transportation planning state of the art applied optimization

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Transportation Planning

Author : Michael Patriksson
ISBN : 9780306482205
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 34. 69 MB
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This book collects selected presentations of the Meeting of the EURO Working Group on Transportation, which took place at the Department of Ma- ematics at Chalmers University of Technology, Göteborg (or, Gothenburg), Sweden, September 9–11, 1998. [The EURO Working Group on Transpor- tion was founded at the end of the 7th EURO Summer Institute on Urban Traffic Management, which took place in Cetraro, Italy, June 21–July, 1991. There were around 30 founding members of the Working Group, a number which now has grown to around 150. Meetings since then include Paris (1993), Barcelona (1994), and Newcastle (1996). ] About 100 participants were present, enjoying healthy rain and a memorable conference dinner in the Feskekôrka. The total number of presentations at the conference was about 60, coming from quite diverse areas within the field of operations research in transportation, and covering all modes of transport: Deterministic traffic equilibrium models (6 papers) Stochastic traffic equilibrium models (5 papers) Combined traffic models (3 papers) Dynamic traffic models (7 papers) Simulation models (4 papers) Origin–destination matrix estimation (2 papers) Urban public transport models (8 papers) Aircraft scheduling (1 paper) Ship routing (2 papers) Railway planning and scheduling (6 papers) Vehicle routing (3 papers) Traffic management (3 papers) Signal control models (3 papers) Transportation systems analysis (5 papers) ix x TRANSPORTATION PLANNING Among these papers, 14 were eventually selected to be included in this volume.

Optimization In Public Transportation

Author : Anita Schöbel
ISBN : 9780387366432
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 49. 14 MB
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This book develops models, results and algorithms for optimizing public transportation from a customer-oriented viewpoint. The methods used are based on graph-theoretic approaches and integer programming. The specific topics are all motivated by real-world examples which occurred in practical projects: location of stops, management of delay, and tariff zone design. An appendix summarizes some of the basics of optimization needed to interpret the material in the book.

Trends In Industrial And Applied Mathematics

Author : Abul Hasan Siddiqi
ISBN : 9781461302636
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 48. 62 MB
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An important objective of the study of mathematics is to analyze and visualize phenomena of nature and real world problems for its proper understanding. Gradually, it is also becoming the language of modem financial instruments. To project some of these developments, the conference was planned under the joint auspices of the Indian Society of Industrial and Applied mathematics (ISlAM) and Guru Nanak Dev University (G. N. D. U. ), Amritsar, India. Dr. Pammy Manchanda, chairperson of Mathematics Department, G. N. D. U. , was appointed the organizing secretary and an organizing committee was constituted. The Conference was scheduled in World Mathematics Year 2000 but, due one reason or the other, it could be held during 22. -25. January 2001. How ever, keeping in view the suggestion of the International Mathematics union, we organized two symposia, Role of Mathematics in industrial development and vice-versa and How image of Mathematics can be improved in public. These two symposia aroused great interest among the participants and almost everyone participated in the deliberations. The discussion in these two themes could be summarized in the lengthy following lines: "Tradition of working in isolation is a barrier for interaction with the workers in the other fields of science and engineering, what to talk of non-academic areas, specially the private sector of finance and industry. Therefore, it is essential to build bridges within in stitutions and between institutions.

Operations Research In Space And Air

Author : Tito A. Ciriani
ISBN : 9781475737523
Genre : Computers
File Size : 54. 73 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Operations Research in Space and Air is a selection of papers reflecting the experience and expertise of international OR consulting companies and academic groups. The global market and competition play a crucial part in the decision making processes within the Space and Air industries and this book gives practical examples of how advanced applications can be used by Space and Air industry management. The material within the book provides both the basic background for the novice modeler and a useful reference for experienced modelers. Students, researchers and OR practitioners will appreciate the details of the modeling techniques, the processes that have been implemented and the computational results that demonstrate the benefits in applying OR in the Space and Airline industries. Advances in PC and Workstations technology, in optimiza tion engines and in modeling techniques now enable solving problems, never before attained by Operations Research. In recent years the Ital ian OR Society (AfRO, www. airo. org) has organized annual forums for researchers and practitioners to meet together to present and dis cuss the various scientific and technical OR achievements. The OR in Space 8 Air session of AfR02001 and AfR02002 Conferences, together with optimization tools' applications, presented recent results achieved by Alenia Spazio S. p. A. (Turin), Alitalia, Milan Polytechnic and Turin Polytechinc. With additional contributions from academia and indus try they have enabled us to capture, in print, today's 'state-of-the-art' optimization and data mining solutions.

