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Workplace Bullying In Higher Education

Author : Jaime Lester
ISBN : 9780415519649
Genre : Education
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Higher education leaders, managers, human resource professionals, faculty, and staff increasingly face uncivil, bullying behaviors in academe. This can manifest itself as constant public humiliation by a new department chair, exclusion of a contingent faculty member, undermining of work performance by a supervisor, stalking by a staff member, or taunting. As higher education institutions continue to face budget issues and external pressure, the incidences of bullying are on the rise. This edited volume provides guidance on the nature and impact of bullying, legal and ethical issues, and approaches to assist leaders in facing these challenges in their colleges and universities. Research-based chapters cover the impact of bullying on the workforce, the ways that bullying manifests within different sub-cultures and at different institutions including community colleges, the legal and ethical issues of bullying, and recommendations to address bullying on campus. Exploring bullying policies and innovative programs, this book provides a better understanding of how to rethink current policies and practices to proactively create more civil cultures. Workplace Bullying in Higher Education is a valuable resource for all higher education leaders and professionals on understanding, mediating, and preventing bullying.

Understanding Workplace Bullying Among Staff In Higher Education

Author : Justin Aubrey Gerstenfield
ISBN : OCLC:989882399
Genre : Bullying in schools
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he purpose of this phenomenological study was to discover how staff members in a division of student affairs define workplace bullying, whether or not they have experienced workplace bullying, and finally whether or not they have witnessed workplace bullying in higher education. Participants were invited to complete an open-ended online survey where they could define workplace bullying and share their personal experiences with bullying or witnessing bullying in the workplace. The study explored the lived experiences of student affairs professionals with personal and bystander experiences of bullying in the higher education workplace. Social identity theory relating to in-group and out-group formation in the workplace was used to understand the experiences of participants. Data analysis provided details of participants' definition of bullying in higher education in addition to their own personal and witnessed experiences. Participants defined, experienced, and witnessed bullying in the workplace the same as faculty and professionals outside of higher education. Participants' experiences were similar to faculty and non-higher education professionals in all areas except for the reporting of bullying. Unlike faculty and non-higher education employees, student affairs staff members are more likely to report bullying experiences. Using the results and conclusions, several levels of employee training were recommended to be implemented in higher education to help prevent future bullying experiences of staff members.

Workplace Bullying And Mobbing In The United States 2 Volumes

Author : Maureen Duffy
ISBN : 9781440850240
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 29. 9 MB
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Offering multidisciplinary research and analysis on workplace bullying and mobbing, this two-volume set explores the prevalence of these behaviors in sectors ranging from K–12 education to corporate environments and exposes the damaging effects of workplace bullying on both individuals and organizations. • The first comprehensive, multi-contributor book on workplace bullying and mobbing grounded in American employee relations • An ideal starting place for anyone seeking to better understand the breadth and depth of research on workplace bullying and mobbing in the United States • Features contributions from leading researchers and subject-matter experts on workplace bullying and mobbing, including some who are founding members of the U.S. Academy on Workplace Bullying, Mobbing, and Abuse • Summarizes and analyzes leading research for scholars and researchers in industrial/organizational psychology, clinical and counseling psychology, organizational behavior and communications, business management, law, and public health

A Phenomenological Investigation Of Experiences Regarding Workplace Bullying Higher Education

Author : Patricia Burris
ISBN : OCLC:837694372
Genre : Bullying in the workplace
File Size : 82. 17 MB
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Bullies In The Workplace Seeing And Stopping Adults Who Abuse Their Co Workers And Employees

Author : Michele A. Paludi
ISBN : 9781440832543
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 24. 72 MB
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A team of interdisciplinary experts provides an up-to-date review of current theories, empirical research, and management strategies that will help organizations address workplace bullying through both prevention and intervention. • Takes a lifespan developmental approach to understanding workplace bullying • Offers specific recommendations for preventing workplace bullying • Shares and addresses real-life stories • Provides sample policies and investigation formats • Features chapters written by noted scholars, human resource professionals, psychologists, and attorneys

Bully In The Ivory Tower

Author : Leah P. Hollis
ISBN : 0988478226
Genre : Education
File Size : 76. 61 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Several studies have examined workplace bullying in the general population or in the K-12 student population. This book examines the manifestation of workplace bullying in American Higher Education Administration. After surveying over 175 four-year colleges and universities in an independent study, Hollis confirms that workplace bullying occurs at alarming rates in higher education. Further, this study calculates the cost of employee disengagement. Staff who have been bullied either seek to separate from an institution or mentally "check out" as a way of enduring a bully. In the midst of souring tuition costs, no organization can afford the millions of dollars lost to employee disengagement due to a bully. After gathering data through surveys and several interviews with administrators in higher education, Hollis develops a model for a healthy workplace specifically for higher education, which is also applicable to the general population. The model offers solutions for the leadership and organizational level, middle managers, and for the bullies who are seeking healthier management strategies. While this book is an academic study, the writing is accessible, reflects on popular culture at times, and considers the urgency of workplace bullying in relationship to cost, potential accreditation issues, and the personal anguish of the target. The findings and solutions are appropriate for executive leadership, middle management or anyone working in higher education.

