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Time Travel

Author : James Gleick
ISBN : 9780307908803
Genre : History
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Best Books of 2016 BOSTON GLOBE * THE ATLANTIC From the acclaimed bestselling author of The Information and Chaos comes this enthralling history of time travel—a concept that has preoccupied physicists and storytellers over the course of the last century. James Gleick delivers a mind-bending exploration of time travel—from its origins in literature and science to its influence on our understanding of time itself. Gleick vividly explores physics, technology, philosophy, and art as each relates to time travel and tells the story of the concept's cultural evolutions—from H.G. Wells to Doctor Who, from Proust to Woody Allen. He takes a close look at the porous boundary between science fiction and modern physics, and, finally, delves into what it all means in our own moment in time—the world of the instantaneous, with its all-consuming present and vanishing future.

Alternate History Time Travel Collection

Author : Ellen Elizabeth Dudley
ISBN : 9783961421404
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 28. 4 MB
Format : PDF
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Miriam Johnson is forced to become A Roamer in Time when she is pursued by a megalomaniac scientist. She inadvertently escapes to the 12th century with the help of a faulty time-transport device that continually sends her back in time to different countries where she meets historic characters. Her fiancé, Charles Wright, a scientist, sets off in pursuit and is plagued continually by the same time-warp anomalies. Years later, Miriam Johnson-Wright, married, three months pregnant and feeling neglected, decides to take a peek into her future and falls foul once again of a re-occurring time and space-slip anomaly that sets her down in a number of alternative universes across the ocean in the New World. The Awesome Adventures of Jenny Moriarty occur when she embarks on a time-travel adventure with her father in his time-warp aerostat and they suffer the consequences of unknown anomalies each time they visit the Prime Minister at number10 Downing Street. On the last anomaly they receive a most unpleasant surprise. The Mind of Bernadette Bentley is turned inside out when all that she wanted was the chance to travel around the world. What she didn’t expect was to do it in the past and the future, resulting in the adventures of an unwilling 19th century time-traveller, and her somewhat uncouth male companion from the future.

The Art Of Time Travel

Author : Tom Griffiths
ISBN : 9781863958561
Genre : History
File Size : 72. 81 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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No matter how practised we are at history, it always humbles us. No matter how often we visit the past, it always surprises us. The art of time travel is to maintain critical poise and grace in this dizzy space. In this landmark book, eminent historian and award-winning author Tom Griffiths explores the craft of discipline and imagination that is history. Through portraits of fourteen historians, including Inga Clendinnen, Judith Wright, Geoffrey Blainey and Henry Reynolds, he traces how a body of work is formed out of a life-long dialogue between past evidence and present experience. With meticulous research and glowing prose, he shows how our understanding of the past has evolved, and what this changing history reveals about us. Passionate and elegant, The Art of Time Travel conjures fresh insights into the history of Australia and renews our sense of the historian’s craft. ‘Griffiths' luminous new work underlines the inarguable point that if we are truly to understand our history, we must get to know those who wrote it. A must-read for anyone interested in Australia's past.’ —Tim Flannery ‘If the past is a foreign country, Tom Griffiths makes the perfect travelling companion. Erudite but honest. Generous yet discerning. Warm, perceptive and nothing if not elegant. Let him be your eyes and ears on our shared history. Most of all, follow his heart.’ —Clare Wright, author, historian and winner of the Stella Prize ‘Tom Griffiths has the rare, reconciling capacity to envisage Australian history as a symphony, created by many voices – the discordant as well as the harmonious – that tells an evolving, bracing story of who we are. Essential reading.’ —Morag Fraser AM ‘Greatly enriches our understanding of Australia past and present … the book teems with fresh insights. Griffiths poses searching questions, which yield illuminating and often exhilarating answers.’ —Ken Inglis AO, award-winning author and historian ‘A rare feat of imagination and generosity. No other historian has so eloquently and powerfully conveyed history’s allure. The Art of Time Travel will remain relevant for decades to come.’ —Mark McKenna, award-winning author and historian ‘An historian at the height of his powers. This is book is not only a meditation on the past, but a rallying cry for the future, in which Australia’s history might be a source of both unflinching self-examination and poetic wonder.’ —Brigid Hains, editorial director, Aeon Magazine ‘Events happen, but history doesn’t write itself. By exploring the intellectual and emotional backstories of fourteen people who have crafted Australian history, Tom Griffiths shows how and why it is done. In the process, he has created a beautiful work of history.’ —Julianne Schultz AM FAHA, founding editor of Griffith Review ‘Sharp insights, thoughtful judgment, a generous spirit – Griffiths’ panorama of Australian historians shows why any similar survey conducted in the future will include his own artful work among the honoured.’ —Stephen J. Pyne, Arizona State University ‘An enthralling account of the intellectual rediscovery of Australia by fourteen of its most innovative explorers, vividly brought to life by a gifted interpreter. Tom Griffiths’ lyrical prose is mesmerizing in its mastery of Australia’s conjunctures of land and lineage, history and memory, fact and fable.’ —David Lowenthal, University College London ‘Suitable for lovers of Australian history, biography and culture, The Art of Time Travel is a graceful and lively work animated by Griffiths’ experience and enthusiasm’ —Books+Publishing

Time Travel With The History Chicks

Author : Beckett Graham
ISBN : 1633539601
Genre : Young Adult Nonfiction
File Size : 53. 35 MB
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Time travel with the award-winning podcasters The History Chicks, as they creatively guide readers through America's Gilded Age and the legendary women who lived it.