Computational Methods In Decision Making Economics And Finance

Author : Erricos John Kontoghiorghes
ISBN : 1402008392
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 30. 92 MB
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Computing has become essential for the modeling, analysis, and optimization of systems. This book is devoted to algorithms, computational analysis, and decision models. The chapters are organized in two parts: optimization models of decisions and models of pricing and equilibria. Optimization is at the core of rational decision making. Even when the decision maker has more than one goal or there is significant uncertainty in the system, optimization provides a rational framework for efficient decisions. The Markowitz mean-variance formulation is a classical example. The first part of the book is on recent developments in optimization decision models for finance and economics. The first four chapters of this part focus directly on multi-stage problems in finance. Chapters 5-8 involve the use of worst-case robust analysis. Chapters 9-11 are devoted to portfolio optimization. The final four chapters are on transportation-inventory with stochastic demand; optimal investment with CRRA utility; hedging financial contracts; and, automatic differentiation for computational finance. The uncertainty associated with prediction and modeling constantly requires the development of improved methods and models. Similarly, as systems strive towards equilibria, the characterization and computation of equilibria assists analysis and prediction. The second part of the book is devoted to recent research in computational tools and models of equilibria, prediction, and pricing. The first three chapters of this part consider hedging issues in finance. Chapters 19-22 consider prediction and modeling methodologies. Chapters 23-26 focus on auctions and equilibria. Volatility models are investigated in chapters 27-28. The final two chapters investigate risk assessment and product pricing. Audience: Researchers working in computational issues related to economics, finance, and management science.

Model Based Control Of Logistics Processes In Volatile Environments

Author : Jörn Schönberger
ISBN : 1441996826
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 33. 7 MB
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This monograph presents results originating from a research project investigating autonomous adaptation of vehicle schedules and systematically develops and evaluates innovative ideas for the management of transportation processes in volatile scenarios. Showing the progress made in the development of the methodological toolbox for decision support in dynamic process management is the major motivation behind this book. The result is a new integrated approach to dynamic decision making. Existing process planning approaches for volatile environments and their application boundaries are investigated in Part I. Part II introduces the concept of feedback-controlled adaptive decision models and proposes the required extensions of the online decision making framework and of multi-agent systems. A comprehensive evaluation of the proposed decision model adaptation framework based on computational simulation experiments is reported in Part III and demonstrates the predominance of the new approach. Distinguishing features of this book are: -It provides the first contribution to the operational management of processes in supply networks that explicitly addresses the two challenges of dynamics and distributed decision making simultaneously. -It systematically approaches the limits of model-based process planning but also proposes methods to extend the application boundaries. -Software prototypes are developed and a comprehensive evaluation within numerical simulation experiments is executed. -The observed results are discussed with an explicit focus on specific performance indicators (flexibility, stability and robustness). -The strict interdisciplinary approach merging the requirements and needs of management sciences, operations research and computer sciences is pursued throughout the book.

Evaluating Gas Network Capacities

Author : Thorsten Koch
ISBN : 9781611973686
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 61. 10 MB
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"This book deals with a simple sounding question whether a certain amount of gas can be transported by a given pipeline network. While well studied for a single pipeline, this question gets extremely difficult if we consider a meshed nation wide gas transportation network, taking into account all the technical details and discrete decisions, as well as regulations, contracts, and varying demand. This book describes several mathematical models to answer these questions, discusses their merits and disadvantages, explains the necessary technical and regulatory background, and shows how to solve this question using sophisticated mathematical optimization algorithms."--

Gis World

Author :
ISBN : MINN:31951P00111557C
Genre : Geographic information systems
File Size : 40. 84 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Computer Models For Water Resources Planning And Management

Author : Ralph A. Wurbs
ISBN : 0788141708
Genre :
File Size : 62. 82 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This report is designed to help water managers & planners who are not expert in modeling, & modeling experts in one area who are interested in surveying available models in another area. Covers: model development & distribution org's.; general-purpose software; demand forecasting & balancing supply with demand; water distribution system models; ground water models; watershed runoff models; stream, hydraulics models; river & reservoir water quality models; & reservoir/river system operation models. Inventory of selected models appendix. Tables.

Optimization And Decision Science Methodologies And Applications

Author : Antonio Sforza
ISBN : 9783319673080
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 89. 76 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This proceedings volume highlights the state-of-the-art knowledge related to optimization, decisions science and problem solving methods, as well as their application in industrial and territorial systems. It includes contributions tackling these themes using models and methods based on continuous and discrete optimization, network optimization, simulation and system dynamics, heuristics, metaheuristics, artificial intelligence, analytics, and also multiple-criteria decision making. The number and the increasing size of the problems arising in real life require mathematical models and solution methods adequate to their complexity. There has also been increasing research interest in Big Data and related challenges. These challenges can be recognized in many fields and systems which have a significant impact on our way of living: design, management and control of industrial production of goods and services; transportation planning and traffic management in urban and regional areas; energy production and exploitation; natural resources and environment protection; homeland security and critical infrastructure protection; development of advanced information and communication technologies. The chapters in this book examine how to deal with new and emerging practical problems arising in these different fields through the presented methodologies and their applications. The chapter topics are applicable for researchers and practitioners working in these areas, but also for the operations research community. The contributions were presented during the international conference “Optimization and Decision Science” (ODS2017), held at Hilton Sorrento Palace Conference Center, Sorrento, Italy, September 4 – 7, 2017. ODS 2017, was organized by AIRO, Italian Operations Research Society, in cooperation with DIETI (Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology) of University “Federico II” of Naples.

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