the wellness workbook for bipolar disorder your guide to getting healthy and improving your mood

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The Wellness Workbook For Bipolar Disorder

Author : Louisa Grandin Sylvia
ISBN : 9781626251328
Genre : Self-Help
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Format : PDF
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Studies show there is a clear link between bipolar disorder and obesity-related illnesses. In this workbook, a leading Harvard Medical School researcher and bipolar expert presents a step-by-step, evidence-based behavioral lifestyle program to help people with bipolar disorder live healthy lives, regulate moods, and lose weight. If you have bipolar disorder, you already know about the emotional ups and downs that can accompany this disorder. But you may not know that people with bipolar disorder are far more likely to die from obesity-related illnesses as a result of poor nutrition and poor lifestyle choices. For the first time ever, this comprehensive workbook offers the proven-effective, Harvard-researched diet and lifestyle program made popular in the best-selling book Eat, Drink, and Be Healthy, to help you manage your moods, lose weight, and thrive. When you are experiencing a manic or depressive episode, making healthy lifestyle choices is probably the last thing on your mind. That’s why The Wellness Workbook for Bipolar Disorder offers guidance to help you implement healthy changes into your daily life—one step at a time.

Chaos To Cured

Author : Kirk Patrick Miller
ISBN : 9781475971330
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 40. 74 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The moonlight sliced into the alleyway as twenty-one-year-old Kirk Miller opened his eyes and stared at the night sky. His head throbbed as the world spun gently. The cold, hard cement felt oddly soothing, but even with all the alcohol and drugs flowing through his veins, Kirk’s mind was still racing. It would be a year until he was told that those feelings were related to what professionals called a manic episode. Welcome to the world of bipolar disorder. It is no secret that bipolar disorder is one of the most misunderstood and devastating mental disorders for the diagnosed and those who care for them. But what if there were a cure? In his compelling memoir, Miller details how he was diagnosed with the most severe form of bipolar disorder, was told he would never lead a normal life, and eventually refused to accept his fate. As he began a determined search for answers through research, educated guesses, and risks that nearly cost him his life, Miller shares how he stumbled onto a new method of treating his disorder that, remarkably, helped him achieve a full recovery. Chaos to Cured shares the true story of one man’s courageous journey to finding a cure for bipolar disorder with the hope that everyone will one day have a second chance in life.

Bipolar Diet How To Create The Right Bipolar Diet Nutrition Plan 4 Easy Steps Reveal How

Author : Heather Rose
ISBN : 9781628841329
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 86. 56 MB
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Adults and children who have been diagnosed with a bipolar disorder can benefit from eating a bipolar diet. Bipolar disorders can be described as a psychological illness that manifests itself in intense low and high mood swings. While professionals in the medical field cannot recommend a specific cure for the illness, they can recommend changes in an individual's diet plan because they are closely related. Changes in the diet can assist with managing the condition and keeping it under control. Diet and Bipolar Disorder Even though bipolar disorders are not interconnected or associated or with various kinds of nutritional deficiencies, some of the most recent studies are indicating that certain nutrients are being linked with improving an individual's high and low mood swings. Based on this research, the nutrients that have been listed in the sections below can help with the symptoms but they will not take the place of the medicine that the physician has prescribed to a patient. Patients should also talk with their physician before making any major changes or adjustments in their regular diet plans and supplements. The patient can also share some of the information that they have found on topics like: Best Diet for Bipolar Disorder, Finding the Best Bipolar Diet book and Ketogenic Diet Bipolar plans. Diets and Improving the Mood Swings Omega 3 Fatty Acid Omega 3 fatty acids are recommended for a wide variety of illnesses and other conditions. This statement is also true for those who suffer with bipolar disorders. Therefore, some of the foods that should be added to the bipolar diet plan are different kinds of fish. For those who enjoy eating fish, they can choose herring, mackerel and salmon. Fish is considered to be an idea source of nutrients for this specific problem. In fact, some surveys show that people that eat large amounts of fish on a regular basis have less depression. Even though the bipolar and nutrient research is ongoing, omega 3 fatty acids have been identified as foods that lessen stress, while it also aids these individuals in focusing. In addition to eating fish, there are also other sources of omega 3 fatty acids and they include flaxseed oil and fish oil supplements. Lean Protein and Bipolar Diet Lean protein is recommended in many different types of diet plans. One of the main reasons for eating protein is due to its repair and building of muscle tissue. Some of the best and most common sources of lean proteins are turkey, chicken and lean cuts of red meat. However, for people who do not eat any type of meat, they can drink protein shakes as an added supplement. Complex Carbohydrates Most people like eating foods that contain carbohydrates because they are great and essential sources of energy. However, it is important to choose the right types of carbs if the individual would like to have energy that will last. Which means, they should fill their diets with the foods that contain complex carbs. Complex carbohydrates will keep the person from consuming too much sugar. Some of the common examples of complex carbohydrates can be found in fruits, whole grains and in vegetables. For instance, an individual can eat plenty of apples, peaches, oranges, grapefruits, Brussels sprouts, whole wheat bread and beans on their bipolar diet.