Author : Susan A. Holton
ISBN : 9789960408866
Genre : Education
File Size : 71. 71 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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على نحو يتعذر اجتنابه، يواجه مدرسو وإداريو التعليم العالي خلافات في أدوارهم المعقدة والصعبة ومن خلال تركيز خاص على رؤساء الأقسام والعمداء، يساعد هذا الكتاب على تحليل أنواع عديدة من النزاعات في المؤسسة وبين الأشخاص التي غالباً ما تشاهد في التعليم العالي؛ كما يقدم الوسائل والطرائق الضرورية من أجل معالجة النزاعات و حلها. يقدم لنا المسهمون خبراتهم وتجاربهم من خلال دراساتهم للقضايا واقتراحاتهم وأمثلتهم وخططهم؛ كما يدعونك لاستخدام هذا الدليل العملي " لترميم الصدوع " في برجك الخاص بك. يشتمل المحتوى على : فكرة شاملة حول النزاعات في الأكاديمية لإدارة في عصر النزاعات، معالجة النزاعات من الوسط، رؤساء الأقسام مع عاملين مساندين، النزاعات بين العمداء ورؤساء الأقسام ، العميد والنزاع، النزاعات بين الإداريين والمدرسين، معالجة النزاعات في الخطوط الأمامية ، الشؤون الطلابية، والشؤون الأكاديمية، النزاعات بين المدرسين والمدرسين، النزاعات بين المدرسين والطلاب، النزاعات بين الطلاب والطلاب، حل النزاعات في الأكاديمية، نموذج هولتون لمعالجة النزاعات، برامج معالجة النزاعات.

Contextualising Narrative Inquiry

Author : Sheila Trahar
ISBN : 9780415536370
File Size : 72. 35 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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"Narrative inquiry is growing in popularity as a research methodology in the social sciences, medicine and the humanities. In narrative inquiry, the transparency of interactions between researcher and research participants, together with rich, contextualdescriptions, help to shape and structure research texts rendering them engaging and readable. Contextualising Narrative Inquiry argues that all researchers should foreground the importance of the context in which research takes place and develop methodological approaches that are grounded in their local contexts. To do so, they need to pay attention to how knowledge is constructed, shared and understood in those contexts. This is particularly important when contexts have been subjugated historically through colonialism and when local, indigenous ways of knowing have been ignored or dismissed. The contributors to this edited collection have all used narrative inquiry for a range of topics and in a range of contexts, including: Leadership styles of Asian women The Deaf community in the UK Voluntary celibacy in Malta Administrators in Ghanaian higher education Multiculturalism in primary education in Cyprus Teacher identities in Hong Kong The reflective practitioner in higher education in Malaysia. The diversity of the topics illuminates the potential for narrative inquiry to be used to investigate a broad range of issues in many contexts by people with a wide range of backgrounds. A common thread throughout is a reflexive discussion of how each contributor used narrative inquiry as a methodological approach; highlighting not only its affordances, but also the complexities of using it in specific cultural, social and historical contexts"--

Social Issues In The Workplace Breakthroughs In Research And Practice

Author : Management Association, Information Resources
ISBN : 9781522539186
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 55. 62 MB
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Corporations have a social responsibility to assist in the overall well-being of their employees through the compliance of moral business standards and practices. However, many societies still face serious issues related to unethical business practices. Social Issues in the Workplace: Breakthroughs in Research and Practice is a comprehensive reference source for the latest scholarly material on the components and impacts of social issues on the workplace. Highlighting a range of pertinent topics such as business communication, psychological health, and work-life balance, this multi-volume book is ideally designed for managers, professionals, researchers, students, and academics interested in social issues in the workplace.

The Coercive Community College

Author :
ISBN : 9781786355973
Genre : Education
File Size : 25. 73 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Few studies address workplace bullying in American higher education. Leah P.Hollis, EdD, author of Bully in the Ivory Tower addressed the issue of workplace bullying in four-year institutions. This volume, The Coercive Community College, replicates the study to reveal that 64% of community college respondents are affected by workplace bullying.

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