History Quest

Author : Shand Stringham
ISBN : 9781491718780
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 47. 16 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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In a top-secret research facility buried deep beneath Carlisle Barracks, Pennsylvania, a Department of Defense project has developed the ability to travel through time. The project’s primary purpose is to set up a defensive posture against a hostile power that could also develop time travel and use it against the United States. Colonel Barton Stauffer is assigned to lead an elite team on a parallel mission—one sent in pursuit of humanity’s lost history. In their quest to recover lost knowledge about man’s past, they make startling discoveries that will challenge their dedication to the mission. Current understanding of the history of mankind is filled of holes, gaps, and distortions. Some of the most important elements of the human experience have been deliberately excised from history. History is written by the victors, and this elite team has been sent to correct the damage. The true history of conquered peoples has been pillaged and rewritten time and time again. While the team’s fundamental mission is to explore the past and develop an undistorted understanding of human history, they may also come to the conclusion that what lies hidden in the past is sometimes best left unexamined. The team faces a gut-wrenching dilemma as it attempts to balance the noble purposes of their history quest with the painful discovery of proof of mankind’s past inhumanity to man.

Time Travel History Fashion Dreams 1800 2030

Author : Anna Brown
ISBN : 1543036783
Genre :
File Size : 27. 86 MB
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Fun-Schooling Meets History! SALE! Normal Price $32.50 A Homeschooling Curriculum for Creative Girls! Ideal for 5th to 12th Grade, but any student who loves fashion and drawing can use this book. It is not childish, even adults can enjoy the activities in this book. Young children can use the book with the help of a parent or older sibling. 180 Lessons! Use one page per day as a complete history and art curriculum that will last for the entire school year! The only problem is that your student might not want to put this book down. It is so much fun. Girls will learn many things about history through this delightful fun-schooling handbook. They will study 22 historic events. They will read books and watch documentaries about the past. They will study the fashions of the past, along with important women, such as the first ladies of the American presidents. Students will have fun as they draw the clothing of the past, present and future! They will study clothing and costumes from around the world. They will design wedding dresses and ball gowns. They will not even realize that this is schoolwork! Student Instructions: How to use this Book: Go to the library and choose three books about fashion. Get high quality drawing supplies, including colored pencils, professional liner pens, and a set of graphite pencils. Use parent approved websites to help you discover more about the history of fashion. Watch videos and documentaries about fashion, design, and history. Watch a good movie from each era, look for musicals with high quality costumes. Be ready to design clothing from each era! Study and draw inaugural ball gowns of the American first ladies. Learn about an important event from each era that you study. Parents: If your daughter enjoys fashion and drawing, this is the perfect history book for her. It is designed for use by ages 9 to 17. Your student will be delighted to find out that the drawings in this book are drawn by a 16 year old homeschooler, with Dyslexia. Discover more books by Anna Brown, Sarah Janisse Brown and The Thinking Tree at www.FunSchoolingBooks.com

Time Travel

Author : Alan Gordon
ISBN : 9780774831567
Genre : History
File Size : 63. 5 MB
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In the 1960s, Canadians could step through time to eighteenth-century trading posts or nineteenth-century pioneer towns. These living history museums promised authentic reconstructions of the past but, as Time Travel shows, they revealed more about mid-twentieth-century interests and perceptions of history than they reflected historical fact. These museums became important components of post-war government economic growth and employment policies. Shaped by political pressures and the need to balance education and entertainment, they reflected Canadians’ struggle to establish a pan-Canadian identity in the context of multiculturalism, competing nationalisms, First Nations resistance, and the growth of the state.

The Time Travel Handbook

Author : David Hatcher Childress
ISBN : 0932813682
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 59. 85 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Discusses the theories of time travel and teleportation and examines actual experiments, the claims of time-traveling individuals, and patents for time travel and teleportation devices

Time Travel Television

Author : Sherry Ginn
ISBN : 9781442255777
Genre : Performing Arts
File Size : 56. 82 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This book explores how time travel has been used as a plot device in a number of television shows, including iconic programs like Doctor Who, Heroes, Lost, Quantum Leap, Red Dwarf, and the Star Trek franchise, among others. It is organized into three general themes—Origins, Correcting the Past, and Exploring the Future.

A Brief History Of The Philosophy Of Time

Author : Adrian Bardon
ISBN : 9780199977741
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 21. 73 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Adrian Bardon's A Brief History of the Philosophy of Time is a short introduction to the history, philosophy, and science of the study of time-from the pre-Socratic philosophers through Einstein and beyond. A Brief History of the Philosophy of Time covers subjects such as time and change, the experience of time, physical and metaphysical approaches to the nature of time, the direction of time, time travel, time and freedom of the will, and scientific and philosophical approaches to eternity and the beginning of time. Bardon employs helpful illustrations and keeps technical language to a minimum in bringing the resources of over 2500 years of philosophy and science to bear on some of humanity's most fundamental and enduring questions.

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