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Youth In Postwar Guatemala

Author : Michelle J. Bellino
ISBN : 9780813588018
Genre : Political Science
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In the aftermath of armed conflict, how do new generations of young people learn about peace, justice, and democracy? Michelle J. Bellino describes how, following Guatemala’s civil war, adolescents at four schools in urban and rural communities learn about their country’s history of authoritarianism and develop civic identities within a fragile postwar democracy. Through rich ethnographic accounts, Youth in Postwar Guatemala, traces youth experiences in schools, homes, and communities, to examine how knowledge and attitudes toward historical injustice traverse public and private spaces, as well as generations. Bellino documents the ways that young people critically examine injustice while shaping an evolving sense of themselves as civic actors. In a country still marked by the legacies of war and division, young people navigate between the perilous work of critiquing the flawed democracy they inherited, and safely waiting for the one they were promised.

Jugendliche Als T Ter Und Opfer Von Gewalt

Author : Peter Imbusch
ISBN : 3531170562
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 21. 52 MB
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Das Buch präsentiert Beiträge, die sich mit dem Phänomen der Jugendgewalt vornehmlich in Entwicklungsländern auseinandersetzen. Es beleuchtet Unterschiede und Gemeinsamkeiten von Jugendgewalt zwischen „Erster“ und „Dritter Welt“; es fragt nach den unterschiedlichen Kontexten der Gewalt; es setzt sich mit der schwierigen Lebens- und Überlebenssituation von Jugendlichen unter gewalttätigen gesellschaftlichen Bedingungen auseinander; es beleuchtet angesichts geringer Partizipationsmöglichkeiten die Rolle von Jugendlichen in Nachkriegsgesellschaften; und es zeichnet verunsichernde Diskurs- und Sicherheitsstrategien im Umgang mit Jugendlichen nach, welche die Jugendlichen eher diskriminieren als dazu beitragen, ihre Handlungen und Verhaltensweisen zu verstehen. Die beispielhaften Auseinandersetzungen mit der Thematik Jugend und Gewalt werden eingerahmt von Überlegungen zu den Hintergründen und Ursachen von Jugendgewalt sowie eher konzeptionellen Überlegungen zu den Innovationen der Gewaltforschung, die am Beispiel jugendlicher Amokläufer und School Shooter exemplifiziert werden.

Youth Without Sanctuary

Author : Krisjon Rae Olson
ISBN : UCAL:C3528113
Genre :
File Size : 45. 90 MB
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Mayas In Postwar Guatemala

Author : Walter E. Little
ISBN : 9780817355364
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 61. 71 MB
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Like the original Harvest of Violence, published in 1988, this volume reveals how the contemporary Mayas contend with crime, political violence, internal community power struggles, and the broader impact of transnational economic and political policies in Guatemala. However, this work, informed by long-term ethnographic fieldwork in Mayan communities and commitment to conducting research in Mayan languages, places current anthropological analyses in relation to Mayan political activism and key Mayan intellectuals’ research and criticism. Illustrating specifically how Mayas in this post-war period conceive of their social and political place in Guatemala, Mayas working in factories, fields, and markets, and participating in local, community-level politics provide critiques of the government, the Maya movement, and the general state of insecurity and social and political violence that they continue to face on a daily basis. Their critical assessments and efforts to improve political, social, and economic conditions illustrate their resiliency and positive, nonviolent solutions to Guatemala’s ongoing problems that deserve serious consideration by Guatemalan and US policy makers, international non-government organizations, peace activists, and even academics studying politics, social agency, and the survival of indigenous people. CONTRIBUTORS Abigail E. Adams / José Oscar Barrera Nuñez / Peter Benson / Barbara Bocek / Jennifer L. Burrell / Robert M. Carmack / Monica DeHart / Edward F. Fischer / Liliana Goldín / Walter E. Little / Judith M. Maxwell / J. Jailey Philpot-Munson / Brenda Rosenbaum / Timothy J. Smith / David Stoll

