women and comedy in solo performance phyllis diller lily tomlin and roseanne studies in american popular history and culture

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Women And Comedy In Solo Performance

Author : Suzanne Lavin
ISBN : 0415948584
Genre : History
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This work examines the dramatic changes in America women's comedy performance in the years 1955-1995.The study focuses on the standup of Phyllis Diller and Roseanne andon the character comedy of Lily Tomlin. As the historical arc of women's comedy unfolds, it outlines a change from the traditional vaudevillian style of standup, as represented by Diller (50s-70s), to a more satiric comedy represented by Tomlin (60s-80s) and Roseanne (80s-90s).

Popular Culture And The Enduring Myth Of Chicago 1871 1968

Author : Lisa Krissoff Boehm
ISBN : 9781135932558
Genre : History
File Size : 86. 88 MB
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This book is an examination of the image of Chicago in American popular culture between the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 and Chicago's 1968 Democratic National Convention.

My Pen And My Soul Have Ever Gone Together

Author : Vikki Vickers
ISBN : 9781135921576
Genre : History
File Size : 67. 9 MB
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It is the study of how Thomas Paine's religious beliefs shaped his political ideology and influenced his political activism.

Fictions Of Female Education In The Nineteenth Century

Author : Jaime Osterman Alves
ISBN : 9781135842468
Genre : History
File Size : 79. 51 MB
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Seeking to understand how literary texts both shaped and reflected the century's debates over adolescent female education, this book examines fictional works and historical documents featuring descriptions of girls' formal educational experiences between the 1810s and the 1890s. Alves argues that the emergence of schoolgirl culture in nineteenth-century America presented significant challenges to subsequent constructions of normative femininity. The trope of the adolescent schoolgirl was a carrier of shifting cultural anxieties about how formal education would disrupt the customary maid-wife-mother cycle and turn young females off to prevailing gender roles. By tracing the figure of the schoolgirl at crossroads between educational and other institutions - in texts written by and about girls from a variety of racial, ethnic, and class backgrounds - this book transcends the limitations of "separate spheres" inquiry and enriches our understanding of how girls negotiated complex gender roles in the nineteenth century.

The Farm Press Reform And Rural Change 1895 1920

Author : John J. Fry
ISBN : 9781135475352
Genre : History
File Size : 40. 67 MB
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This project contributes to our understanding of rural Midwesterners and farm newspapers at the turn of the century. While cultural historians have mainly focused on readers in town and cities, it examines Midwestern farmers. It also contributes to the "new rural history" by exploring the ideas of Hal Barron and others that country people selectively adapted the advice given to them by reformers. Finally, it furthers our understanding of American farm newspapers themselves and offers suggestions on how to use them as sources.

Performing Marginality

Author : Joanne R. Gilbert
ISBN : 0814328032
Genre : Humor
File Size : 25. 90 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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An academic study of stand-up comedy performed by females. This will aid in the understanding of power structures in our society.

We Killed

Author : Yael Kohen
ISBN : 9780374287238
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 87. 60 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Traces the careers and achievements of comediennes and challenges opinions about why women cannot be effective comedic entertainers, with coverage of celebrities, including Joan Rivers, Lily Tomlin, and Tina Fey.

Daughters Of Eve

Author : Else L. Hambleton
ISBN : 9781135934309
Genre : History
File Size : 78. 86 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This study examines cases of fornication, bastardy, and paternity cases brought before the courts in Essex County, Massachusetts between 1640 and 1692. Prosecution and conviction rates, sentencing patterns, and socio-economic data, as well as attitudes, were analyzed to determine that women who bore illegitimate children were punished more severely than their male partners, and regarded with contempt by the majority of women.

Pretty Funny

Author : Linda Mizejewski
ISBN : 9780292756939
Genre : Performing Arts
File Size : 59. 98 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Women in comedy have traditionally been pegged as either "pretty" or "funny." Attractive actresses with good comic timing such as Katherine Hepburn, Lucille Ball, and Julia Roberts have always gotten plum roles as the heroines of romantic comedies and television sitcoms. But fewer women who write and perform their own comedy have become stars, and, most often, they've been successful because they were willing to be funny-looking, from Fanny Brice and Phyllis Diller to Lily Tomlin and Carol Burnett. In this pretty-versus-funny history, women writer-comedians—no matter what they look like—have ended up on the other side of "pretty," enabling them to make it the topic and butt of the joke, the ideal that is exposed as funny. Pretty/Funny focuses on Kathy Griffin, Tina Fey, Sarah Silverman, Margaret Cho, Wanda Sykes, and Ellen DeGeneres, the groundbreaking women comics who flout the pretty-versus-funny dynamic by targeting glamour, postfeminist girliness, the Hollywood A-list, and feminine whiteness with their wit and biting satire. Linda Mizejewski demonstrates that while these comics don't all identify as feminists or take politically correct positions, their work on gender, sexuality, and race has a political impact. The first major study of women and humor in twenty years, Pretty/Funny makes a convincing case that women's comedy has become a prime site for feminism to speak, talk back, and be contested in the twenty-first century.

Antebellum Slave Narratives

Author : Jermaine O. Archer
ISBN : 9781135855147
Genre : History
File Size : 76. 64 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Though America experienced an increase in a native-born population and an emerging African-American identity throughout the nineteenth century, African culture did not necessarily dissipate with each passing decade. Archer examines the slave narratives of four key members of the abolitionist movement—Frederick Douglass, William Wells Brown, Harriet Tubman and Harriet Jacobs—revealing how these highly visible proponents of the antislavery cause were able to creatively engage and at times overcome the cultural biases of their listening and reading audiences. When engaged in public sphere discourses, these individuals were not, as some scholars have suggested, inclined to accept unconditionally stereotypical constructions of their own identities. Rather they were quite skillful in negotiating between their affinity with antislavery Christianity and their own intimate involvement with slave circle dance and improvisational song, burial rites, conjuration, divination, folk medicinal practices, African dialects and African inspired festivals. The authors emerge as more complex figures than scholars have imagined. Their political views, though sometimes moderate, often reflected a strong desire to strike a fierce blow at the core of the slavocracy.

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