The Bipolar Ii Disorder Workbook

Author : Stephanie McMurrich Roberts
ISBN : 9781608827688
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 60. 13 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Most people have heard of bipolar disorder, a mental health condition that is marked by manic episodes and periods of intense depression. Bipolar II disorder differs from bipolar I in that sufferers may never experience a full manic episode, although they may experience periods of high energy and impulsiveness (hypomania), as well as depression and anxiety. If you have been diagnosed with bipolar II, or even if you think that you may have this disorder, you may be frightened by the highs and lows of your intense emotions. Fortunately, there are proven-effective treatments that can help you find a sense of calm and peace of mind. Written by an extremely accomplished team of bipolar experts, The Bipolar II Disorder Workbook is designed to help you manage the recurring depression, hypomania, and anxiety that can arise as a result of your condition. The convenient workbook format combines evidence-based cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), and other mindfulness-based exercises to help you manage your emotions, track your progress, and ultimately live a happy and more productive life. This is the first self-help workbook available specifically for individuals diagnosed with bipolar II disorder.

Facing Bipolar

Author : Russ Federman
ISBN : 160882490X
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 73. 97 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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When you travel to a new city, it helps to have a map close at hand. On the first day of school, you need to have your schedule of classes. And if you've been diagnosed with bipolar disorder or suspect you may have it, then it's even more important to have a guidebook within reach. Facing Bipolar will help you navigate the world of medications, therapists, and the up-and-down mood cycles common to the disorder. It clearly explains what bipolar disorder is and provides sound guidance for developing the necessary coping skills to manage its impact on your life. In this book you'll discover: •How therapy and medications can help •When and how to tell your friends, roommates, and teachers •The four key factors that will bring more stability to your life•How to develop a support network and access college resources •Ways to overcome the challenges in accepting this illness

Overcoming Bipolar Disorder

Author : Mark Bauer
ISBN : 9781608826926
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 66. 96 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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A doctor may understand the symptoms of bipolar disorder and your close friends and relatives may know your manic and depressive phases inside and out, but only you have experienced your bipolar disorder firsthand. This workbook will help you learn how to recognize your mania and depression triggers, develop coping skills for managing symptoms, form more productive partnerships with your healthcare providers, and keep your life in balance as you work toward your goals. The authors' Life Goals Program has already helped hundreds of people with bipolar disorder understand how bipolar works and take charge of their lives. Overcoming Bipolar Disorder makes Life Goals Program techniques available to the public for the first time, giving you the tools you need to create an action plan for symptom management designed specifically for you. You'll also discover how simple changes to your eating, exercise, and sleeping habits can improve your mood and keep symptoms at bay. Overcoming Bipolar Disorder is about more than just medication. New research shows that learning specific skills to manage bipolar disorder can significantly reduce symptoms and help to maintain long-term balance…. It should be an important resource for people living with bipolar disorder and for concerned family members.-Gregory Simon, MD, MPH, psychiatrist and researcher at Group Health Cooperative in Seattle, WA