City Of God

Author : Kevin Lewis O'Neill
ISBN : 9780520945135
Genre : Religion
File Size : 51. 75 MB
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In Guatemala City today, Christianity isn't just a belief system--it is a counterinsurgency. Amidst postwar efforts at democratization, multinational mega-churches have conquered street corners and kitchen tables, guiding the faithful to build a sanctified city brick by brick. Drawing on rich interviews and extensive fieldwork, Kevin Lewis O'Neill tracks the culture and politics of one such church, looking at how neo-Pentecostal Christian practices have become acts of citizenship in a new, politically relevant era for Protestantism. Focusing on everyday practices--praying for Guatemala, speaking in tongues for the soul of the nation, organizing prayer campaigns to combat unprecedented levels of crime--O'Neill finds that Christian citizenship has re-politicized the faithful as they struggle to understand what it means to be a believer in a desperately violent Central American city. Innovative, imaginative, conceptually rich, City of God reaches across disciplinary borders as it illuminates the highly charged, evolving relationship between religion, democracy, and the state in Latin America.

Youth Under The Gun

Author : Denis Roberto Martinez
ISBN : OCLC:902689414
Genre :
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This study examines how violence affects youth in marginalized urban communities, focusing on the experiences of three groups of young people: gang members, activists, and the "jóvenes encerrados", youth who live confined to their homes due to fear. Based on 14 months of ethnographic research in El Mezquital, an extensive marginalized urban area in Guatemala City, I explore the socio-economic conditions that trigger violence in these communities, the responses of young people and the community to violence, and the State's role in exacerbating violence in impoverished neighborhoods. In this dissertation I argue that gang members and activists are expressing a deep-seated social discontent against the exclusion, humiliation, and social stigmatization faced by young people in marginalized urban neighborhoods. However, the two groups express their discontent in significantly different ways. Initially, gangs used violence to express their discontent, but they gradually resorted to a perverse game of crime, in complicity with the police, and they distanced themselves from their own communities; in this work I analyze gangs' process of transformation and the circumstances that led to this change. Activists express their discontent through community art and public protest, but their demonstrations have limited social impact, since public attention continues to focus on gangs; here I examine activists' motivations, struggles, and obstacles. However, the vast majority of young people live in a state of fear, preferring to keep quiet and withdraw into their homes; here I show how violence, fear, and distrust affect the generation born into postwar Guatemala. This study illustrates the perverse role of the State in impoverished urban neighborhoods and its responsibility for the escalation of urban violence in Guatemala. On the one hand, the State shuns residents from these neighborhoods and systematically denies them basic services; it criminalizes and abuses young people, even forming social cleansing groups to eliminate gang members. On the other hand, the State fosters crime in these communities and acts as gangs' accomplice in extortions, drug trade, and robberies. As in many other Latin American countries, the Guatemalan State penalizes crime, but simultaneously encourages and benefits from it; the State is complicit in crime.

Sozialpolitik In Entwicklungsl Ndern

Author : Markus Porsche-Ludwig
ISBN : 9783643117724
Genre : Developing countries
File Size : 73. 73 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Memory In Transition

Author : Michelle J. Bellino
ISBN : OCLC:881469959
Genre : Education
File Size : 75. 35 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Adi S Ni O

Author : Deborah T. Levenson
ISBN : 9780822353157
Genre : History
File Size : 23. 99 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This ethnohistory examines how the Guatemalan gangs that emerged from the country's strong populist movement in the 1980s had become perpetrators of nihilist violence by the early 2000s.

Latin American Responses To Globalization In The 21st Century

Author : M. Nilsson
ISBN : 9781137003126
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 58. 69 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Written by a diverse group of scholars and practitioners from Latin America, the US and Europe and taking into consideration the recent global financial crisis,the book offers a multifaceted insight into the expectations as well as the possible threats related to Latin America's incorporation into the sphere of global interconnectedness.

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