why the garden club couldn t save youngstown the transformation of the rust belt

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Why The Garden Club Couldn T Save Youngstown

Author : Sean Safford
ISBN : 0674051300
Genre : Business & Economics
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In this book, Sean Safford compares the recent history of Allentown, Pennsylvania, with that of Youngstown, Ohio. Allentown has seen a noticeable rebound over the course of the past twenty years. Facing a collapse of its steel-making firms, its economy has reinvented itself by transforming existing companies, building an entrepreneurial sector, and attracting inward investment. Youngstown was similar to Allentown in its industrial history, the composition of its labor force, and other important variables, and yet instead of adapting in the face of acute economic crisis, it fell into a mean race to the bottom. Challenging various theoretical perspectives on regional socioeconomic change, "Why the Garden Club Couldn't Save Youngstown" argues that the structure of social networks among the cities' economic, political, and civic leaders account for the divergent trajectories of post-industrial regions. It offers a probing historical explanation for the decline, fall, and unlikely rejuvenation of the Rust Belt. Emphasizing the power of social networks to shape action, determine access to and control over information and resources, define the contexts in which problems are viewed, and enable collective action in the face of externally generated crises, this book points toward present-day policy prescriptions for the ongoing plight of mature industrial regions in the U.S. and abroad.

Remaking The Rust Belt

Author : Tracy Neumann
ISBN : 9780812248272
Genre : History
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Remaking the Rust Belt tells the story of how local leaders throughout the Rust Belt adapted internationally circulating ideas about postindustrial redevelopment to create the jobs and amenities they believed would attract middle-class professionals, but in so doing widened and deepened economic inequality among urban residents.

Closing Chapters

Author : Thomas G. Welsh
ISBN : 9780739165942
Genre : Education
File Size : 43. 32 MB
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Closing Chapters attempts to explain the disintegration of urban parochial schools in Youngstown, Ohio, a onetime industrial center that lost all but one of its eighteen Catholic parochial elementary schools between 1960 and 2006. Through the examination of Youngstown, Welsh sheds light on a significant national phenomenon: the fragmentation of American Catholic identity.

Creating Competitiveness

Author : David B. Audretsch
ISBN : 9781781954058
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 90. 83 MB
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Although competitiveness is typically associated with firms, they are not the only organizational body whose performance is dependent upon competitiveness. This poignant and insightful book focuses on how the varied economic performance of cities and regions, both within nations as well as across nations, during the era of the ÔGreat RecessionÕ also highlights the need for competitiveness. Competitive cities and regions enjoy a superior economic performance, while their less competitive counterparts experience poorer economic growth and increasing unemployment. Using leading frameworks, this study provides applications and case studies about what shapes the competitiveness of places in an international context. Specific policies that enhance local competitiveness are identified and analyzed. Scholars of regional economics, urban economics, urban planning and public policy as well as policymakers will find plenty of invaluable information in this invigorating book.

Soup For The Qan

Author : Buell
ISBN : 9781136172656
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 58. 4 MB
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First published in 2000. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

The Metropolitan Revolution

Author : Bruce Katz
ISBN : 9780815721512
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 42. 73 MB
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The authors argue that the new American economy must be driven by exports and powered by cleaner energy and indicate that metropolitan areas should lead the way in this new economic landscape.

Boom Bust Exodus

Author : Chad Broughton
ISBN : 9780190608866
Genre :
File Size : 84. 28 MB
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"In 2002, the town of Galesburg, a slowly declining Rustbelt city of 34,000 in western Illinois, learned that it would soon lose its largest factory, a Maytag refrigerator plant that had anchored Galesburg's social and economic life for half a century. Workers at the plant earned $15.14 an hour, had good insurance, and were assured a solid retirement. In 2004, the plant was relocated to Reynosa, Mexico, where workers spent 13-hour days assembling refrigerators for $1.10 an hour. In Boom, Bust, Exodus, Broughton offers a look at the transition to a globalized economy, from the perspective of those who have felt its effects most. In today's highly commoditized world, we are increasingly divorced from the origins of the goods we consume; the human labor required to create our smart phones and hybrid cars is so far removed from the end product we need not even think about it. And yet, Broughton shows, the human cost behind the shifting currents of the global economy remains a reality. Broughton illuminates these complexities through a tale of two cities that have fared very differently in the global contest to woo or retain fickle capital. In Galesburg, the economy is a shadow of what it once was. Reynosa, in contrast, has become one of the exploding 'second-tier cities' of the developing world, thanks to the influx of foreign-owned, export-oriented maquiladoras. And yet even these distinctions cannot be finely drawn: families struggle to get by in Reynosa, and the city is beset by violence and a ruthless drug war. Those left behind in declining of Galesburg, meanwhile, do not see themselves as helpless victims: many have gone back to school, scramble from job to job, and have learned to adapt and even thrive. It is a downsized existence, but a full-sized life nonetheless"--

The New Minority

Author : Justin Gest
ISBN : 9780190632557
Genre : Right-wing extremists
File Size : 66. 57 MB
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It wasn't so long ago that the white working class occupied the middle of British and American societies. But today members of the same demographic, feeling silenced and ignored by mainstream parties, have moved to the political margins. In the United States and the United Kingdom, economic disenfranchisement, nativist sentiments and fear of the unknown among this group have even inspired the creation of new right-wing parties and resulted in a remarkable level of support for fringe political candidates, most notably Donald Trump. Answers to the question of how to rebuild centrist coalitions in both the U.S. and U.K. have become increasingly elusive. How did a group of people synonymous with Middle Britain and Middle America drift to the ends of the political spectrum? What drives their emerging radicalism? And what could possibly lead a group with such enduring numerical power to, in many instances, consider themselves a "minority" in the countries they once defined? In The New Minority, Justin Gest speaks to people living in once thriving working class cities--Youngstown, Ohio and Dagenham, England--to arrive at a nuanced understanding of their political attitudes and behaviors. In this daring and compelling book, he makes the case that tension between the vestiges of white working class power and its perceived loss have produced the unique phenomenon of white working class radicalization.

Industrial And Labor Relations Review

Author :
ISBN : UCLA:L0098566573
Genre : Industrial relations
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Industrial Labor Relations Review

Author :
ISBN : UCR:31210022043267
Genre : Industrial relations
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