yes i could care less how to be a language snob without being a jerk

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Yes I Could Care Less

Author : Bill Walsh
ISBN : 9781250032010
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 44. 83 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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These are interesting times for word nerds. We ate, shot and left, bonding over a joke about a panda and some rants about greengrocers who abuse apostrophes. We can go on Facebook and vow to judge people when they use poor grammar. The fiftieth anniversary of the publication of The Elements of Style inspired sentimental reveries. Grammar Girl's tally of Twitter followers is well into six digits. We can't get enough of a parody of the Associated Press Stylebook, of all things, or a collection of "unnecessary" quotation marks. Could you care less? Does bad grammar or usage "literally" make your head explode? Test your need for this new book with these sentences: "Katrina misplaced many residents of New Orleans from their homes." "Sherry finally graduated college this year." "An armed gunman held up a convenience store on Broadway yesterday afternoon." Pat yourself on the back if you found issues in every one of these sentences, but remember: There is a world out there beyond the stylebooks, beyond Strunk and White, beyond Lynne Truss and Failblogs. In his long-awaited follow-up to Lapsing Into a Comma and The Elephants of Style, while steering readers and writers on the proper road to correct usage, Walsh cautions against slavish adherence to rules, emphasizing that the correct choice often depends on the situation. He might disagree with the AP Stylebook or Merriam-Webster, but he always backs up his preferences with logic and humor. Walsh argues with both sides in the language wars, the sticklers and the apologists, and even with himself, over the disputed territory and ultimately over whether all this is warfare or just a big misunderstanding. Part usage manual, part confessional, and part manifesto, Yes, I Could Care Less bounces from sadomasochism to weather geekery, from "Top Chef" to Monty Python, from the chile of New Mexico to the daiquiris of Las Vegas, with Walsh's distinctive take on the way we write and talk. Yes, I Could Care Less is a lively and often personal look at one man's continuing journey through the obstacle course that some refer to, far too simply, as "grammar."

Patterns Of Power

Author : Jeff Anderson
ISBN : 9781625311856
Genre : Education
File Size : 22. 16 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Jeff Anderson and literacy coach Whitney La Rocca take you into primary and intermediate classrooms where students are curious about language, engage with the world around them, and notice and experiment with the conventions all writers use. Instead of chanting grammar rules or completing countless convention worksheets, we invite young writers to explore conventions as special effects devices that activate meaning. Our students study authentic texts and come to recognize these "patterns of power"--the essential grammar conventions that readers and writers require to make meaning. The first part of the book introduces a vibrant approach to grammar instruction and sets up what you need to immerse yourself in the Patterns of Power process, inviting students to experiment and play with language. The second part of the book offers over seventy practical, ready-to-use lessons, including: Extensive support materials Over 100 mentor sentences, curated for grades 1-5 Student work samples Tips and power notes to facilitate your own knowledge and learning Examples for application In Patterns of Power Jeff and Whitney suggest that taking just five minutes from your reading workshop and five minutes from your writing workshop to focus on how the conventions connect reading and writing will miraculously affect your students' understanding of how language works for readers and writers.

Jeff Herman S Guide To Book Publishers Editors Literary Agents

Author : Jeff Herman
ISBN : 9781608683093
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 55. 65 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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If you want to get published, read this book! Jeff Herman’s Guide unmasks nonsense, clears confusion, and unlocks secret doorways to success for new and veteran writers! This highly respected resource is used by publishing insiders everywhere and has been read by millions all over the world. Jeff Herman’s Guide is the writer’s best friend. It reveals the names, interests, and contact information of thousands of agents and editors. It presents invaluable information about more than 350 publishers and imprints (including Canadian and university presses), lists independent book editors who can help you make your work more publisher-friendly, and helps you spot scams. Jeff Herman’s Guide unseals the truth about how to outsmart the gatekeepers, break through the barriers, and decipher the hidden codes to getting your book published. Countless writers have achieved their highest aspirations by following Herman’s outside-the-box strategies. If you want to reach the top of your game and transform rejections into contracts, you need this book! Jeff Herman’s Guide will educate you, inspire you, and become your virtual entourage at every step along the exhilarating journey to publication. Ask anyone in the book business, and they will refer you to Jeff Herman’s Guide. NEW for 2015: Comprehensive index listing dozens of subjects and categories to help you find the perfect publisher or agent.

Garner S Modern English Usage

Author : Bryan Garner
ISBN : 9780190491505
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 82. 86 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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With more than a thousand new entries and more than 2,300 word-frequency ratios, the magisterial fourth edition of this book-now renamed Garner's Modern English Usage (GMEU)-reflects usage lexicography at its finest. Garner explains the nuances of grammar and vocabulary with thoroughness, finesse, and wit. He discourages whatever is slovenly, pretentious, or pedantic. GMEU is the liveliest and most compulsively readable reference work for writers of our time. It delights while providing instruction on skillful, persuasive, and vivid writing. Garner liberates English from two extremes: both from the hidebound "purists" who mistakenly believe that split infinitives and sentence-ending prepositions are malfeasances and from the linguistic relativists who believe that whatever people say or write must necessarily be accepted. The judgments here are backed up not just by a lifetime of study but also by an empirical grounding in the largest linguistic corpus ever available. In this fourth edition, Garner has made extensive use of corpus linguistics to include ratios of standard terms as compared against variants in modern print sources. No other resource provides as comprehensive, reliable, and empirical a guide to current English usage. For all concerned with writing and editing, GMEU will prove invaluable as a desk reference. Garner illustrates with actual examples, cited with chapter and verse, all the linguistic blunders that modern writers and speakers are prone to, whether in word choice, syntax, phrasing, punctuation, or pronunciation. No matter how knowledgeable you may already be, you're sure to learn from every single page of this book.

