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The Worlds Of Back To The Future

Author : Sorcha Ní Fhlainn
ISBN : 9780786457656
Genre : Performing Arts
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A critical examination of the cultural, cinematic, and historical contexts of the Back to the Future trilogy, this book provides a multi-focal representation of the trilogy from several interdisciplinary fields, including philosophy, literature, music, pop culture, and media and gender studies. Topics include sexual symbolism in the trilogy and the oedipal plotting of the first film; nostalgia and the suburban dream in the cultural climate of the 1980s; generic play and performance throughout the trilogy; the emotional and narrative force provided by the films’ renowned musical scores; the trilogy’s post-modern references and allusions to the Western genre; female representations across the trilogy; and the Lacanian philosophical constructs in the characterizations of Doc Brown and George and Marty McFly.

Cinematic Geographies And Multicultural Spectatorship In America

Author : Amy Lynn Corbin
ISBN : 9781137479716
Genre : Art
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Exploration, intertwined with home-seeking, has always defined America. Geographic variation and a mobile populace have meant that America is always searching for a home, yet in love with travel. Here, Corbin argues that a wide swath of films about significant cultural landscapes in America evoke a sense of travel for their viewers, just by going to the movie theatre. She considers the dialectic between the thrill of seeing an "other" place and the security of being in a "familiar" place. The sum total of these virtual travel experiences from the mid-1970s through the 1990s built a societal map of "popular multiculturalism" - of various landscapes in relation to each other - through a movie going experience that combined middlebrow entertainment with moderate-to-liberal politics.

Focus On 100 Most Popular United States National Film Registry Films

Author : Wikipedia contributors
Genre :
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Focus On 100 Most Popular American Teen Comedy Films

Author : Wikipedia contributors
ISBN : 9784057664156
Genre :
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Now And Then We Time Travel

Author : Fraser A. Sherman
ISBN : 9781476626437
Genre : Performing Arts
File Size : 47. 37 MB
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More than 400 films and 150 television series have featured time travel—stories of rewriting history, lovers separated by centuries, journeys to the past or the (often dystopian) future. This book examines some of the roles time travel plays on screen in science fiction and fantasy. Plot synopses and credits are listed for films and TV series from England, Canada, the UK and Japan, as well as for TV and films from elsewhere in the world. Tropes and plot elements are highlighted. The author discusses philosophical questions about time travel, such as the logic of timelines, causality (what’s to keep time-travelers from jumping back and correcting every mistake?) and morality (if you correct a mistake, are you still guilty of it?).

Back To The Future

Author : Andrew Shail
ISBN : 9781844572939
Genre : Performing Arts
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Back to the Future was the top-grossing film of 1985 and winner of the 1986 People’s Choice Award for Favorite Motion Picture. This fascinating study places the film in the historical context of the Reagan era, the “New New Hollywood,” and director Robert Zemeckis’s filmmaking career. Among the major themes explored are time travel and the potential and pitfalls of science and atomic energy. The book also considers teen culture in the 1980s and the 1950s, depicted in the film as a period in which traditional “American” values and gender roles contrasted sharply with the more troubled decade from which Marty McFly begins his time-traveling adventures. Includes 60 color stills from the movie.

Alternative Worlds In Hollywood Cinema

Author : James R. Walters
ISBN : 9781841502021
Genre : Drama
File Size : 89. 27 MB
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The use of alternate realities in cinema has been brought to heights by films "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" and "Donnie Darko". This book analyzes these imaginary realms, tracing their construction and development across periods, genres, and history.

We Don T Need Roads

Author : Caseen Gaines
ISBN : 9780698161849
Genre : Performing Arts
File Size : 40. 61 MB
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"A very compelling and enjoyable history of our trilogy. For me, reading it was like going back in time. And - Great Scott - there were even a few anecdotes that I'd never heard!" – Bob Gale, co-creator, co-producer, and co-writer of the Back to the Future trilogy A behind-the-scenes look at the making of the iconic Back to the Future trilogy Long before Marty McFly and Doc Brown traveled through time in a flying DeLorean, director Robert Zemeckis, and his friend and writing partner Bob Gale, worked tirelessly to break into the industry with a hit. During their journey to realize their dream, they encountered unprecedented challenges and regularly took the difficult way out. For the first time ever, the story of how these two young filmmakers struck lightning is being told by those who witnessed it. We Don’t Need Roads draws from over 500 hours of interviews, including original interviews with Zemeckis, Gale, Christopher Lloyd, Lea Thompson, Huey Lewis, and over fifty others who contributed to one of the most popular and profitable film trilogies of all time. The book includes a 16-page color photo insert with behind-the-scenes pictures, concept art, and more. With a focus not only on the movies, but also the lasting impact of the franchise and its fandom, We Don’t Need Roads is the ultimate read for anyone who has ever wanted to ride a Hoverboard, hang from the top of a clock tower, travel through the space-time continuum, or find out what really happened to Eric Stoltz after the first six weeks of filming. So, why don’t you make like a tree and get outta here – and start reading! We Don’t Need Roads is your density. "What fun! Deeply researched and engagingly written … the book Back to the Future fans have been craving for decades. Geekily enthusiastic and chock full of never-before-heard tales of what went on both on and off the screen, We Don't Need Roads is a book worthy of the beloved trilogy itself." – Brian Jay Jones, author of the national bestseller Jim Henson: The Biography From the Trade Paperback edition.

Hatchet Job

Author : Mark Kermode
ISBN : 9781447230526
Genre : Performing Arts
File Size : 85. 40 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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'The finest film critic in Britain at the absolute top of his form' Stephen Fry 'Entertainingly incendiary stuff' Empire A hatchet job isn't just a bad review, it's a total trashing. Mark Kermode is famous for them - Pirates of the Caribbean, Sex and the City 2, the complete works of Michael Bay. Beginning with his favourite hatchet job ever, Mark tells us about the best bad reviews in history, why you have to be willing to tell a director face-to-face their movie sucks, and about the time he apologized to Steven Spielberg for badmouthing his work. But why do we love really bad reviews? Is it so much harder to be positive? And is the Internet ruining how we talk about cinema? The UK's most trusted film critic answers all these questions and more in this hilarious, fascinating and argumentative new book. 'A wry, robust and developed defence of accountable critical voices' Total Film 'Very accessible, entertaining and relevant . . . warmly recommended' Den of Geek

Liquid Metal

Author : Sean Redmond
ISBN : 9780231501842
Genre : Performing Arts
File Size : 28. 25 MB
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Liquid Metal brings together 'seminal' essays that have opened up the study of science fiction to serious critical interrogation. Eight distinct sections cover such topics as the cyborg in science fiction; the science fiction city; time travel and the primal scene; science fiction fandom; and the 1950s invasion narratives. Important writings by Susan Sontag, Vivian Sobchack, Steve Neale, J.P. Telotte, Peter Biskind and Constance Penley are included.

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