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What Are Freedoms For

Author : John H. Garvey
ISBN : 067431929X
Genre : Law
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We generally suppose that it is our right to freedom which allows us to make the choices that shape our lives. The right to have an abortion is called "freedom of choice" because, it is said, a woman should be free to choose between giving birth and not doing so. Freedom of speech protects us whether we want to salute the flag or burn it. There is a correlative principle: one choice is as good as another. Freedom is not a right that makes moral judgments. It lets us do what we want. John Garvey disputes both propositions. We should understand freedom, he maintains, as a right to act, not a right to choose; and furthermore, we should view freedom as a right to engage in actions that are good and valuable. This may seem obvious, but it inverts a central principle of liberalism--the idea that the right is prior to the good. Thus friendship is a good thing; and one reason the Constitution protects freedom of association is that it gives us the space to form friendships. This book casts doubt on the idea that freedoms are bilateral rights that allow us to make contradictory choices: to speak or remain silent, to believe in God or to disbelieve, to abort or to give birth to a child. Garvey argues that the goodness of childbearing does not entail the goodness of abortion; and if freedom follows from the good, then freedom to do the first does not entail the freedom to do the second. Each action must have its own justification. Garvey holds that if the law is to protect freedoms, it is permissible--indeed it is necessary--to make judgments about the goodness and badness of actions. The author's keen insights into important rights issues, communicated with verve and a variety of both real and hypothetical cases, will be of interest to all who care about the meaning of freedoms.

The First Amendment

Author : Garrett Epps
ISBN : 159102563X
Genre : Law
File Size : 65. 28 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Award-winning legal scholar Garrett Epps has selected significant historical and contemporary articles in addition to a sampling of key cases on freedom of the press in this outstanding collection.

The Freedom Answer Book

Author : Andrew P. Napolitano
ISBN : 9781400320295
Genre : Law
File Size : 39. 67 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Answers questions about constitutional freedoms and explains how the government's actions are causing them to erode.

The Assault On Freedom In America

Author : Mac Taylor
ISBN : 194597575X
Genre :
File Size : 78. 94 MB
Format : PDF
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Freedom in America is undergoing the most radical and intense internal assault in our lifetime. It is likely you have heard of the outlaw behavior of the "Deep State" which is spoken of by the major news outlets and by the prominent local and national talk radio hosts. America, it seems, maybe heading towards a clear and present danger of a real constitutional crisis if we do not right the ship now.In many ways our situation may seem beyond repair or even hopeless, but it is not. With its focus on freedom's principles not politics,The Assault on Freedom In America will give you insight to the assaults we are facing and how we can fix America by fixing ourselves.

The Fight For The Four Freedoms

Author : Harvey J. Kaye
ISBN : 9781451691436
Genre : History
File Size : 44. 40 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Revisits Franklin D. Roosevelt's "four freedoms for all Americans," the most significant legacy of America's most progressive generation, and stresses the importance of honoring these freedoms today.

Freedom For The Thought That We Hate

Author : Anthony Lewis
ISBN : 9780465012930
Genre : History
File Size : 47. 76 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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More than any other people on earth, we Americans are free to say and write what we think. The press can air the secrets of government, the corporate boardroom, or the bedroom with little fear of punishment or penalty. This extraordinary freedom results not from America's culture of tolerance, but from fourteen words in the constitution: the free expression clauses of the First Amendment. In Freedom for the Thought That We Hate, two-time Pulitzer Prize-winner Anthony Lewis describes how our free-speech rights were created in five distinct areas—political speech, artistic expression, libel, commercial speech, and unusual forms of expression such as T-shirts and campaign spending. It is a story of hard choices, heroic judges, and the fascinating and eccentric defendants who forced the legal system to come face to face with one of America's great founding ideas.

Freedom Of Speech

Author : Elizabeth Powers
ISBN : 9781611483673
Genre : History
File Size : 26. 93 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The essays in this volume portrays the public debates concerning freedom of speech in the 18th century in France and Britain as well as Austria, Denmark, Russia, and Spain and its American territories. The economic integration of Europe and its offshoots over the past three centuries into a distinctive cultural product, 'the West,' has given rise to a triumphant universalist narrative that masks these disparate national contributions to freedom of speech and other liberal rights.

Art And Freedom Of Speech

Author : Randall P. Bezanson
ISBN : 9780252034435
Genre : Art
File Size : 32. 1 MB
Format : PDF
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Art on trial: exploring the Supreme Court's rulings on free expression

Religious Freedom In The World

Author : Paul A. Marshall
ISBN : UVA:X030252456
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 67. 84 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This survey describes and rates countries using criteria based on international law; it parallels the surveys produced for Freedom in the World and Freedom of the Press. It profiles countries in short narrative sketches, comparatively ranks them according to criteria of religious freedom for all religious groups, and features essays by experts explaining current relevant issues and trends.

New Threats To Freedom

Author : Adam Bellow
ISBN : 9781599473703
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 88. 64 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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New Threats to Freedom In the twentieth century, free people faced a number of mortal threats,ranging from despotism, fascism, and communism to the looming menace of global terrorism. While the struggle against some of these overt dangers continues, some insidious new threats seem to have slipped past our intellectual defenses. These often unchallenged threats are quietly eroding our hard-won freedoms and, in some cases, are widely accepted as beneficial. In New Threats to Freedom, editor and author Adam Bellow has assembled an all-star lineup of innovative thinkers to challenge these insidious new threats. Some leap into already raging debates on issues such as Sharia law in the West, the rise of transnationalism, and the regulatory state. Others turn their attention to less obvious threats, such as the dogma of fairness, the failed promises of the blogosphere, and the triumph of behavioral psychology. These threats are very real and very urgent, yet this collection avoids projecting an air of doom and gloom. Rather, it provides a blueprint for intellectual resistance so that modern defenders of liberty may better understand their enemies, more effectively fight to preserve the meaning of freedom, and more surely carry its light to a new generation. What are the new threats to freedom? when has authority not claimed, when imposing trammels and curbs on liberty, that it does so for a wider good and a greater happiness?” —Christopher Hitchens “The regulatory state amounts to a regressive tax that penalizes small independent producers and protects the status quo.” —Max Borders “Europe tends to favor stability over democracy, America democracy over stability.” —Daniel Hannan “The value of free expression is perceived to be at odds with goals that were considered ‘more important,’ like inclusiveness, diversity, nondiscrimination, and tolerance.” —Greg Lukianoff “The masses cannot ultimately be free: only the individual can be.” —Robert D. Kaplan “That old bugbear of postwar sociology—the mob-self—is now a reality. In a participatory/popularity culture, the freedom to think and act for ourselves becomes harder and harder to achieve.” —Lee Siegel “As traditional marriage declines, the ranks of single women are growing, and increasingly these women are substituting the security of a husband with the security of the state.” —Jessica Gavora “Ending the freedom to fail is a mean-spirited attack on the freedom to succeed.” —Michael Goodwin “The only solution to the new threats to American press freedom lies in organized resistance.” —Katherine Mangu-Ward “The new behaviorism isn’t interested in protecting people’s freedom to choose; on the contrary, its core principle is the idea that only by allowing an expert elite to limit choice can individuals learn to break their bad habits.” —Christine Rosen “There’s a world of Travis Bickles out there, and they’re not driving cabs. They’re reading blogs.” —Ron Rosenbaum “The first amendment ensures not that speech will be fair, but that it will be free. It cannot be both.” —David Mamet Join the conversation about these issues at www.newthreatstofreedom.com

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