Between You Me Confessions Of A Comma Queen

Author : Mary Norris
ISBN : 9780393246605
Genre : Reference
File Size : 80. 94 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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"Hilarious…This book charmed my socks off." —Patricia O’Conner, New York Times Book Review Mary Norris has spent more than three decades working in The New Yorker’s renowned copy department, helping to maintain its celebrated high standards. In Between You & Me, she brings her vast experience with grammar and usage, her good cheer and irreverence, and her finely sharpened pencils to help the rest of us in a boisterous language book as full of life as it is of practical advice. Named a Best Book of the Year by NPR, Amazon, Wall Street Journal, Publishers Weekly, Kirkus, and Library Journal.

Der Gro E Gatsby

Author : F. Scott Fitzgerald
ISBN : 9783159613437
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 65. 65 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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F. Scott Fitzgeralds Meisterwerk von 1925 ist eine der großen Liebesgeschichten der Weltliteratur. Jay Gatsby, durch dubiose Geschäfte zum Millionär geworden, gibt in seiner Villa auf Long Island glanzvolle Partys für die New Yorker Gesellschaft. Er selber aber träumt davon, die Vergangenheit wiederzubeleben und seine große Liebe zurückzugewinnen. Doch die Suche nach der verlorenen Zeit endet tragisch.

Der Arktis Plan

Author : Robert Ludlum
ISBN : 9783641093853
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 50. 9 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Droht ein neuer Kalter Krieg? In der kanadischen Arktis finden Wissenschaftler das Wrack eines russischen Bombers. Nur eine Handvoll Menschen weiß, dass dieses Wrack eine heute noch hochgiftige biologische Waffe an Bord hat. Mit mehr als zwei Tonnen Anthrax kann man ganze Länder und Millionen von Menschen verseuchen. Colonel Jon Smith von der Geheimorganisation Covert One wird vom amerikanischen Präsidenten persönlich beauftragt, die Fundstelle abzusichern und die Biowaffe zu entschärfen. Doch sobald sie den Ort erreichen, finden sie dort bereits einen tödlichen Widersacher. Beängstigend und topaktuell – ein Politthriller der Extraklasse.

Klar Ist Es Liebe

Author : Sandy Hall
ISBN : 9783733601454
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 29. 12 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Zwei Verliebte, 14 Erzähler – eine außergewöhnliche romantische Komödie zum Mitverlieben und Mitleiden Lea und Gabe wären das perfekte Paar. Das erkennen alle um sie herum: der beste Freund, die Mitbewohnerin, ja sogar der Busfahrer und die Starbucks-Bedienung. Sie haben denselben College-Kurs belegt, sie bestellen das gleiche Essen, die mögen dieselben Filme. Aber obwohl die Luft zwischen ihnen knistert und alle Vorzeichen stimmen, scheinen sie den richtigen Augenblick immer zu verpassen. Werden Lea und Gabe es schaffen, trotzdem zueinanderzufinden?

Bret Easton Ellis Und Die Anderen Hunde

Author : Lina Wolff
ISBN : 9783455001099
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 87. 68 MB
Format : PDF
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Über die Grenzen der Liebe in einer gnadenlosen Welt: In Barcelona kreuzen sich die Wege der exzentrischen Schriftstellerin Alba Cambó und der unerschütterlichen Araceli, die alleine bei ihrer Mutter aufwächst. Wie ein Puzzle setzt Araceli die Biographie der geheimnisvollen, flüchtigen Alba zusammen, ein Strudel aus schillernden Geschichten über Menschen aus ihrer Vergangenheit und einen Hund, den eine Prostituierte auf den Namen Bret Easton Ellis getauft hat. Lina Wolff erzählt von Machtspielen zwischen Müttern und Töchtern, Schriftstellern und Lesern und – immer wieder und vor allem – Männern und Frauen, von Sehnsucht und Begehren, Liebe, Hass, Erotik, geplatzten Träumen und zerstörerischem Alltagstrott. Ein mal beißend komischer, mal poetischer Roman voller schonungsloser Zärtlichkeit, in dem hinter jedem Satz eine Überraschung lauert.

Der Nachtzirkus

Author : Erin Morgenstern
ISBN : 9783843702225
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 29. 79 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Er kommt ohne Ankündigung und hat nur bei Nacht geöffnet: der Cirque des Rêves – Zirkus der Träume. Um ein geheimnisvolles Freudenfeuer herum scharen sich fantastische Zelte, jedes eine Welt für sich, einzigartig und nie gesehen. Doch hinter den Kulissen findet der unerbittliche Wettbewerb zweier verfeindeter Magier statt. Sie bereiten ihre Kinder darauf vor, zu vollenden, was sie selber nie geschafft haben: den Kampf auf Leben und Tod zu entscheiden. Doch als Celia und Marco einander schließlich begegnen, geschieht, was nicht vorgesehen war: Sie verlieben sich rettungslos ineinander. Von ihren Vätern unlösbar an den Zirkus und ihren tödlichen Wettstreit gebunden, ringen sie verzweifelt um ihre Liebe, ihr Leben und eine traumhafte Welt, die für immer unterzugehen droht.

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