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Understanding Materials Science

Author : Rolf E. Hummel
ISBN : 9781475729726
Genre : Science
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Format : PDF
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This introduction for engineers examines not only the physical properties of materials, but also their history, uses, development, and some of the implications of resource depletion and materials substitutions.

Understanding Solids

Author : Richard J. D. Tilley
ISBN : 9781118423257
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 71. 29 MB
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The second edition of a modern introduction to the chemistry and physics of solids. This textbook takes a unique integrated approach designed to appeal to both science and engineering students. Review of 1st edition “an extremely wide-ranging, useful book that is accessible to anyone with a firm grasp of high school science…this is an outstanding and affordable resource for the lifelong learner or current student.” Choice, 2005 The book provides an introduction to the chemistry and physics of solids that acts as a foundation to courses in materials science, engineering, chemistry, and physics. It is equally accessible to both engineers and scientists, through its more scientific approach, whilst still covering the material essential to engineers. This edition contains new sections on the use of computing methods to solve materials problems and has been thoroughly updated to include the many developments and advances made in the past 10 years, e.g. batteries, solar cells, lighting technology, lasers, graphene and graphene electronics, carbon nanotubes, and the Fukashima nuclear disaster. The book is carefully structured into self-contained bite-sized chapters to enhance student understanding and questions have been designed to reinforce the concepts presented. The supplementary website includes Powerpoint slides and a host of additional problems and solutions.

Navigating The Materials World

Author : Caroline Baillie
ISBN : 9780080469799
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 85. 18 MB
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This book will enable students to navigate through materials science and engineering courses with increased motivation, reflection and depth. It contains a series of guides that will help students learn about materials while enhancing their thinking and learning skills. The first chapter serves as an introduction to the general concepts and terminology of materials science. The remaining chapters focus on specific materials—polymers, metals, ceramics, biomaterials, composites, natural materials, and electronic and magnetic materials. Throughout the text, expert contributors highlight key concepts and ideas and how they relate to other areas of science. Navigating the Material is based on current educational theory in higher education, which puts the student at the center of learning and encourages learning with understanding. · Introduces general concepts and provides a thorough review of specific types of materials · Based on current educational theory that helps students not only learn important facts, but also helps them understand core concepts and improve their thinking and learning skills · Adopts a style that is appealing to faculty and students and is enhanced with a large number of illustrations

Understanding Materials Science 2nd Ed Old

Author : Hummel
ISBN : 9798181283305
Genre :
File Size : 89. 62 MB
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Materials Science For Dentistry

Author : B W Darvell
ISBN : 9780081010327
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 33. 89 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Materials Science for Dentistry, Tenth Edition, is a standard resource for undergraduate and postgraduate courses in dentistry. It provides fundamental coverage of the materials on which dentistry depends, covering the structure and chemistry that govern the behavior and performance of materials. Particular classes of materials include gypsum, polymers, acrylic, cements, waxes, ceramics and metals. Other chapters review surfaces, corrosion, mixing, casting, cutting and bonding, and mechanical testing. This updated edition, which includes substantial chapters on chemistry, has been extensively revised with new material on temporary restoration resins, hydraulic silicate cements and the practical aspects of wetting surfaces. Mindfully written to provide explanations for behavior, formulation, clinical and laboratory instructions and procedures, there is no comparable resource for researchers, students, teachers and practitioners in the field of dentistry. Presents the most comprehensive and detailed book on dental materials science Includes new material that covers wetting, mechanics, zirconia, and fibers Contains a new chapter on chemistry Developed by an experienced international expert with feedback and input from practicing scientists, clinicians, instructors and students

Understanding Materials Brilliant Support Activities Science

Author :
ISBN : 9780857471147
Genre :
File Size : 21. 25 MB
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Advanced Materials Science And Engineering Of Carbon

