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The Water Kingdom

Author : Philip Ball
ISBN : 9780226470924
Genre : History
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From the Yangtze to the Yellow River, China is traversed by great waterways, which have defined its politics and ways of life for centuries. Water has been so integral to China’s culture, economy, and growth and development that it provides a window on the whole sweep of Chinese history. In The Water Kingdom, renowned writer Philip Ball opens that window to offer an epic and powerful new way of thinking about Chinese civilization. Water, Ball shows, is a key that unlocks much of Chinese culture. In The Water Kingdom, he takes us on a grand journey through China’s past and present, showing how the complexity and energy of the country and its history repeatedly come back to the challenges, opportunities, and inspiration provided by the waterways. Drawing on stories from travelers and explorers, poets and painters, bureaucrats and activists, all of whom have been influenced by an environment shaped and permeated by water, Ball explores how the ubiquitous relationship of the Chinese people to water has made it an enduring metaphor for philosophical thought and artistic expression. From the Han emperors to Mao, the ability to manage the waters ― to provide irrigation and defend against floods ― was a barometer of political legitimacy, often resulting in engineering works on a gigantic scale. It is a struggle that continues today, as the strain of economic growth on water resources may be the greatest threat to China’s future. The Water Kingdom offers an unusual and fascinating history, uncovering just how much of China’s art, politics, and outlook have been defined by the links between humanity and nature.

Desert Kingdom

Author : Toby Craig Jones
ISBN : 9780674059405
Genre : History
File Size : 60. 18 MB
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This is an environmental and political history of Saudi Arabia, revealing the power of the environment to shape and influence the political state. Jones traces the modernization of the Saudi state and its rich oil reserves that were developed with the help of U.S. expertise and a technocratic elite who managed not only the vast oil reserves and water supplies but also the growth of political institutions. From the time oil was discovered in the 1930s, its control has been at the center of Saudi political authority and of the modern state. In addition the state quickly learned to exploit access to water as a means of controlling the population. Jones demonstrates the power of the Saudi environment to influence its modern political institutions and ideologies over the last eighty years. It is a fascinating story that helps explain not only how the Saudi state was transformed but also how the U.S. was inextricably involved in its technological and political modernization from the beginning.

The Water Spirit Kingdom

Author : Debo Daniel
ISBN : 1508636893
Genre :
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The Water Kingdom

Author : Deborah Gray
ISBN : 1311572058
Genre :
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For seventeen year old Nell, life is about to take a chilling turn.Raised by a workaholic uncle and used to being over looked in a crowd, Nell has found life to be rather dull and uneventful...Until the day of a school field trip out to White Shell Lagoon. Going against her nature, Nell bends a rule - and makes a shocking discovery.Now she has a secret that no one will believe, one that whispers danger even as it seems to call to her very soul. What really lurks beneath the glassy waves... and how much will finding out cost her? All she knows is that she's caught the attention of a strange boy with special abilities and violet eyes, a boy she is certain cannot be human.Trapped by rules and tradition in a deteriorating kingdom, Sebastian feels he has no other choice except to act. Taking matters, and fate, into his own hands, the daring young man enters the realm of humans to retrieve what was once taken. The land beyond the waves is no friend to his kind, yet to save his home, he will do what few before him have ever dared. He is prepared for almost anything... except meeting a girl who somehow poses a threat to his identity, his hidden world and to everything he has ever known.As the two fight for their own agendas it becomes clear that they may just have more in common than either realizes...

Exile In The Water Kingdom

Author : Cassandra Gannon
ISBN : 1549871625
Genre :
File Size : 66. 81 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Elementals: Water, Earth, Fire and Air are only the beginning. Elementals support everything from Darkness to Time, secretly maintaining the processes of nature. Only now the Elementals are nearly extinct. Two years ago, the Air House released a plague that killed ninety percent of them. With their society in chaos and so many of their kind dead, they can't find their Phase-Matches; the other halves of themselves. Without Matches they can't have any more children and, without the Elementals, the world will end. Again.Ty: Ty, Queen of the Water House is having a bad couple of years. Her lunatic ex-Match keeps trying to kidnap her, most of the Elementals still blame her for the Fall, she has crippling panic attacks, and she's being forced to attend group counseling in the human realm. When Gion, of the Air House shows up and demands sanctuary in the Water Kingdom, Ty doesn't know what to think. Gion makes her nervous. He's too cold, too powerful, and too intense. His only hobbies seem to be scowling and killing people. Except, when Ty looks into his eyes, she feels a... connection.Gion: The most feared assassin in the Elemental realm, Gion, of the Air House has spent his entire life being ostracized and feared. There's a price on his head, everyone in the universe hates him, and he's been exiled from his homeland. Gion's tired and all he wants is Ty. For eleven years, he's secretly been in love with the Water Queen and he's done with hiding his feelings. His goal now is to somehow make a place for himself in the exasperatingly pastel Water Palace and to claim Ty for himself. Unfortunately, there are a few problems with his plan including the fact that Ty is terrified of him, the eccentric Water Phases keep trying to make him watch reality shows, and there are still many, many people who want Ty and Gion dead.Book three of The Elemental Phases.

