using critical research for educational and social change

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Using Critical Research For Educational And Social Change

Author : Tricia Kress
ISBN : 9781134928507
Genre : Education
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This volume features the works of scholar-practitioners who embrace critical pedagogy and critical research as praxis in qualitative research about education. The authors take an explicit stance toward social justice through education, and they use critical research as a vehicle toward that end. The chapters critically engage with topics such as researcher role and position in critical research; collaborative research models with teachers and students; exploring visual epistemology in schools and with students; critical science education and cosmopolitanism; and developing praxis within teacher preparation courses and teacher research. Contributors push the boundaries of scholarship by presenting nuanced theoretical discussions or critical and timely educational issues via innovative forms of representation (i.e., fiction, narratives, dialogues, rich descriptions, and visuals). This book was originally published as a special issue of the International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education.

Education Participatory Action Research And Social Change

Author : D. Kapoor
ISBN : 9780230100640
Genre : Social Science
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Drawing primarily from critical traditions in social and educational research, this book frames contemporary issues and several conceptual, theoretical-analytical and onto-epistemic approaches towards the development and practice of PAR (Participatory Action Research) in multiple educational spaces and initiatives for socio-cultural change.

Change Matters

Author : sj Miller
ISBN : 1433106825
Genre : Education
File Size : 90. 61 MB
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Change Matters, written by leading scholars committed to social justice in English education, provides researchers, university instructors, and preservice and inservice teachers with a framework that pivots social justice toward policy. The chapters in this volume detail rationales about generating social justice theory in what Freire calls «the revolutionary process» through essays that support research about teaching about the intersections between teaching for social change and teaching about social injustices, and directs us toward the significance of enacting social justice methodologies. The text unpacks how education, spiritual beliefs, ethnicity, age, gender, ability, social class, political beliefs, marital status, sexual orientation, gender expression, language, national origin, and education intersect with the principles by which we live and the multiple identities that we embody as we move from space to space. This book is critical reading for anyone who strives to cease inequitable schooling practices by conducting research in education to inform more just policies.

Knowledge Hierarchies In Transnational Education

Author : Jing Qi
ISBN : 9781317574941
Genre : Education
File Size : 62. 3 MB
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Transnational education seeks equivalence in standards and/or relevance of outcomes through the transfer of Western theories, concepts and methods. Utilising a critique-interpretative approach, Jing Qi argues that equivalence/relevance-oriented approaches to transnational education assume the legitimacy of the global knowledge hierarchy. Euro-American educational theories are imposed as defaults in non-Western educational communities of imagined consensus. Grounded in a study of a five-year transnational teacher education and community capacity-building program in Northern Chile, the book investigates the relationships between theoretical knowledge, knowledge hierarchies and critique. Transnational education communities are recognised as sites of critiques where conflictual and conceptual ‘dissensus’ disrupts global and local knowledge hierarchies. Critique is deployed by educational actors in their everyday engagement in transnational education to stage dissensus, which constantly re-draws the lines of possibility for knowledge co-construction. A matrix mapping system is designed to chart and theorise the Chilean educational actors’ critiques along the trail of concept translation, learning, application and innovation of knowledge hierarchies, which operate at and across global, transnational, local and the newly-created local-global levels. This book examines how these critiques modulate the ascendancy of knowledge hierarchies to enfranchise non-western educational actors for theoretical knowledge production that addresses local needs. Knowledge Hierarchies in Transnational Education will be of key value to researchers, academics and postgraduate students in the fields of international education, teacher education and globalisation.

Research Actionable Knowledge And Social Change

Author : Edward P. St. John
ISBN : 9781579227357
Genre : Education
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The new series that looks afresh at how theory and research methods can inform change, and integrate social justice in economic and policy decision making Actionable Research for Social Justice in Education Series With a commitment to promoting social justice and reducing inequalities in education, this series aims to promote research and interventions that support social transformation through collaborations of researchers with leaders in schools and colleges. The series informs reform in practice, teaching, organizations, and policy. A professional text written for social science researchers and practitioners, Research, Actionable Knowledge and Social Change provides strategies and frameworks for using social science research to engage in critical social and educational problem solving. Combining the best practices of critical analysis and traditional research methods, this professional text offers guidance for using the Action Inquiry Model (AIM), a transformative model that explains how to successfully conduct action-oriented research in a multitude of professional service organizations. The aim of the text is to encourage a new generation of research-based partnerships reforms that promote equity and access for underserved populations. Topics discussed include: * The historical precedents for universities engaged in social change * The limitations of current social science theory and methods * The critical-empirical approach to social research * The issues relating to social justice within the policy decision process * The use of social research to integrate an emphasis of social justice into economic and policy decision making Research, Actionable Knowledge and Social Change does not propose different foundations for social research, but rather argues that it is necessary to reconsider how to work with theory and research methods to inform change. This text can also be used by students enrolled in graduate and Ed.D/Ph.D Higher Education Leadership programs and graduate programs across professional fields including K-12, public administration, sociology, health, cultural studies, organizational development and organizational theory. It further offers students guidance for research design and dissertation research.