Author : Michio Inagaki
ISBN : 9780124078383
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 62. 92 MB
Format : PDF
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Carbon materials are exceptionally diverse in their preparation, structure, texture, and applications. In Advanced Materials Science and Engineering of Carbon, noted carbon scientist Michio Inagaki and his coauthors cover the most recent advances in carbon materials, including new techniques and processes, carbon materials synthesis, and up-to-date descriptions of current carbon-based materials, trends and applications. Beginning with the synthesis and preparation of nanocarbons, carbon nanotubes, and graphenes, the book then reviews recently developed carbonization techniques, such as templating, electrospinning, foaming, stress graphitization, and the formation of glass-like carbon. The last third of the book is devoted to applications, featuring coverage of carbon materials for energy storage, electrochemical capacitors, lithium-ion rechargeable batteries, and adsorptive storage of hydrogen and methane for environmental protection, photocatalysis, spilled oil recovery, and nuclear applications of isotropic high-density graphite. A progression from synthesis through modern carbonization techniques to applications gives you a thorough understanding of carbon materials Covers a wide range of precursor materials, preparation techniques, and characteristics to inspire your own development of carbonization techniques, carbon materials and applications Applications-oriented chapters include timely content on hot topics such as the engineering of carbon nanofibers and carbon materials for various energy-related applications

Materials Processing And Manufacturing Science

Author : Rajiv Asthana
ISBN : 9780080464886
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 36. 18 MB
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“Materials Science in Manufacturing focuses on materials science and materials processing primarily for engineering and technology students preparing for careers in manufacturing. The text also serves as a useful reference on materials science for the practitioner engaged in manufacturing as well as the beginning graduate student. Integrates theoretical understanding and current practices to provide a resource for students preparing for advanced study or career in industry. Also serves as a useful resource to the practitioner who works with diverse materials and processes, but is not a specialist in materials science. This book covers a wider range of materials and processes than is customary in the elementary materials science books. This book covers a wider range of materials and processes than is customary in the elementary materials science books. * Detailed explanations of theories, concepts, principles and practices of materials and processes of manufacturing through richly illustrated text * Includes new topics such as nanomaterials and nanomanufacturing, not covered in most similar works * Focuses on the interrelationship between Materials Science, Processing Science, and Manufacturing Technology

Understanding Molecular Simulation

Author : Daan Frenkel
ISBN : 0080519989
Genre : Science
File Size : 63. 7 MB
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Understanding Molecular Simulation: From Algorithms to Applications explains the physics behind the "recipes" of molecular simulation for materials science. Computer simulators are continuously confronted with questions concerning the choice of a particular technique for a given application. A wide variety of tools exist, so the choice of technique requires a good understanding of the basic principles. More importantly, such understanding may greatly improve the efficiency of a simulation program. The implementation of simulation methods is illustrated in pseudocodes and their practical use in the case studies used in the text. Since the first edition only five years ago, the simulation world has changed significantly -- current techniques have matured and new ones have appeared. This new edition deals with these new developments; in particular, there are sections on: · Transition path sampling and diffusive barrier crossing to simulaterare events · Dissipative particle dynamic as a course-grained simulation technique · Novel schemes to compute the long-ranged forces · Hamiltonian and non-Hamiltonian dynamics in the context constant-temperature and constant-pressure molecular dynamics simulations · Multiple-time step algorithms as an alternative for constraints · Defects in solids · The pruned-enriched Rosenbluth sampling, recoil-growth, and concerted rotations for complex molecules · Parallel tempering for glassy Hamiltonians Examples are included that highlight current applications and the codes of case studies are available on the World Wide Web. Several new examples have been added since the first edition to illustrate recent applications. Questions are included in this new edition. No prior knowledge of computer simulation is assumed.

The Science Of Armour Materials

Author : Ian Crouch
ISBN : 9780081007112
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 35. 68 MB
Format : PDF
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The Science of Armour Materials comprehensively covers the range of armor materials from steels and light alloys, through glasses and ceramics, to fibers, textiles, and protective apparel. The book also discusses aspects of analytical and numerical modeling, as well as laboratory-based high-strain rate testing and ballistic testing methodologies. Each chapter is written from an international perspective, including reviews of the current global literature, and incorporates case studies that focus upon real life applications, research outcomes, and lessons learned. The threat spectrum is restricted to small arms ammunition, high velocity fragments, and stab and spike attacks, as well as blast loadings. Features input from an editor who is an expert in his field: Dr. Ian Crouch, the author of over 80 publications in his field, with three patents to his name Provides systematic and comprehensive coverage of armor materials, modeling, and testing Offers a cross-disciplinary approach that brings together expertise in materials science and defense engineering Discusses aspects of analytical and numerical modeling, as well as laboratory-based high-strain rate testing and ballistic testing methodologies

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