Preventing Bipolar Relapse

Author : Ruth C. White
ISBN : 9781608828838
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 30. 59 MB
Format : PDF
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If you buy just one book on bipolar disorder, let this be it. There’s an old saying: “Prevention is better than cure.” If you have bipolar disorder, this is especially true. For you, it's incredibly important to read the warning signs of a possible episode. For instance, you may find you are not sleeping as well as usual, or you might be sleeping too much. You may stop doing things that you normally enjoy, or you may start acting out your impulses in ways that alienate those around you or get you into trouble. While the path to wellness for those with bipolar may involve psychiatric visits and medication adjustments, preventing manic and depressive episodes is the true key to staying healthy and happy. So how do you do it? And most importantly, how can you keep yourself motivated? In this powerful, breakthrough book, bipolar expert Ruth C. White shares her own personal approach to relapse prevention using the innovative program SNAP (Sleep, Nutrition, Activity, and People). White also offers practical tips and tracking tools you can use anytime, anywhere. By making necessary lifestyle adjustments, you can maintain balanced moods, recognize the warning signs of an oncoming episode, and make the necessary changes to reduce or prevent it. This is the first and only book on bipolar disorder that focuses exclusively on prevention. To help you stay well, White includes links to helpful online tracking tools so that you can manage your symptoms, anytime, anywhere. If you are ready to stop living in fear of your next episode, this life-changing book can help you take charge of your diagnosis—and your life.

Bipolar Type 2 Creating The Right Bipolar Diet Nutritional Plan

Author : Heather Rose
ISBN : 9781628841381
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 90. 35 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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You may not know this but Bipolar Type 2 is one of the most common mental disorders, which people suffer from these days. Due to symptoms being less severe, many refer to it as "soft bipolar". Yet, even though the symptoms associated with type 2 are less intense, it can still have a detrimental effect on the quality of life for the sufferer. In fact, they often find it extremely troubling as they have the classic symptoms of bipolar type 1. They can be subject to serious and recurring bouts of depression, along with more subtle bipolar symptoms such as periods of irritability, confusion, impulsiveness and agitation. When bipolar type 2 sufferers have a manic episode, it is usually milder so rather than being hyperactive, they tend to feel more energized and happier. Due to this, they do not suffer the terrible repercussions of a full-blown manic episode. However, it is worth saying that even though the symptoms are less severe they still need the right course of medication and therapy so they are able to take control of their illness. If they do not, then there is a chance their condition can become worse, which could have serious consequences. Unfortunately studies show that bipolar type 2 has become much more prevalent. In fact, it is now believed bipolar type 2 is three to four times more common than bipolar type 1. Yet, no one can offer an explanation as to why this has become the case. However, it could be because bipolar disorder was categorized into four different classifications, therefore has now become much easier to recognize and diagnose. Even though it has become more prevalent, many believe patients are receiving the wrong diagnosis. Many say the reason for this is that the manic episodes in bipolar type 2 are much less severe than those of type 1,so can class as being in a "normal" state of elation. Furthermore, if the symptoms associated with hypomania manifest themselves as racing thoughts, anxiety, insomnia or irritability then it becomes difficult for medical professionals to determine whether they suffer from bipolar type 2 or depression. Often when a person suffers a manic episode they usually feel elated but for those who are bipolar type two, they usually feel more depressed rather than elation.

Bipolar Disorder

Author : Francis Mark Mondimore
ISBN : 9781421412054
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 80. 9 MB
Format : PDF
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For persons with bipolar disorder and their families, here is a comprehensive, practical, compassionate guide to the symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment. 22 illustrations.

The Bipolar Workbook

Author : Monica Ramirez Basco
ISBN : 9781593851620
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 52. 48 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This workbook delivers a hands-on resource, with a variety of tools that enable readers to recognize the early warning signs of an oncoming episode, develop plans for withstanding the seductive pull of manic episodes, and escape the paralysis of depression.

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