Literacy Research For Political Action And Social Change

Author : Mollie V. Blackburn
ISBN : 0820486795
Genre : Education
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This book and its contributors – all of whom view literacy research as explicitly political and potentially transformative – provide images and approaches that show how work with/in the local can and must be connected to global issues in order to effect political action. Researchers and educators are urged to take activist stances that directly affect and address the needs of all people across lines of race, class, ethnicity, sexuality, and gender. The book is organized into three parts, each focusing on different aspects of literacy research for political action. These include theoretical considerations and methodological approaches that support this work; a reconsideration of the roles of participants as collaborators in this kind of literacy research; and finally, examples of projects specifically aimed at addressing global issues through local research for political action.

Policy And Research In Education

Author : Curry Malott
ISBN : 1433108291
Genre : Education
File Size : 57. 79 MB
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There is a substantial body of important work that connects qualitative research and critical pedagogy at the level of teaching. Much of this literature is geared toward assisting teachers in becoming non-paternalistic agents of social change in their own classrooms. However, the connections between research and practice, from a critical pedagogical perspective, are far less frequently commented on at the level of policy. This book therefore seeks to provide educational leaders with a critical pedagogical approach to assess and reflect on their own work. The book is also designed to offer teachers and professors intellectual and practical tools for democratizing the leadership structures to which they are subjected. "This is a powerful text that turns the concept of leadership on its head and puts it back on its feet again!" Peter McLaren, Professor, Graduate School of Education and Information Studies, University of California, Los Angeles

Participatory Activist Research In The Globalised World

Author : lisahunter
ISBN : 9789400744264
Genre : Education
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Action research was conceived as a method of collaborative, self-reflective problem-solving in a community context. Yet many believe it has evolved too far away from its original, directly activist roots. As a direct response to calls for a rejuvenation of the social agenda of ‘action research’, this volume provides an all-inclusive road map to generating and implementing politically active grass-roots research activities. It is a priceless practical guide for the newly minted researcher wanting to make a tangible difference in their profession and in the world. Where some action research models have been criticized for losing focus on the participatory and social justice roots of this type of research, this book puts social justice activism squarely center stage, guiding the researcher through the theoretical, methodological and practical considerations and constraints of developing, implementing and sustaining research in the cultural professions. Lcating and contextualizing the history and theory of action research, critical theory and other related methodologies and concepts, this volume takes the reader on a journey that begins with the formation of a question, puzzle or research idea right through to the publication of a report on your finished project. Including discrete sections on every stage in the process, from generating a social justice activism agenda, through forming a team and empowering participants, to ensuring the implementation of your agenda and publishing and disseminating your work. Engaging their readers with a fresh acronym, PAtR—Participatory Activist Research—the authors give fresh impetus to those looking for a systematic way to understand and shape practice in their daily work, their profession and their world. This is an outstanding book that represents a critical research process sorely needed in the academy today. Any researcher interested in making an intervention into the egregious social conditions wrought by neoliberal capitalism would do well to read this book. An important contribution to the literature on research methodology. Peter McLaren, Professor, School of Critical Studies in Education, University of Auckland This is an outstanding book that represents a critical research process sorely needed in the academy today. Any researcher interested in making an intervention into the egregious social conditions wrought by neoliberal capitalism would do well to read this book. An important contribution to the literature on research methodology. Peter McLaren, Professor, School of Critical Studies in Education, University of Auckland

Critical Theories In Education

Author : Thomas Popkewitz
ISBN : 9781136792823
Genre : Education
File Size : 58. 28 MB
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This book examines critical theories in education research from various points of view in order to critique the relations of power and knowledge in education and schooling practices. It addresses social injustices in the field of education, while at the same time questioning traditional standards of critical theory. Drawing on recent social and literary criticism, this collection identifies conversations across disciplines that address the theoretical and methodological challenges in educational debate. 'Critical Theories in Education' offers a rethinking of Marxist theories of education, joining issues of teaching and pedagogy with issues of the state and economy, social movements, literary criticism, pragmatism and postcolonialism.

Methodological Choice And Design

Author : Lina Markauskaite
ISBN : 9048189330
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 64. 66 MB
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Beginning and well-seasoned researchers alike face significant challenges in understanding the complexities of research designs arising from both within and across methodological paradigms, and in applying them in ways that maximise impact on knowledge, practice, and policy. This volume engages educational and social researchers in a scholarly debate offering some crucial re-interpretations of established research methodologies in light of contemporary conditions and critical introduction to some contemporary research approaches yet to gain general recognition. This book is a contemporary vademecum for researchers, practitioners and graduate students on research methodologies and designs for educational and social change in today’s world. The chapters chart and analyse the conceptual and practical complexities of a variety research designs for contemporary educational and social work research. This anthology, taken overall, provides readers with the knowledge and understanding needed not only to design technically sound and coherent research studies, but also to develop methodologically innovative research projects that cross the boundaries between different methodological traditions to the benefit of scholarship, policy, and practice. The chapters cover nine research approaches: - Design-based research - Action research - Ethnomethodological research - Negotiated ethnography - Arts-informed research - Historical analysis and postcolonial scholarship - Policy analysis - Comparative research - Quantitative modelling of correlational and multi-level data The book provides a critical discussion of epistemological questions and methodological frontiers: - Knowledge and epistemology in scholarship, practice and policy - Digital knowledge and digital research - Emerging methodological challenges for educational research - Challenges and futures for social work and social policy research methods - Methodology and the knowledge industry

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