrations to aid learning: over 50 figures and photographs, several accompanied by short essays Concentrates on the colonial period and earlier, expanding coverage of the period and incorporating more social and cultural history with the political narrative

Christianity In The Southern Hemisphere

Author : Edward R. Norman
ISBN : UTEXAS:059173023075364
Genre : Christianity
File Size : 40. 3 MB
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