Kensuke S Kingdom

Author : Michael Morpurgo
ISBN : 9780545300131
Genre : Juvenile Fiction
File Size : 63. 81 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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A spellbinding tale of survival and self-discovery from award-winning author Michael Morpurgo, who is poised for breakthrough U.S. success. When Michael's father loses his job, he buys a boat and convinces Michael and his mother to sail around the world. It's an ideal trip - even Michael's sheepdog can come along. It starts out as the perfect family adventure - until Michael is swept overboard. He's washed up on an island, where he struggles to survive. Then he discovers that he's not alone. His fellow-castaway, Kensuke, is wary of him. But when Michael's life is threatened, Kensuke slowly lets the boy into his world. The two develop a close understanding in this remote place, but the question of rescue continues to divide them.

The Ganges River Basin

Author : Luna Bharati
ISBN : 9781317479475
Genre : Nature
File Size : 55. 22 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The Ganges is one of the most complex yet fascinating river systems in the world. The basin is characterized by a high degree of heterogeneity from climatic, hydrological, geomorphological, cultural, environmental and socio-economic perspectives. More than 500 million people are directly or indirectly dependent upon the Ganges River Basin, which spans China, Nepal, India and Bangladesh. While there are many books covering one aspect of the Ganges, ranging from hydrology to cultural significance, this book is unique in presenting a comprehensive inter-disciplinary overview of the key issues and challenges facing the region. Contributors from the three main riparian nations assess the status and trends of water resources, including the Himalayas, groundwater, pollution, floods, drought and climate change. They describe livelihood systems in the basin, and the social, economic, geopolitical and institutional constraints, including transboundary disputes, to achieving productive, sustainable and equitable water access. Management of the main water-use sectors and their inter-linkages are reviewed, as well as the sustainability and trade-offs in conservation of natural systems and resource development such as for hydropower or agriculture.

The Kingdom Of Rarities

Author : Eric Dinerstein
ISBN : 9781610912075
Genre : Science
File Size : 21. 93 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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When you look out your window, why are you so much more likely to see a robin or a sparrow than a Kirtland's warbler or a California condor? Why are some animals naturally rare and others so abundant? The quest to find and study seldom-seen jaguars and flamboyant Andean cocks-of-the-rock is as alluring to naturalists as it is vitally important to science. From the Himalayan slopes of Bhutan to the most isolated mountain ranges of New Guinea, The Kingdom of Rarities takes us to some of the least-traveled places on the planet to catch a glimpse of these unique animals and many others. As he shares stories of these species, Eric Dinerstein gives readers a deep appreciation of their ecological importance and the urgency of protecting all types of life — the uncommon and abundant alike. An eye-opening tour of the rare and exotic, The Kingdom of Rarities offers us a new understanding of the natural world, one that places rarity at the center of conservation biology. Looking at real-time threats to biodiversity, from climate change to habitat fragmentation, and drawing on his long and distinguished scientific career, Dinerstein offers readers fresh insights into fascinating questions about the science of rarity and unforgettable experiences from the field.

Kingdom Of Fear

Author : Hunter S. Thompson
ISBN : 9781439126547
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 32. 41 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The Gonzo memoir from one of the most influential voices in American literature, Kingdom of Fear traces the course of Hunter S. Thompson’s life as a rebel—from a smart-mouthed Kentucky kid flaunting all authority to a convention-defying journalist who came to personify a wild fusion of fact, fiction, and mind-altering substances. Brilliant, provocative, outrageous, and brazen, Hunter S. Thompson's infamous rule breaking—in his journalism, in his life, and under the law—changed the shape of American letters, and the face of American icons. Call it the evolution of an outlaw. Here are the formative experiences that comprise Thompson’s legendary trajectory alongside the weird and the ugly. Whether detailing his exploits as a foreign correspondent in Rio, his job as night manager of the notorious O’Farrell Theatre in San Francisco, his epic run for sheriff of Aspen on the Freak Power ticket, or the sensational legal maneuvering that led to his full acquittal in the famous 99 Days trial, Thompson is at the peak of his narrative powers in Kingdom of Fear. And this boisterous, blistering ride illuminates as never before the professional and ideological risk taking of a literary genius and transgressive icon.

Food Security In A Food Abundant World

Author :
ISBN : 9781785602146
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 26. 83 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Food insecurity can result from various events. While an adequate food supply is necessary, when food is abundant the entitlement to food is limited by endowments, the ability to trade, and potential transfers. This volume considers trends in economic growth, agricultural productivity growth, income and other policies that shape food security.

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